Published On: Wed, May 23rd, 2012

The Abrasive Diplomacy of Somalia’s De-Facto President

The dire warnings of the head of the United Nations Political Office for Somalia(UNPOS), Mr. Augustine Mahiga, acting in his assumed capacity as the de facto President of the failed Somali state, are nothing but a shameful camouflage to distract the international public opinion from his personal failure on the intractable quagmire of southern Somalia.

The unfortunate loss of life in Somaliland on May 15, 2012 is a matter of no concern to the UNPOS. For the past two decades, the state of Somaliland has developed a hybrid system of conflict resolution without any assistance or external intervention. The metamorphosis of this unique mechanism has been the envy of the global village and that is what sets the state of Somaliland apart from the anarchy afflicted rump state of Somalia.

Regardless of the gravity of the incident and the hasty ruling of the Military, the government and the people of Somaliland are capable and competent enough to handle the case in accordance with norms of domestic and international law; hence, the precedent setting paternalistic language of Mr. Mahiga are unwarranted and out of character. The veteran diplomatic should have known that state of Somaliland has survived more serious situations and this one will not be any different- We deal with our problems without the intervention of any United Nations agency. Somalia is where the expertise of UNPOS is needed most and it should be confined there.

For one thing the tone of the language of the press release of the de facto president of Somalia is ill-time, undiplomatic, and outright offensive. The admonitions of Mr. Mahiga are a sad reminder of the benevolent mentality of the Governor-Generals of the old British Empire.

On another level the frustration indicates the magnitude of the under current to scuttle the Somalia conference in Istanbul scheduled for June, 2012. The fiasco of southern Somalia has been around for twenty-one years; and the Istanbul convention will never change the dynamics of this hopeless case.

Ahmed Ali Ibrahim Sabeyse

May 23,2012.

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  1. Dhugtame says:

    Exact to the point. Well done Mr. Sabeye.

  2. Gobaad says:

    Exactly Mr. Ahmed Sabeye,you are absolutely right and hit the mark!

  3. Abdi noor says:

    A quick look into the background of Mr Mahiga and it would be obvious what he brings to the table. He has never been particular successful diplomat, he is more of a yes man at the UN always doing others bidding.

  4. Mohamd says:

    Actually I saw one of the ways he cheats white donors today when I heard him on BBC world service. He was citing all kinds of unverified percentages regarding "clan representation of traditional leaders" claiming 95% were "verified". Reality was that 95% were all from Mogadishu, and they are there for a single city constitution just like the Afweyne era where the capital was the only place that was worthy of building.

    The man is a fraudster and he know himself.

  5. Bashe says:

    Sensensitive I guess, now Mr Mahiga can say what he wants and we as Somalilanders must also accept criticism however dispeakable and to raise above it or we may as well continue to live in a bubble like Zenawi's Ethiopia.

  6. Bashe says:

    …..*rise above it***

  7. Kayse says:

    dear members of the two secessionist subclans I know the Somali president is not perfect but because he is man of peace and equality, since he took office the south has not seen that many clan conflicts and this is why he is entrusted with foreign troops. Unlike you Council leader who cant even afford to relocate from Morgan's old house.

    It seems to me while some of us didnt like Siad's dictator rule, some of us just wanted Morgan's house and hid behind the SNM.

    nonetheless I know Sheikh Sharif has more red lips than angry Gobaad but this Somaliland that you fantizes is not even on Dora The Exploror's map and in the world of dreams, fantacies and illusion she is the numro uno explorer. Maybe Somaliland has an embassy in Disneyland.

    Can I use a Disneyland pass to enter this Somaliland as a visa?

  8. Gobaad says:

    This ugly, low-life, good for nothing, bipolar, welfare-bum with an over-inflated ego call ing himself Kayse is nothing, but a sore eye and disappointment that he is a Somalilander. Lots of garbage stuff he writes is an outward and token persona without any inner substance or reality. He is idiotically enjoying Somaliland hater attention and needs to be put in his place.

