Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2013

Somaliland:Turkish foreign policy; the great mediator between Somalia and Somaliland.

Turkey’s mediating skills have even aroused excitement in Africa. Mr Davutoglu Turkish foreign minster  recently revealed that Botswana had sought his help in fixing a territorial dispute with Namibia. Flattered though he was, however, Mr Davutoglu confessed that, for once, he was stumped.
But recently Turkish government has invited officials from both the Somalia federal government and Somaliland government to hold first talks in Turkey in the mid of this month, Somaliland foreign minister Mohamed Abdullahi Omar said on Monday.

In a press conference in Hargeysa, minister Omar confirmed that Somaliland administration has received the invitation letter from the Turkish prime minister to come to Turkey for talks with the Somali federal government.

“Both sides of Somaliland and Somalia have received the invitation and we confirm that we have officially approved.” the minister said.
Somaliland, an autonomous region in the north of Somalia has been lobbying to be separate state from Somalia since 1992, a year after the overthrown of former central government in Somalia, However, Somaliland’s self-proclaimed independence remains unrecognised by any country or international organization.

In 2012, both sides have started the first formal talks in London and were mediated by the British government but this time it is a new Turkish initiative.
“The two presidents will sit together and will discuss various issues concerning Somalia and Somaliland.” the minister added.
Somali federal government has not yet confirmed the initiative.

On Sunday, Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo has repeated that his administration will not attend the upcoming London conference on Somalia hosted by British government that will be held on May 7th, 2013 in London.The Oil and mineral discoveries by Turkish companies in somaliland  give Siiraanyo  government more leverage than before .

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  1. reer fooxa says:

    What a brainless bunch of cowards! How Turkey will be a mediator if it mostly support Southerners, and
    don't really know the fact behind there. The result is prove know and it is like taking 15 yrs for fufuderation with Southerners piracy leaders.

  2. Truth10 says:

    I doubt that Somaliland recognition is as possible as 10+ years ago, now that Khaatumo and Awdal have changed their mind and chose to stay united with the south. Our Isaaq brothers have no choice but to negotiate at the end to power sharing, unless they want to continue with holding Awdal and Khaatumo hostage, which is highly unrealistic in the long run. If they choose to be stubborn, the IC will then empower Khaatumo and Awdal as a last resort method. And we all know how the IC can empower and equip a group. This could really turn unimaginably very ugly for the separatists.

    • xarbi says:


      " This could really turn unimaginably very ugly for the separatists. " like last time….kkkkkkkkkkk
      Forget somaliland my sister, it is long gone. just focus on building your country and feeding your people

    • hornid says:

      TruthBS how u feel to accept arm and even soldier from traitor somali small Isse clan from Djibouti. Really zoomalian are shameless and believe me Somaliland is so much stronger than 10 y ago and time is working for us.

    • ALL-AYOUBI says:

      Mr truthless

      Didn't I told you b4 you have ISAAQ issue, and you're not the only one, so how could be helped you and those bro, because we're not just put our weapons down that easy, because this come by bullets, not a request. are u guys ready another rumbled in the jungle, and the first ones whom will be effected by our disappointments will be khaatumo and awdal, so if you want that keep up the ISAAQ hater speeches.


    The Turkey talks are a public relations stunt and a photo opportunity for turkey and above all for Somali government ahead of the London conference than anything else.
    Think of the timing- just before London conference. Think of the host nation- politically bias country.
    Somaliland is handing a propaganda coup to Somalia.
    These talks are not going to yield anything substantial for Somaliland.
    The Turkish talks should be boycotted until a publically neutral venue is found and the London conference concludes.
    Turkey and any Arab country are not honest broker so Somaliland should tread carefully.

  4. ALL-AYOUBI says:

    About 130 years ago the muslim world ruled by Ottomans empire, there were no such as rich arab countries, we well-informed how live in arab countries were, at end of world war 1, English man called LAWERENCE of ARABIA come arming the arabs to get rid of Turks, then big oil companies own britain and America made arabs whats they are now (well almost it took them 100 yrs to manage their own oil wells), then the Turks didn't like it, let me inform you also that the ruling party in turkey A K PARTY is Islamic modern party and its the new version of Ottoman empire mentality and it took them to come back in world arena almost a 60 years, and they have been in power within last decade and half, well aware the new world order, and they don't approve the very tie policies between the western countries and the ruling family in the arab world, therefore Turks will not do the same mistake that they have made a 120 years ago since Somaliland was that part of ottoman empire and now the one and only Turkish oil company has found oil in Somaliland, I don't think they will do the same, and lets not forget about what world we living in; IT IS A DOGGY DOG WORLD, interest baby.

