Published On: Tue, Nov 6th, 2012

Telesom donates $20,000 towards sporting event in Somaliland

Somaliland’s top telecom player Telesom on Monday presented a cheque for US$20,000 towards the upcoming national football tournament in Hargeisa.

Presenting the cheque Ali Mohamed Salah “Ajab”, Director of national development, said the company believes the partnership would provide a tremendous boost to community development through sport in the country.

He cited that sport is a vital tool in building healthy and cohesive society. He went on to say the donation was part of their corporate social responsibility stressing youth in the country deserved to smile like all youth around the world.

Mr. Abdi Saeed Raigal, minister of sports, expressed gratitude to Telesom and gave the assurance that the donation would be used for its intended purpose.

“We thank Telesom for its generous donation towards the national football tournament that will be held on the 15th of December,” he said.

He added: “I would like to stress that history will not forget traders and enterprise that help promote sport in the country.”

He promised to pull all the stops to ensure the tournament becomes an annual event that will only get bigger.

Mr. Raigal believes the event is a huge benefit to the youth who lack recreational activities and unemployment is said to be above 70 percent.

The tournament was held last year in the second city of Burao and about 8 regional teams took part in the event. The game concluded in Alamzi stadium with Maroodi Jeeh, this year’s host team, lifting the trophy after defeating Haud 1-0 in a tense battle.

Their win received the blessing of President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo who addressed the spectators. “I send congratulatory message to all teams representing their states that took part in the tournament, spectators and soccer fans that showed their passion for sports and zeal. I am delighted that the Somaliland youth have turned to sports,” he said.

This year Haud and the other teams will be aiming to take the cup to their respective regions where heroes welcome awaits them.

Telesom is known for its innovations in Somaliland telecommunication sector. Telesom is the first operator to bring mobile banking “ZAAD” in 2009 and as well as rolling out the Horn of Africa’s first 3G networks in the country. More recently, it teamed up with global giant Google to unveil Gmail services in Somaliland. Despite ferocious competition and lack of regulation, Telesom has ripped big in rewards and analysts believe the company generates over $35 million a year in net profit.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    "Analysts believe the company generates over $35 million a year in net profit" Huge, huge, they need to invest that money in the country they will got bigger rate of return.

  2. kaboon says:

    nice to see some civilized somalis

  3. Ilyas says:

    I personally can donate $50000

  4. Kayse says:

    Good to see Telesom continuing its support for the Somali youth and always involved in non-political and tribal activities unlike Dhiigshiil.

    I want to see my Hawd team win, even though I have more relatives and assets in Northwest state, I am more passionate about Hawd. Also don't forget there is nothing called Maroodi Jeex, that's just fake tribal region designed to ensure other already minority tribes stay minority…for example they divided Northwest (waqooyi galbeed) into Maroodi Jeeh and Sahil so they can give each habar more seats in the fake odayaal joke parliament.

    They did the same with Togdheer (togdheer, Buhoodle, Odweyne)…then they divided Sool into two (Sool and Saraar)….the Sarar is just Ainaba where HY live and that's the only town we live and don't deserve to call one village a state…I am just been fair.

    Then they created fake Hawd region, this not only misleads people it also throws the reserved area out of the window and forever gives it to Ethiopia.

    Let me explain to you, when you call a village inside waqooyi galbeed hawd, you have stole the original name of the reserved land…future generations will never know the true Hawd that was stolen…they will just know the Balibugadle village as hawd.

    We have to dismantle all these fake tribal tags. My Isaaqis are the most injustice people in the Somali race, not only do they think they are right, they do not stop for a minute and think how they messed up everything.

    Luckily I have arrived to correct them and ensure none of these ill policies make it to the next decade. Our future generations will only know a Somali republic with one race, one religion, two languages (indeed May is a lingo), vast land and beauty.

    I only recognize one Hawd and that's my team…my advise for Telesom and Mr Heis is to become the main sponsor for Hawd team because Telesom is the only telecom that goes as far as Hawd (Wabi Caade, Abdi Yusuf, Labisagaal and even as far as Bariiqo).