    • Kayse says:

      Yeah I'm ugly and you can see through the screen and yeah I'm on Dahabshiil welfare :)

      Accept the defeat miss and just control your emotions. I know I am a heavy weight because the truth is I even influence the Council that you support madly, I wish you only knew it :)

      I am inside the Council that you support :) infiltrator mohahahaha…I cant be more ugly than Hersi gaab come on dee :)

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Kayse mohahahaha what bull sht you talking about lay off Gobaad she doesn't need to be part of
        your and your unpos srsg circus. Let's see how Sharif Kayse infiltrator mohahahaha, Sharif Achmed,
        Sharif faroole, Sharif Mahiga could settle their political differences with Kayse being their best man.

  9. Allemagan says:

    Separatists suffer what could be termed as cognitive dissonance disorder. This is how Merriam-Webster dictionary defines cognitive dissonance: “psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously”. Also for illustration, Wikipedia gives a good example of cognitive dissonance disorder as the feeling that one gets when they are conflicted between wanting to smoke and knowing about the bad health effects of smoking.

    United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) is for all Somalia including administrations in Somaliland, Puntland and Galmudug. Separatists want the world to see some country called Somaliland that only exists in their wild imagination. Separatists claim a land for Somalis but they don't want to do anything with Somalia. Although the separatists will neither hesitate to receive direct funding from UNPOS in the name of Somalia nor mind to welcome Mr. Augustine Mahiga to Hargeisa every other weekend, they don’t see themselves as Somalis. They see the triangle of of Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera as a country representative of all of former British Somaliland; in their twisted logic the fighting in Las Anod and Buhoodle does not matter; the desire of our people in Awdal and eastern Sanag regions who do not want to separate from the mother country does not matter. In fact they think that anytime Mr. Mahiga or any foreign dignitary arrives to Hargeisa, he or she are bringing with them a letter of recognition for their little enclave.

    Let me say this to you Mr. Sabeyse* – Mahiga sees your enclave part and parcel of Somali territory. The international community sees and recognizes one Somali Democratic Republic. Even the name “Somaliland” complicates the situation because how can we have people and land that are not what they seem to be. If you are telling the truth Mr. Sabeyse and it is true that you have a united country, invite Mr. Mahiga to visit Las Anod, Buhoodle and eastern Sanag instead of confining him in Almansoor Hotel whenever he visits Hargeisa.

    *Somehow the name Sabeyse does not sound like an authentic Somali name.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      I wonder if the unpos MR Mahiga or even the IC could understand what you are talking about.
      I for one can't understand cuz your unscrupulos and senseless objectivity is baseless and unfounded.
      You are engaged in malicious propaganda slogans which are far from the truth. Mr Sabeyse's articulated
      communique is absolutely right and hit the target. If you think the IC could undermine the legit progress
      Somaliland Republic democratically heralds you are wrong.

    • cabdul says:

      well writen That’s true.

  10. Kayse says:

    Lets remember New Hargeisa genocide that included a pregnant mother and the untold human right abuses in Kalshaale and in Dilla.

    Northern Somalis stand behind their president, the president of Somalia.

    Two subclans cant hold north Somalia hostage, that game is over, its been 20 years of isolation.

  11. Kayse says:


    We need you guys to stop referring the secessionists as "Somaliland" or the triangle, because the reality is the project is only supported by two subclans and few distorted individuals.

    I'm from Hargeisa and I can tell you that the majority of the people in north Somalia are tired of wars and tired of this never coming recognition game. Its like a sick patient kept on the recognition life-support.

    The kids who were born when this delusional promise began are today over 20 years and are starting to see the reality on the ground.

    Like all people, north Somalians want jobs, education and a house—they don't care about this two subclan Council project.

    Somalis in other parts also need to reinvent themselves because the truth is, when you label the few groups as "Somaliland" or "Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera" your isolating us. The Council in West Hargeisa does not control Hargeisa let alone Burao or Berbera.

    You guys have wrong impression of Somalis in the north….they just want what everyone wants and they dont care about breaking away. Most of them have lost hope in that, I mean they have been waiting it for TWENTY ONE years and the UK they were hoping was their "friend" this week started constructing its embassy in Mogadishu.

    The Ethiopia they used to use against Somalia, has started to understand stable and unified Somalia is good for their own security, economy and for the whole region.

