Published On: Mon, May 21st, 2012

SomTel broadcasts Somaliland celebrations far and wide

HARGEISA — Local telecom giant, SomTel, has once more lived up to its reputation by providing free services to enable media houses to cover national events live transmission globally.

Indeed this onerous feat pioneered in this country by this company is
not for the first time, but surely, the umpteenth. Somalilanders
within the country were pleasantly marveled by surprise live radio and
TV transmissions from Burao’s Alamzey Stadium last year, just as those
in the Diaspora were equally elated.

Also memorable were the exhilarating moments when the annual national
celebrations last year was in livestream, a service they providently
contributed to again this year in a spirit of patriotism and the
enhancement of local social infrastructures.

On Friday 18th May 2012, the National Independence celebrations were
aired by the SLNTV, Horn Cable, Universal and Space Channel television
stations live from the public Independence Square grounds. So too did
the same stations transmit in the same mode the traditional evening
festivities held every year at the State House grounds in the

A terse press statement circulated by Somtel’s Public Relations and
Information department noted that the company is indeed a major
contributor to such public infrastructural services because of its
readiness to avail the ultra modern communication technologies to the

Wherever they are, the news hungry Somalilander populace will for a
very long while remember the live transmissions, including the public
debates aired from Hargeisa University, again courtesy of Somtel.
This company which is locally owned happens to be a major charitably
beneficent institution whose help has been likewise extends to health,
education and horde of other needs”.


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  1. Dhugtame says:

    Another good job by Dahabshiil group of companies.

    • kaboooon says:

      dahabshiil is still the biggest richest somali company in the world, so insulting it will not make it less rich. dont use dahabshiil, use dar00d ones such as amal and qaran which are renouned for their unskilled and unprofesional work force

  2. madar says:

    I believe what they mean by this is that SOMTEL has sponsered livestream broadcasting of events in Somaliland, much like their sponsership of the football tournament earlier in the year, in any case they should be appluaded for their actions.

    Viva Somaliland, and happy 18 May to all my true Somalilanders every where. Haters are going to hate, but they will never stop our progress and the day of our official recognition is just around the corner.

  3. Abdi12345 says:

    Keyse the loser,

    Obviously you hate anybody who is successful and Dahabshiil is no exception. Keep hating until you get drawn.

  4. ComeAgain says:

    Kayse lives of of HaterAid that guy wakes up hating folks damn Xasiidnimo really is a disease! This low life is on every article waiting to be the first poster lmaooooooo that is pathetic…… know you have made it when fa Qa ash are monitoring online articles so they can comment with some bs!

    Love Live Dahabshiil!

  5. ali ibrahim says:

    congratulations to somtel and dahabshiil group…. it makes us proud to be a somalilander. long live somaliland!!!

  6. troll hunter says:

    kayse is a troll, ignore him

  7. Wadani says:

    We should feel and be proud of our citizen[s] who is successful and support where we can. Dahabshiil money and success is hard-worn, and not from deception and miss appropriation of the people money. Congratulations to all successful business men/women of Somaliland. Just look whenever there is a problem in our country, Dahabshiil is the first to come forward and help, including last drought, which he provided 50 [fifty] tanker loads of water to the people who reside where Mr. Kayse tribe reside. His elders have confirmed this last week, when the famous un-patriotic all out war against our military took place in Hargeisa, and further clear Dahabshiil has anything to do with this masterminus

  8. osman5 says:

    Somaliland's day celebration was held in 95 different countries around world..

    Osman Qaal

  9. cimraan says:

    kayse true colors shows. He is Xaartumo in Somali disguise. IT HURTS HIM TO SEE ANY PROGRESS SOMALILAND Makes. Bro, SOMTEL is dealing with and providing 3G service. As a matter of fact Somaliland is well endowed when it comes to telecommunication and internet. As we speak a high speed internet cable is being laid in Hargeisa. So, you and the rest of the haters can’t hinder the progress of this COUNTRY.

  10. ali says:

    it’s another cheap propaganda your right kayse.

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