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Somaliland:Puntland releases ambushed hostages from Taleeh


GAROWE(Somalilandpress)- Somalia’s autonomous region of Puntland today released eight Somaliland officials who were ambushed from Taleh district in Sool region by militia from Puntland that crossed into Somaliland border illegally. Puntland military court sentenced the officials’ imprisonment ranging from ten to five year jail terms earlier this year after they were accused into entering Puntland […]


In Midst of Sever Drought in East Africa, Puntland Governor Slaughters Somaliland Officials

Farole's gangs abuse Taleh resident

By Dalmar Kahin TORONTO The governor of Bari (Puntland), a pirate-infested region in Somalia, just like a local thug desperate for attention, time and time again, proved to be the most ruthless, self-centered, and reckless gangster in Horn of Africa. From anarchic Somalia to peaceful Somaliland, the governor left no stones unturned to stir mayhem […]