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Somaliland: Government to Introduce New Measures to Protect Water Catchment Areas – Environment Minister

Water Catchment Area

By Goth Mohamed Goth  Somaliland Minister of Environment and Rural Development Hon Shukri Haji Abdullah Bandare  while taking part in an event marking the World Water Day a day before unveiled for the first time plans by the Somaliland Government to introduce massive nationwide water preservation project which will pave way for the construction of […]


Horn Petroleum’s Somali wells come up dry

Range Resources its partner Red Emperor Resources (RMP) begin drilling in the Dharoor Valley basin in Somalia's Puntland region, 16 January 2012

NAIROBI — Canadian oil and gas exploration company Horn Petroleum said on Monday it had encountered only water in a well it drilled in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region earlier this year, the first to be sunk in the country since civil war erupted two decades ago. The well, Shabeel North-1, reached a total depth of […]


Foundation concludes water project in Somaliland


The Khalifa Bin Zayed Charity Foundation has built 20 basins in valleys at south west Hargeisa, and drilled 14 water wells at north east Hargeisa and nine water wells and watershed basins at Boru. The water projects were carried out in collaboration with the Somali Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources. At the inauguration […]


Possible oil exploration deal still leaves more questions than answers

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland Mining and Energy Minister Dr. Hussein Ahmed Du’ale recently spoke to SomalilandPress reporter Shiine Elmi Kahin concerning possible oil deals that the Government of Somaliland is considering entering into with foreign oil companies. Firstly, the Minister gave lengthy explanation on the oil deals that his ministry signed with foreign firms and […]


SOMALILAND: Metro engineer appointed to cabinet post

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Hussein Farah, an engineer who’s been managing facilities contracts here at Metro, has been appointed to the cabinet of the newly elected president of Somaliland. The Republic of Somaliland, where Hussein was born in 1957, is is the size of Greece, bordering Somalia and Ethiopia with a coastline that stretches some 456 […]