Published On: Mon, Apr 23rd, 2012

The Story of Mandeeq – A Modern Somali Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a land called Mandeeq which fell under the grip of an evil tyrant called Jaws – he was called Jaws because he ate the heart and soul of any unlucky or unwise soul who ventured too close to him. After suffering under his evil rule for many years, the people of Mandeeq freed themselves and their land from his cruel and evil rule. Their freedom did not come easily or cheaply as it was won only after a long and costly war in which many of their people died and many more were forced to flee for their lives and live in the forest like wild animals. But their will was strong and their hearts were brave and slowly, bit by bit, they were able to defeat the evil hordes of Jaws’ Red Heads and chase them from their lovely land. Jaws’ soldiers were called Red Heads, because they wore red hats and helmets to signify the blood of their enemies and so strike terror in their hearts. However, once the people overcame their fear, the red hats and helmets made Jaws’ soldiers easy targets for the Mandeeq freedom fighters which came to appreciate that their enemies made their job easier.

After defeating the evil tyrant Jaws, the people of Mandeeq were happy and excited and they rejoiced and celebrated their hard won victory. However, after the celebrations were over, they woke up to the hard truth that they now had to govern themselves and establish freedom, equality and justice for all. So they gathered all the elders and wise men from all the different communities and regions of the land and asked them to come up with a solution to this difficult and vexing problem. After long debate and discussion during which everyone had their say, the wise men agreed that the land should be governed by a leader chosen by all the people through a free vote and that this leader and his appointed Ministers should be overseen and answer to a parliament of representatives chosen by the people of each region of the land. The wise men also agreed that the first leader should be Wadani – a wise and noble man that was much loved by all the people and who had been the leader of Mandeeq before Jaws seized control of the land and imprisoned him.

The people rejoiced and were happy – at last Mandeeq was not only free, but would live up to the hopes and dreams of its entire people. Wadani proved to be a wise and humane leader as the wise men had hoped and Mandeeq began to thrive and grow. The parliament was established and the people started to get used to governing themselves and rebuilding their lives and their homes after the long years of war. Everything was looking good and the people got on with their lives and raising their children. After some time, Wadani became sick and various men began to covet his position as leader. Prominent among these pretenders to the position of leader were four: Isqor, Mitit, Macaangag and Kubood. These four pretenders began touring the land proclaiming their readiness to become leader and promising to make things even better than they were. After some time, Wadani died from his illness and his death caused great sadness and suffering among the people. They came out in droves for his funeral and there was much weeping and wailing.

In his will, Wadani implored them to continue with the system of government established by the wise men and choose their leaders for their character and their merit and not for any other reason. The people and parliament honoured their dead leader’s final request, and his deputy, Dulqaad, duly assumed the position of leader. Dulqaad proved to be a calm and steady leader, and he slowly won the trust and respect of the people as he worked to ensure that the peace and stability he had inherited from his predecessor was maintained and protected. Meanwhile, Isqor, Mitit, Macaangag and Kubood continued their tireless campaigns with each presenting himself as the true successor of Wadani. Let us draw a picture of these four campaigners, two of whom had worked for Wadani at various times while he was leader, one which had earlier sought to replace him as leader, and the fourth which had been encouraged by Wadani to pursue a political career.

Isqor had been a Minister and supporter of the evil Jaws during most of the time that Jaws had ruled Mandeeq. During his long years as one of Jaws’ Ministers, Isqor had learnt the tyrant’s secret of leadership which was to rule by dividing, then conquering his enemies. Isqor only fell out with Jaws when Jaws sought to imprison him towards the end of his rule. Isqor then joined the rebellion in Mandeeq and was elected the third leader of the rebellion. Isqor had never before been leader of any group of people, instead he had spent his life following the instructions and commands of other leaders. This quickly became obvious as he managed to antagonise nearly all the military commanders of the rebellion and the other civilian leaders of of Mandeeq. Despite his lack of a clear vision behind which to unite the people and, therefore, his inability to win their confidence, Isqor nurtured a cherished and towering ambition to become the leader of Mandeeq, and he was prepared to do anything, promise any rainbow and sacrifice any principle to achieve this ambition. Early in his leadership Wadani had appointed Isqor as one of his Ministers, but it soon became clear that Isqor was so preoccupied with campaigning to succeed Wadani that he had no inclination or time to discharge his Ministerial duties. Accordingly, Wadani politely thanked him and replaced him with someone who was prepared to fulfil the job.

