Published On: Sat, May 12th, 2012

When will Somaliland people know that their choices determine their destiny

OPINION | May 12, 2012

Jama Falaag

Civilized people and uncivilized people are not alike.The dissimilarity between the two peoples is not between the fundamentals of life itself but between the functions of the choices they make.

Civilized people seek to change the things and support those who can change those things which no longer reflect their higher sense of who they are and who they want to become. They become more comfortable when someone is always there to show them the path.Why civilized people become comfortable when they find a guru that guides them to the right path is that there is the power of wisdom and sage counsel. What the environment around them does is mostly beyond their control. What they decide to deduce and act upon is a function of the choices they make. There is a saying which they always try to put it into practice: The task ahead of you can be never less than the force behind you. The civilized people have learnt to take that in their own stride, and that is their deep reflection.

Uncivilized people are weird in a lot of ways. They are not that perspective. Not observant. They never develop a feel for where they are and where their future lies. They never seem to know the fact that those who always think about life in more ways than one get the first. Identifying the best minds that can show them the right path is not part of their principles and behavior. Ability, skill, honesty and intelligence are not the measures they use to “test” what it is that they need to know.

Civilization, in my book, is a mental development coupled with special creations. Inventing new things had given humans wiry resiliency, and living a life without changes had led them to nowhere.

Not all inventions are wrought by necessity. Sometimes serendipity plays a part. The trick is recognition. All the noble elements are there, but understanding alone can put things together just in the right way. And idea is the essential ingredient.

Failure is the result of wrong thought. It is an error in thinking. Failure results from a judgment someone has made about a thing. Victory is also a result of right action, and fear comes from uncertainty.

The above versions bring to one’s mind one important question: Are we civilized people if we are Somalilanders?

The outlook of Somaliland people on civilization is not an elevating and elaborating character. Obviously innovation is not totally part of their own culture. They never seem to understand that different occasions require different approaches and appeals. They always lack new and potent ideas. They regurgitate the old and think it is new. They neither refer to the past nor look at the future. They are always behind the time as if all of them are born just now. Why?

Unfortunately, Somaliland people are not prone to deep reflection. Poverty of understanding and problems of spit, faction and greed are the powerful forces that keep introspection at bay.The culture in which almost all people grew up has established its domination over of most of them with the aid and influence of hypocrisy. All people are tribal-minded, not cause-oriented. Everyone is recruited into tribalism and no one is barred from it.

All people act what their driving desire is.
As is their desire, so is their will.
As is their will, so is their act.
As is their act, so is their destiny.

Obviously people reap what they saw. The result of what people do always appear before them. The question that needs asking at this time is: What did Somaliland people and still continue to encounter with Silaanyo’s presidency? Has Silaanyo intellectualized his administration and improved anything relating to the procedures of governance?

There are critical issues, but there are no initiatives or ideological appeals, no tall figures. It is a humdrum of confusion, uncertainty and boredom. Never before Somaliland has been so apolitical as it is now. The real situation looks like one in which there is no head and tail.

Silanyo’s current administration has no ethics. It is an amalgam of various interests, underlining the point that governance is the art of deceit and deception, not of the commitment.

The entire administration is not disciplined. Most of Silaanyo’s ministers do not own the passion to sustain national tasks. Almost all of them are unable to demonstrate the dignity to create a sense of responsibility – an exciting and emotional touch that the people can relate to, as well as a set of values that people fee satisfying – a common element that is being able to create an invigorating manners of uplift.They are all mean and bitter, and play dirty and do things they should not have done. Every Minister in Silaanyo’s administration has the mentality that public treasure is no one’s treasure and that, if he does not take it, someone else will take it.

Favoritism and nepotism are coming to the fore, pushing Somaliland people into the background of divide and dispute.

Silaanyo also has his own personal problems. First, he is not imbued with a spirit of sacrifice and clarity of intelligence that can put into shape a healthy administration Second, he does not have the courage and the will to press on to do what is necessary and what is right, to overcome the obstacles.

Our social and political system will attain newness and lustre only when national solidarity and sincerity for the sake of the country become part of our conscience and conviction, and ignorant thinking on “we clan X” gets out of our hearts.

The past and present may be overwhelmingly difficult; the present is what the people have chosen to be all about.

I do not think President Silaanyo and those around him have this kind of understanding.

By Jama Falaag

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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  1. Kayse says:

    While this is a fresh and good article, Mr Falaag seems rather bitter and very angry slandering the entire Somaliland race like that as if Mr Falaag runs some civilized empire in some unknown kingdom, for God sack your just a refugee in KSA.

