Published On: Mon, Dec 31st, 2012

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland congratulates its people on successful local elections expresses thanks to the international community for its support


30th December 2012

Ref: PR 121230

Press Release:

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland welcomes the outcome of Somaliland’s November 28th local elections, our latest in a series of several presidential, parliamentary and local elections stretching back to 2002. Following a successful period of peaceful campaigning and voting in which the country’s hard-won 21 years of stability was maintained, the election results have finally been tabulated and verified. We would like to congratulate all the local counselors, mayors and governors on their successes, while also commending those who have lost for respecting the results and maintaining the dignity of the country’s democratic process. We echo the praise of the international election observers of our people’s sincere commitment to democracy.

The government and the people of Somaliland would like to thank international donors, implementing organizations and election observers for again showing their commitment to assisting our country’s consolidation of democracy. Such financial and technical support was crucial to the peaceful and smooth completion of the elections, and we hope such support will only continue in advance of Somaliland’s upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

Our democratic path continues to stand out as a shining example of the democratic potential inherent to the peoples of the Horn of Africa and the continent as a whole, and we have seen encouraging progress in many areas, such as the increased participation of youth and women as voters and candidates and the use of the judicial system to resolve electoral disputes. But as democratic practices become further institutionalized, new challenges will unavoidably arise, and our people must be brave and spirited enough to learn from those challenges.

We therefore take heed and are prepared to address the recommendations of the international election observers to put in place a robust and effective voter/citizen registration system to guarantee the integrity of each and every vote. Our government institutions and civil society organisations are already exploring ways to make this a reality. We call on the international community to support these efforts.

With each passing election, Somaliland’s commitment to stability, peace, democracy and the fight against extremism becomes more evident. Underpinning this commitment is the Somaliland people’s belief that to compromise these values would be to not only undermine the country’s potential for development and growth, but also create a setback in the efforts of neighboring countries and the international community in reestablishing peace throughout the Horn of Africa.


Press Office

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

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  1. Allemagan says:

    Now that we heard Qudhmiye party's take on the fraudulent results of the so-called municipal election, let us hear what Hassan Essa Jama of XAQSOOR and Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gabose of UMADA who were robbed in a daylight havr to say about it. Anyone can paint a rosy picture of a bad situation but Qudhmiye takes the cake when it comes to misleading the international community, betraying the trust of its people and turning a disaster to win.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Gosh..Allemagan..if there's any decency left in your soul, you would say at least kulmiye not qudhmiye?
      BTW what do you expect the failed Ummada and Haqsoor parties would say other than accept
      the Somaliland rule of law of the land?

  2. Ilyas says:

    successful local elections?
    Thanks for making me lol, haha.
    I never thought that the idea of reading a title of a book is enough to understand its content.
    The title of this article was best example to prove me wrong!!

  3. Truth1 says:


    The founders of SNM never wanted a secession from the south. The evidences of that are first the name itself. If they wanted a secession, they would have chosen ''Somaliland National Movement'' instead ''Somali National Movement'' as their movement name. The SNM (Somali National Movement) and the USC (United Somali Congress) which Aidid was the chairman were two allied movements who had one agenda, which was fighting the injustice military regime. But ones the the military regime was defeated, self interest seeking separatism individuals high-jacked the SNM movement and changed it from fighting injustice to a separatism movement. Even the late Somalia Prime Minister Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal tried to steer the SNM back to its original path when he became the President of North-Somaliland region of Somalia. Even one of the SNM high-jackers (Abdirahman Awale) who became the leader of it to, quoted this about Egal: "when he says he is for independence, it is for local consumption only''. And it is for that reason only why the so called independence was supported by all the clans in the north. You can even found in youtube, videos were by original ''Is@@q'' SNM members (not the high-jackers) clearly stating that the north would not have or seek a secession from the south ever.

    To the young brainwashed ''Is@@q'' brothers and sister. Pleas do seek the truth. The many ''Is@@qs'' who died to keep the unity of Somalia are millions times more than those who who brainwashed you guy's with a separatism agenda.
    It's a shame what many men of SNM fought and died for are being flipped and changed by men who never shed blood, sweat or tears for the movement.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Gosh..misleading bs never ever goes nowhere. FYI SNM,TPLF,EPLF are the only 3 freedom fighters
      who in the same ways respectively ousted the Somalia and Ethiopia ill-fated Regimes we all know.
      While the SNM after 2 transitional rule(1991-1993) transformed itself into all-inclusive Somaliland
      civil liberty societies democratically elected good governance, it's true that the TPLF and EPLF are
      one party rulers of Ethiopia and Eritrea? Therefore, I just can't see what bro Truth1 is talking about.