    I'm bringing my people to Mogadishu and we want our fair share of Somalia's resources, government, security, businesses, etc…it is our country as is yours too.

    Most of the people in Hargeisa would be more than happy to visit Mogadishu and even live there or visit occasionally.

    The Council in Hargeisa and its minority supporters are no longer the majority of the voice in North Somalia.

    I want people to start adopting these terms to describe the project in the north.

    1: Council in west Hargeisa
    2: Two subclan
    3: Morgan's former house
    4: Parts of Burao and farms in Gabiley

  12. mohamed cheers says:

    Kayse's another Somalia(UNPOS) deputy under secretary to MR Mahiga. None of the two could make a
    difference in the case of de jure Somaliland proper. Let's see how they could make any good difference
    with the all inclusive Somalia's failed TFG and their Roadmaps 1+2 conventional treaty trusteship signatories.
    My profound guess is that the dubious framework of the roadmap 1+2 and dubious proposed constitution
    are all meant to fail due to the dubious unrealistically and undemocratic exploitations by foreign unfriendly self
    interests Govts.

  13. Gobaad says:

    "…cognitive dissonance disorder." What do we have to agree on with you? The phatom-limb? Whether it isstill there or not there. The fact of the matter is, it isn't. It is only in your head.

    "… Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera as a country representative of all of former British Somaliland…" No, we don't. And the three regions you have mentioned here is exclusively, exclusively, exclusively inhabited, as you put by one clan, but then again this particular clan is the majority of all other regions with the exception of to be fair Sool and Awdal. And the fact of the matter is that this clan is the most prominent and the most dominat alele and force in Somaliland from coast to coast whether anybody likes it not. And you have no choice, but to live with them in peace.There no way around it because the majority rules the minority. Otherwise, take your makeshift buul-cas elsewhere.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Yes the Majority rules the minority when the majority is the best to apply and continue to upholed the reconciliation social civil justices norms, the best applied democracy as was transported and transformed throughout the Somaliland regions since 1991 to this time and space around. Look at all the inclusive de jure Somaliland proper today in stark contrast to the all inclusive de jure Somalia proper today.
      The results are tall to hide between the two Sovereignty Republics.

  14. Allemagan says:


    You are right. I agree with you that we must be precise on our choice of words. As we call for the unity of our people, we shouldn't throw away the baby with the bath water and confer legitimacy to a misguided two subclan project. The majority of our people in the north are and always were true Somali nationalists at heart. From now onwards, you have my word; I will call a spade a spade and use your terms so that we do not alienate our people.

  15. Kayse says:


    Im glad as two Somalis we can agree on something and trust me if we give our people in the north tags, it will only push them away. Because the Council in Hargeisa is trying to mislead them and we must not fall into their traps which is "sterotyping, attacking and labeling them as anti-Somali aka Somalidiid like khaatumo council use which is the same as the Hargeisa council"..two wrongs dont make it right.

    They say every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and once something is set on motion, it can't help up to build a momentum.

    Lets select the right words which will only lead to an action and eventually a momentum…all big things began small.

    We have passed the days of "Somaliland secessionism" those were the days of Dahir Riyale when his administration had some support in most northern towns.

    There are so many voices in north Somalia crying for unity—this is why the Council refuses to allow the registration of Union party in their kangaroo election courts.

    This is why they are nervous about people flying the blue flag…they can only hijack and hold those people hostage for so long. Right now the ice has been broken….soon it will join the unstoppable ocean of Unity.

  16. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Gobaad, please do not engage this renegade stupid Kayse & Puqlander Allemagan. They do not deserve it. We call upon New Hargeisa people to silence this…………

    Our people in Hargeisa, regardless of which area they live and one, and he will not change anything on the ground, hence, we don need to comment anything he says. Let him enjoy the few pounds he gets as welfare recipient, and laptop he uses to abuse his own people. There will be a day that will catch him and expose him.

  17. mohamed cheers says:

    There's no way you two or else could circumvent the solid pillar democractic civil societiesfoundations
    on which the Somaliland Republic continue functioning. There's no way Your crocodile tears could make any
    significant changes in the real assets of 21 years happy anniversary of May 18 1991. Long live Somaliland
    happy anniversary felt throught the Global Village this year 2012.

