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British Somalis going back for a future

British Somalis going back for a future

HARGEISA — Parents of some British Somalis are sending their children back to Africa because they fear what might happen to them in the UK, writes reporter Jamal Osman. Hassan, a 20-year-old man from Sheffield, is enjoying life in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Back in the UK he faced so many challenges. His family was always worried […]


SOMALILAND: Turkey to open liaison office in Hargeisa

Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr Omar takes part in Istanbul II conference on Somalia

Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr Omar takes part in Istanbul II conference on Somalia HARGEISA — Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs have disclosed that the Turkish government would open a liaison office in Hargeisa and that the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağis is slated to visit the country soon. In a press circular, the department […]


Somaliland chief remembers start of Queen’s reign

aji Abdi Hussein Yusuf sends the House of Elders' congratulations and felicitations to the Queen

Photo: Haji Abdi Hussein Yusuf sends the House of Elders’ congratulations and felicitations to the Queen (BBC) Somaliland’s chief of chiefs became a tribal leader 12 years before Queen Elizabeth II assumed the throne and he has clear memories of the day she was crowned. My name is Haji Abdi Hussein Yusuf also known as […]


Somaliland: Youth Integration Cup kicks off in Hargeisa

Sohasco team basketballers in white uniforms seen battling with ball against a determine Asluubta side

Photo: Sohasco players on the offensive against Asluubta during the first day of the game (Somalilandpress) HARGEISA — Somaliland Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Mr. Ali Saeed Raigal, simultaneously inaugurated three-week long football and basketball tournaments this week in the capital intended to promote social integration through sports. The project is funded by Mercy […]


Somaliland: Our version of events


OPINION | MAY 29, 2012 I write this article because I have scoured the internet for Somaliland related opinion pieces and to my surprise I have found that there lacks a genuine viewpoint from young Somalilanders in Somaliland and those in the diaspora. With myself being from the diaspora and London to be precise I […]


Why not recognize independent Somaliland?

OPINION | MAY 22, 2012 By Ali Mohamed Twenty-one years ago this month, Somaliland was reborn when the tyrannical regime of Siad Barre collapsed. Since then, the people of Somaliland, which is the northern part of Somalia, have established a country built on the principles of freedom and democracy. But they still await recognition by […]


Somaliland Pulls Out of Proposed Talks With TFG


HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)–Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Mohamed Abdilaahi Omar has announced the decision reached by the government of Somaliland to pull out of the upcoming talks with the Transitional Government of Somalia which were to be held in London soon, we also denounce the tactics deployed by TFG President which are meant to undermine and […]


Somaliland: Somtel Opens New Offices In Oog


OOG (SomalilandPress)–Somtel one of the leading telecommunication providers in the country has opened a new offices in the town of Oog in Saraar region. Speaking during the opening ceremony of the new offices Somtel regional coordinator Adan Abdillahi Abdale said, Somtel provides a diverse range of services to its customers. The company focuses on telecommunication […]


Somaliland: SOLJA Secures The Release of Two Journalist


LAS ANOD (SomalilandPress)–The Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) has secured the release of two Journalists who were detained in the town of Las’anod last week for charges of propagating false information against the state on the clashes which occurred in Sool and Buhoodle, the charges which amount to sedition. The journalists mr Abdisaman Isse Mohamud (Keyse), […]


Somaliland; Constitutional Crisis Must Be Averted

NEC logo 1

HARGEISA(THT)–The government has got to immediately dissolve the local authorities country-wide, in order to avert constitutional crisis following the expiry of their tenure last night. This technical move would save face for a country whose perfection of democratic processes hence transition from traditional pacification council has made it a household name not only in Africa […]


Somaliland Ministry of National Planning Unveils Five Year National Plan


HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)–Somaliland ministry of National planning has unveiled a new five year national plan to be implemented by all governmental agencies in a meeting held at the ministry head quarter which was attend by the minister of national planning Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire and departmental heads at the ministry. The Director of national Planning Ahmed Abdillahi […]


Ottoman Occupation on Somaliland Started At 1546


Colonial Period of Ottoman Occupation on Somaliland about 466 years ago. Somaliland records of its own history and heritage is extremely poor and grounded in unproven verbal claims. But those discoveries could simply rewrite the history that was not part Somalia except the period of during the East African Campaign of WWII, the protectorate was […]