Published On: Sun, Sep 25th, 2011

Unguarded Somaliland President Takes a Stroll In Town

HARGEISA (SomalilandPress)–Somaliland President Siilanyo accompanied by the first lady, Presidential Minster, Somaliland Chief of Police and the deputy director of Somaliland Intelligence, were spotted last night Friday-(Sept/23rd/11) strolling different parts of Hargeisa, the capital. A not bewildered Somalilanders living in the city to see their president without guards, because it’s the third time President Siilanyo was catch sight of walking and driving around the city without the presence of secret service and/or presidential guards, paid his first visit on Friday night to Hotel Kaah where he met the Minister of Interior- Hon. Mohamed Nur Arale (Duur) and the Minster of Fisheries- Hon. Abdi Jama Osman.

Somaliland President momentarily, had a tête-à-tête with his minster’s and the hotel guests before attending Megrib prayer at the front yard of the hotel. After praying, the president driving his private car continued on with his journey visiting varies shopping centers of downtown Hargeisa.

Somalilandpress | 25 September 2011

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  1. SomaliHero says:

    Just because his bodyguards changed clothes it doesn't mean he's unguarded ….

  2. boqoljireh says:

    Cudur fowqal cudur, ma garanweyday in dadka ka agdhow madaxweynuhu ay yihiin dad shicib ah? We have peace that many African countries including yours do not have and our President is safe among us. We monitor those sick individuals like you and they don't dare to come close.

    Let your Sharif dare to stroll Mogadishu without the UN armored vehicles and mooryaan around him.

  3. mo pablo says:

    A president! Driving around a private car?? Un heard of, especially in africa!what a peaceful country we have mashallah! Keep up mr president. By the way the article mentioned something about a fisheries ministry,I was just wondering what this ministry is doing in taking advantage of our abundant opportunities and raising international food prices for the benefit of in relation to marketing and implementing fishing ventures.

  4. sh AC says:


  5. mohamed cheers says:

    Whatever the President Silaanyo stands for in his political dogma, like all the previous
    Presidents, Rayaale,Egal,Tuur etc. they all haveone common drawbacks…total negligence to take
    official duty trips to the Gobolada W/Bari, Togdheer,Sanaag,Sool. Even the JSL Media Corporates
    concentrate on Hargeisa Maroodjex,Awdal and SahilW/G) iwm. Presidents not concerned to give
    equal attentions for all the JSL regions are utter failures in my humble yet dignified judgement.
    With the exception Rayaale all the other 3 were born in Togdheer. Is it then not a shame that Togdheer
    born presidents should ignore their birth right constituencies and get lost in the Capital Hargeisa's
    W/Galbeed bloc.(Gaashanbur). I keep wondering and asking when will President Silaanyo take
    the pilgrimage official duty trips to his Togdheer,Sool Sanaag constituencies or is it never as usual.

    • Somaliland#1 says:

      This issue with the SL W/Bari should not be reponsiblity left only to president but to all Somalanders.Improvement of infrasture schools and roads and better living standards will help.Somaliland is on is on the right track and should continue the peace process.Its obivious recognition would speed up the process for moderization but its moving steady and inshallah all of Somaliland will prosper in the future.As long as somaliland is not recognized the issue will not fully be solved.

      • mohamed cheers says:


        Am on the same page with you for generalizing the issues to the level responsibilities of all
        Somalilanders. Nevertheless there are always other equally important aspects or factors
        that really matter most, such as regional constituencies etc. All regional constituencies have
        in the first place to contribute to their Regions who elected them into offices, in addition to the
        big picture wellbeings of all general issues of the Public as well as the Private sectors of all the
        country's regional provinces. It simply makes no common sense that all those elected officials
        and private business corporates from W/Bari Togdheer,Sanaag,Sool, including the Presidents
        should not be devoting to benefitting their constituencies..which should be their priority no1.

  6. somaliland1 says:

    Somaliland is about 4 million people over a million three thousand live in Hargesia.Berbera is the main port for all Somaliland.Borama and sheekh has always been educational hub.Burco has always livestock.commerce hub.Ceerigaabo has always been main frankinsence trade.laascanood also been sool centre trade for live stock from galkacyo to hawd region in ethiopia.

  7. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    So, when the President visits the east, Erigavo and Las Anod, what would people like Mohamed Cheers complain about it? Give it a rest. This shows you how stable Somaliland is. The President has already been to Borama, Gabiley (not a warm welcome, I must admit), Berbera, and Burco, he will visit the east. Let us for the time being bask in the photos of a democratically elected President in traditional clothing mingling with his employers. Not many countries in the world can match that!

    • mophamed cheers says:

      Hey did you use the word BASK. The same is needed for the W/bari regions…Bask Bask Bask. kkkkkk.
      BTW his Basking trips to Borama & Gabiley(not a warm welcome) why and how's that, when the
      President Silaanyo's main focuses are concentrated on pleasing the W/Galbeed Regions including
      his Berbera Sahil in-laws who are always ungrateful to him and his ISIR.

  8. Abraham says:

    It would be nice if the president made a visit to Sanaag and Sool but given the security situation in parts of Sool and the lack of roads and infrastracture in Sanaag, its better if he stayed in Hargaysa. However, all the ministers should make regular visits to those regions and listen to the concerns and complaints of the voters there.

  9. Bedria says:

    Wonderful, was the young man on the cell phone calling his mom I wonder. Mom the president is shaking my hand! I love how its especially the young that are trying to get to know the president. Shows promise, they are the future of this country, and we need to set a good example. God Bless Somaliland and God Bless and Keep our President and Government Ameen!

  10. Abraham says:

    My previous comment was not posted for whatever reason and is still awaiting approval!!! Anyway, these photos of our president peacefully and happily walking among his people in their neighbourhoods, visiting them In their shops, greeting and talking to our children in their playgrounds, all without any soldier and gun insight is a snapshot of Paradise on Earth. May the Almighty Lord bless our country and people and keep them away from harm and want.

  11. amal says:


    Do you know my comments about our president used to always be deleted until I gave up in comment about him. I think it's a way of SomalilandPess trying to control comments about our presidents but unfortunately all the positive ones is also affected too.

    Anways I love looking at pictures of our president peacefully walking in the streets, photos of him with the citizens on eid day, photos of him with the orphan children etc Our president looks humble and our country looks so peaceful and beautiful.

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