    I question why you switch your antenna off after 12am in those regions though? They deserve better power generators/electricity and access and if this does not improve in the near future I might have to campaign for Hawd people, who make up more than 60% of the Isaaq Diaspora to boycott you.

    This measure is no different than a curfew. Your making $35+million a year and they deserve answers.

    Hawd people get behind the campaign to ensure Hawd is connected to the grid and not left behind in the age of information and Telecom, our people are losing half a day every day.

    • Kayse says:

      Hawd people are the most passionate people and very soon I am going to advocate for Hawd people's rights to be connected. I am aware you can not go beyond Waabi Caade due to the Ethiopians and their Liyu Police thugs but explain to us (TELESOM) why the antenna in Labisagaal is switched off every night and people who pay for your services can't use their services for half of the day?

      In the civilized world, you would be forced to cough up all their money back.

      Mr Heis and Telesom HQ must improve otherwise we will encourage those inside North Somalia (many who are relatives of the Hawd people) to switch because very soon the game is going to change with the stabilisation of South Somalia. Hormood Telcom could enter Hawd, Sool, Northwest markets…

      Hawd people have to know half of their people are in the darkness despite the fact that they invest time and money into services that leave them in the bushes during the most dangerous hours of the day.

      Let us campaign for their justice.

    • warabe says:

      kayse i can see u are pro faqash and anti somaliland, u are traitor to somaliland cause and should be hanged

  5. progress says:

    Telesom should expand and make inroads into Neighboring Somalia and Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.Telesom got quality products and services and it should easily capture market share in neighboring countries in the telecom sector.

  6. warabe says:

    kayse if u believe just because there is no war going in moqdisho and everything will fine u are mistaken ,if you are true northerner and u know history u know the great injustice our people suffered even thought we brought about the reuniting the somali people , it will take for centuries our southern brothers to heal from their animiliztic ways , thaught let us all hope better days for the somali nation

  7. if they earn $35 million dollars they should invest in more events though $20'000 is a good start more is needed

    outside catering northern ireland

  8. lidiya says:

    i wish if they get like 20,000 doller. ..ect guys keep go don't give up ok

  9. Mark says:

    Yes it is great to see support for the Somali youth. Owning Arlington bail bonds I can tell you we need more help for the young around the world.

  10. Joel says:

    Thats a good start!!!!tour kenya

  11. Nelet says:

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  13. Paul says:

    I hope to travel to Somaliland one day and check out all the good things I've heard. Somewhere I hope to stop on my round the world travel trip one day. Here is part of the world where things can be tough, but also good people doing good things to help others.

  14. Dan says:

    Good for him. Its always nice to give back. He should be giving themgolf callaway preowned shoes, but glad to see that he recognizes the need to give back to the community.

  15. They would definitely earn more than 10 times by their investment

  16. Jeff says:

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  17. Ian says:

    It's great to see this level of support. Thanks

  18. Doug says:

    I'm happy to see people give back, especially to sports. What a great way to improve the lives of those around them. If I could give anything, it'd be online golf lessons. Click Here.

  19. Arnold says:

    It's a great thing that Telesom have donated for this sport event.

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  20. Joe says:

    Great gesture by Telesom.

  21. Patrick says:

    Now, that is awesome. I am sure their good deeds will come back to them many fold.

  22. Jon says:

    I love seeing people giving back in any way that they can. I don't play soccer a lot though. I normally just workout with friends.

  23. eelii disoza says:

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    It is extremely helpful for me. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this Telesom donates $20,000 towards sporting event in Somaliland, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. keep it up

  24. jamesulrich1960 says:

    This is great to see some progress!

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  25. Julia says:

    Was this just a one time donation? So good to see Telesom involved in this.

  26. Dolores says:

    I think this is great that some organizations are helping the people there with donations and encourage sports, events and entertainment. I helps build a stronger community and leadership.

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