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Somaliland Govt Invites Investors for Berbera port project


HARGEISA — Somaliland government urges international and national parties to invest in the redevelopment of Berbera port. In a statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Government of Somaliland stated that it is keen to enter a dialogue with both international and national investors interested in developing the Berbera port facility and the road […]


Somaliland: Red Sea Petroleum Becomes The Latest Firm To Place Bid For Berbera Fuel Storage Facility


BERBERA — Red Sea Petroleum Company Ltd. (“Red Sea”) is the latest company to place its bid with the national tender board in order to secure the rights to manage the Berbera petroleum storage facility after the Minister of Commerce Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed gave permission for private investors to place their bid to run the […]


Ethiopia denies escorting a Somali leader to tribal conference

HARGEISA — Ethiopia’s representative to Somaliland, Berhai Tesfie, strongly denied having relations with Somalia’s former Prime Minister Ali Khalif Galeyr on Monday in Hargeisa. Speaking from his office with Geeska Afrika newspaper, Ambassador Tesfie, denied rumors that security members of Somali Regional State of Ethiopia escorted the former Somali leader to Taleeh in Somaliland’s disputed […]


Somalia’s woes : Hope is four-legged and woolly


WHERE there are beasts, there is life, goes a saying in Somalia. Half of its people depend on livestock for their survival. This year they will export record numbers of animals. That seems improbable given that a famine is raging in south Somalia, which has seen over a million animals die of hunger and thirst. […]


Somaliland: Foreign Minister says Chinese Investment in Somaliland will facilitate the development of the country

Dr Mohammad Omar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, is embarking on a mission to have his self-declared sovereign state recognised by the international community.

HARGEISA (SomalilandPress)–Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar, today gave more details about the trilateral agreement between China, Ethiopia and Somaliland that the government pre-agreed last week in China. The Minister have said, that Somaliland has not any economic power, and he underlined that this agreement was all about the investment of the […]


Chinese Firm Eyes Gas Export from Calub through Berbera

Hong Kong- based PetroTrans

John Chine (left), chairman and president of PetroTrans, and Sinkinesh Ejigu, minister of Mines, at the signing ceremony held at the Sheraton Addis on Friday, July 23, 2010. The Ethiopian government decided last week to award the nation’s promising energy prospects down in the Ogaden Basin to a Hong Kong based company, following the departure […]


New Management Improves Berbera Port Functionality


Hargeisa (Somalilandpress)-With a limited time the new administration of Berbera Port has been able to improve the ports functionality. Under the Management of Ahmed Yusuf Dirir the Berbera Port has bought the technical equipments needed to manage the daily services of the port. The port has also received new medical facility, cosmatic improvements of the […]


OP-Ed:An Energy Self Sufficient Somaliland Part 2

Some might say; Habar fadhida lagdin la fudud, to describe my proposals of an Energy sufficient Somaliland but I would like to remind those doubters that developed countries didn’t get anything without working for it. In Somaliland case, hard work might not be necessary in fact little work would be needed if gas fields where […]


Somaliland to contract French firm in running of major port

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Abdillahi Mohamed Dualeh has stated that his administration was going to hand over the Berbera port to a French company in an effort to modernise the deep-water facility in the red sea to meet modern demands in the region. Representatives from France’s ”Bolloré Africa Logistics” have been holding […]


Bolloré May Sign $700 Million Port Agreement With Somaliland.

Dec. 23 (SomalilandPress)- Bolloré Africa Logistics, a unit of Bollore SA, may sign an agreement to manage the port of Berbera and oversee $700 million of upgrades to the facility in Somalia’s breakaway northern Somaliland region, Abdillahi Duale, the foreign minister, said. “Our discussions are already in an advanced stage,” Duale said today in an […]


French company may manage Berbera Port

Addis Ababa, October 12, 2009 (SomalilandPress)- Bollore Africa Logistics (SDV international), a French-based company, is close to striking a deal to manage Berbera Port, Capital has learnt. Eng.Ali Omer Mohamed, General Manager of Berbera Port Authority announced that a memorandum of understanding was signed between SDV representatives and port officials four months ago. He said: […]