Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2012

Turkish Red Crescent & Istanbul Municipality to reconstruct Mogadishu

Turkish Red Crescent and the IBB will work together in the construction of roads and pavements, collection of solid waste, environmental arrangement and the erection of an industrial site.

50 construction machines and trucks from Turkey have been brought to Mogadishu to be used during construction activities.

In order for the project to advance, the IBB will send a team of 100 experts to Somalia in the next few days.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), an executive with the IBB, Kamil Kolabas, said that they wanted to turn Mogadishu into a modern and contemporary capital.

“The construction yard we will erect will be a site where concrete, paving stones and asphalt would be produced. The construction yard will serve Somalia for a long time. We work to see Mogadishu as one of the modern capitals of Africa,” Kolabas stressed.

An executive with the Turkish Red Crescent, Mumtaz Simsek, stated that the construction yard provided jobs to 250 people.

Once the project has been completed, Mogadishu will become a contemporary city, Simsek also said.

- Anadolu Agency

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  1. Abdiwahab says:

    thats good for them but why are these belly-dancing turks being biased in relations between somalia n somaliland, they do jack 4 us which is totally xaasid but i dont need these imperialist ottomans trying to colonise us
    we should look to the turks' rivals e.g. cyprus, israel and russia lol


    If this ain't one of the All-Mighty Allah's many Miracles then i don't know what is.
    Whats the saying of sometimes things has to get worse before it gets better.

    Turkey and Somalia have been ally brothers for hundreds of years going back to the 1400's Ottoman and Adal days how else do you think we defeated so many Abyssinian kings (prime example Ahmad Ibn
    Ibrihim Al-Ghazi) it's just that the brotherly alliance fell of track when the Arabs betrayed them resulting
    in their collapse and then subsequently a very secular man by the name of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who
    looked towards the West for direction coming into power (some even say he was a Jewish spy) shunning the Muslims of the East and South on purposely in the process.

    Now people might say the Turks have their own motives but guess what i don't really care and people in Somalia are neither matter of facts i'll gladly say that when the time comes to explore our resources they should not only be the first in line to reap the benefits but also get it the cheapest way possible.

    I say to the AKP/Turkey welcome back our true genuine brothers welcome back and lets move forward
    to make up our lost time of a century gap Alliance.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      @hawiye warrior,

      You make commonsense. Back to the Turkey red crescent and the IBB, good job?
      Hopefully the same developments would also be extended to Somaliland as well?
      Both Capitals Hargeisa the eye of the Redsea Gulf Peninsula and Mogadiscio the eye of
      the Indian Ocean Peninsula, once developed would then become modern contemporary
      Cities, in line with Western Contemporary Democracies?

  3. Kayse says:

    If they can turn it into 10 percent of Istanbul, it will be the city to be in Africa. Mogadishu has every potential to become a great metropolitan city that links Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    Fantastic location, weather, history, structure, town planning, economic potentials, population (almost 3 million if not more).

    Now Turkish knowledge and money is just going to put the icing on the cake. I need a new crib because our current one is in Karaan, not bad estate but time to upgrade.

    Tell us where will the Turkish money go?

    I assume near the villa, port, airport, wershada pastada…my friends advised me the town of Qoryooley could become a prime location and rich agriculture.

    No one is interested going north because that place is only for sheep, goats and average hotel operator.

  4. misslovely says:

    inshalaah i will build my first house in muqdisho even though i am from burco if the hawiye put the gun down

    • Hawiye Man says:

      miss….we welcome you with open hands huuno… the way, didn't u ever notice suuqa cir toogte ku yaalo Burco near Barwaaqo Hotel….every place, there is gun, so have less worries and welcome

  5. ayanle says:

    yeeeaaah i can already reckon old mogadishu with some nice cobblestone and All major road with renovated smooth asphalt !!! I hope they will come with a Plan to provide cheap electricity ! Inshallah we will continu to rise !

    • Abdiwahab says:

      why are u getting happy one city doesnt make a country how about garowe/bosaso/kismayo/baidoa what will happen to these places
      i hope my country somaliland develops as many cities/towns as possible to maximise our economic output which in turn builds a better national society

      • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

        @Abdiwahab ————- you forgot to mention hargeisa, burco, berbera, laascaanood, erigavo, borama?Somali are one people, one religion, one culture, one language, NO QABIL!!!

        • Abdiwahab says:

          no dont say our cities unless u add djibouti, jigjiga, garissa and other places across somaliweyn
          ps. big up 2 my mj brothers u guys are the only decent ones of the daarood scum all the other d-block should take notice

  6. noor says:

    turkey does not sanction any qabil fighting and awards no agressive tribes with the upperhand
    as turkey is a great mediator.