Mitit had also been a supporter and confidant of the evil Jaws, and he had also run away from Jaws and sought exile in foreign lands when he began to suspect that the tyrant was going to turn on him. After Mandeeq was liberated, he returned home and sought a position in government with single minded determination. Wadani appointed him to a very important position from which Mitit quickly managed to antagonise the elders and wise men as well as the poets, the learned and the young. After receiving endless complaints about Mitit and his high handed behaviour, Wadani politely asked him to quit. Mitit immediately declared his conviction that he would be Mandeq’s future leader and began his campaign towards this objective. Like many educated people, Mitit held an exaggerated, if evidently false, estimation of his own abilities and the role he could or would play in the advancement of Mandeeq and its people. He was absolutely convinced that he was indispensible to the future growth and development of the land although, as anyone can tell you, no individual is indispensible in the history of nations.

Macaangag had been one of the founders of Mandeeq’s rebellion against the evil rule of Jaws and was widely known for his honesty and his frankness. After the liberation of Mandeeq, he was put in charge of rehabilitating the destroyed capital of the land. He did such a good job that he quickly became one of the most loved and admired leaders of the land. Macaangag showed what hard work and honest administration could accomplish in a short time and the people responded to his service and determination to accomplish good works with widespread admiration and took him into their hearts. Unfortunately, Macaangag misread this genuine public adoration for his work in the capital as an endorsement to rule, so he decided to challenge Wadani for the leadership of the land. Many of his friends as well as the elders and wise men advised him to reconsider and not seek that which he wasn’t qualified to attain. They assured him that while he had all the qualities to become the leader of Mandeeq in the future, he should serve an apprenticeship under Wadani to prepare himself for this role. Macaangag pointedly refused such advice and sharply sent the elders and wise men on their way with the riposte that he required no advice from them, with the result that his challenge to Wadani was resoundingly defeated.

Kubood was a young man with no experience in politics or leadership who had fled the land during the latter part of Jaws’ evil rule. Upon his return after liberation, he was eager to get into government and play a role in the development of Mandeeq. He met Wadani many times and impressed him with his energy and his evident desire to contribute to the advancement of his people and their land. Wadani advised him that instead of seeking governmental office, he should start a political organisation for like minded young people and strive to contribute to the future of Mandeeq by seeking leadership through elective office. After some reflection, Kubood happily agreed and Wadani assisted the young man by providing him with advice and support to establish his organisation. Thus, without any experience or background in leadership or management of people, Kubood jumped into the dangerous waters of politics with the energy and optimism of youth and the bravery of ignorance. He quickly endeared himself to many, particularly among the young, for his many tactless, but honest, declarations on various matters that amused many and angered some.

These, then, were the men who sought to inherit the mantle of leadership that had been vacated by the death of Wadani and was now worn by his faithful deputy, Dulqad. For his part, Dulqad was determined to avoid any hasty or unwise action during his leadership that would undermine the peace, stability and spirit of brotherhood that he had inherited from Wadani. He finished Wadani’s term of office with a cool and steady hand that delivered the continuity that he had promised the people. When the time came for the people to choose a leader once more, they had a choice between Dulqad, Isqor and Kubod since Mitit and Macaangag had not been able to fulfill the requirements set by the wise men. However, they were united in their opposition to Dulqad and spent their time belittling him and decrying his rule. After much soul searching, the people of Mandeeq chose Dulqad over Isqor and Kubod by a small margin.

Having secured the leadership on his own merit by winning the support of the people, Dulqad’s confidence grew and he continued his approach of maintaining his predecessor’s legacy, while seeking to improve where he felt it necessary. During his time, many good things were achieved for the people of Mandeeq, however, as the period of his leadership grew longer, Dulqad came to rely more and more upon a few trusted advisors and officials, and these advisors and officials became more and more powerful. As always happens, these advisors and officials became ever more high handed and arrogant in their dealings with the people as their power increased. It is said that the more distant a leader grows from his people, the less popular he becomes as his officials fill the gap that has grown between the leader and the people. The more high handed and arrogant these officials are to the people, the more the people begin to dislike and distrust the leader and his rule. Many leaders have fallen into this trap and Dulqad was no exception.