      • Allemagan says:


        This line of argument about SNM history has really become tiresome andnow borders spam. It is very annoying that you posted this same comment in the last ten articles. Please drop it.

        • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

          Lool Truth1 what the heck man, get over it.

          • Truth1 says:

            LOOL Amirah Istal- Somali & Allemagan. NO, I'm sorry guys but I wont stop till the north and south reconcile and forget about the ugly past. Gosh, We as human are sometimes really stupid. We ask Allah for forgiveness every time we mess, but we can't seem to forgive each other and reconcile due to something that happened 20+ years ago? We forgave and forgot the massacres the British and Italian inflicted on us yet we can't forgive each other? Honestly allot of people are sick here, and yet they seem to think they normal.

          • Truth1 says:

            I'm from South, and I and 99 percent of the people of south had nothing to do with what the massacres inflicted in north-west Somalia. It was done by a military regime. So tell me, why are you running away from your brothers and sister from the south if they have done nothing to you. Lets be clear about who done what. Lets not blame a whole region or tribes. That's ''JAAHILNIMO'' honestly.

          • Fact finder says:

            Poor fellow, when you want to talk about the destiny of nations forgiveness and forgetting do not come into the play. Forgiving and forgetting are for individual people and individual families to use to come to terms with injustice inflicted upon them. Nation rise above small 'duco'. Nations never forget and never forgive. Having read Somali history, I have never come across any mention of a massacre, that is indiscriminate killing of defenceless children and women like the aerial bombardment of Hargeisa in 1988, committed either by Italian or British colonial administrators. Yes colonialism is unjustifiable. The only massacre recorded in the history books of Somaliland is inflicted by Somalia. You were unsure about that like you are unsure about 1% of your origin. Meesha la iskuma joojinayo. Xajiso meeshaad haysato.

          • Salax Ali says:

            Be fair and reasonable without engaging in petty politics. Somalia never inflicted any harm on Somaliland. It is the regime that was massacring all tribes execpt Mariihan.

          • Lander for Eever says:

            Salax Ali, I really love your reasoning in you hopeless attempt to absolve your Somalia from the crimes it has committed against Somaliland. Will your Somalia use the same argument to avoid its obligation of paying off the debt it had incurred back in the day? And will tell the World Bank and the IMF SIad Barre regime had conned you and see whether you can get away with that?

          • mohamed cheers says:

            Truth1..let me put in different perception..supposing forgive and forget gets its way,
            your way..what change would that bring when you know well that in Somalia
            always the same bad leadership and bad public who support the bad and not the
            good never ever gets changed? Since 1960s SR followed by SDR followed by
            warlordism uptill this time and day, who's in-charge in Somalia? And you want the only
            peaceful Somaliland also become part and parcel of the failed Somalia?
            you folks make no good common sense.

          • Salax Ali says:

            You don't get it. But the whole idea was the creation of tiny weak Ethiopia-worshing states to emerge from the ashes of failed Somalia of which peaceful Somaliland will be part of.

    • Ahmed Dheere says:

      Regardless of the initial aims of founding SNM some 30 years ago, the fact of the matter is that Somaliland has taken a separate path, and if that is unpalatable to you, tough. Name a few individuals who served in SNM, try to appeal to young Somalilanders with cheap 'you are brainwashed', resort to using tribal cards, seek truth in an imagined Greater Somalia where there is none to find, or use words you don't understand their full meaning, the Republic of Somaliland is here to stay.

  4. mohamed cheers says:

    Folks, happy new year.

  5. somaliweyn says:

    My uncle was isaaq and he died while he was defending somalia in 1977 war against ethiopia

    Somaliland with its separatist ideology is insulting my uncle and all the somali people who lost their lifes for somalia and for somaliweyn

    • Really says:

      The land was known as French Somaliland in the 19th century; in 1967, it changed its name to Afars and Issas after new treaties with France. The territory was declared an independent nation in 1977 and changed its name to the "Republic of Djibouti" after its principal city. Djibouti joined the United Nations on September 20, 1977.

      1967 2nd President of Somali Republic assassinated after meeting the USA President. Was he killed by the Somaliweyne (also known as the Somali Ethiopians or Ogadens). Fearing further erosion of their ideals.

      Also 1977, same year Siade Barres declares war on Ethiopia…mmmmm interesting. Did Djibouti's formation catalyst the events to which Somali Republic eventually failed and collapsed.