  7. Ilyas says:

    Moqadishu is a city, a capital city and it should be the most beautiful not because of anything, but by nature it is the most beautiful

  8. kaboon says:

    KABOON—-Tactical Alliance…………………………………………………………………………………………………..#

    Join the Alliance

  9. Abdi2 says:

    Every Government has interest and Turkey is not the exception. One thing is certain though the world muslim or no muslim, pays lip service to peace, stability, democracy and friendship, but the reality is if any one cares they will without doubt help their brothers in need. So far we have seen neither the West or the East or anyone else really step up and do the right thing either recognize Somaliland so it can vend for itself or provide some sort of economic or techincal assistance so it can add on to its progress to stand on its own legs.

    Rest Assure Somaliland's take note on who their real friends are muslim or no muslim. And the day God willing Somaliland starts developing its resouurces to improve and better the plight of its citizens many will be lining up to get involved asking piece of the pie, but we will remember back those days and see who was really there for Somalilander's in their time of need.

    In addition little does the world know by providing all these economic and military assistance while Somaliland is under economic and military sanctions, that they are tipping the balance between Somaliland and Somalia. We all know the Somalis in Somalia are not responsible and peaceful as Somalis in Somaliland and war with Somaliland will not be that far off as Somalia meddles with Somaliland's internal affairs and politics and makes unnecessary territorial claims or supports armed opposition. Lets see and wait….I have made this prediction in 1995….mark my words and witness history repeat itself,

    • Geedi Socod says:

      what territory are you talking about I have never been to Somalia but I originate north part of the country, especially Sool region, what I heard about 60% people are want united Somalia.
      you also know the fact so called somaliland will never separate from Somalia so my advice to you is don't loose too much energy over this and do something useful for yourself.

      is it just me or Somali people are obsessed with tribalism nowadays, Do they not learn from their mistakes they're still going on about it like its a trophy. The thing that amazes me is people who have never seen somalia have the audacity to talk about qabil not knowing thats the very reason they've never seen it.

      Congratulations, your mentality was successful in destroying our nation. Now, neither Somalia nor your imaginary "somaliland" is even considered to be an existing nation.

      may allah unite us all meanwhile good luck spreading hatred and tribalism.

      • Abdiwahab says:

        lol ur a hypocrite u are the biggest tribalist around ur upset that somaliland majority is ur nemesis the isaaq and u are scared for some crazy reason but let me assure you that somaliland is for all people and clans so come back some and join the party when our inevitable recognition arrives
        somaliland+all its clans=major force in africa

        • Geedi Socod says:

          you are wrong, I have never been to Somalia and have no family there, therefore I don't favour one tribe over the other, I'm not scare of anything I live a conformable life in overseas.

          I would recommend you Quit this attitude We are all the same people, same religion, tongue and just about EVERYTHING. First build the nation, then talk about tribes. and if you think imaginary ''Somaliland'' has any chance of becoming a nation you clearly hallucinating.

          I don't have time to explain to you but mark my words, UNITY is the answer to our Destroyed Nation.

        • Truth1 says:

          @Abdiwahab…… If ''Somaliland'' is for all people and clans as you said, then why are you (Is@@q's) so anxious to separate yourself from the South? Do you actually know the meaning of the word ''Somaliland'' and were it came from? Do you know what the north was prior the colonial time? I'm sure you will dismiss yourself if you knew that. Pleas seek real knowledge instead of being used by people who don't have the interest of you and the north at heart. Peace

    • Abdiwahab says:

      abdi2 somaliland will be the one who will be dominating somalia sxb they have no capacity to take us on there weak and divided so we can easily make there so called recovery be reversed

  10. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    one thing i truly missed in london is not the quarter pounder or the chinese food but my beautiful flushing toilet. I can't keep waking up in the middle of the night to look for a bush.

  11. True-Somali says:

    Hamar is ruin. we need a new capital city in SOMALIA. Which city would you vote???

    • Ayanle says:

      Nah ain’t true mate mogadishu is very Much Alive.
      There is no city in somalia that nowhere near
      The statut of mogadishu : location, Weather, history, population, culture, etc
      Mogadishu is a sleeping giant !

    • ali nuur says:

      @True somali.

      Your comment makes sense.I have been arguing somalis need new capital city for so many reasons,i was born There lived all my adult life went school and left before The civil war.first,somalis should build a new capital city with The help of IC no tribe can claim The new capital city since currently mogadishu belongs to one tribe.

