Published On: Tue, Dec 25th, 2012

WorldRemit Named Best Money Transfer Company in Europe

WorldRemit, the leading online money transfer service, has been named the best European money transfer company by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) in this year’s annual awards.

Announced at a special ceremony during the Global Money Transfer Summit held at Hilton London Docklands Riverside, WorldRemit was declared the ‘Best Money Transfer Company for Europe’. The award is given to the European company that best demonstrates ‘the ability to drive service innovation through providing consistent customer service and customer-driven solutions’.

WorldRemit’s founder and CEO, Dr Ismail Ahmed, comments: “We are delighted to have won this prestigious award in recognition for our commitment to deliver innovative customer service to our users. We will continue to innovate and offer choices for migrants and expats so that we can remain at the forefront of the rapidly changing technological and regulatory landscape in the money transfer industry”.

“For too long the money transfer industry has been monopolised by a few big players that impose extortionate minimum charges and consistently poor services. This is beginning to change with innovative online services such as WorldRemit that are transforming the way money transfer is conducted.”

WorldRemit offers online money transfer services in 21 European countries including UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria and Belgium. The service offers customers a wide range of pay-out options in receive countries including instant cash pickup, mobile wallets, bank deposits and international airtime top-up. WorldRemit uses a transparent pricing system with clearly displayed and guaranteed exchange rates giving the sender the freedom to decide how much to send and the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly how much will be received.

“There is no better reward than being recognised by one’s peers”, said Mohit Davar, Hon Chairman of IAMTN.

About WorldRemit

WorldRemit is an award-winning online platform enabling migrants and expats to send remittances to family and friends in more than 100 receive countries using a variety of payment options including debit cards, credit cards and local payment methods. With 26 send countries, WorldRemit is the world’s largest dedicated online money transfer business.

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  1. mohamed cheers says:

    Don't know much about Worldremit..Therefore no comments.

  2. Buuxiye says:

    :) It is fake and they will run with your money just like most fake money Remittance companies.

    Trust Dahabshiil since it has served the World for 40years.

  3. kaboon says:

    I say mashallah because they are somalis

  4. osman Qaal says:

    Trusting money with new electronic money transfer administered by Somalis is like leaving a new born baby alone in a house with a known vicious pitbull dog roaming freely inside..

  5. ComeAgain says:

    You can tell the clan haters i dont know about you but when was the last time any somali person saw these guys in your neighborhoods. I only use dhahabshiil they have been there for Somalis whether in Somaliland or Somalia when we needed to send money back home to family members who otherwise would have lost everything. Thanks dhahabshiil decent somalis know what you have done for them. Its only si ya ads ilk who refuse to see the good of other clans and want to smear names because they are no longer su cking the life out of somalis like the vampires they are.

  6. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    I disagree this time with you Mr. Buuxiye. WorldRemit is a new state-of-the-art remittance that joined the Somaliland money transfer agent, and you should not label them as fake money Remittance. You should encourage them. Dr. Ismail, the owner of this company is trustworthy individual and solid economist and good one. We must always avoid to discredit those who are trying to contribute to our well-being Mr. Buuxiye.

    I hope you will apologize and continue to be the Somalilander that helps his people business environment.

    • Buuxiye says:

      The first place i have heard of this company is here and similar low profile ventures have cost people a lot of money. Somalilandpress is a bias environment and very Anti-Somaliland therefore anyone it promotes is at risk of sudden attack and discredit :)

      SomalilandPress only promotes criminal activity and Piracy sympathizers, i hope Mr Culusow gets kidnapped by pirates next time he lands in Abdullahi Yusuf Dustport in Gaal-ka-ciyo.

  7. jaarso says:

    Nice try but it will never be like dahabshiill

  8. Buuxiye says:

    Amisom will still be in charge of Security in Moqadishu when the 2-STATE dialogue process concludes: The potential outcomes are as follows:

    1. Reunion.
    2. Status quo.
    3. Independence of 2-Sovereign states.

    REUNION: The situation as it stands Somaliland regained it's independence from the failed Union in 1991 and has plotted it's own political path ever since. Therefore it is impossible to envisage another UNION or a REUNION of Somaliland & Somalia without first and foremost giving both STATE an equal platform as 2 equal states establishing their future relations. The main reason the 1960Union failed was primarily due to the inequality of distribution of power and wealth between the United states. It is therefore not feasible to ever expect a REUNION unless there are 2 equal states in dialogue who are able to formulate their future relations in a manner beneficial to both parties. Me and you both know that the scenario is far from the ideal conditions needed to discuss a reunion and it is my solemn believe that a REUNION is made an impossibility by the shear fact that only 2-independent and IC recognized states can discuss a REUNION. It is easy to believe that the 1960Union can simply be continued where it was left off in 1991 and we are versed enough to also understand the reason why it is impossible to do so as this would negate the 93% Majority Vote cast by the population of Somaliland prior to re-declaration of Full independence and their subsequent 22year independent political trajectory. ONLY 2-Independent Sovereign Nations can ever make the decision to form a REUNION.

    STATUS QUO: Those who fathom the inevitability of the forth coming dissolution of the 1960Union who rather delay and stall the 2-STATE dialogue to prolong the conflicts in the HORN as their only means of sustain the delusion of a long dead 1960UNION. We can be forgiven for having empathy with such minds however their fantasy and personal desires leave little scope for resolution and redress to all those who did not benefit from the 1960UNION nor do they show any consideration to all those that have been made to suffer for the grand dream of a United Somali-Horn of Africa. The past 22 years have been manipulated by "so called somali leaders" that have accepted Zero-Sum gain solution that have only exasperated the suffering of all somali people and their neighbors. We and the world simply looked on and continue to look on however this 2-STATE dialogue has drawn a fine aline in that no more will the 1960UNION simply be maintain for the sake of a few sentimental old fools safe guarded by Amisom troops. Somali-Republic is nor more and Amisom is testament to the permanence of it's departure.

    INDEPENDENCE: Somaliland's independence dates 26-Jun-1960 and re-independence 18-May-1991… Somalia's independence 01-Jul-1960 & re-independence xx-xx-201x. Where Somaliland seeks Recognition of it's 1991 re-independence, Somalia will also receive it's re-independence once the failed 1960Union is dissolved amicably. Somaliland has endevoured to reassert authority and governance within it's 1960 pre-Union borders and the only barrier has and is Somalia's lack of willingness or inability to exert authority within it's own pre-Union borders. Somalia's failures continue to threaten the stability of Somaliland and it's reclaimed sovereignty. That which destroyed the 1960Union was the inequality of distribution of power and wealth across the the 2-United states. Today that same inequality continues when the state of Somalia continues to claim ownership of Somaliland, denies the 93% Majority vote of Somalilanders to reclaim their sovereignty, Neglects the democratic right of the people of Somaliland to pursue a political path that is beneficial to them and Somalia's Government continues to have a GOD-COMPLEX where they believe a government chosen by 271People in Moqadishu alone has greater relevance and authority then a government chose by a 1man 1vote system across 90% of Somaliland.

    From the perspective of the World community REUNION & STAUS QUO will prolong the Horn of Africa conflicts however 2-STATE solution is the path to peace and good governance to solve the issue of PIRACY, TERRORISM and POVERTY prevention.

    The Somaliland & Somalia UK dialogue process must conclude with 2-equal sovereign STATES that can continue to pursue joint peace and development efforts for the people of their respective Nations and their neighbors. East African droughts are becoming a permanent reality and as their effects continue to intensify both governments have a greater task ahead of them to coexist to overcome the natural threats that have taken millions of lives.

    • candho says:

      dahabshiil and other major issaq businesses will continue to grow and prosper you jealous d-block candho

      • Buuxiye says:

        Dahabshiil has diversified to a point of no return, it is a global company with a foothold in telecommunication and Banking in Africa. As soon as Dahabshiil gains it's licence as a Bank in south Sudan there is no chance of anyone competing with them. To go further Dahabshiil must secure it'self in Somaliland & Somalia's banking sector and expand to the rest of Africa.

        If Somalis control the Banking sector in Africa the future is bright for all Somalis :) Rather then hate on a Somalilander who is going to give a future to your Fugly offsprings why not invest in at least limiting your negative comments now that is not even much to ask :) or is it?

  9. They beat western union for that plum. I heard that they are willing to explore additional ventures to Africa.

  10. Khalid says:

    Wow {Its day to days} Its day of world remit,
    I hope with us to keep base with wold remit as friendly, Honestly and reliability .

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