Published On: Sun, Apr 22nd, 2012

SOMTEL Announces Massive Reduction of international Call Rates

SOMTEL one of the leading telecommunication company in Somaliland has today announced a massive reduction of all international call rates; this was announced today by the Head of Marketing and Sales at Somtel Abdinassir Haji Saleban.

Mr. Abdinassir was accompanied by the deputy head of marketing and sales Mr. Ahmed Nuh Said, head of public relations Abdinassir Awad Muse and other top executives at the company.

The head of marketing and sales Mr Abdinassir speaking to the press revealed that the company is always committed to provide the best and advanced communication services our customers, Mr Abdinassir Said as of 21st April, 2012 Somtel will lower the rates of all international calls although this is not the first time we at Somtel believe that by reducing the costs of telecommunication we will enable people with modest means to take advantage of the transformative communication.

Mr Abdinassir said SOMTEL will from now on charge $1 for 20 minutes Airtime 24 hours for all international calls compared to before when we used to charge $1 for 20 minutes from 6:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m, the new charge will apply for both calls made from a mobile and landline.

Mr Abdinassir said there is no doubt SOMTEL was the first company to Introduce 3G network service in the country , he said 3G network features a wide range of services, advance network capacity and increased information transfers high capacity data transmission that would support video streaming and web browsing capabilities.

SOMTEL just recently broadcasted the national football tournament live from ALAMZEY STADIUM all over Somaliland and also the basketball tournament using 3G network service from to transmit live matches to the delight of thousands of viewers all over the country.

SOMTEL was established in 2010 and since its inception customer base has enabled the company gain a significant market share in the industry marking challenging for the market leadership. Growth in the industry is expected provision of value added services diversification and product innovations, and capacity expansion to enhance access and quality services.

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Reported by Goth Mohamed, Somalilandpress, Hargeisa

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  1. osman5 says:

    Advertisements for cheap calling rates in current Somaliland is like opening up a jewelry store in a poor neighborhood.
    An affordable telecommunication rates is a good thing to have, creating more employment opportunities would be better.

    Osman Qaal

  2. Mustafe Saeed says:

    "jewelry store in a poor neighborhood" dont know why does it look so hard for you to understand it.
    "creating more employment opportunities would be better. " think you could know the answer if you're into Somaliland's positive news, SOMTEL is till now the most private job creator in this region, it was offering jobs for university students for more than 2 years.
    and its good to have a good quality telecommunication with a cheap money, so that everybody will be able to use it!.

  3. abdi says:

    Why not to CANADA??!!! that is a disgrace leaving out one of somalis largest diaspora..i couldnt believe my eyes when i didnt see Canada on basically put every country on there except canada what a disgrace..come on lol

  4. abdi says:

    btw if any of you work there let them know we want answers why Canada is not on there lol

    • MsSomaliland says:

      Lol@Abdi …It's not fair what they're doing to the Somali Canadians!, I think y'all should strike, arintan 3 consecutive days Mudaharad ka dhiga :)

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Looks like Canada is included with the USA tariffs..being together North America! i make sense?
      BTW when will the JSL Postal & Telecomms systems adopt all-inclusive SLD single dialling codes for locals/Internationals..Telesoms inclusive?

  5. Khalif Sh Cumar says:

    This price reduction will destroy somtel as they are already out of cash and struggling. I am not sure how much longer Dahabshiil will fund somtel with people's deposits ?????????

    Anyway Wish them good luck………..

  6. Myob says:

    Are those horns growing out of his head that have been badly airbrushed out

  7. Guun says:

    Waar yaadhaheen ha diglayso! Do you expect Somaliland will gain any meaningful concessions from these diehards? No way, simply because they can not make their house in order without Somaliland. Hence, Somaliland should seek other alternative plans to free herself from these mara-boobis.

  8. Kayse says:

    My country is definitely on the list for the first time! But I disapprove their campaign image of the young man (I think its Mo Farah btw).

    How come he is wearing a British flag wrist band and they trying to use him to advertise a "Somaliland product"? There is something wrong with that image, it just goes to show they dont pay attention to "details" and are "careless". Because thats image for you and this image sends a mixed message.

    I would stop using it. I know advertising, brand development and intellectual rights as well as key business development and if I was them I would also change that "logo" because any kid with photoshop or illustrator or even lower programmes can put the letter "s" on a satellite dish image they found on the net.

    The image the logo conveys to people in this case is "SomTel" is cheap because they got the satellite dish from online, used British flag, put weird looking S on it.

    Fix it up guys.

  9. Kayse says:

    Finally I would like to add that how come all the countries they spelled it the proper International manner but decided to make Malaysia are joke? Can't they spell Malaysia? Again details…details…now how do I know their $1 promotion is not really $10? Maybe its missing the tailing zero…they misspelled and chopped up things why not? It can happen.

    I am a critic and I want them to have standards.

  10. Kayse says:

    I did say finally but opps..I would also like to bring your attention to another issue. Somaliland should have at least 8-9 digit telephone system. What is this "333"?? I mean how can you work with 3 numbers with a population of 4 million? I am sure you guys did the laws of probability at school and how many permutations exist for three digits? (10x9x8 sax?)

    We should have 8 digit system and each region should have its own area code rather than each telecom having its own code (47, 41, = telesom while somtel uses 98, 97,)…

    It should be Maroodi Jeex = 01, Togdher = 02, Awdal 03, Sanaag 04, Sahil 05 and Sool 06…

    Let me give you an example why these codes are vital to Somaliland's own national security for example…

    Lets say Mr Digag lives in Hargeisa and decided to get SomTel sim-card…the number he obtained should work directly in Hargeisa but when he travels outside Hargeisa…connection should not go in unless people dial 02 if he is now in Togdheer (Burco).

    We can track the movement of dangerous elements right now a person just gets a sim card you not sure if he is calling you from outside Las Anod or Hotel Mansoor.

  11. Abraham says:

    You are right mate, our people no matter how educated they are, have no respect for intellectual or copy rights. I guest they just can grasp these concepts.

  12. faysal ahmed says:

    not realy wrong keysa

  13. mo ahmed says:

    well done

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