Published On: Wed, Dec 26th, 2012

War between Somaliland artists escalates as Silanyo government becomes tribal organisation

A bitter war of words has erupted between two Somaliland groups of musicians, composers and artists. Song writer Said Sheikh Abokor ‘Ilkajiir’, who wrote a song criticising the Silanyo administration is now afraid for his own life after the government promised to kill him.

Mr. Abokor received death threats by a phone call from the minister of presidency, Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, this week after the song writer turned down bribes including monthly payments of £2000 to keep quite.

In an interview with Hadhwanaag News, Mr. Abokor revealed that he has been under close watch for days by ten mostly unidentified men often stationed outside his home.

Shortly after he released his protest song he said two seven-seater cars pulled up next to him and two artists he personally knew made verbal abuse and threats.

He told listeners that Mr. Hassan appealed to him to work with his administration since his Sa’ad Musa tribe enjoyed more support from Silanyo’s administration than the rest of the main tribes. After the recent abuses including killings, experts believe there will be major defections of some of the main tribes including Isaaq sub-clans of Arab, Garhajis and Essa Mussa and others such as Issa, Gadabursi, Dhulbahante and Warsangeli. Silanyo already has minimal support in the east amongst the Harti clans, who accuse him of human right abuses.

He made it clear for him that the current administration was serving tribal interest only for Silanyo’s Habar Jeelo and Sa’ad Mussa. This was suspected by many people and did not see this until now.

Mr. Hirsi told him that the current chairman of ruling Kulmiye party was only a card to win Sa’ad Musa support. He also revealed that he plans to replace the current minister of interior with a Sa’ad Mussa personality.

The controversy was sparked after he composed a protest song denouncing President Ahmed M. Silanyo. The writer criticized Silanyo and his administration in the way they handled the recent local elections, which left dozens dead.

Silanyo’s supporters this week composed their own fitting reply to Ilka-Jiir’s “Ooday” or “elder” song. There are reports in London that the two sides are physically threatening each others and fear going to all out war.

The latest feuds between the Somaliland artists is part of a large growing tensions between Somaliland’s various tribes, where tribal loyalty has for decades underpinned the authority and security forces. The disputed elections has resurfaced old inter-tribal feuds threatening political stability in Somaliland for the first time in decades. The artists like almost everyone else in mainstream society including the media are deeply divided over the current disputes instigated by the Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo administration.

Although eruptions of tribal disputes are not new, they have become more frequent and serious since the Nov. 28th district and council elections. Some street protests following the elections stemmed from anger at the perceived intervention of the state to back one preferred tribal candidate at the expense of others.

Listen to Ilka Jiir below:

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  1. Kayse says:

    I am just glad everything that I have been saying all along is finally out for everyone to see even the most hardcore separatists.

    How long ago was it when I said "Two Sub-clan project"??? Do you fools still think your part of these BS? I won't be surprised if you do because for 21 years you also believed there was some imaginary country. Once delusional, always delusional.

    Ilka Jiir your the new Ibrahim Kodbuur, real SNM, real nasaab.

    I did tell you that Dhiigshiil was financing the tribal war and assassinations of others. I am inside Morgan's House and Dhiigshiil, they don't even have clue how many people I have spying for me. I might have to start recording them.

    I call on the north Somalis to first stop using Dhiigshiil, let HJ use it and those few Sacad Musse. Secondly we need to start forming coalition groups to expel the few thugs from the north.

    We need Garhajis, Samaroon, Isse, Isse Musse, Harti and others to form union and first tackle these group including Dhiigshiil then we can work something out whether we decide to go back to Somalia or agree on new borders and have two states.

    • Dr. Who says:

      I agree, thanks for informing us Kayse. I am dhulbahante, but it warms my heart when i see patriotic Isaaq who speak the truth. Keep exposing the corrupt people. I will regularly visit this website & inform my friends about it.

      • SSC says:

        sxb im harti aswell and LA is my city but kayse has hidden agenda. Even though he has someone e great ideas he is also protecting his clan. While he knows that the majority of unionists are dhulo/warseng but his past comments are disgusting in which he insults our people and for what……because few harti decided tojoin hj in hargeisa.Also he knows hj and dhuloz are the mixed people between isaaq and darod.

  2. osman Qaal says:

    is this supposed to be the news of the day?….trashy!! I'm very disappointed at the SLP..

    • Sanaagboy says:

      SLP was bought by anti Somaliland group including those Somalilanders who believe Somaliweyn such as Fowzia and the authors of the ongoing articles we have been seeing since the incident of Haqsoor supporters in Hargeisa and this is a campaign against Somaliland.

