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Kulmiye party wins Somaliland election

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Opposition leader, Ahmed Mohamed Siilanyo has been declared the winner of Somaliland’s historical presidential elections with 49.6 percent of the vote. During a press conference held in Mansoor Hotel in the capital, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced the final results declaring Kulmiye (Unity) party the winner. NEC chairman, Mr. Essa Yusuf […]


UDUB Party calls for delay in election results

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The ruling party of Somaliland has asked electoral officials to delay announcing results of Saturday’s presidential poll, saying there were “huge irregularities” in the vote. Officials from the UDUB party warned Wednesday that if the election commission announces the results, it could lead to instability that could jeopardize Somaliland’s security. The breakaway […]


From Sool to Salal – The Somaliland Democracy Prevails Again

Somaliland’s election was peaceful, without major incident and generally met international standards. More than a million Somalilanders turned out to vote in their fourth consecutive election. The delayed international response to Somaliland’s case of independence did not stop Somalilanders from building nascent and decent democracy. The international community should credit democracy progress in Somaliland with […]


SOMALILAND: VP arrives in Las Anod as UDUB party tries to win votes in Sool

AINABA (Somalilandpress) — Vice-President Ahmed Yusuf Yassin and a high ministerial delegation have traveled to the disputed southern town of Las Anod on Monday to persuade potential voters in the Sool region. Mr Yassin and senior ministers including the Foreign Affairs minister, minister of Defense, minister of Commerce and Industry arrived in the Sool provincial […]


Somaliland: The Last Day of Campaigning for UDUB

HARGEISA (SomalilandPress) –The ruling party UDUB finalized its campaigning trial in a major event this morning. Their campaigning which went on for seven days entered its last day and the party gave a big closure. In an event held at Beerta Horiyada in Hargeisa the largest number of supporters gathered around to hear what the […]


Why Somaliland Women For Change

LONDON(SomalilandPress)–Somaliland women are the symbol of Strength and Struggle for Somaliland’s independence. They are the pioneers of Humanrights in Somaliland which have been sabotaged by the current leadership in the last few years. Somaliland Women are also the pillars of society and the very foundation that Somaliland’s society stands on starting with the family. Humanrights […]


Somaliland Election 2010: Keep the momentum!

TORONTO–(SomalilandPress)–It’s obvious to witness that Somaliland is about to finalize its long and endured marathon and to become a fully recognized country, as all prerequisites set by international bodies are present including building reliable and stable government institutions that help promoting peace and harmony among diversified communities, democratically elected president, stern commitment and determination to […]


Vice President urges opposition parties to maintain peace during election campaigns

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Vice-Presidential Candidate Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Yassin warned opposition parties and their supporters against inciting violence during the on going campaigns period. Speaking at freedom park on Thursday, he thanked all residents of Hargeisa especially the ruling party supporters who had turned up at the campaign rally for their support and trust for […]


Somaliland elections: UDUB Party holds its second campaign rally

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Supporters of Somaliland’s ruling UDUB party have rallied across the country to show their support for President Rayale and his Vice-President Ahmed Yusuf Yasin. Thousands of loyal people took to the streets in several Somaliland cities on Sunday, waving banners and flags supporting UDUB for maintaining stability in the country. In Hargeisa […]


Somaliland election campaigns kick off

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The second multi-party elections for the presidency of the breakaway republic of Somaliland have kicked off, promising a tight fight between President Dahir Riyale Kahin and opposition leader Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo. The Somaliland government yesterday kicked off the election campaign with a short statement: “Somaliland presidential election campaign started officially today, and […]


Somaliland parties meet at the Chatham House

LONDON (Somalilandpress) — The Chatham House has facilitated a meeting on Thursday between representatives of Somaliland’s three official political parties in order to ensure a stable election process takes place in the country. Mr Faisal Elmi, Vice-Chair of UDUB Party in the UK, Mr Ibrahim Hussein, Vice-Chair of Kulmiye Party in the UK and Mrs […]


Seven Questions for the Kulmiye Party of Somaliland

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Kulmiye party of Somaliland is positioning itself as a party of change but its policies are ambiguous. The International Crisis Group cautioned against holding elections in Sool where the largest number of potential new ‘voters’ were registered last year although Sool’s turn-coat politician, Ahmed Abdi Habsade argued that no voter registration had […]


SOMALILAND: The three musketeers

WHO CAN BRING THE CHANGE WE ARE LOOKING FOR? Often i ask myself this question and never succeed answering it, for some people it might be so easy for them to answer this question because they already made up their mind about it, and whether that was for a personal interest or because they see […]


Somaliland recognition & Somali unity

This article will analyse the recent report of possible Somaliland recognition and how Somaliland independence is often perceived in Somalia. The future of the Somali nation will also be discussed. Israel’s possible recognition of Somaliland has recently been a popular topic of discussion among Somali news websites. The idea seems farfetched, if not wishful thinking, […]