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Top TV presenters unite to help free detained Al Jazeera staff


Some of the world’s most prominent presenters from multiple news organisations have highlighted the importance of journalism by asking their viewers to “imagine a world where reality is distorted; imagine being kept in the dark about major world events; and imagine being silenced when speaking out could save your life.” The broadcast of the message […]


Ethiopia:Why do Arabs regard the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam with “apprehension”?


By Ethiopiawi Introduction The Nile is God’s gift to Ethiopia. For this reason one cannot dispute Ethiopia’s ownership right over the Nile without defying the will of the Almighty. Yet the  decision of the Ethiopian government  to build a hydroelectric dam thereon, called the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (hereinafter GERD), has been met with open […]


Ethiopia: Rumors of Water War on the Nile?


Dam War of Words Late last month, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid Bin Sultan fired a shot across the bow from the Arab Water Council in Cairo to let the regime in Ethiopia know that his country takes a dim view of the “Grand Renaissance Dam” under “construction” on the Blue Nile (Abbay) […]


Egypt could strike Ethiopian dam from Sudan


LONDON — Egyptian authorities fearful of a monopoly on Nile waters received agreement from Khartoum to build an airbase in Sudan, to launch attacks on Ethiopian damming facilities, claims the anonymous media outlet; Wikileaks. Wikileaks has leaked files allegedly from the Texas-based global intelligence company, Stratfor, which quote an anonymous “high-level Egyptian source,” claiming the […]


Camel milk may help control diabetes, researchers say

Camels are used in the tourism industry in Egypt, such as this one in Giza photographed last year. Credit: Carolyn Cole/ Los Angeles Times

Camels are used in the tourism industry in Egypt, such as this one in Giza photographed last year. Photo: Carolyn Cole/ Los Angeles Times CAIRO — Camels from Sudan and Somalia are led across Egypt’s deserts, where they are sold for meat or pressed into service hauling tourists around ancient tombs and temples. But one […]


EGYPT: Mohamed Mursi wins historical vote

Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi waves after casting his ballot at a polling station in the city of Zagazig on June 16, 2012. Photographer: Marwan Naamani/AFP/Getty Images

Mohamed Mursi waves after casting his ballot at a polling station in the city of Zagazig on June 16, 2012. Photographer: Marwan Naamani/AFP/Getty Images CAIRO — The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi has called for national unity following his victory in Egypt’s presidential elections. Mr Mursi, an Islamist and Egypt’s first democratically elected leader, said he […]


Africa’s largest dam to lift Ethiopia out of poverty

ADDIS ABABA — In the western fringe of Ethiopia on the banks of the Blue Nile river, the nation’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi thundered that the country would overcome all obstacles to complete Africa’s largest hydropower plant. “No matter how poor we are, in the Ethiopian traditions of resolve, the Ethiopian people will pay any […]


Egyptian doctors arrive in Somaliland

Egypt extends its soft power to Somaliland

Photo: Egypt extends its “soft power” in Somaliland (Mustafa Janaale/Hadhwanaagnews) New Egypt plans to strengthen its influence in the region by pledging ties with Hargeisa HARGEISA — A team of Seven Egyptian medics arrived in the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa, on Tuesday to provide treatment not available in the unrecognized nation. The delegation which included Mr. […]


SOMALILAND: Ministers return from Egypt, Kenya

Dr Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of the Republic to provide all means of legal and scientific support to the region and the exchange of scientific output of scientists

Photograph: Dr Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt is to provide all means of legal and scientific support to Somaliland (Wednesday 28,2011 — Al Wafd). HARGEISA — Foreign affairs minister Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar accompanied by the minister for presidential palace Mr. Hirsi Ali, returned on Saturday to the country, after a short diplomatic trip […]


New Egypt, Somaliland set to establish diplomatic ties

Egypt ready to open new page in relations with Somaliland

Photograph: Somaliland FM Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Omar meets with Egyptian officials in Cairo HARGEISA — Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs, arrived in the Egyptian capital on Saturday and held immediate talks with officials on various regional affairs, it was officially reported. Press statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Dr […]


Djibouti:President Ismail Guelleh Receives New Egyptian Ambassador Khaled Ahmed Taha


DJIBOUTI(SomalilandPress)–The Head of State, Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh, yesterday received in audience the new Ambassador of Egypt accredited to Djibouti, Mr. Khaled Ahmed Taha, who presented his credentials to the presidential palace. The President of the Republic, Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh, yesterday received the credentials of the new Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt […]


Somaliland eyes embassy in UAE

Dr Mohammad Omar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, is embarking on a mission to have his self-declared sovereign state recognised by the international community.

DUBAI — Somaliland commemorated the 20th anniversary of its founding on Wednesday — a major milestone in itself considering the unfortunate plight of central-south Somalia which plunged deep into a seemingly bottomless quagmire. [ad#Google Adsense 160x600r] After the hand-over of power President Silanyo, the new government immediately tackled many of the outstanding problems. It managed […]


Ethiopia to export electricity to 7 countries


ADDIS ABABA — Haile-Mariam Desalegn, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia has said, Thursday, that his country intends to export power to seven neighbouring countries after the completion of the Great Ethiopian Dam. Briefing newsmen in Addis Ababa, Desalegn, who is also the country’s Foreign Minister, said the construction had since commenced along the Nile […]


Israel will no longer be Egypt’s ‘pampered ally’

Egypt Flag

CAIRO — With long-standing president Hosni Mubarak — a key ally of Israel and the US — now ousted, Egypt will most likely be forthright in dealing with Tel Aviv, according to political analysis. Days after being selected for a foreign ministry post, Dr Nabeel Al Arabi, a veteran diplomat, expressed Egypt’s willingness to open […]


Ethiopia challenges Egypt and begins huge dam


Claims Egypt is blocking dam funding Ethiopia says resolve at “point of no return” Analysts fear world’s first war over water By Barry Malone ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopia on Wednesday said it planned to build a huge dam on the Nile despite a long-running row with Egypt over use of the river and concern the […]


Nile treaty set for ratification

The Nile river

KAMPALA (AFP) – Egypt is set to lose its veto power on rights to Nile waters after Burundi signed a deal paving the way for the ratification of a new treaty on the great river, an official said on Tuesday. “After Burundi signed (Monday), now the agreement can come into force,” Daniel Meboya, regional spokesman […]


DJIBOUTI: Abdourahman Boreh calls on the international community to halt the “brutal treatment” of anti-government protesters detained by President Guelleh

Boreh: Challenging for the Presidency of Djibouti

Somalilandpress received the following press statement from Djiboutian reformist and presidential candidate Mr Abdourahman Boreh’s office in London, UK. Mr Boreh was the chairman of the Djibouti Port and Free Zone Authority from 2000 to 2009 before he fled the country following accusations from President Omar Guelleh. Boreh was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment term […]