Published On: Thu, Aug 21st, 2014

What ever happened to the exemplary relations between Somaliland and Ethiopia?

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The relationship between Ethiopia and Somaliland is not just a relationship between neighboring countries. Their relationship is especial one between the two countries because the same people live in both sides of the border. The people who are part of the Ethiopian federation in the Somali state of Ethiopia were part of Somaliland Protectorate (Houd and Reserved Area) before 1954; before the region changed hands. That means the same people live in both sides of the border, which means that Ethiopia and Somaliland do not only share borders, they also share people. For that reason and more our relationship ought to be protected, respected and developed for ever. No few elements or other reasons must never be allowed to stain, strain and weaken such special relationship in my opinion.


Somaliland and Ethiopian relations must persist and live longer for ever, for the interest of both countries, for the horn of Africa to heel and for the region to prosper.

The relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia regarding people to people relationship and the free movement of people and trade as well as safe guiding and securing the security of the two countries must be priority number one for both countries. It must be enhanced and maintained all the time.
This is a way forward for keeping and sustaining the stability and security of the Horn of Africa. It is one way of helping the people of both countries and those of the region at large. It is a way to ‘help-peoples-help-themselves’. It is a way to defeat the common enemies of both countries who ever they may be and where ever they may come from.

The relationship between Ethiopia and Somaliland goes back to thousands of years, when Somaliland was known as the land of punt and Ethiopia was referred as the land where Gods love to be in the days of the Egyptian civilization.

Other relationships can be traced back from King, Ashama Ibn Abjar, to Emperor Menelek II, to the subsequent governments, to Haile Mariam to Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and to the present Prime Minister, his excellence Hailemariam Desalegn


The first Somaliland migration was the 3rd Muslim migration to Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a history of saving people running from persecution by the hands of their own; starting from the first Muslim migration in 614-615 BH to the third migration from Somaliland to Ethiopia in the1980-1990.
The Somaliland migration to Ethiopia in 1980-1990 could be called the 3rd Muslim migration to Ethiopia. The first Muslim migration to Ethiopia of 614-615 BH and the Somaliland migration to Ethiopia in the1980s had similar circumstances. Both the peoples were running from the persecutions and sufferings borne by what was considered as their kinsmen. In the case of the Muslims from Mecca, they sought refuge from Qurash persecution. In the case of Somaliland it was the government of Siyad Barre and supporters from Mogadishu. They were considered as their kinsmen but they committed genocide and ethnic cleansing against the people of Somaliland kinsmen or not.
In both cases it was Ethiopia and their rulers who saved the “Sahabah of the prophet” as well as the targeted people of Somaliland in different times in history for different reasons but from the same end- persecution of innocent people! It was Ethiopia which welcomed these peoples and accepted them in their home land with out hesitation. They comforted them when they needed that most.

The first Muslim migration to Ethiopia (Abyssinia than)

“The Muslims who originally converged in Mecca sought refuge from Qurash persecution in the Kingdom of Aksum in BH (614–615 CE.)
This act is known as the first migration to Abyssinia, the hardships and sufferings borne by the Muslims were from their kinsmen.  Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) at last permitted the believers to immigrate to some other place. The Muslims immigrated to Ethiopia known than as Abyssinia. At that time Ethiopia was ruled by a Christian King Ashama ibn Abjar who (according to Muslim tradition, later embraced Islam) was famous for his compassion and equity. In Rajab of the fifth year of the mission, the first group migrated to Axum. This is known as the first migration to Axum. Later on, a bigger group immigrated to Axum (separately). This is called the second migration to Ethiopia. Some “Sahabah” took part in both the migrations.”
Somaliland and Ethiopia had centuries old relationship with the exception of a short period of time between1960-1990 when Somaliland entered an ill-fated union with Somalia in an illegitimate way which eventually ended in May, 1991 when Somaliland reinstituted its 1960 government in her soil after long struggle where hundreds of thousands lost their lives and billions of dollars were stolen, robbed and ransacked from Somaliland by Somalia. (Reprinted From “Somaliland and Ethiopia relationship is centuries old it must persist” by Ibrahim M Mead)

Some Solution of the entangled (Somaliland / Ethiopia) Relationship

How any relationship and the relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia is not different plays out, depends on a number of internal, bilateral, regional and global factors I think the way forward is that the two parties be honest to each other, appreciate the concerns of each party and play cool and continue to develop and nurture the relationship of the two countries.” Don’t forget that the weeds that hinder the growth and the blossom of the two countries relationship ought to be uprooted and cleared out from the garden of healthy relationship. No one party need not insist in keeping elements which are alleged that they are not helpful in maintaining and developing the exemplary relationships of the two countries which existed before Siilanyo’s administration.
Often when you feel that your relationship is on the rocks, the first thing on one’s mind must be:
1- How to stop the pleading
2- How to stop it from ending the relationship
3- How to create an environment where by the other party appreciates the other party’s effort.

