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Somaliand:Nation to Mark the 22nd Anniversary of Independence on Saturday the 18th of May,2013


By: Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo In anticipation of Somaliland’s Independence Day, I, the President of Somaliland invite Somaliland communities around the world to come together in celebration.   On Saturday the 18th of May, Somaliland will mark its 22nd anniversary since declaring independence.   This presents a wonderful opportunity to come together as a people […]


Somaliland’s Case is Historically, Politically, and legally Justifiable

somaliland flag

April 13 – 2013   1. Abstract On May 18 1991, the ex-British Somaliland Clan Representatives and Somali National Movement (SNM) leadership had collectively and enthusiastically proclaimed that Somaliland British protectorate restored its independence and political sovereignty. This dissolution of 1960 merger was nonviolent, accurate, applicable and timely. Therefore, this paper is very much arguing […]


Mendacity, Thy Name is the Silanyo Government

Somaliland and Somalia sign agreement in Dubai, June 28, 2012

BY AHMED M. IBRAHIM EGAL Ever since the Silanyo Government embarked upon its dangerous and ill thought out policy of engaging with the ineffective, foreign-sponsored, donor-financed, and irretrievably corrupt lame duck ‘government’ of Sheikh Sharif, there have been many voices, inside and outside the country, asserting that this policy is the thin edge of a […]


Why Somaliland Matters: Missing the mark – Somaliland Mission

Somaliland May 18, 2012

After reading Mr. Abukar Arman’s article on “Sustainable Peace: Why Somaliland Matters”, I can’t help but notice a number of rather large inaccuracy and a surprising lack of knowledge on some basic facts. It is particularly disappointing when a representative of the TFG government; someone as eloquent and supposedly well versed on “Somali issues” treats […]


SOMALILAND: President sends Independence Day greetings 52 years after British rule

From London's Public Record Office: Somaliland and British leaders agree to Somaliland independence

From the British Public Record Office, this historical picture shows Somaliland leaders and the colonial leaders in Hargeisa in 1960. From right: Ahmed Haji Duale Abdulle “Ahmed Kayse” (SNL/minister), Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal (first Prime Minister and leader of Somali National League – SNL) and Sir Douglas Hall (Governor of the Somaliland Protectorate). Haji Ibrahim […]


UK facilitates first ever Somaliland-Somalia direct talks

Somaliland team for talks with Somalia

ADDIS ABABA — In a breakthrough development, Somaliland and Somalia are set to initiate first formal talks on intricate bilateral issues in an effort to finally end the saber-rattling between the two nations, Somalilandpress reports. The strategic dialogue was first proposed by the British government during a conference on Somalia held in London on 23 […]


10 Years after Timor’s Independence, Where Is the Justice?

OPINION | May 16, 2012 John M. Miller The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) congratulated the people of Timor-Leste as they prepared to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the restoration of their country’s independence on May 20. “This important milestone is the result of the persistent struggle and great suffering of the people […]


Diplomats For Hire

BRUSSELS, 12 April 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Brussels has one of the biggest concentrations of diplomats on the planet. Many nations keep three embassies here dealing with the European Union and NATO as well as the Kingdom of Belgium. Among the historic palaces, modernist landmarks or bland office blocks hosting national delegations around the EU headquarters, […]


Freelance diplomats Lend a Hand to Would-be States

Hargeisa, 2 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Western Sahara and Somaliland may not have much in common, but they share the same predicament: all are unrecognised states striving to capture international attention. Enter Independent Diplomat – freelance diplomats who offer their assistance to such nations-in-waiting. They have scored a notable success helping Kosovo win independence from […]


Somaliland Independence 26th June 1960: The World Press

British Rule In Somaliland Is Ended The Times Monday, June 27, 1960 Independence Day Celebrations HARGEISA, Somaliland, June 26, 1960 (Reuter): British rule ended here at midnight last night as fireworks and singing crowds heralded the Independence of Somaliland. Celebrations continued throughout the night. A big electric sign on a hillside carried the message: “Long […]