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The Victory of Politics over Principle


The Success of the Silanyo Government & the Compromise of Somaliland Recently the Somaliland Government held a three-day ‘Cabinet Seminar’ to discuss and assess its achievements and failures during the two and a half years it has been in power. At the end of the meeting, various Ministerial spokesmen advised the public and the press […]


It is the Silanyo administration that is inciting violence


Silanyo nakedly, unashamedly and unconstitutionally denied major political parties to exercise their fundamental rights to run for the upcoming elections. They were shunted off to exercise their rights by the sheer power of the government! The reasons the government took that unwarranted act was that they were afraid of the said parties because of their […]


Somaliland: The Last Day of Campaigning for UDUB

HARGEISA (SomalilandPress) –The ruling party UDUB finalized its campaigning trial in a major event this morning. Their campaigning which went on for seven days entered its last day and the party gave a big closure. In an event held at Beerta Horiyada in Hargeisa the largest number of supporters gathered around to hear what the […]


Somaliland: Foreign Minister Thanks Political Parties

HARGEISA, 14 October 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland Foreign Minister Abdillahi Duale today 14 October, thanked all Somaliland political parties, as well as the friends of Somaliland for their well spirited engagement and support. “The Somaliland Government brings to the attention of the international community that it affirms that a free, fair and peaceful Somaliland elections […]