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SOMALILAND: President sends Independence Day greetings 52 years after British rule

From London's Public Record Office: Somaliland and British leaders agree to Somaliland independence

From the British Public Record Office, this historical picture shows Somaliland leaders and the colonial leaders in Hargeisa in 1960. From right: Ahmed Haji Duale Abdulle “Ahmed Kayse” (SNL/minister), Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal (first Prime Minister and leader of Somali National League – SNL) and Sir Douglas Hall (Governor of the Somaliland Protectorate). Haji Ibrahim […]


SOMALILAND: President orders emergency meeting on Taleeh Conference


HARGEISA — President Ahmed Mohamed Silaanyo ordered an emergency meeting of both Houses of parliament on Thursday following the declaration of semi-autonomous state within Somaliland by tribal leaders in Taleeh in Sool region. The president is to convene army chief, police commissioner, speakers of both Assembly and defense minister to discuss ways to handle the […]


Unguarded Somaliland President Takes a Stroll In Town


HARGEISA (SomalilandPress)–Somaliland President Siilanyo accompanied by the first lady, Presidential Minster, Somaliland Chief of Police and the deputy director of Somaliland Intelligence, were spotted last night Friday-(Sept/23rd/11) strolling different parts of Hargeisa, the capital. A not bewildered Somalilanders living in the city to see their president without guards, because it’s the third time President Siilanyo […]


Somaliland: Former Vice President Ahmed Yasin objects more political parties


HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)—Former Vice President Ahmed Yusuf Yasin and the current chairman of the opposition United Peoples Democratic Party(UDUB) today objected the formation of more political parties at a convention that the party held today in Hargeisa’s Crown Hotel. The former vice president who is popular amongst the top officials in the UDUB opposition party was speaking […]




They say Somaliland went to the sky They wonder how it jumped so high A level that made the world surprised Making state like this history recorded They say it is located in a dangerous region They wonder how it survived from assimilation Experts says anarchy and chaos spread like epidemics Realizing Somaliland is immune […]


Somaliland:Former President Dahir Kahin Expected To Return


HARGEISA (SomalilandPress)—Reports coming from Hargeia are saying that former President Dahir Riyale Kahin is expected to return to the country after three months vacation in Europe. Mr. Riyale Kahin who is currently in London, UK is expected to return in time for UDUB party’s convention that is expected to begin next month. Source close to […]


Op-Ed:Somaliweyn-2.0–From Nationalism to Subterfuge & Conspiracy


Introduction There is a new version of the failed concept of Greater Somalia, which I have named “Somaliweyn-2.0”, being promoted by a disparate alliance of Somali Diaspora intellectuals that are hostile to Somaliland’s independence for nationalistic or other reasons, and desperate (dare one say failed?) Somaliland politicians that sought political office and financial gain through […]