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Raysut to invest in Somaliland

Berbera fuel depot

MUSCAT — The board of directors at Oman’s Raysut Cement has announced that it will give the green light to the firm’s plans for a series of expansion moves, both at home and abroad. As part of the plan, the country’s largest cement manufacturer will establish modern state‐of‐the‐art Cement Terminal inside Oman’s Duqm Port for […]


Somaliland Attends Crucial Yemeni Security Meeting

deputy minister of security

By Goth Mohamed Goth Somaliland Government officials were among 25 delegates representing three other countries taking part in a conference aimed at combating terrorism and countering illegal immigration in Sanaa, Yemen. The conference which was organized by UNHCR in conjunction with the American government aims to address illegal immigrants from Somalia using the red sea […]


Somaliland moves towards new banking era

An employee counts money at a branch of international money transfer company Dahabshiil in Somaliland.

An employee counts money at a branch of international money transfer company Dahabshiil in Somaliland (Mark Tran photo/Guardian). Somaliland is poised to pass a banking law to help the flow of remittances and encourage much-needed foreign investment HARGEISA — Without formal banks, Somaliland lacks cash machines or credit cardfacilities, obliging visitors to the country to […]


Ninety six Yemeni soldiers killed in suicide bombing

SANAA — A Yemeni soldier who detonated a bomb hidden in his uniform during a rehearsal for a military parade has killed 96 fellow soldiers and wounded at least 200 in what was one of the deadliest attacks in the capital in years. Al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen claimed responsibility for Monday’s bombing, saying in an […]


Somaliland to pass central bank law within 3 weeks: cbank

HARGEISA — Somaliland’s central bank governor said on Thursday parliament is expected to pass a law within three weeks that will formerly establish a central bank, paving the way for foreign commercial banks to start operating in the self-declared country by 2013. Somaliland, a breakaway state in the northeast of Somalia, remains unrecognised internationally. It […]


SOMALIA: Yemeni and Saudi forces kill 11 Somali immigrants

HARGEISA — At least eleven illegal immigrants from Somalia have been killed this week as they crossed into Saudi Arabia from Yemen according to the Somali embassy in Sana’a. Hussein Haji Ahmed, Somalia’s Deputy Ambassador to Yemen, said the bodies of eleven Somali immigrants were recovered near Yemen’s border with the oil rich kingdom. He […]


10 dead in human smuggling incident in Gulf of Aden

Ethiopian illegal immigrants wait on a beach for smugglers' boats to take them across the Gulf of Aden into Yemen.

(CNN) — At least 10 people being smuggled by boat died in the Gulf of Aden “after a two-day journey from Somalia to Yemen,” the United Nations’ refugee agency said Tuesday. “Ten Ethiopians suffocated en route to Yemen as the smugglers crammed and confined 25 people to the engine room with no ventilation,” the Office […]


SOMALIA: Tribal leader assassinated in Bosasso

somali troops

LAS ANOD — A well known Somali tribal leader and peace activist was killed in the northern Somali enclave of Puntland on Sunday. Saeed Mohamed Saeed ‘Kashwiito’ was shot Sunday evening as he left Al-Rasheed mosque in the provincial capital Bosasso after evening prayers. Two other activists who were with Mr Kashwiito were also wounded […]


SOMALIA: Looted Yemeni petrol reaches Puntland port

demonstrators burn a picture of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh (AP)

LAS ANOD — Four small vessels carrying thousands of litres of looted petroleum products from Yemen reached the Somali port town of Bosasso on Saturday, locals said. According to eyewitnesses in the coastal town in Somalia’s enclave state of Puntland, the vessels belong to prominent business and government figures in Bosasso. They are said to […]


Over 60 Africans feared dead off Yemen


DUBAI — Over 21 migrants have reportedly drowned after their boat capsized in the wild seas off the coast of south Yemen, an official said on Thursday. [ad#Google Adsense 160x600r] A Somali official in Sana’a said the victims except two Ethiopians, were all Somali nationals fleeing the conflict in their country. He claimed they were […]


Yemen: The next “Somalia”


Editorial – Arab News The numbers of civilians killed in Yemen have not yet reached the horrific proportions of Gaddafi’s massacres but with more mass protests expected across the country and President Ali Abdullah Saleh refusing to leave office, further bloodshed appears inevitable. There is no sign of a way out of the impasse there, […]


YEMEN: Military leaders defect Ali Saleh camp

Female antigovernment demonstrators attended noon prayers yesterday at a rally seeking the resignation of Yemen’s leader. (Muhammed Muheisen/ Associated Press)

SANA — A top military officer and at least 18 other senior commanders defected yesterday to the opposition movement demanding the immediate ouster of Yemen’s embattled president, depriving the US-allied ruler of most of his fast-dwindling power base. The looming collapse of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime throws into doubt the American campaign against a […]


YEMEN: President Saleh declares nationwide emergency

demonstrators burn a picture of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh (AP)

DJIBOUTI — President Ali Abdullah Saleh declared a state of emergency across the Arab Republic of Yemen on Friday, after troops and snipers shot dead over 50 protesters in the capital alone. Eyewitnesses in Sana’a told Somalilandpress armed men opened fire from rooftops during an anti-regime rally in central Sana’a against Mr. Saleh after Friday […]


Yemeni Youth Square Off With Forces


SANA, Yemen — Young protesters in Yemen squared off against security forces on Sunday, and some marched on the presidential palace here, witnesses said, as a third day of demonstrations sought to emulate the revolution in Egypt. The protests, organized largely via text message, were the largest yet by young Yemenis, with more than 1,000 […]


Breaking Up Is Good to Do


This year will almost certainly see the birth of a new country named Southern Sudan. It might also witness the creation of an independent Palestine, as Palestinian leaders push for unilateral recognition of their national sovereignty within their country’s 1967 borders. And within a couple of years, a sovereign Kurdistan might emerge from a still-brittle […]


Somalia pirates attack Yemeni fishing boat, take engine


SHABWA, Jan 08 ( Saba) – Somalia pirates have attacked a Yemeni fishing boat off the southeastern province of Shabwa, firing on it and taking its engine, security officials have said. “About 7 pirates attacked the boat while fishing off Bir Ali. They fired on it but the fisherman, 24, onboard was not hurt,” they […]