  18. Dhugtame says:

    I love this new marriage of ideas between Keyse and Allemegan, This is a very interesting case where you have two people with Paranoiac Schizophrenia agreeing with one another and teaming together against healthy people. We really need to publish this in Psychiatry journals, this is just unprecedented in the history of psychiatry and is major find. What is more interesting is that their minds seem to interconnected and they share the same deluded ideas all the times. when I showed their comments to a leading Psychiatric professor, he could not believe what he saw and told me that Keyse and Allemegan are just one person posting in two different names. "If these two people are actually not the same patient posting under two different names then this is a major find" concluded the Psychiatry professor . the professor thinks that these two people or one person are suffering from a severe depersonalization and derealization and any negative comment might throw him over the edge , there people should not respond to them negatively.

  19. Nasir says:

    You keep repeating 2 subclans who control Somaliland financially and poltically, one thing I learned from my parents is not to envy what other people have or achieved. Stop using the victim card by blaming or believing what is happing to you is determined primarily by those 2 subclans and dragging your resentment, frustration, lack of direction and your solitary confiment to the people of Labisagale but keep it to yourself. I advise you to prioritize your actions instead of procrastinating and start as of today to compete with your external (2 subclans and Dhahabshiil) to the good of Somaliland. Charity begins at Home (labisagale) not in Mogdisho.

    P.S. Since you enjoy Dora The Exploror's map I hope you don't feed your hate to your kids.

  20. Abdi12345 says:


    You must be joking, Keyse has no job let alone wife and kids. The guy is married to the internet and has no job to worry about that is why he is envious of successful people.

    To Keyse, people worked hard for what they have, no power or money comes with sitting on your dirty sofa and spiting hatred. Get off the sofa and get a real job. Do not tell me that there are no jobs in Australia, I assure you that there are plenty of jobs there. May be you should go to a proper school and get the skills that you need instead of hating successful people. That is just a brotherly advice and no harm is intended.

  21. Gobaad says:

    I think he is bipolar and a nut case because of his inferior complex. He displays and have an exaggerated sense of unduly self importance and outlandish ideas. Inay wax si weyn ka yihiin, the other day because of his free time and no responsibility he re-wrote, plagiarized, paraphased, changed, and manipulated Mr. David H. Shinn's Article and made it his own. I looked at the title, the content, the similarity, and thought may it is the same writer. Then I rolled the page up and saw a different name.

    And all of a sudden Kayse came into the discussions and importantly announces his presence thanking Somalilandpress for posting his article. And his intention was to let everybody know that he is the author of this article. I was so dumbfounded and shook my head in disbelieve and said to myself: this guy is really too big for his breeches! Because I have never seen an author who announces himself claiming that he/she is the author of this or that article.

    Kayse, get over yourself! You seem to be too self absorbed and stop being so narcissistic and get help. There is obviously something wrong with you.

  22. Gobaad says:

    On a second thought, I am done with Kayse and rest my case, provided that he stops mentioning my name and not drag me into harebrained ideas.

  23. Gaade says:

    I do not want to respond to garbage but I can't stand people to tarnish the good people of Awdal. These people are more civilised than the nomadic tribal mind that cannot see anything but a tribe. They are building their roads, their cities, investing in Somaliland like any other Somalilander. I am sure 18 May in Borame and Dilla has caused ulcers in many people.

  24. hamze says:

    @gaade looooool how dare u say awdal ppl r slanderrs r u crazy didnt u see da video on all awdal websites calling may 18 black day go on utube n u will see am from awdal region we were never sland also somalia u cant force ppl to be snm supports ppl of sool has spoken u cant stop sool n awdal ppl thy r unionist 4 life weather u like it or not. only hj + sacad muse wanna seprate all others r pro somalia

  25. Gobaad says:

    hamze, you are lying to your teeth. Awdal and Sool are within Somaliland and a 100% staunch Somalilanders with an exception of few low life dibedda meeroyaal. The world have seen18th May celebrations by Somalilanders around the globe. Ka naxow nafta waaaaa! Qof xaasida uun baa waxaa ku hadla.

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