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Somaliland: EARTH University Visits Abaarso School

Visitor from earth univ.2jpg

EARTH University, a leader in agricultural education and a MasterCard Foundation Scholars partner, sent a representative to visit Abaarso School and interview 6 of its students for potential scholarships to EARTH.  During her time in Abaarso the EARTH representative also presented information to the entire student body and answered numerous questions.   Abaarso School’s Headmaster […]


Somaliland: Abaarso School of Science and Technology Announces Final MBA Graduation


On April 27th, 2013, Abaarso graduated its final class of MBA students, 4 of whom received MBAs while 9 were awarded Post-Graduate Business Administration Diplomas.  The ceremony featured speakers including Vice-Minister of Education Ali Hamuud, former student Munir Abusita, and Abaarso’s head, Jonathan Starr.  The graduating MBAs are the last graduates of Abaarso’s ATU (Abaarso […]


Somaliland: Abaarso Tech Rumored To Be Closing and Americans All Leaving

Breaking news, Somalilandpress

HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)–Sources close to Abaarso Tech school have informed SomalilandPress that Abaarso Tech’s management team is so frustrated by government corruption and the clan politics they have run into that they plan to close Abaarso Tech and reopen a new school in neighbouring country. In the last few days Abaarso Tech was blocked from holding its […]


SOMALILAND: Abaarso Tech’s Mubarik Mahamoud paves the way

Somaliland flag flies high in Worcester Academy, United States

Mubarik flies the Somaliland flag high in Worcester Academy, United States after a scholarship, (Abaarso Tech photo) By Jonathan Starr, Headmaster and Managing Director Abaarso Tech University I met Mubarik 2.5 years ago, shortly after we’d completed Abaarso Tech’s first entry examination, but before the first class of accepted students was to arrive. Mubarik came […]


New York City Event Supports Abaarso Tech


New York City(SomalilandPress)–Two prominent Wall Street figures, Peter Collery and Anand Desai, co-hosted a fundraiser at the Yale Club for the benefit of Abaarso Tech. Peter Collery and his daughter Claire recently returned from visiting Abaarso Tech, after which their family vowed to do all they can to support the institution. Peter and Anand are […]


Abaarso Tech: a Path to Success

Students shoot hoops in Abaarso Tech University - Abaarso, Somaliland

ABAARSO — At the start of every semester, Mohamed Abdirahman fills the back of his rattletrap station wagon with fresh fruit and vegetables and hauls it all to a tightly secured compound on the outskirts of the aptly named village of Abaarso (Somali for “drought”) where his teenage son goes to school. “Just about everyone […]


How Great We Grew Up by Fadumo

The following essay is written by Fadumo who is a youngster at Abaarso Tech High School in Hargeisa. This is a firsthand look at the great work that Abaarso Tech is doing for our youth in Somaliland and therefore we at SomalilandPress team members would like to personally thank the great staff at Abaarso Tech […]


Abaarso Tech: Rising Up

The following is Abaarso Tech’s first Quarterly Newsletter, dubbed “Rising Up”. Abaarso Tech is a newly established nonprofit boarding school in Somaliland’s Abaarso village. See the attached pdf file for full details including photos. The pace of work has not slowed down at Abaarso Tech. During the previous quarter we added many extra-curricular activities that […]


Giving hope in Horn of Africa

City native to be honored WORCESTER (Somalilandpress) —  Jonathan Starr said some people have reacted incredulously upon learning that he abandoned a lucrative career as an investment banker to move to Africa and pursue a far less financially rewarding path. The 33-year-old Worcester native and Worcester Academy graduate founded a nonprofit, four-year school and graduate […]


Abaarso Tech Students Show Talent

“What it takes to make a difference in Somaliland?” The other night on 15 April’10, I had the opportunity to attend Abaarso Tech School’s first ever annual arts students presentation night. The evening included acting, singing and poetry in English and Somali too. Abaarso Tech is a secondary boarding school situated 20km west of Hargeisa. […]


Abaarso Tech: Somalilandpress sits down with Jonathan Starr

In an exclusive interview with Somalilandpress, Mohammed Ibrahim had the pleasure to ask questions Jonathan Starr, the co-founder and Managing Director of Abaarso Tech, a non-profit organization and boarding school in Somaliland. Mr. Jonathan, an Economics graduate from Emory University, is also the founder of Flagg Street Capital, a private investment company that manages more […]


Abaarso Tech Information Session in Boston

Located 18 kilometers outside of Hargeisa, Abaarso Tech is a four year boarding school for grades 9-12. Abaarso Tech wants to train the next generation of Somaliland thinkers! It has constructed a culturally specific curriculum that includes Arabic and Islamic studies, math, science, and logical thinking. Abaarso also has a variety of healthy after school […]