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Somalia: Somali pirates release Danish vessel with six crew

Danish MV Leopard

Nairobi, May 2 (IANS) Having kept the Danish coaster — M/V Leopard — in their custody for two years, Somali pirates have released it along with six crew members, a Kenyan maritime official said Wednesday. The vessel which was captured in January 2011 was released Tuesday with the crew, reported Xinhua citing Seafarers’ Union of […]


Somaliland: Nine Convicted Somali Pirates Transferred From Seychelles Arrive


HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)-Somaliland authorities have taken into custody nine convicted privates from the Seychelles. The plane carrying the convict pirates touched down at the Egal International Airport at midday Wednesday and were immediately escorted to Hargeisa’s central prison which will be home to the pirates. Mr Mohamed Osman coordinator with Somaliland anti-piracy task force was at the […]


Somaliland Enacts New Anti Piracy Law


HARGEISA–Somaliland President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohammud Silanyo has approved three proposed bills into new laws enabling a legislation which will have wide reaching powers. the proposed bills which were previously tabled both in parliament and the house of elders were met by fierce opposition and after much consideration and intense deliberation the MPS reached a […]


Seychelles to transfer pirates to Somalia (Somaliland)


Like the other 92 Somali pirates held in the Seychelles’ hilltop prison, where inmates can glimpse a small, tantalizing slice of this island nation’s crystal blue water, Ali Mohammed insists he is innocent. “No pirates. Fishermen,” the tall, wiry 50-year-old insisted. The tiny island nation of the Seychelles is punching far above its weight in […]


Seychelles And Somaliland Taking Steps Towards Prisoner Transfers


London-Seychelles President James Michel and President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo of the Republic of Somaliland have discussed, in a meeting in London today, the transfer of convicted Somali pirates currently in prison in Seychelles, to Somaliland to serve their sentences. The meeting was attended by the British Minister for Africa, Henry Bellingham, Seychelles Minister Home Affairs, […]


Somali piracy ‘boosts Puntland economy’


New research suggests piracy has led to widespread economic development in some parts of Somalia. The study, published by British think-tank Chatham House, looked at detailed satellite imagery. Regional centres have benefited from substantial investment funded by piracy, but coastal communities have missed out, the report indicates. International naval patrols in the Gulf of Aden […]


Somaliland: A Reliable Partner in Combating Piracy


Piracy off the Horn of Africa increases every year due to constant instability in the region. In 2008, 111 vessels were attacked. Since the beginning of 2011, there have already been 188 attacks. Every year worldwide piracy costs the shipping industry billions of dollars in rerouting, ransoms, and many other related expenses. These costs are […]


As an Enemy Retreats, Clans Carve Up Somalia


DHOBLEY, Somalia — Adan Dahir Hassan sits in a bald office, wires dangling from the ceiling, handing out death sentences. Recently installed by an Islamist warlord, Mr. Hassan recalled how he had ordered a soldier who had killed a civilian, possibly by accident, to be delivered to the victim’s family, which promptly shot him in […]


Somaliland Government Appoints Committee To Combat Piracy


HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)–A committee appointed by Somaliland government to combat and prosecute all those that are responsible for acts of piracy off the coast of Somaliland had their first meeting today (Sept/6th/2011) in Hargeisa, the capital. This committee which included the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Somaliland Coastal Guards as well as […]

Somaliland, World

Somalia Is Not a State


Most think of Somalia as a single entity, but it needs to be conceptualized in terms of three distinct regions: Somaliland, Puntland and southern Somalia. The first two are functioning states in northern Somalia, whereas the rest of Somalia is an anarchic region allegedly governed by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG). The TFG is not […]


SOMALIALND: Somali Pirates Receive 8 years Prison Terms


BERBERA (SomalilandPress)—Saahil regional court in Berbera today sentenced six Somali Pirates caught in the shores of Somaliland on 24th of March this year to prison terms ranging from five years to maximum of eight years. Chief magistrate of Saahil region Mr. Osman Ibrahim Diriye who sentenced these Somali pirates to prison terms each held a […]


Somaliland Attends UN Security Council Meeting in Nairobi


NAIROBI (SomalilandPress) – Somaliland delegation today met with United Nations Security Council in regards to security situation concerns in Somalia. The delegation from the United Nations is led by the French ambassador in the Security Council Gerard Araud and US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Susan Rice. Somaliland delegation is lead by foreign minister […]


Indonesian army kills 4 pirates; 20 hostages freed


JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian forces killed four Somali pirates in a gunfight after a ship and 20 Indonesian hostages held nearly two months were freed, the military said Tuesday. About 35 pirates left the MV Sinar Kudus in groups Sunday after they received a requested ransom, Rear Adm. Iskandar Sitompul said. A special joint […]


Somali arrested in US on piracy charge


WASHINGTON — A 48-year old Somali man was arrested at a Washington-area airport and charged for his role as a ransom negotiator in the 2008 hijacking of a Danish-owned vessel and its American cargo, officials said Thursday. Ali Mohamed Ali was indicted for conspiracy to commit piracy and other charges, according to a statement from […]


Halo Trust Hands Over Rehabilitated Police Armoury to Somaliland Authorities


HARGEISA –The UK based international humanitarian mine-clearance charity group ‘The Halo Trust’ officially presented the keys for a newly rehabilitated police armoury to the Deputy Chief of Somaliland Police, Mr Col. Abdir-Rahman Liban Ahmed, during an official ceremony to mark the completion of the armoury. The ceremony was held in the Special Police Unit (SPU) […]


Emergent of murderers pirate and elite warlords, a serious threat to peaceful Somaliland


(SomalilandPress)–Surrounded by hostile environment the resiliency of the de-facto nation of Somaliland is constantly under serious threat from combinations of tribal warlords, piracy and Islamic hardliners. This glimmer of hope in the troubled part of the horn of Africa needs to be kept alive and effectively utilized to pacify the ravaged failed state of Somalia. […]