During this time, the four pretenders, Isqor, Mitit, Macaangag and Kubod, had licked their wounds and emerged even more determined to unseat Dulqad and claim the leadership. They decided that they could not defeat him while also competing against each other, so they had to agree upon one of them to unite behind. They decided that this person had to be Isqor, and Mitit and Macaangag agreed to cancel their campaigns and join Isqor’s campaign directly. In return, Isqor promised them their pick of positions in his government, upon defeating Dulqad. Kubod maintained his organisation, but he agreed to exhort his supporters to give their support to Isqor in the campaign. In return, Isqor agreed to include Kubod officials and supporters in his government. Having thus secured the support of his potential rivals, Isqor proceeded to seek support from the people of Mandeeq by promising them any and everything that they requested of him. He even travelled to foreign lands to promise their leaders whatever they requested of him, in order to secure their support for his campaign.

Thus, when the second leadership contest came about, Dulqad’s campaign suffered since the people had become fed up of the high handed arrogance of his officials, while Isqor was riding a wave of popular support generated partly by his numerous promises and partly by the strong support of his new allies, Mitit, Mcaangag and Kubod. Isqor, duly won the leadership by a wide margin and proceeded to demonstrate a new approach to leadership. Firstly, he appointed Mitit and Macaangag to their chosen positions in his government as he had promised them. Secondly, he took on some of Kubod’s most senior colleagues as his advisors and confidants, again as he promised. Finally, he promised the people of Mandeeq that his leadership would bring a new dawn of prosperity, peace and brotherhood. The people were happy and there was great jubilation and anticipation of a new era of progress and peace throughout the land.

Now, some two years after this change of leadership and promise of a bright and hopeful new future, the people of Mandeeq are not only disappointed and disheartened, but also very worried about their future. Already, it seems that the Isqor era may lead to the reversal of the progress that Mandeeq has achieved since winning freedom from Jaws. The first two years of Isqor’s rule has given some clear indicators of this negative potential outcome. Firstly, both Mitit and Macaangag have been ousted from government under a cloud, with Mitit loudly declaring that he had committed a crime against the people of Mandeeq by urging them to choose Isqor as leader. Secondly, Isqor and his supporters have successfully fomented a plot against Kubod and his organisation that has split it into two thereby wounding it, perhaps fatally. Thirdly, the people of Mandeeq have been pitted against each other, community against community and region against region, such that they have never been so divided since the defeat of evil Jaws and his expulsion from their land. Fourthly, the promises made by Isqor and his cohorts to all and sundry have come to haunt them since they cannot all be fulfilled, thus filling the people with anger and feelings of betrayal. Finally, Isqor and his Ministers have resorted to imprisoning or beating anyone that criticises them or tells the truth about any of their mistakes.

The people of Mandeeq are now passing through the most difficult period of their recent history, and they will need all their resources of patience, fraternity and good will to weather it. They are indeed fortunate that when things get tough, it is precisely these qualities of determination, fortitude and unity that define their national character. What is the moral of this story? It is said that all great truths are eternal and that history and the experiences of each generation merely work to illuminate these great truths time and again. The morals of this story are simply that not all that glitters is gold; that silver-tongued promises more often lead to folly than to wisdom; that a bird in the hand is better than ten in the bush; that leaders must be judged by their history, their character and their actions and not by empty promises, nor by appeals to kinship; and that nations, as with men, must look before they leap.

Ahmed M.I. Egal
April 2012

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Reported by Goth Mohamed, Somalilandpress, Hargeisa

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  1. Gobaad says:

    next time make it short

  2. osman5 says:

    I totally disageed with the author's opinions based on his bias allegations about our current President of Somaliland and his administration. He said Somaliland is now more divided than ever before which simply is untrue.
    the authored by pure preference of his own has painted a fairy tale picture of the former president of Somaliland, M. Egal. Worse yet, has extensively down played the great achievements of our previous administration led by Riyale Kahin.

    The very secret recipe of Somaliand's success was conceived as follows : President Egal had the paved the way for it, Riyale kahin implemented it as he should and Sillanyo has executed with confidence as expected.

    The author has the same last name as the former president, I wonder if he is a close relative of President Egal.
    regardless of a relationship between the two, however, the author should get some a reality check by being so passionate about a great disparity among our great leaders past and present.
    Overall, it's a good bedtime story.

