Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2012

Tuition Fees Increase Faces Opposition From Hargeisa University Students

HARGEISA(Somalilandpress )-University to increase tuition fees has been met by fierce opposition by undergraduates at the university at the end of last Semester, the university administration informed undergraduates about the changes. The university administration has revealed that due to rising administrative costs the university has no other choice but to increase the tuition fees so as to meet the ever sky rocketing expenses.
The threshold at which graduates have to start paying the tuition fees is expected to rise dramatically.
1) The faculty of ICT used to charge 180 $ it will now charge 210 $, 30 $ increase.
2) The faculty of Islamic studies before 157.2$ now 160 $, 2.5 $ increase.
3) The faculty of Engineering before 180 $ now 210 $, 30 increase.
4) The faculty of Medicine before 180 $ now 250 $, 70 $ increase.
5) The faculty of (ITC) before 190 $ now 210 $, 30 $
6) The faculty of Law before 180 $ now 200 $. 20$
7) The faculty of Economics, Business and Statics before 157.5 $ now 180 $, 22.5 $ increase.
This fee increase by the University will greatly affect student from poorer background.
Attempts to negotiate between the university administration and students failed when the administration refused to back down from the proposed rise in tuition fees.

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  1. M A Hassan says:

    Please note that the dollar sign ($) is always placed before the amount as in $180.00.

  2. osman5 says:

    Understandably the changes are a bit too high in relation to posted inflation rates over the recent years, it seems the university just decided to increase tuition fees ~ 20-40% hike at a drop of a hat, that's a huge pill to swallow, especially when the unemployment rate is hovering around 90-95%.

    The concerned students should be bargaining now on more quality education if they can not reverse the university decisions and absorbing proposing increases because if those figures are per semester tuition fees, they're very comparative. Student are the next generations of leaders they must know how to bargain very hard with a good faith.

    Osman Qaal

  3. ComeAgain says:

    We can easily set up a fund and make sure these students get the money they need and that the uni has a facility that is equipped with what they need. If you think its harsh then do something about it.

  4. osman5 says:

    that's a good idea but dont you think it's easier than done. how do we go about it?

    Osman Qaal

  5. inayuusuf says:

    I am confused here! Anyone figured out which university the author refers to? Or if the fees are paid monthly, quarterly, semiyearly or yearly?
    Where is the role of SLpress auditor(s)? What they were thinking when posted a confusing item like this?

    • osman5 says:

      I was on the same boat as you're but my understanding was that the tuition fees in dispute probably for the per/semester I didn't think they couldn't be per year. Again that's my understanding, I could be wrong.

      osman Qaal

      • inayuusuf says:

        But don't you see that the so-called SLpress editor-in-chief seems to be a very busy guy who runs remotely and loosely this site which, I think, he set up for pleasure at the first place. Ironically he calls it Biggest English-Somali news portal.

        I have to admit, however, that there have been (and still are) a lot of good news pieces posted here and I appreciate them. But, on the other side, he accepts whatsoever sent to him and never proofreads it. That is, at least to me, drastically contradicting with the above-cited and self-declared slogan.

  6. Omar says:

    Point of clarification- The tuition increase is per semester and the average increase is 18% only. I'm in Hargeisa and the second time in three years the University tried to balance the raising cost with modest increase. Last time when the University back down, Dr. Bulhan who was the President of the University resigned.

    The University needs help and the quality of education is suffering due to lack of development and lack of experience management staff. also, the management is reserved for the main tribes living in Hargeisa. Sacad Muse for Presidency, Garhajis for Vice President, Arap for Admin/Finance position. That is why the University is suffering as the management is chosen by their tribal affiliation rather than their knowledge and experience. The country needs your help, so stop the unhelpful analysis and take actions to help the largest university of the Land.

  7. Danny says:

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