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Somaliland Vice President joins Thousands in Eid-Al-Adha PrayerHargeisa


HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)- Somaliland Vice President Mr. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail ‘Saylici’ prayed Eid-Al-Adha with thousands of worshipers at Hargeisa’s main mosque Jama.Vice President accompanied by Speaker of Somaliland parliament Mr. Abdirahman Cirro, Chairman of Kulmiye pary Mr. Muuse Biihi, Ministers, Mayor of Hargeisa and MP’s of both Houses prayed Eid prayer with thousands with residents of the […]


The National Committee for Droughts holds a press conference in the Presidential Palace.

The Horn of Africa is experiencing severe drought (IRIN)

HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)–The National Committee for Droughts gave information about the severe drought that has affected the country over the last year. The committee which held a press conference in the presidential palace yesterday consisted of C/raxman C/lahi Ismail (Sayli’i),Vice-President of Somaliland, Minister for Planning and Development, Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire, Ministers for Farming, Religion, Veterinary and […]