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Somaliland: Wadani Party Members Turn Out In Force at Saahil Region Caucuses

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BERBERA(somalilandpress)-Wadani has once again proved that it is a force to reckon with when thousands upon thousands of supporters loyal to the party converged in Berbera Football Stadium suppressing the one thousands delegates mark required by the Committee For Registration of Political Parties to participate in the upcoming elections. Wadani supporters started pouring at the […]


Launch of Amoud University Alumni Association


HARGEISA (SomalilandPress)–A launching Ceremony of Amoud University Alumni Association was held at Imperial Hotel, Hargeisa on Saturday Evening, 22/10/2011. The launch was attended by a high profile delegation from Amoud under the leadership of Amoud University President, Prof. Sulaiman Ahmed Gulaid. Members of the Delegation included Ahmed Abdilahi Boqore, Vice President of Amoud University and […]


Does Somaliland need more political parties?


Back in March of this year I wrote this editorial piece in SomalilandPress which I was against the formation of more political parties in Somaliland. In the last couple of months after president Ahmed Siilaanyo permitted more political parties to Somaliland there has been 6 new parties(UDHIS,WADANI,KAAH,DALSAN,DALJIR,RAYS) that I am aware of thus far and […]


Somaliland: Committee on the formation of more political parties returns with YES verdict


HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)—After three months of research and interviews with Somaliland citizens in all parts of the country, the committee that President Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo appointed for the task of formation of more political parties has handed in their result back to the president with a YES verdict. The statement from the Committee to study the formation […]


Somaliland: Former Vice President Ahmed Yasin objects more political parties


HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)—Former Vice President Ahmed Yusuf Yasin and the current chairman of the opposition United Peoples Democratic Party(UDUB) today objected the formation of more political parties at a convention that the party held today in Hargeisa’s Crown Hotel. The former vice president who is popular amongst the top officials in the UDUB opposition party was speaking […]