    Osman Qaal

  3. Gobaad says:

    osman5, I totally with you that the author's article is bias and pretty much unbalanced. And down playing the current government's achievements. There is no doubt that the current administration has made some mistakes, but they have done lots of good things which outweighs the few mistakes they are made along the way. Thus, Mr Ahmed should have a credit where credit is due.

    • osman5 says:

      Dear Gobbad.
      If I recall it correctly the author of this story had submitted multiple articles to Somalilandpress and news outlets before. I used to believed he's a fair minded dude. not any more!! unless he was having a brain-fart as he was typing it up…

      Osman qaal

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Can you explain what are the mistakes this Administration have committed since coming to power?.
      I know you are a pro but just in case you know what I don't know?
      Isn't Ahmed the Son of AHN of M.I.Egal? MR Osman5, gave the right comments which's more than
      sufficient to silence this bogus fairy tale episode. I wouldn't even bother to waste time reading it!

  4. Beeldeeq says:

    The author of this fairy tale is Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Egal (ahmed M.I. Egal) the son of late President Egal and the pretenders are:
    Wadani = Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal
    Dulqad = Dahir Riyale
    Isqor = Ahmed Silanyo
    Mitit = Moohamed Abdi Gabose
    Macangag = Mohamed Hashi Elmi
    Kubod = Faisal Ali Waraabe

    Ahmed – in fact, I was too proud of you before I have seen this fairy tale of yours. By the way, where is the money your late father gave you just few months earlier of his death?

  5. amal says:

    This article is really nice and imaginative in the beginning, but I don't like this whole political twists it ends with. Somaliland is at a difficult stage and what we need is to stand with our leaders. Silanyo is doing his best and he needs our support to carry on and execute the very thing he promised. Long live somaliland.

    p.s I hope Somaliland is not thinking to change its name to 'Mandeeq' because I can't help it but the only thing that pops into my head when I hear that name is that singer.

    • Hargeisawi-in-London says:

      "p.s I hope Somaliland is not thinking to change its name to 'Mandeeq' because I can't help it but the only thing that pops into my head when I hear that name is that singer"


      "Maandeeq" means "Maanka deeqa" — piquantly pleasant to the mind and heart

  6. Gobaad says:

    Amal, like Gobaad, Mandeeq is both a female name as well as she-camel name. And yes Mandeeq is a singer's name, but sometimes some people refer to our mother-land as Mandeeq which means impressive, splendid, magnificent … characterized by grandeur and so on!!!

  7. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    To sum up what my friend said in his article, and what I see in the media these days, I believe we should stop of blaming and counter blaming, and seek the ability Allah gave is for the right support. We should [all of us] avoid blaming each and every politician we bring to take care of Maandeeq. In this world there is nobody who is perfect and there is no politician-to-be, who is honest of what he/she says about the current situation. President Egal has done the best of our eandeavor, but our people at the time were only thinking of what to put on the plate [most of them], and those politicians at the time, wickidly, prefer not to support, if there is not cake for them. History marks that we shot ourselves at let, but God, the almighty safed us, yet another time.

  8. inayuusuf says:

    The son of the late Egal did not cite in his imaginary fairy tale that Wadani (his father) was not wadani at the first place as he was the one who orchestrated the notorious and most dreaded plot of taking Mandeq, and for free, to Jaws stronghold.

  9. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    No he was not the one took Mandeeq to Jaws. May be you born after 1991 brother. Those who took our pride to Wanlaweyns were public and others in his team who were running from unknown ghost of he, late President will rule your tribe. This ill feeling is still here with us, and getting momentum by the day. Our late President was stoned in his house, when he said, let us wait at least for 6 months and form our government to have equal right with the Wanlaweyns. Go back to the history my friend and then blame who did that. Shame on whoever denies the what our late President did for Somaliland

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Why did he go, he should resigned if he was honest. forget it..defending the man who was
      all the ills of Somaliland independence more than the pros to this time and age.

  10. Kayse says:

    Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Egal is the son of Egal..AUN. He is well known UDUB party member and supporter so I am not surprised he is using this title and article to cover up his real motives.

    He will always attack Kulmiye party and its supporters. I was not expecting him to give any credit to President Silanyo.

    I do not support Kulmiye nor useless UDUB but if anything is divided…..its UDUB. I think like his father he mixes his party and the nation.