    • Yusuf says:

      If your uncle died while defending Somalia (AHUN), so did many others dies in the course of nations others than theirs. Americans are being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, Ethiopians, Ugandans and Kenyans are being killed in Somalia, Somalis got killed in Burma and the far east during WWII, but all that does not give families of the deceased any say in the affairs of these countries. Try to find out that yourself, and if they, please let us know so that we, Somalilanders, can steer Somalia's cabinet into the Indian Ocean.

      • Yusuf says:


        …., and if they do, please ….

      • Salax Ali says:

        It is impossible to rationalize with the irrational. Believe me, Somalia will come back from the ashes and the current separatists in the Somali Waqooyi will be scrambling for their share of power. it a race between the SOMALIDIID and SOMALIDOON and I hope from the Allah that the SOMALIDOON wins FOREVER…….FOREVER…………….FOREVER

        • Lander for Ever says:

          You cannot call us irrational and at the same time ask or expect us to believe you will come back from the ashes and crush us into submission and worse yet expect Allah to be on your side only (and not on our side)!!!

          • Khadija says:

            somalidiid? We, Somlilanders say we are Somaliland and haters say NO you're Somalidiid. This shows how naive and ignorant these individuals are. They call themselves as Khatumo, Puntland, Jubaland, Galmudug, Ogaden etc and yet they are calling us Somalidiid. What a bs!

          • Berbera!! says:

            Yes you are Khadija, your kind will be wiped out TRAITORS!!!

            You spit on my blue flag, and you are the ENEMY of Somalia. Point blank!!!

            Somalidiid Jab jab!!!!

        • mohamed cheers says:

          Folks, Somalidoon are the daredevils who by their ignorant tribalist subborness and
          arrogance failed the SR/SDR and still since 1991 to 2013 on the same pathwave
          mentality when Somalidiid Somaliland has taken a different more robust and peaceful
          pathwave. I just can't reconcile with bro Salax Ali when the curse is really purely on
          the Somalidoon side? De jure Somaliland is sacrosanct(Muqadis)

          • Salax Ahmed says:

            An you are saying the South is more tribalistic than the North?I don't like segmentation of my country but may be you need a lesson on the meaning of Somalidoon and Somalidiid. Somalidoon is any somali who has the best interest of all Somalis at heart-That includes Somalilander, Puntlander, Southerner etc.. Somalidiid is naturally the opposite. If by chance or through your effort Somaliland becomes independent state, we shall wish you the best as we did for Djibuti. But don't dwell on the misfortune of other Somalis in order to realize your selfish objectives.

            Cheers Bro

          • Buuxiye says:

            Long live Somaliland and it's Somaliland Loyalists.

            We created Somali-Republic(Union of Somaliland & Somalia) 1960 and dissolved it in 1991. The result:

            1. Somaliland Republic = British Somaliland(Former British protectorate)

            2. Somali-Federal-Republic = Somalia-Italia(Former Italian colony).

            Just like Egypt and Syria Formed a Union and then Dissolved that Union So can Somaliland and Somalia considering their UNION led to total destruction and collapse of both States. Since 1991 when Somaliland declared Independence following a 93% referendum vote of independence the two STATE have grown apart and diverged politically to points of no return.

            The formed Union partners are no longer politically compatible and have each created semblance of order and security befitting to their respective populations. Their political divide grows wider each year that passes and equally their economic, social and foreign policy continue to diverge apart to points where a return to a UNITARY-STATE is no longer a viable nor feasible option to sustain progress and peace.

            SomaliDiid are those intent on creating 100 ineffective Federal states all controlled independently by AU.

  6. Jama says:

    Any Somalilander that thinks the current adminstration is an angel is similar to the Somali's that deny the injustice that was committed against Somaliland

  7. hassan habr awal says:

    at somaliweyn bro what are doing here anyways???
    if you don't like somaliland ideology go somewhere else…..

  8. hassan habr awal says:

    insult to somali people, how ironic..back in the 80's all somalis were against and thanks to ethiopia we have
    a country free from wallawyen

  9. Big Joe says:

    Ninkaan Quusan Naftiisaa Quus ah…. Pls. don´t waste your valuable TIME whether Somaliland is this or that !
    Spend your time to solve your domestic problems and try to find a solution how to save the innocent dying Somali children and how to bring the 65000 displaced Somalis in Dhadhaab refugee camps back to their HOME.
    Have a mercy with your people and forget the Qaldaan who is just close to Mars…….OK.

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