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SOMALILAND: Haud teams score with cash award

Haud football and basketball teams awarded by SomTel

BALIGUBADLE — Haud regional football and basketball teams were granted $1500 in cash award by SomTel on Friday as a part of its campaign to promote social programmes. With players as well as player families and members of the local administration in attendance in Baligubadle, provincial capital of Haud, SomTel announced the award. SomTel representative, […]


SOMALILAND: President attends State Tournament Games


BURAO — Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo marked the end of Somaliland national youth games in Togdheer’s provincial capital of Burao on Sunday evening. The president crowned Marodi Jeeh as country’s national champions after they won all events in basketball, cross country and football tournament. Abdiriyad’s first half goal proved decisive as Maroodi Jeeh […]