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Somali Conference: Condemned if Somaliland Participates in—Condemned If It Abstains from the Meeting

The following piece is part of our continuous coverage on the upcoming conference on Somalia in the British capital. Our policy of encouraging free and open discussion of the issues or presentations of all facts and opinions is always open to all regardless of view/political affiliation or beliefs. OPINION | February 2, 2012 By:Dr.Dalmar Kaahin […]


Waving Somaliland Flag—Pro-independence Rallies throughout World on May 18, 2011


Never before has an African nation suffered economically and isolated politically for decades because its citizens voted to regain their lost sovereignty to secure their self-determination, because they decided to embrace democracy and hold presidential elections, and because they rejected to be a menace to the International community. Located in a precarious and volatile place, […]


Somaliland Battles against Three Deadly Wars—Clan, Jihad, & Pan-Somalism

Somaliland army

While the International community revives Somalia, an ominous storm gathers at Somaliland´s borders. The storm gains momentum, and so does the invasive war with ghastly stories to tell. And unlike Somalia´s “Transitional Federal Government” (TFG) that fights against only Jihadists, Somaliland faces three violent groups with conflicting ideologies but with one common goal: achieving Somali […]


Somaliland Warns Puntland against Destabilizing Somaliland & Arming Violent Group

somaliland map

Somalilandpress- For quite some time now, little doubt remained that the violent armed group that so far murdered a number of Somaliland security officers purchased its weapons from Bosaso, Puntland´s commercial hub. But few knew that Puntland authority might be arming this Alshabab-affiliated rebel group, known as PSS (SSC/NSUM), and local clans to attack Somaliland […]


Op-Ed:Will Burning Somaliland Flag Reunite Former Somalia?


A paradoxical question, isn’t it? But among some Somali unionists, the recent successful Somaliland presidential election neither puts them in a state of euphoria, nor instills pride in them. Instead, panic and uncertainty blur their vision, where the only pragmatic approach to Somalia’s carnage seems to be vilifying Somaliland and suppressing the wishes of its […]