  5. Ayanle says:

    Bla Bla Bla WHY ! why not us Turkey ?!

    We somaliland loves you so much we even…

    * Digging in the Past * Had Some Ottoman Master in the past (Just before Master England coming) So Please

    love us and not the Zoomalian we are Begging you !

    Thats how Somalilander used to see Turkey

    1 years ago until the regular slap in the face !

    So the question is What’s in it for Somaliland ? Nothing at all. as usual they Foresee the Slap in the face But since their Master and International Donors force them they Will assist the meeting even knowing that they Will get Zéro, nada.

  6. ALL-AYOUBI says:

    The world politics changes by the minute, since Somalia has been in mayhem for the last two decades and that number of Somalis were living in UK, EU,USA and arab countries, but not turkey (well not as much as those countries) none have done nothing to help, then turks come, starting helping poor people, the western countries reilase the turks work, start copying, and rhe arabs told the turks stop helping and digging oil, then Somalia president start sucking up western financially, then turks found oil in SOMALILAND with their own company, then it is a new ball game.

  7. Osman says:


    Though I received the following "This comment has been deleted by the administrator"

    My posting (and the attached Link) was an entirely non-confrontational or abusive, please read and reconsider. If anything I'm encouraging the masses to abstain from the clan warfare so prevalent here.

  8. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    Turkey there is four main clans in Somalia

    One clan is in Somaliland
    One clan is in Puntland
    One clan is in Jubaland And the rest of the moryaans clans are in Mogadishu.

  9. Ilyas says:

    Writing lon essays will not change my mind. I will never recognise somaliland, and no one dubbed somalilander will ever be born. Keep crying while somalia move forward.

  10. osman Qaal says:

    Each participant of this meeting has a different interests as well as expectations in the outset.
    A) Turkey as a mediator in this setting, is looking for it's own interest since Turkey thus far has invested more money and manpower in Somalia than any country in the world..Turkey for sure doesn't want this meeting to be wishy washy, like the last Somali tribal gathering that was turned into tribal war in Istanbul. That's indeed quite the joke. Turkish official at that meeting weren't impressed at all. Alternatively, Turkey sees Somaliland as the playmaker in this game if Somaliland plays its cards right.

    B) Somalia's interest in this meeting is very obvious, of which in fact to appease it's new master, In other words, if Mr. Davutoglu says jump to Mr Mohamoud, All Mr. mohamoud's can ask is how high? nothing else. So, Somalia's expectations are clear. Unless, we're kidding ourselves.

    C) Somaliland is going for this meeting to reiterate a message once more to the IC that Somaliland's sovereignty is non-negotiable. Somaliland doesn't owe Turkey anything, so, if Turkey doesn't like Somaliland's affirmation to the rest of the world .. hey! too bad, so sad..

    Mr. Silanyo or Mr. Omar, whoever is attending the meeting, can also remind his Turkish counterpart we can cease GENEL's oil explorations in Somaliland and replace with it's competitors anytime if the Turkish government doesn't openly support Somaliland's sovereignty, not to mention sweetening the pot for Somaliland.

  11. Dhugtame says:

    To be honest, I can not think of a single valid and convincing argument, which the Somalians can bring to the table in Turkey or else where. They have nothing to add to the " Somali unity is sacred" slogan. Why this thing is sacred can not be defined, since the other three Somali territories are long forgotten and the Somalians can not even dare to mention them.

    Can anyone politely tell me and the world why this thing is sacred without drifting to other subjects or resorting to abusive language? Can we all start afresh and begin debating like civilized grown-ups, stop mentioning tribe names and stop being mean to one another and learn to respect the views of others? No more clan names, no more SNM or other organization bashing. Because these will make us look like no bodies.