  3. Allemagan says:

    Saciid Abokor Ilkajiir is a great artist and a man who loves his people. Listen the song that exposed the shameful action of Qudhmiye party and how it betrayed the trust of the people here

    No woner Hirsi Gaab and company are on the offensive. I hope he one day sees the bigger picture to support the unity of our people everywhere.

  4. mohamed cheers says:

    Folks, what's Kayse Geezer contemplating..same bs low level bla bla empty vessels make
    too much disturbing noises. Then what else?

    • Sanaagboy says:

      FYI, this web has completely changed into anti Somaliland website and is run by Kayse and his cohorts. Hence, I and my true Somalilanders should immediately cease to visit or comment here as there's nothing more to be gained for being with the FAQQASH propangada plafform.

  5. Nuux Ismaaciil says:

    Lol – This man ilkajiir (the under cover) is trying his best to divert attention from his own clan (SACAD MUUSE) which has all the Jobs in Siilaanyo's government. Here are the Facts:

    Who is the Finance minister? SACAD MUUSE. Who is the Foreign Minister? SACAD MUUSE. Who is the Education Minister? SACAD MUUSE. Who is the Information Minister? SACAD MUUSE. Who is the Mayor of Hargeisa? SACAD MUUSE. Who is the Hargeisa Badhasaab? SACAD MUUSE. Who is the Head of Somaliland National TV? SACAD MUUSE…….all facts. What does ARAB have in Hargeisa? NOTHING……Facts speak much loader than words.

    • Kayse says:

      So you are saying the tribal enclave is all Sacad Muuse? It is no longer two sub-clan project? This is even better news than I thought. It is getting smaller and smaller by the hour. If its all Sacad Muse does that mean Gabiley is now the new Dubai?

      • Nuux Ismaaciil says:

        I don't respond to trash people like you. Get a job and get a life man!

        • Kayse says:

          Exactly, that's what I thought. All these things your boasting about remain ZERO. Gabiley is struggling to keep its few cattle afloat. So what good is all that Councillors your talking about that no one even recognizes beyond the separatist camp?

          Sida uu amuus. Faan badan loma bahna. Gabiley is the home of Sacad Muse and it remains just a dusty village like Arabsiyo, Dilla and Samaale.

          If you going to boast about something at least name some real minister(s) that the rest of the Somali people and IC actually know as a minister.

          Khaatumo folks can claim their whole administration is all Dhulbahante. This is no different.

          • Ilka Casse says:

            I'm usually againt what you say, but I give you credit in this one.

            Nacal xariimo, fariid fariid dhalay…

    • amal says:

      Shall we call Somaliland sacad musse then LOL
      Bro stop dividing your people and embarrassing yourself. Arab and Sacad musse are reer hargeisa brothers and all isaaq are one and brothers who should live and achieve peacefully with the rest of their fellow citizens. I think we need to learn to move forward for once. Qabyaalad destroyed Somalia before.

  6. Nuux Ismaaciil says:

    Kayse, the website owner, why are you deleting my comments and giving yourself a +6 do you think people are fool?

  7. Dhuxul says:

    The usual from the morning sickness sufferer Keyse/ Alamagan . It is common for some Somalian women to start hating their husbands in the early days of their pregnancy (Walac). I am not surprised to see this to be going on until the twins are born. Congratulations Keyse/Allemegan!

  8. Jonny says:

    i think that there should be a two-state confederation between somaliland and somalia (obviously along colonial borders) as the only choice for unity without separatists feeling shame or embarassement because unity must never be founded on force or it will not stick simple as
    look at this article to understand further:

  9. Layla says:

    Silencing people was one of the strongest oppression of Siad Barre and I wonder what is the different between Somaliland's authority or ( Silanyo) and him, if what the genlteman stated is true. someone who is just exercising his free of expression does not deserve threat. Somaliland government should not repeat same history.

  10. Abdikhadar says:

    Garhajis,Arab,Ciise Muse,Ciise & Harti clans need to form a coalition to stop this News Faqash. This two tribes are weak and as xildhibaan DOGOX said we need to go In to Morgans house and take this drunk old man and his Midget conspirators and drag them on the back of a track to garadag!! HJ are sick tribalist and if they think sacad muse is gonna protect them in hargeisa then they are mistaken!!