      The new location capital city should be etheir marka or barawe,why? cuz These area will fill all The category requirement nice wheather no major tribe lives There people are more peaceful.The new capital must not be more than 15km squire all foreign dignitaries will reside and federal goverment ministers,but the sametime every goverment deparment must have branches all semi-autonomous states so citizens don't have to travel all The way to capital.

      The down side mogadishu capital

      -One tribe claim the city and surounding area.

      -Lot of tribes don't feel confortable since security is bad but improving it will take very long time
      -Lot of bloodshed happen that city all tribes fight there,there are more graves tahn anywhere else in africa accept kigali

      -90% infrastructure is gone.

      All the major cities in somalia will remain business center accept the new capital not allow any big business activity.

      • hamsa says:

        @ ali nuur

        You like free things, uh? IC should build nothing for you mate. Build your own City. It not good to keep begging buddy. Not good for your dignity.

        Same go for Somaliland. We should use our own Wealth (no matter how little) to build our lives.

  12. HAWIYE WARRIOR says:

    Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger Remix Mogadishu style

    Risin' up, back on the scene
    Did my time, took my chances
    Went the distance now I'm back on my feet
    Just a city and its will to survive

    So many times it happens too fast
    I traded my passion for glory
    Trying not to lose my grip on the dreams of the past
    I must fight just to keep them alive

    It's the eye of the Indian ocean, it's the thrill of the fight
    Risin' up to the jealousy and envy of my rival
    And the last known survivor to stalk his prey in the night
    And watchin' all with the eye of the Indian ocean

    Face to face, out in the heat
    Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry
    They stack the odds, still i take to the street
    For the kill with the skill to survive

    It's the eye of the Indian ocean, it's the thrill of the fight
    Risin' up to the jealousy and envy of my rival
    And the last known survivor to stalk his prey in the night
    And watchin' all with the eye of the Indian ocean

    Risin' up, straight to the top
    Had the guts, got the glory
    Went the distance now I'm not gonna stop
    Just a City and its will to survive

    It's the eye of the Indian ocean, it's the thrill of the fight
    Risin' up to the jealousy and envy of my rival
    And the last known survivor to stalk his prey in the night
    And watchin' all with the eye of the Indian ocean


  13. Allemagan says:

    Be aware of Jarso and his tactical Abbyssinian alliances. Some of their names rhyme with baboons, others will take up Muslim names to confuse others. But all the same one can smell the stench of the day-old tef from miles.

    Lowly Ethiopians cannot not deceive anyone. Whether you like it or not, Mogadishu is back and is here to stay. Go home!

  14. Moholin says:

    the so call Hawiye warrior is saying somalia is back at the mere mention that the turks are willing to do everything for him while he sits there like lazy dog just waiting to be fed. It's not worth celebrating when others do your work. come back to me when somalis down south actually develop the brains to clean their own shit and be independent rather than being reliant on Turks for development and Ugandese/rwandese for security.

  15. Kayse says:

    Construction is almost complete for cement and concrete plants in Mogadishu:

  16. Mumin says:

    MashaAllah! somalia will soon rise my fellow somalis. We have been the sleeping giant for awhile but slowly opening it's eyes. BEWARE HABASHA FILTH!! And what's with all this talk of "Somaliland?" No one recognizes them and we should not waste our valuable time dicussing this petty issue. lets focus on the bigger Somalia weyn. God, i yawn to return to my beloved country from Xamar cadey, Merca, Bosaso to Hargeisa. Peace

  17. m dudub says:

    somalian brothers and sisters if u need to know about politics,and every country around the world they are in war for currency,so political base currency,if u make research who made the first currency this world? if u need the answer america ,if u got money u got power,as a somalia bor&sis we need to ask our self what we have got God GIFT as nation somali , we are rich country somalia we have gold,oil,gas,Etc,therefore we need to get somalian national internal security, somalian bro&sis we need to dailoge with turkey and israel that is the two players who can help somalia and bring back together ogeden,somaliand,somalia,djabouti,and nfd somali,unity one country also we can became a future israel bridge to cross arab as a somalia geo politics and 9(IMF G20+ somalia) also i believe somalian people we can deal any problems towards our unity ,we are calling our president hassan sheikh mumin to start talk direct or indirect to israel,israel is the only nation who is willing to help somalia we have made first Ngo european somalian & talaviv ngo we are ready to help somalian education, economics ,security,and growth somalian (Gdp) every politics base growth(Gdp).can any somali goverment give us a plan currency growth Gdp? if u need more info pls contact our face book ( maha dud) or

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