    I ask Somalilandpress to moderate this forum effectively and not to let the small brains to steal the show.

    • Kaarshe says:

      I agree with you that these Somalians have no valid arguments, but they believe wihout Somaliland, there will never be a stable and viable government in Somalia, and that's why they are always crying for Somali unity.

    • osman Qaal says:

      Hoping to get a meaningful debate from our brothers and and sisters from the south is as difficult as an attempt in extracting a drop of blood from a stone.. it's not only difficult but impossible.. you should know better by now..

      • Kaarshe says:

        Waar yaadhaheen, ma wallaweyn baad garawshiinyo ka sugeysaan? Waar nimanku afka iyo gacantaba waa ka baqayliin, waxaa taas u daliil ah weligaa ka maqlimeysid iyagoo leh walaalahayaga Somaliland ama reer waqooyi iska daa waxay ku siiyaan iyo hadal ay kuu qiraane, meesha reer Somaliland had iyo jeer ku tiraabaan "walaalahayaga Somalia waxaanu u rijeyneynaa nabad iyo badhaadhe". Waxay iigu muuqataa in nimankaas innaga dhaxayso garcadaawo iyo hangool faraarro-dheer oo laysaga hayo. Xal kale ma muuqdo aan ahayn sutigaashaan.

  12. Ali says:

    You are quite amusing Mr. no body kkkkkkkkk!

    • Ilyas says:

      I am somali, and the world knows who am i. You are a pathetic person who calls himself "somalilander" keep begging, im not going to recognise you no matter what you wanna give away.

      • xarbi says:

        kkkkkkkkkkkk the day we require darood recognition

        • Buuxiye says:

          We do not need to worry about Darood nor Hawiye nor anyone from Somalia. Simply because they are their own worst enemies.

          Somali-Republic needs Somaliland's recognition otherwise all they have is Somalia-Italia and their pre-Union border as no contract outside that border will ever be valid or legitimate in any courtroom.

          Somalia-Italia Road-map government is far better off focusing on their own signatory territory to gain legitimacy and an end to conflict, poverty and political corruption. It is a cancer to a society when a great portion of their political representation is allocated to a people from a foreign country(Somaliland) while people from Somalia are being denied that political post.

          Examples is Fozia is given a high profile post while the people of Somalia are not even allowed to vote in Somaliland-Republic. Such a level of corruption is harmful to a society that wishes to recover from the rim of doom.

          We will never recognize the Somali-Republic nor is there ever going to be benefits in a reunion.

          The UNION requires a Cold-Turkey approach so peace and progress can be established in the region.

  13. NLander says:

    Darood are bitter, they cant stand simple history of Turkey having ties etc. Xasidnimo is a sickness that clouds our enemies minds…..may it long continue to be our ally!

    Stew in your hatred of Somaliland, sit in it, swim in it. Sad cases!

    • kfc says:

      1/3 of the population of the entity of somaliland consists of darod. Does this mean 1/3 of somalilanders are bitter and vile?

    • Ayanle says:

      If Mexico Was willing to engage with somaliland
      I bet one of your people would start Making up some false Ancient Ties with that country.
      They be like walahi we have Maya Ruin in Somaliland !

      • kio says:

        ayanle but the turkish used trade with us long time ago

        • Ayanle Faqash says:

          Boy Everybody set a foot once on the somali peninsula. Indian, chinese, British, portuguese
          Does that makes Portugal or India spécial in my eyes ? Not at all.

          • xarbi says:

            That is because no one went to zoomalia, they were all coming to somaliland my friend. Turkish and chines were long trading partners.

            Even greeks were in berbera and zaylac. Were was the darood sub-clan

          • Ayanle says:

            You can Add vikings and Cherokee too lol. Where are they now when you need them the most to recognize you ?

  14. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    My sources in PM office have told me that there gonna be no meeting taking place between the federal republic of Somalia & the local admistration in northern Somalia schedule anytime soon. The only conference the Somali gov't is attending is the one in London which it will co-chairing with the U.K. PM. So this big bald headed stooge can go and hold his on meeting with his fellow khat addicts hallucinationist.

    • Irir Samaale says:

      Are you trying to deliberately give them hearth attack or something.

