Published On: Wed, Jul 7th, 2010

U.S. Congratulates Somaliland on Election Proceedings

The following is a presse release from U.S. – Kenya Embassy.

U.S. Embassy, Nairobi, Kenya

Press Release
Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Nairobi, July 7, 2010 – The United States government commends the people of Somaliland, the National Electoral Commission (NEC), and the political parties for conducting a peaceful election on June 26. Reports indicate that the election proceedings were generally peaceful and orderly.

The high voter turnout indicates that the citizens of Somaliland are determined to exercise their rights. Observers indicate that the June 26 election process was largely free and fair.

The election marks an important milestone for the people of Somaliland. We congratulate the winner and commend the other candidates for their statesmanlike acceptance of the results.

The United States urges the people of Somaliland to sustain their efforts to see this process through to a peaceful conclusion, with the swearing-in of the winner in approximately thirty days.

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  1. Maalin says:

    Thank you USA, much appreciated.

  2. Hassan says:

    Thanks to Uncle Sam.

    US is already the biggest International donor for Somaliland, and they will hopefully recognize Somaliland and invest its vast natural resources.


  3. Jay says:

    I think we need China also because the Chinese are more reliable and honest than America. Lets invite China! They will lay roads, highways, ports, airports in months.

    • Mohamed says:

      Hey Jay,
      the Chinese are formidable force to reckon with and you are right.
      But before we jump into the Chinese, how you gonna surpass the Uncle
      Sam Berlin Wall??? Careful here, things aren't that simple. For both Uncle Sams of Capitalism and Communism are listening to your even handed gestures.(Exclamation Mark).That said, the Usa new applauding
      congrats gesture for Somaliland is most welcome, but really the British
      stance is more real for the Somaliland position outlook.

      Anyways, the whole global world YOKES of the challenges and demands
      of the contemproray worlds of the c21st. come under LONDON &
      WASHINGTON ( DC)??? And between these two formidable world forces,
      and their world orderly ways of doing things, one way or another, the
      whole world is under the yokes, jeopardies of the big 2.
      Jay your comments, inputs are welcome, please open up.

      • Ahmed says:

        Just one thing in response to bringing up china: TAIWAN/TIBET!!!!

        From the Chinese you'll only get two things:

        1) cheap, low quality goods which will flood your market.
        2) Infrastructure in exchange for commodoties.

        Recognition won't be in the package.

  4. salma says:

    The UK House of Parliament also congratulated Somaliland for the success of this election, today. It was on the Sky News apparently. Is this a coincidence or something good is in the rubs for us? I am trying to keep it real, but I am so excited really :) :)
    Long Life Somaliland.

  5. MOHASI says:

    Thanks to Allah, who enabled for us peace and stable nation. Apart from it, we need to thank for our people who realized the importance of strong nation with peaceful elections. I think its the time for development and getting independence from the so called UN and INGOs who created high depends in our country. The first President-elect, whom I was his supporter since 2002 needs to work on building this country. I can't sum up here the priorities. But, one point which makes me hectic is the approach of International Community involvement in Somaliland – e.g. Now, INGO and UN agencies directly manages the social services sectors like health, education, justice system. for the last year, they got involved in the politics and leadership of our nation.

    INGOs distributed to our farmers gen. seeds and now we are fully dependent to to western world. If, we have any problem with western world, our local farm production depends on them and we can't do anything.

    Too much to do in Somaliland.

  6. Mahad says:

    Wake up people!!! The world commends the elections but it seems that everyone will be reluctent to recognize Somaliland. It seems that we need to continue to do with what got us here, hard work and determination. Even without recognition Somaliland will grow and prosper. Good luck to the current President and may Allah guide us all.

  7. Somalilander says:

    It is true about the chinese. They don't involve them self in politics. They are business people. And whats with the US welcoming? The US do not keep their promises. Is any one not interested in the United kingdom?!!

  8. Kayse says:

    Chinese will not ask AU, Egypt or some BS recognition from some alien nation or organization; they will just come do the job, pack and wave BYE BYE!

    I also agree a relationship with Beijing would be more worth than one with Washington who got long longggggg list of fake demands before they deliver one bag of "WFP food seeds", hahahaha, USA is really a joke!

    I hope Silaanyo focuses on China and convinces them having a base in Berbera will give them access to the oil route and the narrow basin of Bab El Mandeb (Gulf of Aden) instead of building a fake port off Sri Lanka.

    USA is in reccession and is looking for a super power to rescue it, right now it's on life-support from China and Saudi Arabia.

    Why don't we deal with the Chinese directly? We need to invite more Chinese to Hargeisa.

  9. Kayse says:

    I like to add, those who think the US did a lot for Somaliland's recent election or whatever. The truth is they spent few millions which 80% went to fund American, British, Danish and South African firms. The little that was left went to again foreign NGOs operating in the country.

    So what are you thanking them for? This statement? That IRI, who were paid by the US State-Department visited Hargeisa? Even thought IRI claims to be non-political organisation the truth is it's forefront for the US-foreign policy (promoting democracy, bla bla) which is all lies.

    Somalilanders are naturally democratic and U.S. firms will never invest here because they cant use the "hold an election" tool against us when they loot us to hide.

    There is nothing to thank USA for unless we see real progress, US on the ground, embassy, taking our students, funding projects. Other than that is all just a message to lore you all.

    • Mohamed says:

      Hey Kayse,
      Gosh oow Yes??? Lets hope we see real progress, us on the ground, Embassy, taking our students, funding projects, and no military bases.

    • Ahmed says:

      We need to be careful with the military base card, also we need to be carefull not to get caught up between two superpowers, as was the downfall of Somalia.

  10. M.A.Salah says:

    Who needs the support of the United States? They can keep their opinions to themselves. The United States and her allies have a military base in neigbouring Djibouti. From there they target any Somali or Yemeni whom happen to oppose American polices vis a vis Somalia and Yemen. The sell out of Djibouti today by their ruling elite will lead to major problems for the region. Coming back to article, I suggest United States stay out of Somali affairs, period. They have done more damage than good for the past twenty years.

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