Published On: Mon, Mar 26th, 2012

SOMTEL unveils 3G network in Sanag and Sool regions

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ERIGAVO(SomalilandPress)–SOMTEL has for the first time launched 3G network services in Erigavo and Las-Anod this week, the company which provides telephone services, internet and mobile in all six regions of the country. On the 22nd of March SOMTEL launched it 3G mobile network services in Erigavo in a well attended ceremony which was held at the Hotel Mahuran, speaking during the occasion the head of SOMTEL in Sanag region Mr Ahmed Ibrahim said that SOMTEL is the only national company which traces its roots in Erigavo, the place where it was first founded and the company provides a wide range of services committed in satisfying the needs of its customers.

Elaborating on the benefits of 3G Mr Adan Abdillahi the regional coordinator at SOMTEL said, the service will enable SOMTEL to offer its subscribers a wide range of advanced network services while achieving a greater network capacity transfer rates and spectral efficiency. Mr. Abdinasir Awad (Donyo) who is the head of public relations at SOMTEL reiterate that SOMTEL is committed to focusing telecommunication development in Somaliland and that the 3G network provides a platform for distributing converged fixed mobile, voice data, internet and multimedia services. The governor of Sanag region Adan Deria Egal communicated with authorities in Hargeisa 700 km away via live video conferencing using the 3G technology, among those present at the luncheon were the deputy Mayor of Erigavo Mohamud Awad Du’ale, Prof Jama Hassan Hussein the Chancellor East Africa University and Mohamud Du’ale Anwar the Chancellor of Sanag University.

Meanwhile SOMTEL has launched similar 3G network service in Las-Anod, during the luncheon held in the University of Nugaal conference hall which attended leaders, academics, religious leaders media and the public. The luncheon was opened by Sheikh Saeed Ahmed Adar who recited verse from the holly Quran, addressing those attending the luncheon the head of SOMTEL in Las-Anod Farah Ali Mohamed gave a brief summary for the services SOMTEL provides to the people of Sool region. On the other hand, the head of public relation Mr Abdinasir gave an introduction of 3G network service in which he said 3G network features a wide range of services, advance network capacity and increased information transfers high capacity data transmission that would support video streaming and web browsing capabilities.

Mrs Zamzam Mohamed speaking on behalf of civil societies based in Sool region praised SOMTEL for their role in supporting various projects in Sool and she also pointed out that SOMTEL should given be an equal employment opportunities.
The vice chancellor of Nugaal university said the introduction of 3G network service will enhance the standards of education in Sool region, he also appealed to SOMTEL management to provide the learning institution with a fully 3G network service facility.

SOMTEL just recently broadcasted the national football tournament live all over Somaliland and also the basketball tournament using 3G network service to transmit live matches to the delight of thousands of viewers all over the country. SOMTEL was established in 2010 and since its inception customers base has enabled the company gain a significant market share in the industry marking challenging for the market leadership. Growth in the industry is expected provision of value added services diversification and product innovations, network and capacity expansion to enhance access and quality services.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

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  1. Madar says:

    yes we need to bring that region out from backwardness, especially the Sool region. Viva Somaliland.

    • saalax ali says:

      NO need This 3g network in These areas.
      Becuase There’s another local Company.. already started to bring This network…
      So keep it This 3g in your naso hablood

    • Awrbogeys boy says:

      Why are you insulting the whole people in the region of Sool especially as you put, and what backwardness are you talking about? if you're referring to the people hind SSC and Khatumo State address them separately instead of lambing everyone in the region together. And I love how you added Viva Somaliland at the end like you're a true Somalilander; If you were true Somalilander you wouldn't insult you fellow countrymen just because you disagree with a few bad apples.

      • ali ali says:

        There’s no such Thing call true…….. somaliland & fake somaliland,it’s all in
        Your mind,yes to somali north people of SCC, khatumo state,sool are all The some
        Those who Think They are different you Need to read history of These regions…
        Also There’s no bad apple in These….. Regions, The real bad apple is naso…. hablood admin who are mendeling sool & sanaag affairs which They will never be Successfull.

      • ali ali says:

        There’s no such Thing call true…….. somaliland & fake somaliland it’s all in
        Your mind,yes to somali north people of SCC, khatumo state sool are all The some
        Those who Think They are different you Need to read history of These regions als There’s no bad apple in These….. regions, The real bad apple is naso…. hablood admin who are mendeling sool & sanaag affairs which They will never be Successfull.

  2. abdi2 says:

    Maybe our brothers can emulate the good we have accomplished and unite against terrorism, endless and useless struggle that has no purpose and accomplishes nothing. We know you have a lot of people with good sense who know right from wrong.

    "U guntada nabadiina iyo hore u socodkiina"

  3. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    I need someone to tell me if this company is fully Somalilander or otherwise. I kept asking this for long, but nobody is willing to come out and say this and that!.

    I know the local executives are from Somaliland and they have done very good job, but I just want to know if this company is our own? Whoever want to comment about what I said, should stay of clannish and answer me as a patriot, because we must be free economically, before we reach our target politically. I think I have a valid point here, and the executives of this company has to come out and tell us how much we own in this company.

    • Guun says:

      The only thing I know about Somtel is that it is one of the Companies of Dahabshiil Group. I overheard Ali Khalif Galaydh was a partner once but the company was restablished in late 2009 therefore more information is needed.

  4. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    I beg your burden fellow citizens. I made mistake in my previous comments, because my intention was Telesom and not Somtel. We know Somtel belongs Dahabshiil, but we don't know Telesom belongs to who. That was my question and I am sorry.

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