      Even if they went to Turkey the Turks will simply give them a seat then massage their back for a while once they're comfortable b!tch slap them back into reality just like the rest of the wold did before them.

    • Somaliland activist. says:

      If your comment has any closer truth to it. Somaliland will be very happy about because, this kind of behaviour will bring IC closer to recognizing Somaliland. I dare Somalia not to go to this conference in Turkey.

    • Buuxiye says:

      Well the Turkey Meeting between the TWO-States is part of the action points that were agreed in the London-Conference-One.

      If the objectives of the London-Conference-One have no merit there is no need for a second conference to be held in London for all it's objectives will be lost too.

      Two state dialogue process enhances the credibility of the Road-Map-Government. RMG-President Hassan Mahamoud is aware of this even if his Lakey Prime-minister speaks while intoxicated.

      Without the Summary conclusion of the agreed 2-State dialogue process THERE is ZERO RELATIONSHIP between SOMALILAND-REPUBLIC & Somalia-Federations. This is a blessing in disguise for Somaliland-Republic for there is no longer a posiblity that the RMG can claim to represent Somaliland.

      When the London conference -Two occurs the donor body will be aware that the conference is simply for Somalia-Road-Map-Territory aka Somalia-Italia full of warlords, pirates, Shabab and violation of human rights abusing military and police officers. In addition anyone that reports a crime is arrested and the corrupt politicians siphon state funds into foreign accounts.

  15. Barwaaqo says:

    Walaweyntu are not reporting this news I wonder why?

    On January 17, 2013, the United States Government announced its formal recognition of the Government of Somalia. The United States had not recognized a government in Somalia for the previous 22 years. Although the U.S. recognition underscores a strong commitment to Somalia’s stabilization, it does not remove the importance of U.S. sanctions, especially against persons undermining the stability of Somalia. For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency with respect to Somalia and to maintain in force the sanctions to respond to this threat.

  16. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Let me tell those Wanlaweyns who repeatedly speak negatively about my country Somaliland, that the Turkey negotiation between Somaliland & Somalia will achieve it's goal, because Somaliland was a recognized state before we join Somalia and Turkey internal problem has nothing to do with this meeting. We are going there to tell Mr.Garguurte, that if you want peace in the Horn, you should accept the reality on the ground and agree to the guest of the people of Somaliland to a separate state that needs to live peace with its surroundings.
    Those who say Somaliland is not together for this guest, should know that the people of Somaliland are together in this, except few who are merceneries used by foreign powers and some who only think of their pockets.

  17. Dhugtame says:


    Somalilanders have a saying that goes " you can not train hyenas to look after sheep" . Here, you can not teach logic to Somalians, because they would have solved their internal problems decades ago other than being heavily preoccupied with transgressions on the rights of their neighbors.

    We wish them all the best and ask them to leave us alone and to take care of their own internal problems, is that too much to as for? Someone with functional faculty of logic in his brain will say "NO".

      • Buuxiye says:

        Dhugtame the reality UNION is like a drug that some people are addicted to Both in Somaliland and Somalia.

        A drug addict does not care about the drug itself s/he is consumed by the effect of the drug, the feelings induced by the drug. The addict is willing to sacrifice all their belongings, their sanity, their family and their live to keep hold of a single moment of effect.

        Rehab is seldom a pleasant experience and it is very painful. The only solution sometimes is to force a state of cold-turkey on the afflicted addict. This addicts believe there is no happier state of existence if they discontinue their habits.

        The UNION addiction like most addictions destroys the afflicted, ruins their relationships, depletes their health and after some 30years of addition the only cure is death. Even of they are forced out of the habit they must avoid anything and everything that reminds them of their addiction.

        Addicts are like Vampires the only solution is to put a stake through their hearts before they suck the live out of you.

        Ethiopia was a vampire on Eritrea until Eritrea aimed for their heart.

        Sudan was a vampire on South Sudan until cut the arteries of Sudan's heart.

        Somalia is a vampire on Somaliland until we fill Somalia's hearts with hate for us.

        An example would be to demand immediate expulsion of anyone from Somalia across Somaliland and at the same time to offer citizenship to all the Oroma people.

