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Somaliland: A Landmark Peace Agreement on Buhoodle conflict

halgatosiye and silanyo

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland and prominent community leaders from Sool region of Somaliland has today, 12 August 2012, undertaken a landmark peace agreement aimed at ending the conflict in Buhoodle district of the Sool region, and resolving domestic grievances through peaceful means. Under this agreement, Somaliland Government today releases 86 prisoners from […]


SOMALILAND: President Meets with separatist leader in Dubai


DUBAI — Somaliland President Ahmed Silanyo met Friday night with the chairman of the Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) militants, amid peace negotiations between the two sides. It was the first time the President met the country’s largest separatist movement. Following the meeting between Mr. Silanyo and Suleiman Isse Ahmed Kara popularly known as “Hagaltosie”, […]


Somaliland: Captured 67 Militia in the Recent Fighting of Buhoodle Are Transferred to Burco Prison

Somaliland army

BURCO(SomalilandPress)–Somaliland army has transferred 67 militia men that were captured in the recent attempted suprise attack that Khatuumo militia launched against Somaliland forces but however were vanquished by Somaliland forces. The captured militia accompanied by their commander are currently being held at Burco City Prison as they wait to be relocated to Mandheer Prison outside […]


Military clashes in Buuhoodle: avoidable tragedy via talks

OPINION | March 7, 2012 By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye Since London Conference, there are inconsistent policies, and contrasting remarks coming out of the presidency in Somaliland, “we will talk to Somalia…,” whatsoever that entails. If the talks can achieve our long-term goal: outright independence, why not we do it earlier? And why we insist […]


BREAKING NEWS: Somaliland army overpowers surprise attack from militia


LAS ANOD — Heavy fighting between Somaliland troops and a tribal militia broke out early Wednesday morning in the village of Sool-Joogto in Buhoodle region, near the Ethiopian border. The battle erupted after tribal militia loyal to Somalia’s former Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galayr, backed by Ethiopia’s Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) rebel members launched […]


Ethiopia and Somaliland discuss recent hostilities in Buhodle

ADDIS ABABA-The government of Ethiopia and Somaliland held talks on regarding the recent skirmishes between Somaliland national army and militia group in Buhodle. This recent skirmishing in Buhoodle town and the wider implications it could have in the regional was the topic on the table as both Foreign and Interior Minister’s of Somaliland visited Addis […]


SOMALILAND: Clashes in Buhoodle region kill 40 (UPDATE)

LAS ANOD — At least 40 people have been killed on Thursday in clashes between Somaliland forces and a separatist tribal militia in Somaliland’s disputed border region of Buhoodle. Five soldiers from the Somaliland army were among the victims of the Buhoodle incident, which lies near the Somaliland-Ethiopian border. The violence there flared up after […]


Kenya’s Deputy Speaker visits Somaliland for talks

Farah Maalim visits Somaliland

Photo: Kenya’s Deputy Speaker received in Hargeisa by Somaliland ministers including the Minister of Religious Affairs, Sheikh Khalil Abdullahi Ahmed (Barkhad-Ladiif M. Omar/HOL) HARGEISA — Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya, Farah Maalim Ahmed, arrived in the Somaliland capital on Tuesday for purely personal visit but stressed he will hold talks with senior […]


Somaliland Community of Ottawa congratulates Somaliland National Army

Ottawa Somaliland community congratulates Somaliland National Army for their quick and decisive victory against the SSC terrorist outfit. On the heels his major speech, president Silanyo showed unequivocally his deepest commitment to the defense of Somaliland territorial integrity. SSC ragtag militia with their daily harassment of the local population and their alliance with the ONLF […]