Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2012

We Won’t Accept The Results Says UDHIS

Let it be known that we shall not accept their decision neither do we fear those who conspire against us” those were the words of the veteran freedom fighter Ibrahim Dega ‘weyn the leader of UDHIS Minutes after PPR&VC Announced the results of the Political Organizations who had qualified and those who failed to qualify for registration during a press conference in which he staunchly denounced the of final list.

The Political Parties Registration & Verification Committee (PPR&VC) had earlier revealed that only 6 of the 15 new political Organizations in race have qualified by fulfilling all requirements set for the registration during a press conference held in its Hargeisa offices.

According to PPR&VC spokesperson Hassan Ahmed Dua’le revealed list containing the six political Organization that had qualified for official registration are as follows; WADANI, DALSAN, RAYS, UMMADDA, NASIYE and HAQSOOR.

The 6 Political Organizations who qualified will now compete with the current three national parties of UCID, UDUB and KULMIY to contest for upcoming local council elections which are expected to be held soon.

Those who failed to qualify for registration because they couldn’t meet the requirements set for political Organization are UDHIS, NUUR, JAMHUURIGA, DAMAL, HORYAAL, NDP, BADBAADO, GURMAD and SSCD.
After the local council elections the three top Political Organizations out of the contesting nine will be registered as the official political parties of the country in accordance with the current constitution which stipulates that there should be only three national political parties registered in the country
The chairman of the PPR&VC Mr. Abdirizak Omar Jama “Iyaale” told reporters that this is a great day which proves the political maturity of the people of Somaliland, the chairman Mr. Abdirizak said those who failed to qualify for the registration process are now allowed to disband and join any Political Organization of their choice.

The PPR&VC spokesperson Hassan Ahmed Dua’le the qualification process was conducted in accordance with the law

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  1. Abdi2 says:

    True Democracy…….Somaliland's lessons to the World keeps coming day after day. So proud of my Nation for showing Democratic Maturity not seen any where in the many parts of this World including Africa and Middle East. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Incredible.

    Little Advice to that man trying to contest this verdict and final decision of the Commission, Do not embarrass your self and hide your shame and don't be a sore looser.

  2. Gobaad says:

    its clan project …the large 6 clans get there so called parties while the rest is left without support what a shame !

    • Gobaad says:

      Here we go again. If you don't stop impersonating me, you coward and moron I will report you to the website administrator and will easily traced back to your IP. You should use your own name if you to attack somebody instead of cowers benhind somebody else's name.

  3. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    That is not Gobaad I know, and its clear someone is trying to impersonate her. ridiculous to say the least, and every one of this respected forum knows that. Whoever did this is clearly Wanlaweyn.

    Dhegaweyne will not do anything that is not good for the country he fought and liberated. This is only political tag-of-war, and not more than that, even though I believe he should concede and joint whichever URUR he prefers, if he has electorate power in Somaliland.

  4. Gobaad says:

    Ibrahim Dega ‘weyn, it is not the end of the world. You can join any other party of your choice and still be a strong opposition.

  5. abz says:

    this is worship clan or die. imposed on somali's straight. i dont quit know whos benefiting. but the people are still hungry

  6. inayuusuf says:

    @ the person who always impersonates Gobaad; Would you please impersonate me?

  7. Gobaad says:

    inayuusuf, you made laugh, wallaahi. Ina Adeer, khaati Billahi baan ka joogaa. Perhaps, he/she doesn't like my comments. Besides, they are low-life hecklers and wailers who want to interrupt and derail Somalilanders' debates.

  8. Ahmed says:

    This proves the political immaturity of Somaliland as they disapprove any political party that they see as threat. I support UDHIS and therefore should not accept this Highway robbery.

    • abdi2 says:

      Ahmed I hope you understand the political sophistication of Somaliland. Somaliland will allow any Party with clear and distinct ideology/platform with wider political support from all provinces of the country. However, those that are based on clannish agenda and only represents a small block of the Somaliland people in a small corner of the country will never reap the support of all Somaliland people and hence will fail to qualify for the right to be a legitimate party. All I know is, the majority of the people running for office are interested in one thing only, the presidency, stocking the government with members of their tribes and only benefiting their "Tol". BUT REMEMBER SOMALILAND HAS MAD GREAT LEAP AND TRANSITIONED TO FULL FLEDGED INDOGENOUS PASTORAL DEMOCRACY AND THEREFORE CLEVERLY HAS PUT IN PLACE MECHANISMS TO WEED OUT AND DEAL WITH THOSE WHO WANNA UNDERMINE OUR HARD EARNED PROGRESS.

      • mahad farmajo says:

        i though SSCD represent sool sanaag ceyn etc. etc so what happen to them.
        tell me bro i am diehard muqdishaawi also originaly my father is from burco. i check my people's state of affairs now and again.

        • abdi2 says:

          Loool…. sorry to say bro, ssc was western construct conceived on the donut shops of America, EU and Canada that had no basis in the reality on the ground bro. you can't claim a land 20 x the size of Eritrea when your numbers are only 10% and expect to gain support for a party. Good effort though for being part of and supporting Democray because that is the only way to move forward with justice and fairness.

  9. osman5 says:

    Mr. Dhega-weyne,
    you're a hero to Somalilanders, don't deviate it.. Accept your loss and get with the program.

    Osman Qaal

  10. Beeldeeq says:

    You Dhegaweyne and Abdulrahman Aw Ali go back to Kulmiye Party and rejoin with your old "calan cas" friends Mr. Bihi and Mr. kahin. This is where you belong guys and reshape Kulmiye as a ruling party for the coming decades, and surely Somalilanders will stand behind you unttil each of you ascends to the seat of presidency.

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