  11. aw muxumad says:

    viva ilka jiir, siilaanyo wadankii wuxuu kusoo celiyay qabyaalad aynu bari hore aasnay oo dadkii waligood wada daganaa ayaa imika isku kacay, siilaanyo's goverment down, thank you somaliland press for ur wadaninimo and not afraid of posting the thruth. lets see if dahabshiil can buy somaliland

  12. Allemagan says:

    It is a good news to learn that SLP is now owned by friend Kayse. But, if that is the case, why the wbesite administrator is not allowing met to post comments longer than two lines? LOL

  13. deqa snm says:

    sacad muse and araab are brothers

  14. Truth1 says:

    The separatisms are so RETARDED, I repeat, RETARDED, that they even accuse Kayse of being the so called owner of this web. Who knows, they might accuse me of being the owner tomorrow LOL. Typical RETARDED separatism who even claim a 8000 years old cave art as so called ''Somaliland'' history LOL. The ''Is@@q'' clan didn't even exist at that time. Mate honestly, I don't even understand how you guys can go so far with lies, and still calling yourself Muslims.

    • kaboon says:


      I don't understand darood mentality please explain to me if you hate issaqs why talk about issaqs 24/7. it is a well known fact that daroods have always aspired to be like issaqs and that issaqs educated daroods so say thank you issaq people for making me civilized.

      And are you debuting the 9000 year old cave painting LOOOOOOOOOOOL. you will be claiming that daroods painted these caves next.

    • amal says:

      What do you have against Isaaq bro LOOOl You guys are bloody suffering from a disease called isaaqphobia. No one said Isaaq lived 8000 yrs ago. The cave painting is our history because our ancestors who lived in the land painted it and they were ancient Somalis of Somaliland and Somaliland has many clans.

      • amal says:

        Isaaq clan is younger then both hawiye, darood, Dir etc.
        Today's clan names (Isaaq, isse, samaroon, Darood etc) is just names of fathers ( X chromosome) other then that we are homogeneous group of people.

  15. Nuux Ismaaciil says:

    Kayse, keep using dozens different names you can’t fool no one.

  16. Kayse says:

    Si fiican ban uu karbaashaay the separatists and this is just online imagine when I am given my own department, army, financial body and men power.

    I plan to make Siad Bare look like a baby.

    Before, I begin the military campaign, I am going to hire international lawyers and solicitors who will advise and direct me how I can execute my military missions within the framework of "human rights" and under which terms can a nation use preemptive strike against rebels …including the issue of "national security", unity, regional stability…etc.

    I know under the United Nations laws States reserve the right to act unilaterally without waiting for agreement in the Security Council.

    I want to ensure my men are all educated, well briefed and know they are fighting for just cause and that in the future none of them will be accused of any human right abuses.

    We are going after the separatist Council and its small tribal force, if they happy to surrender and be assembled into the SNA; we welcome that.

    I know not all northern Somalis want to be with United Somali Republic but the same was true in the United States' southern confederate states.

    Somaliland is only a virtual entity and its aggression against other Somali communities within the Republic's international recognized borders and jurisdiction calls for SELF DEFENCE and under Article 51 of the United Nations and Anticipatory Self Defence….SNA has every right to hunt down the rebels (Somaliland separatists).

    I am anticipating that I will be on the ground doing these things within the next 5-10 years as this time is required for the South to fully recover. Meanwhile Khaatumo and Awdal States need to reassess their language and stop the use of "SNM" and "Somalidiid"; these are not language from politicians but paltalk users.

    Somalidiid is not a term that can be coined for a rebel group but rather anyone including the Xenophobia attackers in South Africa, Gambia, Kenya and Mozambique against Somali traders.

    I am going to form a unified front from Djibouti, Jigjiga, Mogadishu, Garowe, Garhajis, Hartis, Samaroon, Isse, Issa Muse…Hartis will live in peace no more being held hostage to a colonial idea, Puntland will no longer suffer from Galgala's Hirsi Gaab and Dhiigshiil funded al Shabab…Jigjiga will enjoy a new relations with north Somalia, no more nomads going back and forth and smuggling materials to stabilize the Hawd interior….Djibouti will enter into a new chapter with Somalia in which we will deploy at at least 10,000 men in Zeila ready to defend Isse rule against the Afar.

    • Kayse says:

      I am in the meantime also proposing this flag for North Somalia's regional government (State flag). I am using the beloved Somali colors of blue and white and our star because we are troubled but a star race :)

      The five stars represent the five regions that compress of the State government (Waqooyi Gableed, Awdal, Togdheer, Sanaag and Sool). All the other rubbish are out and things will remain pre-1991.