    Bitter old man. This killed it for me. I don't care what he has against mudane President Silanyo.

  2. mohamed cheers says:

    Who's this sick Jama Falaag. He's fluent in English but has the style of vagabonds.
    I know him from previous similar nuisances.

  3. Kayse says:

    I have never seen someone so angry at his own people all my life. He sounds like the European impartial fascist in the 17th century except he is stuck in a country where civilization has another name: "honor killings". Where women cant drive. Where they are hostages.

    What kind of civilization can Saudi refugee teach about others? I bet he never seen a woman and goes to Somaliland just to smell some uunsi hehehehe.

  4. osman5 says:

    This article is absurd. The author is hypocrisy at it's best and he's contradicting by himself by stating civilized people should follow their leaders yet, he's lashing out at his president. Go figure?
    Is he honestly think he's a civilized person? I don't think so. This a classic example of showing that some of the old school boys Somalilanders are very difficult people to deal with.

    The government of Somaliland is there to govern not to rule. Our president is trying his best with a big heart of gold, he had taken big strides for for the short period he's been at the helm.

    Hence the Somaliland's presence at the conference in London on Somalia alone had immensely solidified our quest internationally. It is not a convincing argument merely saying the president of Somaliland, Mr. Sillanyo is a bad guy by just bashing out on him due to some undisclosed agendas.
    The author should understand we're the masters of our own destiny.

    Osman Qaal

  5. Dhugtame says:

    It took me a while to see where this man was heading, but finally in the last paragraphs he gradually came out of the woods and his intentions became clearer as he approached his quarry – the people of Somaliland and their government.

    This piece is full of generalizations and contradictions and the author defeats his own mission – civility and innovations. This is what tribalism looks like, when translated into English.

  6. Omar T says:

    It is said wisdom comes with age, but I feel Mr Falaag has disproved this saying !
    You can taste the bile that he spits while he is trying to put forward his amateurish theories about civilization. Mr Falaag I think you have stayed too long in S.A, forget about Somaliland, we have moved on from the 90's.

  7. Liban Elmi says:

    Well done Falaag your article is a reflection of the reality in Somaliland today.
    The sad thing is that whenever someone like Falaag tells the truth of what is happening in Somaliland, some of us do not want to hear it and respond negatively. This is exactly what Falag is referring to. You still cannot grow out of the most backward thing called "tribalism".
    His article is a breath of fresh air. We all know that nothing positive is coming out of Somaliland now and Sylanyo is responsible for the mess we are in. Somaliland is run by few who are tribal minded, corrupt and least qualified to be in the positions they hold. We have political crisis that until now Sylanyo could not resolve. Our democratic system has been assaulted when peaceful demonstrators were beaten and arrested and here is no respect for the law and constitution. How can you defend such as government?
    Liban Elmi, Sydney, Australia

  8. Ali says:

    What a pathetic article!

    Mr. Falag if you wrote such trite to saudi media you’d be deported on the next flight to live the rest of your days in dusty hargeysa under a president and government you loathe.

    Please use your level of English to write positive uplifting articles that benefit you and your people in dunya and aakhirah. What an idiot!

  9. Liban Elmi says:

    See the problem we have in Somaliland? Instead of insulting and using disrespectful language try to argue in an intellectual way. This is how you make your point intelligently. This is how educated people discuss issues whether they agree or disagree. The nasty language you are using against someone's opinion just show that you are not a mature person to get into intellectual debates . I have noticed this a lot in the Somaliland papers. Please respond to the specific issues Mr. Falaag raised and make your counter arguments clearly without attacking him personally.

  10. mohamed cheers says:

    If you are supporting the vagabonds volatile language of Jama Falaag, I would assume that you are no better than him and would put you in the same category.

  11. Gobaad says:

    A pathetic article and a venomous remarks toward our Administration. Full of contradictions, generalizations, and empty rhetorics as mentioned above. He is talking about civility and yet he couldn't hide his bitternes, ill-will and rude expression intended to offend a sitting President.

  12. cimran says:

    why bro, deleted .

  13. cabdihakim says:

    mr falaag is same one who want start good thing but the way he still thinking not mostly right think . if you want change sameting that you seem is wrong you hve to think positively and atcking same one is porhapited with your topic and highest level in your people, ahmed silanyo he is traying to make up his country and his people trouthly but he can mistaked be couse he is human… so i could like to shere mr falaag one think .. and the one think is start your people those not knw any think firt..

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