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United World Colleges Opportunity for Somaliland Secondary School Students:


 Interview with Minister of Education Zamzam Abdi and President of the United World College Selection Committee for Somaliland, Jonathan Starr   Jonathan, tell us a bit about the United World Colleges. The United World Colleges (UWCs) are a collection of 14 related 2-year colleges around the world that offer the well-respected International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.   […]


Ethiopia:Fighting in Gaashaamo Province of Ogaden region leaves 3 injured, Reports


Burco Somaliland- Fighting between the notorious regional militia, Liyu Police, and nomadic civilians from the village of Boodadheere, Gaashaamo district of Degehbur province reported,following after the Liyu Police militia tracking down a commercial vehicle carrying ration,clothes,and other commercial items from Burco entered into the Village of Boodadheere. The Notorious Liyu Police militia tried to confiscate […]


Siilaanyo’s predatory behavior leading to grievances and tragedy


  Predation has become Siilaanyo’s new tool to enrich the administration’s well connected political and business allies. Predation is the concept of preying on the vulnerable. These include members of minority groups, mom and pop shops, fishermen coops, taxi men associations, farmers or their coops etc. These are vulnerable groups who earn less than five […]


South Sudan can still learn from Somaliland

somaliland south sudan

South Sudan can still learn from Somaliland South Sudan can still learn from Somaliland, I stress STILL because prior to South Sudan gaining independence I cautioned against the haphazard manner in which South Sudan was choosing to become a nation while neglecting to address the ethnic grievances, tribal and political tensions that were inherent in […]


The Inevitable conclusion to the Somalia & Somaliland Talks

Signing of Ankara Comminque.jpg2

Twenty two years after self-declared Independence and twelve years after the ratification of Somaliland’s constitution by popular vote, the democratically elected Government of Somaliland (GoSL) headed by its fourth president Ahmed Siilanyo had finally been given the opportunity to open dialogue with the internationally accepted President of the Somali Federal Government (SFG), Hassan Sheikh. Talks […]


Special Representative of the Secretary-General Makes Remark on Somaliland


I would like to quote the speech that Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia and Somaliland Mr. Nicholas introduce in front of the Security Council on December 10, 2013, “In Somaliland, differences have developed between the Government and the opposition. Opposition figures have on occasion been arrested or prevented from travelling. We shall keep […]


Experts say Somalia unity faces challenges

Somaliland  Somalia Flags Politics- game of strange bed-fellows

Somalia has been without a powerful national government for the past two decades. While the northern part of the horn of Africa nation has been  relatively peaceful, the southern and central regions have been plagued  by instability. Experts on Thursday said the social, economic and  political exclusion are the underlying cause of the instability. Conflict […]


Somalia’s Watergate Scandal: President’s Chief of Staff outmaneuvered in his bid to steal over 100 million dollar


Somalia has been hit by a scandal similar to the US  Watergate Scandal. The Financial Times, a respected international business  journal has reported that Yusur Abraar, Governor of the Somalia Central  Bank has resigned her position. Governor Abraar was appointed as a governor  just two months ago. The story, which was originally broken by Awdal […]


Sterling Energy announces farmin to Odewayne Block

oil rig23

Sterling Energy (AIM: SEY) announce that  its wholly owned subsidiary, Sterling Energy (East Africa) Limited, has  signed a Farmout Agreement for the Production Sharing Contract of the  Odewayne Block (the “PSC”), located onshore in the Republic of  Somaliland, with Petrosoma Limited. The current holders of the PSC are: Genel Energy Somaliland Limited (Operator) – 50% […]


Q&A: Somaliland leader Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo


The president of the self-declared republic discusses regional stability, aid, and African affairs. Somaliland, a self-declared republic inside Somalia, celebrated 22 years of “independence” last month. Somalia has recently again called for unity, but Somaliland’s leader says his region is doing better than other parts of Somalia. Sitting on the Gulf of Aden, Somaliland is […]


Rapes on rise in Somaliland, say medical officials

Djibouti is bordered by Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somaliland

An upsurge of gang rapes has hit the breakaway region of Somaliland – a normally peaceful enclave considered by many to be a sanctuary from  Somalia’s decades of violence. Knife-wielding young men follow  women along the dusty streets of Hargeisa, the capital of the region,  dragging them inside buildings to rape and rob them. Children […]


Somaliland: President Siilaanyo to visit UK


Hargeisa- Reliable sources close to the presidency have confirmed to Somalilandpress that president Silanyo is due to leave for Britain today, where president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud of Somalia is currently being hosted.  Mr. Siilaanyo’s expected visit to Britain comes after British foreign office and Common Wealth Officially unveiled the agenda for the upcoming International  Conference […]


Somalilan’s unshared problem

silanyo at kulmiye headquaters

The problems that Somaliland people share in common are many. Poverty is one. Ignorance is another. But bad leadership is unshared problem of Somaliland people.  The effects that are immanent in each vary. Poverty, anywhere, on any scale, is a potential strife. But poverty is not beyond repair and remedy. Human development and its mobilization […]