Published On: Sun, Aug 14th, 2011

Tanzania and somaliland to have high level meetings later this month

PRETORIA — Bernard Membe, Tanzanian foreign affairs minister announced on Saturday that Somaliland and Tanzania are due to have high-level talks before the end of this month.

The Minister made the statement shortly after meeting with his South African counterpart in Pretoria, Mrs Maite Nkoana-Mashabane. In the past South Africa has been one of the few African countries to have open relations with Somaliland but after this meeting with Tanzania the two Ministers released a statement proclaiming their desire for a united Somalia.

Mrs. Nkoana stated that “Somaliland at the moment in our memory is part of Somalia. We do not want to encourage the disintegration of countries. For now in line with the AU we are not in the business of not disbanding, dismantling and dismembering countries”. Whilst the official stance of the AU is well known– recent events, particularly in South Sudan have changed the dynamic throughout much of the continent.

This will be the first time that President Ahmad Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) will visit Tanzania during his tenure. The President is currently away in China where the Government is in the process of signing a trilateral trade agreement with China and Ethiopia.

Somalilandpress | 15 August 2011

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  1. Axmad says:

    Mrs. Nkoana stated that…For now in line with the AU we are not in the business of not disbanding, dismantling and dismembering countries. A double negative…we are not in the business of not…She could have phrased this better.

  2. Somaliland wadani says:

    Majority of african leaders r dumb.South african international minister is dumbest in our memories all we remember is one Somalia.Well she better ask father who Somaliland is the third nation in africa to get independance and to recognize thats how dumb people are today.Do ur history!

  3. Dr. Bashe says:

    _Tanzania was formed after Tanganyika was united with Pemba & Zanzibar on the 26 of April 1964. The coup in Zanzibar was led by Gen. Okelo paving way for Karume and Nyerere to form this new republic._The Islands had their own internal government and many rights & positions were reserved to the politicians of these two Islands. In spite of all these guarantees there are voices of dissatisfaction among the Islanders to opt for a dissolution of the Union. With this in mind I cannot blame the position of the foreign minister. _After the Union was formed General Okelo was decommissioned. He travelled to Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika where simultaneous apprizing in the army barracks took place. These were suppressed by British troops stationed in E. Africa. Peace keepers from Northern Nigerian’s army were sent to Tanzania. When the Biafra declared its independence in May 1967 the Tanzanian government forgot about the help Nigerian gave them during the army uprising of 1964!!! _The Biafra of Col. Ojuku was recognized by Nyerere in April 1968.

  4. Dr. Bashe says:

    The Minister of foreign affairs Mgonja stated that due to the pogroms against the Ibo people his government has decided to recognize Biafra._If Biafra was recognized due to pogroms committed against its people why can’t Tanzania recognize Somaliland that has undergone ethnic cleansing!!! After all Biafra was part and parcel of Nigeria. What happened to the OAU guidelines…._Last but not least, what changed the close and special relationship that existed between Somaliland and South Africa until recently?_

  5. Yusuf says:

    To these so-called foreign Ministers I should say: You either have short memories, had brain injuries or you know nothing about African history if all you remember is Somalia". You are both disgrace to African and International diplomacy, just resign!

  6. abdulrahman says:

    Salam all,
    This is a surprise statement, the fact that the representatives of the two governments were meeting to discuss about sland meanings behind the scene there is some movement in the recognition episode. I would not pay too much attention to the words but rather the intended debate. The statement in political language is saying we need further convincing, intended to put pressure on sland leadership and possibly UK a major advocate.

  7. rashid says:

    The mere fact that That the Tanzanian foreign minister, Bernard Membe will be meeting at the end of this month with a Somaliland delegation is ( half recognition ). Also what both ministers, mr. Membe and Maite Nkoana of South Africa said was that they would prefer to see Somalia remains as a single country. That means at the end of the day if that is not atteinable they will follow other African government decision.Recognition beggins from your neigbours and Somaliland allready has that , the rest is tecnicality.

  8. Togdheerboy says:

    I don´t want to go in details becauce the administrator is not fair. He or she always delay my comments. Neither the Tanzanian minister nor the South African minister can stop Somaliland nor God.
    It is a Somaliland spirit.

  9. prof Hersi says:

    The major problem that African polititions face is putting wrong person in wrong position. This Tanzanian minister is a true example. they came to office because of nepotism and they are not really fit to the posts that they hold. IT is clear that this minister has no knowledge about why Africa wanted to retain the colonial boundaries and he or she is mixing up the situation of Somaliland with that of Zanzibar or south Soudan. Somaliland had its colonial territorial integrity and boundaries Tanzania is against us because they have a problem with Zanzibar and they think that if Somaliland gets its souvergnity then Zanzibar will ask their independence. I suggest that president Silanyo shange plan and go to Ghana and Senegol and any other african countries who value democracy.

  10. Abraham says:

    The author of this article is wrong to assume that it is the president of Somaliland who would travel to Tanzania for the meeting. No details of this fortcoming meeting is given by our government and so it is unprofessional of any media outlet to try and fill the blanks without any knowledge of what the delegation from our side would be. In my opinion, since the Tanzanians made their policy towards Somaliland public before the meeting took place, our delegation should never include the president or the vice-president. Moreover, the discussions should be just about business and Tanzania should be told about it before hand.

  11. saddam says:

    that is good idea ibrahim

  12. Mohamd says:

    Tanzania and South Africa leadership are a joke only bolstered by enormous foreign investments by Europeans only. They may be black, but they are ruthless people who murder and kill many children just as the white colonisers of former apartheid regime have spent money and man to kill black people.

    The white men were active and resourceful, but these black leaders kill people with their idleness and "do nothing " philosophy. Was it not South Africa who had a president who use to deny the existence of AIDS?

    Remember ppl, laziness kills. Who wants have such ppl as friends?

  13. Ahmed says:

    We as Somalilanders….. waanu ka leenahay Naagtan xusuustu ka guurtay nooceeda lolz
    Waxba la yaabi mayno Hadaladeeda.. But we have dream and nobody wil stop it

  14. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    "proclaiming their desire for a united Somalia", they may desire it, but it won't happen, that ship has sailed a long time ago. Typical AU mentality, always late and always behind the times. If they are waiting for Somalia to be like Somaliland, democratic, inclusive and tolerant , they are living in a fantasy world.

  15. Ibrahim Awad says:

    I would like to know if our government ever thought about having relationship with Non-UN member states such as Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria. Why don't we seek recognition from them first and in return we recognize them. I believe the road to international recognition starts by building good relationship with these Non-UN states first. Then this will lead and encourage other UN members to recognize Somaliland.

  16. Wadani says:

    Walayaal don't fool your self there is noo way SL will get recignition it will cost more problem in African, european colonies has already devided Somali people that is enough they will not divide any more. Somalia is one nations. Africa knows Somalia helped alot of African country under colony, now Somalia need help Africa, africa can't divide Somalia,

    We are one country peace will come Inshaallah.

  17. hamdu says:



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