Convincing the other party that you are serious about solving the contentious issue in question is important

Figuring out what is essentially broken with your relationship is the first step to healing it and moving forward in a new way altogether. Commit your self fully not only to discuss but to address the issues in a frank and open manner

Try to view the criticism of the other party as constructive criticism which you can use to improve the situation.  Once the two parties discover the problems which mudded the water then you can work together to overcome them

You cannot continue to build on damaged foundations and the same applies to a relationship therefore it takes two (Somaliland and Ethiopia) to work together to break it down and re-build it and make even stronger. There are ways to do this; however they all revolve around some basic tenets which are:

2- Trust and honesty

3- Mutual understanding
4- two way straight

5- Hard work and commitment are needed in every relationship and in this Somaliland/Ethiopian special relationship in particular.


How ever peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead

Political analyst

Ottawa, Canada




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  1. Ahmed says:

    Ethiopians don’t differentiate among Somalis. How sad it is to run from our fellow Somalis and try get closer to Ethiopians.

    • samson says:

      when the frame of refrence for your thinking is solely based on ethinicity what you say is completly true ……but when yourframe of refrence / understanding of life is based on humanity,peace and love …what you say become wrong/questionabel

    • Mohamed says:

      But it’s is a proven fact, that they are still closer to us than those enemy (somalis) who killed our children and burned down our cities and houses. Who do we run to ha? If you trying to trick us into believing that you are our people, you are sadly mistaken. You are the enemy no.1 to us and we will never trust you, never ever again.

  2. Nimco says:

    This is stupid article…. Ethiopia sees Somaliland as it sees Pundland and Jubaland and soon Khaatumaland… Please stop the BS, talking Somaliland as a exist country. It only exists in your mind.. The heads on one tribe.

    • Mohamed says:

      Yes, it exists in our minds and souls as it exists in reality too. Where else will Somaliland exist if not in our minds, that’s because we love our country. Will it exist in your stinking pink pussy? Are you fucking feeling horny?

  3. Nimco says:

    FYI, Muslim migration has nothing to do with Somalia, actually in ethiopia it was sport to kill muslim until year 1999.

    Muslims did not migrated via Somaliland because there was no such a thing at the time. The came via Zaylac, Awdal kingdon.. Or moderne day Awdal State, Somalia.

    • Abdirashiid says:


      • ahme Weli says:

        ZAYLAC IS SOMALIA … ASK GOOGLE OR ANYONE SOMALI THAT IS NOT YOU tribe.. and I know who you are !

        • Mohamed says:

          You are fucking day dreaming, calling Zayla Somalia. Somalia is dead and for good. Wake uppppp. We are there now in Zayla as i am writing this article now and i don’t see one single soomaali. It’s only Somalilanders all around me here. The liberators. We are not just found here by chance. We have fought fearlessly to dislodge our enemies out of Zayla and elsewhere in Somaliland. So shut your stinking mouth up or cry keep crying like small girl as long as you would.

  4. ssssd says:

    nice article I love it Somaliland and ethiopian are one and the same soon Africa will be integrated in economy as well as political ly Africa for ever !!!!!!

    • Ted maconan says:

      what about intergating your own, the rest of Somalia.. we don’t need any more somalis, we have enought trouble makers.. Somalis are war alike people and create problem where ever they go. look at Somaliland, they cant get along with their own somali people and they want join us.. no way..

  5. ABDI ADAN says:



  6. ZakSai says:

    The Ethiopian govt should have recognized Somaliland, the same way the World has given recognition to Eritrea and South Sudan. This would have allowed others to follow suit given the clout Addis has in the Region and the World at large. Had it done so and extended some sort of security guarantee to go with it, the oil companies would have flocked there and discovered oil and gas the same way they did in Tanzania and other nearby countries. Imagine a prosperous Somaliland which would be an envy of the rest of Somalia and make the stakeholders catch up and not be at each others’ throat. The Ethiopian govt would have had a better deal to use the Berbera port and a prosperous neighbor and peace permeating slowly but surely. The Ethiopian govt, to my surprise, is seeking alternative outlet in Kenya at a cost of billions of dollars, even as i speak. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. I rather our Somaliland friends benefit wholesomely, for they are one of our biggest trading partners and not the Kukuyu mafia who will be fleecing us.

    • Mohamed ahmed says:

      All that you mentioned could be done the country as is it one nation one people. No need ethiopia help, ethiopia it self is different nationalities with a different religion and culture. We are one culture, language and religion. Contrary , the problem will increase if oil companies show up, because Somaliland is the imagination of on tribe and the oil is in khaatumo state area, so it will be civil ar all over again. However Somalia as whole this issue of tribal governments will be managed in one central nation.

      My suggestion to my ethiopian friend is do it your country first, divide ethiopia to different nations and invide oils companies. Somalia is standing up as one nation one people Strong, again in due time…

      • Mohamed says:

        Somaliland and the whole Somliland is red line. We share nothing, not a culture and not a religion and not even a thing. You owe us a blood, so stay tuned, you are all going to pay for it.