    Egal sold Somaliland to Somalia and that will remain in history. Silanyo left and set up the SN-M…while Egal was in and out of jail while begging Afweyne to the last minute like Omar Arteh Ghalib.

    I have more respect for Ghalib than the Egalis. At least Ghalib was good at something and had friends.
    M.I. Egal

  11. osman5 says:

    I’m with you on that, the author rehashed the issues I’ve been trying to contain to myself about his late father. No disrespect to our former president but his own son painting a rosy picture about his late father now is adding an insult to the injury…

    I’m sure what kind of history books Mr. Dualeh has been reading up lately. The modern Somaliland history books in my library are highlighting, M. Egal was the one who jeopardized our Mandeeq, where Michael Maryama was opposed the notion of merging with the South.
    Late Egal was indeed a great politician with bad decisions…I hope his offspring bring better attitude to Somalilander politics.

    Osman Qaal

  12. Kayse says:

    Somalilanders will forever uphold Christian Michael Mariano over Muslim Egal just because Michael was wiser, not greedy and put the interest of the nomads before his. He could have sold Somaliland and left with his Christian British allies but no he said lets not rush and get things organized and address the issue right.

    Egal wanted to be a hero…he is gone but he was useless. Siad Bare was far better at least Siad did for his Mogadishu. What did Egal do for Hargeisa? Zero. If you achieved nothing at home you have achieved nothing.

    • ali ali says:

      I Think your one of The most narrow minded in This forum go & sell your dirac & cabaayo clothes. mr Egal he was one of The most intelligent man come out This part of somalia he went to mogadishu in good faith to build a nation, 1961 to 1968 it was civilain elected goverment runing The country untill unfortunately military regime took over start arresting killing and so on.

  13. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Kayse, Inayussuf & Osman5, I don't understand why you guys ignore the fact and continously blame the man who did what he did for our country. I was watching HCTV this afternoon and there was a program about the history of Somaliland. The host Professor Jiir, clearly said what I have already said to Mr. Inayussuf this morning, and late Michael Mariano was with SYL whom he was their adviser on Somaliland and how they could subvert. So who is not reading the wrong history books. Please try to listen that program later today. I alway support the XAQ. Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal was and continue to be one of the Statesmen Africa had when the wind of change began and he did what he could for our country. Our current President is equal a patriot and deserves to be praised for what he did, but he is living today and running our country, hence, we should not criticize a patriot who is gone. God bless his soul.

  14. Guun says:

    Hold your horses guys! Annakaa soo taagnayn wakhtigaa Maaandeeq la dhiibey ilaa iyo hadda. Saddex xusbi ayaa Somaliland ka jirey oo kala ahaa SNL, USP iyo NUF. SNL iyo USP barmaamushkooda siyaaseed (their political program) isku mid ayuu ahaa waxaana dambada ka riixaysey Dawladda Masar oo Ingiriiska col ahaayeen dooneyseyna in Ingiriiska laga saaro Afrika iyo Bariga Dhexe. NUF isagu waa ka duwanaa waxaana madax ka ahaa Axmed Xasan iyo Micheal mariano political program kiisuna waxa uu ahaa in muddo toban sano ah Dawladda Ingiriisku gacanta ku sii hayso dawlad hoosana yeeshaan, Commonwealth kana ku sii jiraan, muddadaa tobanka sano ahna Dawladda Ingiriisku u dhisto kaabayaasha dhaqaalaha iyo Jaamacado iyo wixii kale ee dawlad lagu noqon karo, taasna Dawladdii Ingiriisku ee wakhtigaasu way ka ogolayd inay sidaas yeesho.
    Hadaba maxaa dhacay? Waxaa dhacay referendumkii la qabtay 17 Feb. 1960 waxaa ku guulaystay SNL iyo USP oo horeba xulufo u ahaa oo isu gaashaanbuureystey NUF isla markaasna ku ololleynaayey in 1 July 1960 ku biiraan Somalia. Markaas kadib, ayaa M.I.Egal soo jeediyey in muddo lix bilood ah la sugo, taasna dadka ayaa ka diidey oo yidhi waa qiyaamo oo ku may jirin political campaign kaagii oo markii aad vote-kii aad heshay ayaad isbedeshey, hase yeeshee waxay ahayd inuu shuruudo la laga Somalia taasoo Governor-kii Ingiriisku ee joogey u soo jeediyey laakiinse uu ka diidey inuu yeelo. M.I. Egal ninweyn muu ahayn qibradna muu lahayn, lataliyayaal fiicanna ma haysan, xaalkiisu waxa uu ahaa Michael iska celi oo ka qibrad iyo aqoonba badnaa.