      The black star represents the Waqooyi Galbeed region since our once separatist brothers have a thing for black star. I can't take everything away from them, I know they making huge sacrifices too and deserve to have their star at the center of our new unity.

      The other four represent Togdher, Awdal, Sanaag and Sool. The three strips represent our three balances of power and different views and ideas.

      Let us start the debate. I want you to dream and play the maker, the thinker and contribute and know future Somalia will have room for all thinkers and fresh ideas.

    • Hornid says:

      Kayse for one time i could agree whit u only if u start ur war first from Djibouti , Somali Galbeed and NFD then come at the end to Somaliland which Will wait u with open harm, but focusing only for force SL back to union would lead to a bloody war again. I believe in original Somaliweyn not fake union between Somalia and Somaliland.

  17. allinnuh says:

    Silanyo doesn't understand what he has done and the corruption he has caused. It's sad to see this happening in Somaliland if im honest with you. I am not Sacaad Muuse or Habar Jeclo but we all know Silanyo's luck will soon run out with this tribalism and his Foreign Minister Dr. Mohahmmed Omar needs to be removed immediately after he was made to look a fool on Al Jazeera when debating with Professor Samatar, a Gadabursi man. This shows how much the Isaaq people are lacking and how the wrong people are speaking on behalf of Somaliland. It amazes me how all the major roles in Somaliland have been handed out to Sacaad Muse and HJ men. I don't want this to be resolved through violence because we can't ruin 21 years of BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS we are SOMALILANDERS and we must never forget the hardship we went through. Inshallah Khayr and TO ALL THE WARSANGELI, DHULBAHANTE AND REER AWDAL OF SOMALILAND, I KNOW THE CURRENT REGIME SEEMS TO ISOLATE YOU BUT INSHALLAH IN THE NEXT YOU WILL BE TREATED THE WAY YOU DESERVE. VIVA SOMALILAND!!

    • Ceel_Tire says:

      Do you thing that Mohamed Omar (so called foreign minister of the tribal enclave) can challenge the giant Professor Samatar, he is not only Samaroun but world renowned academician for the affairs of SOMALIA….Bro you must be dreaming.

      A kid should learn how to walk before he starts running…..There is no equating between the two…The Professor did the mistake of debating with less statue than him.

      In regard to your promise for Samaroun and Harti to a better treatment…..You have nothing for them and there is nothing you can give that they can't have for themselves. They are capable of doing more than you can….but simply remain intoned to UNIFYING SOMALIS all again. So please come along and do not miss the boat already setup for the journey of unity.

    • IHATESILANYO says:

      you are wise beyond your years. I cannot agree more. This government caters to HJ and Habar Awals only. All the other tribes have been isolated and pacified with "minor" roles.

  18. d-block says:

    WARSANGELI, DHULBAHANTE somali isaaqs please stop calling 4 these tribes to be part of the triangle it will never happen its called federalism. you have state then you stay. cheers

  19. Qassim Wadani says:

    To all the haters you only remind me what losers are you…..
    Somaliland under his Excellency Mujaahid Ahmed Mohammed leadership will never look back now matter how loud haters bark.
    I can't understand how a daarood can speak up with all their failures and divisions!!!!!!!!!!!??? Just like headless chicken. Just keep yourselves to your sad ever weeping websites.

    To all the Somalilanders this is Ilka Jiir, kissing reer xamars foots and shedding crocodile tears for few mijin of Qaat, he is really worthless:

  20. Abduljabar says:

    I believe this guy is a layer, he wants to be somebody which is not, that's why he is trying to use tribal lines to up grade himself, that's not the way to build a healthy nation with a brighter future. free yourselves from tribalism. sing your song and stay away from politics.

  21. Khadar says:

    It is really heart breaking to see you indulging in tribal nonsense in this age. We need to change our mentality this led us into nowhere in past 50 years we became a nation of losers . We are better than them it is pride of the satan. We are one nation one people one race one religion under Allah . Do not tell me we are enemies to each other, we are brothers with each other. Protect your tongue always. May Allah join our hearts united.

  22. Patriot says:

    You all sick losers Mafrish muqayiliin leave Somaliland government alone and keep your Mirqaan, in my eyes Somaliland people are one nation under one flag,mind your business and do some thing decent.

  23. Sanaagboy says:

    Do you believe what Kayse idiot says? Kayse doesn't like anyone regardless of where they come from or believe and he is completely made up of hatred and jealousy. Waxaan maqli jirey, Ina Abdille Hassan ayaa yidhi "Dhulbahante caqligu cagaha ayuu kaga jiraa goortay wax fahmaanna way dheertahay".

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