    • Dheeg says:

      I can understand Ethiopia’s reluctance to be the first to recognise Somaliland because it does not want to be seen as ‘dismembering’ its neighbour but Addis’s lack of enthusiasm for the Berbera corridor is very baffling indeed. The only viable explanation is that it does not want to be dependent on ‘Muslim’ outlets only in case they side with their ‘co-religionists’ if the much feared biblical confrontation with Sudan and Egypt occurs. Hence the focus on having at least one outlet to the sea though the ‘christian’ land of Kenya. This is odd given that Somalilanders have no love for Egypt, Sudan or Saudi Arabia all of whom have been actively trying to smother the place to death even since its inauspicious rebirth in 1991. But you can see how an existentialist Ethiopian thinker might see a Landlocked and shrinking Ancient christian heratland of Ethiopia being surrounded from all sides by hostile Islamic forces.

  7. Nuux says:

    That old Man from Ottawa again lol. You must be bored lol

  8. erty says:

    It is ok to see how people migrate from one place to another for different reasons. The writer however, seem to sugest that Ethiopia hosting muslims was based on relgion only, but Ethiopia hosted the first immigrant to ethiopia based on humanitarian bases and every people to people relationship should be based only on people are human beings created equaly and all people should be respected based on they are human beings. The biggest propblem with muslim social thinkers is that they are stuck in the six century idealogy and see everything interms of relgion. Particulary black muslims who adopt Islam should give priority to people’s life based on humanitarian issues rather than on relgious grounds since all religion be it Islam or Christianty is brought to Africa by people who are intersted to expand theses relgions. The Arabs have been working hard to divde and rule Africa baed on relgion divisions. Watch out Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Amin cilmi says:

    This idiot who wrote this article (its more like undergrad African study essay) is suggesting that Ethiopian christian should except Somaliland because Ethiopian are kind and hosting toward Muslim based on Muslim migrants around 6th century. However you put it, there is no such a thing called Somaliland never been, even the name is English. The English dismissed your separatism idea, now your trying to get sympathy from the Ethiopian Christians. Acuudu bilaahi.. get it together man… next time write something that makes sense and stay within the sepject. Also please don’t glorify Ethiopian Christians.. insteat Talk about Ahmed guray iyo Sayid Maxaahad Abdule Xasan

  10. Amin cilmi says:

    he called him self..”Political Analyst” huh.. you more like…HOW To Kiss Ass Ethiopia Analyst…brown nose man

  11. Dheeg says:

    For once I agree with Mr Mead although I would not have indulged in the emotive language as much as he has done. On the surface, the relationship is patently one sided with Ethiopia holding all the cards. the strategic reality is more complex. With Somaliland and Somalilanders now completely out of the age-old Somalil irredentits movement under the Pan-Somalism agenda, no war or uprising in Ethiopia’s Somali region will succeed. Every war even conducted bu ethnic Somalis against Ethiopia was waged, led, resourced and largely manned from Somaliland.This is as true of Ahmed Gurey’s invasion in the 16th century to Siyad Barre’s one in the 1970s. In an extraordinary admission of the crucial role played by Somalilanders in the 1977 war effort, the official poet of the Siyad Barre regie, a man called Ali Elmi Afyare recited the following poen, broadcast on Radio Mogadishu in 1978 ” Nimanyahow Hargeesiyo Deggani Hawdka iyo Xeebta; alleylehe Daglaaki galbeed wow hengeleteyne,hilbaha iyo nafata wow hurteen hanadadiiniye..hadalkuu hoogaamiyuhi yidhi hubanti weyaane” (Oh the residents of Hargeisa, the Plains and the Coasts..You Wore Sashes of Oath for The Western War; you sacrificed your soul and resources, the lives of your heroes..”. National Radio openly praising a clan like this was as shocking as Stalin’s soldiers reciting the Romanov anthem during the siege of Stalingrad to encourage the cossacks for taking up arms against the invaders. Therae other reasosns for this close relationship but this website is playing up so I will stop

    • Rahma Boorame says:

      Here comes another pro Ethiopian fool.. Somaliweyn is still here and will never go away….

      Also FYI, there is no such a word Somalilander, in any language . Your either Somali or not..

      And why did you skipped Sayidka! must be The trabilism in you… This is what happen in 1900.. You kiss ass British and Darwiish was looking unity. Now you kissing ass ethiopia and the rest of Somali tribes including Darwiishta Khaatumo are looking unity, even ethiopia witch you kissing ass wants somali unity…

      keep dreaming.. No history here but somali history

      • Mohamed says:

        Ha rahma, since you mentioned kissing ass, what about your ass and pussy? does anybody kiss your pussy and ass Ah ah ah ah ahaaaaaa!!!

      • Mohamed says:

        NO Answer? The answer is that nobody kisses your pussy and ass because they are stinking, nobody even kisses you in the mouth. You’re ms. smelly smelly. Take your stink out of here, away from this site please!!

    • Mohamed says:

      HEY, spare us your dead history, please would you? We are not proud of your 1977/78.You are sounding like any Somali pal.

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