        Imagine how much they would learn to hate us then… However drastic it may sound we have failed to make them the ones who beg to end the UNION.


  18. cimraan says:

    One thing. Let us be honest with each other. This whole thing about Unity is not genuine at all. I t has to do with the animosity and hate of the Faqash towards the Isaaq people. The Faqaash and its subclans want to eliminate the Isaaq clans. They 2 opportunities to accomplish that but failed. The first was when the Mad mulla tried to eradicate the Isaaq clans and failed at the turn of last century. the second time was the last dictatorship of Siyaad bure at the end of last century. AND every time the theme they used was unity and somaliwyn . This is not going to happen again god willing. The rest of Somalis are some how don't see that. I don't know why. especially the Hawiyee and Rahanwayn. I'm not sure why is that. are they naive or stupid that they can't see that. The prime minister just visited the grave of the dictator. And asked the US to commute the sentence of the butcher of Hargeisa. What you call that. Some of the Darood tribes are more responsible for these atrocities than others particularly some the Dulbahante who are root cause of both occurrences. One of the things that baffles my mind is if you are looking for brotherly unity you don't use violence to accomplish that and by all means don't put salt on the old wounds. I'm certain that Landers will never trust the southerns at all. Because one part of the population is drunk with hate to the point of blindness and the other part is oblivious to it.

  19. Ibrahim says:

    cimran ciira.

    Worry about your fake recognition , because today somaliland region is in LIMBO. don't worry about Darood THESE guys are already establishing second state.

    Darood done this to us for last six hundred years and so forth never ending story.

  20. cagaf says:

    Turkish interest in Somali affairs is one of the greatest calamities that happened to Somaliland cause since 1991. Turks have an almost genetic fear about secessions and countries breaking apart. Their communal psyche is still scarred by the destruction of the Ottoman empire after WW1. That fear has been fed ever since the Kurdish quest for separation from Turkey.

    Ironically Turkey also has the experience of causing secession when it invaded Cyprus in 1974 and cut off the northern part of that Island into Turkish Cyprus. However this does not form part of Turkish political pyschology. The Kurdish question very much does.

    So anyone expecting Turkey to support Somalialnd cause is living in cloud cuckoo land. It will try to destroy Somaliland; as gently and peacefully as possible. Like slow smothering of an infant child. We must be wary and alert to its machinations without offending them beacuse like all Asiatic races, they can nurse a grudge for centuries and be vengeful in the extreme if they think their 'honour' or 'dignity' has been somehow impugned.

  21. Ali says:


    Right on the point unlike clueless Somaliland haters.

  22. ahmed says:

    The simple thing is ( The reality is the world is not buying anymore s/land region becoming a country). ASK yourself this, this is common sense if s/land region couldn't become the last twenty years a country while moryaan area in somalia civil war continue , what are the chances s/land region becoming a country now it's ZERO ZERO ZERO. because now somalia have government now. think about this.

    There will be NO state dialogue, if that is the case why the two are meeting. somalilan game over they have no choice, no where to turn what a shame. they lost good opportunity.

  23. deka says:

    Agree well said.

  24. Irir Samaale says:

    This says otherwise… or are you trying to convince me that they're all from koonfur.

  25. osman Qaal says:

    Your info is from the same source..your are follwonig the false prophecy..

  26. Buuxiye says:

    I have no idea what your Link proofs?

    90% of those men will never visit the people they claim to represent nor will they ever make any difference to the lives of those who they claim.

    None the less i have no issue how you run your politics if it works for you then i am glad for you. If you can end corruption, fake representatives, warlords, terrorists and treasonous individuals it will sped up your countries progress and development.

    The question that remains is DO you believe UNION is born out of HATE or FORCE?

    22-years of hate has burried the feelings for UNION.

  27. Abdi1234 says:

    This really pathetic, the guy is trying to convince us that the warlords in Mogadishu, Somalia have the authority to hand-pick MPs for Somaliland. FYI Somaliland representatives are elected through one man and one vote transparent system.

    How can illegitimate regime in Mogadishu choose those we want to represent us. You never learn from your mistakes, Siad Barre's dictatorial regime was defeated and placed in the dust pin of history.

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