    • Guun says:

      correctttion: inuu shuruudo la galo Somalia taasoo

    • inayuusuf says:

      @ Guun
      Whether Mr. Egal suggested in the last minute to wait for 6m, even though I suspect he did so, is irrelevant. What is important and beyond a doubt is; the late Egal was the head of the unionist coalition and therefore has to get lion’s share of the blame for not being wise, not having strategy in place. What is ironic is; Mr. Egal and his men wanted the union, campaigned for it, propagated against it and didn't had strategy in place. Yet, we worship him while the real heroes are forgotten. Do you know why; it’s mainly because of the continuous misrepresentation of historical facts by shameless bunch like the writer of this fairy tale who are fully driven by nepotism and bias.

  15. amal says:

    The worst thing we ever did was uniting with the south. We should have listened to our dhuloz cousins who were not keen on uniting with Somalia or that maryamo guy. There was no division between the two brotherly clans but now all we see everywhere is iss@q vs d@rood cr@p. I don’t know how the two will trust and embrace each other now :(

  16. inayuusuf says:

    osman5 & Kayse
    Truly, it was the late Michael Maryama who opposed to the union while the late Egal and his group accused him of having ulterior motive. Mr. Egal and his men worked hard on escalating lay people’s long for union. I acknowledge he was not alone in surrendering Mandeq to the Jaws (as coined by his son) but he was the highest official and the leader of all those took Mandeq to the altar.

  17. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    There are those who worship letters HJ like jewish people believe those with J positive blood are the chosen people by Allah, and are blinded tribalism. They don't give credit anyone else, except those belong to their tribe, hinding behind the false namese, regardless of what statesman like Mr. Egal and others did for Somaliland. No treatment for such people anywhere in this wide-world.

    I do not differentiate between my people and I am proud to support the current government who did something that we have been longing for 21 years, and continue to do what they can with meager income that they honestly generate during this short period. To hell with whoever puts tribe before my country.

  18. amal says:

    Too much negativity, complaints and criticisms is a bad human character. Berating others to manifest own interest (tribe) or own self-importance is not a nice issue or habit anywhere. This is what makes people to have the need to result to constant attacking on governments (whether previous or current) or even personal attacks or insults.

    What mandeeq and her people need is constructive criticism but not to be constantly undermined and to also give acknowledgment and praise her achievement in order to carry on confidently. And this is what people like isqor need also, in order to continue with the quest of success and what promised. Too much disobedience and insulting leaders damages their confidence and negatively affects their behaviour. Now Egal is gone (ilhay ha u naxaristo) he was great politician, he did Good and he made mistakes, but lets now focus in taking care of mandeeq.

  19. Gobaad says:

    amal, well said sister. Somalilanders have to stop too much negativity against the government at this difficult time and turning-point in our political life and throw support behind the administration to do their work. Because this is confusing and obstructing their progress and future undertaking.

  20. Ahmed Omar says:

    The people of Somaliland are always smart, they were smart 1960 and they are smart now. The decision to unite with South in 1960 was not only smart but strategic. This decision had destroyed all of the plans of foreigners (British, Italy , Ethiopia …etc). A strong Somali state emerged. Unfortunately Jaws took over 1969. It took us 22 years to salvage Mandeeq. I know for fact that the people of Mandeeq are smarter than Isqor. There is only one way for Isqor: Be the servant of the people of Mandeeq or else.

    • ali ali says:

      First you were alright put last line & half sentence started spewing out of control,do you Think mandeeq could live without a man? i guess no,so The man will be isqor.

      • Ahmed Omar says:

        Mandeeq is gaurded by the people of Mandeeq. Isqor is a civil servant employed by the people of Mandeeq.

        • ali ali says:

          I was reading other author what he wrote about mandeeq saying she’s middle age lady with large eyes & nice complexion,she isolated herself in a room confuse & suffering depression Those who guarded & around her never understood what’s wrong with her,mr isqor who member of The community not a servant start talking to her later found out what’s The problem with mandeeq & give her some counciling Eventually marreid her,put after few years she past away,isqor he’s trying his best to bring her followers from isolation & be memeber of wider community.

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