Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2013

Somaliland:Seven Point Agreement is Signed in Ankara by Somaliland&Somalia

Somaliland and Somalia 10 man technical committee have tonight signed a 7 point memorandum of understanding at the presidential palace in Ankara this after preparatory talks which took place last Thursday between the two sides in Istanbul.

The Agreement came about when the two sides met at the headquarters of Turkish foreign affairs and international relations building in Ankara, Turkey.

The agreement which was signed on behalf of Somaliland by foreign minister Dr. Abdillahi Omer and the Somali Interior minister Mr. Abdikarim Guleed both as heads of the two technical teams representing the two sides.

The signing of the new agreement took place in the presence of Both President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo), Somalia President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud and President Abdilahi Gul ,today’s meeting was held under the auspices of the Turkish Foreign minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu

The Seven points are as follows:-

1.       Both sides will engage in future talks.

2.       Those future engagements will be based on those of London and Dubai meetings.

3.        The international community will technical assist in future talks

4.       Both Sides will cooperate on issues pertain security.

5.       Future International Aid to Somalia will be distributed equal among the two sides.

6.       Future talks between the two sides will be held within 90 days in Istanbul to resolve outstanding issues.

7.       Both sides to refrain from activities which are deemed inferior to one another and those which likely to detract the ongoing talks.


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  1. NLander says:

    The article title is misleading as usual, Somaliland has not agreed to accept anything but further talks. Somalilandpress I understand you need more clicks but this is shameless

    The likes of Silanyo and Faisal Warabe will never agree to a union they were apart of the foundation stones of what is Somaliland!

  2. NLander says:

    Both sides to refrain from activities which are deemed inferior to one another and those which likely to detract the ongoing talks.

    This was directed at Shirdon niceeeeeeeeeeee yea mofo that's what you get for acting like a mupp et!

  3. NLander says:

    Future aid will be distributed equally, meaning villa Somalia wont be taking aid money to build mcmansions in the west for no good pms.

    Somalilands development money will be given to its elected officials to oversee

  4. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    MashaAllah I knew our president is a clever man, Somaliland dream is in tailspin they have been shown what they are a state within the federal republic of Somalia. I knew nothing new was gonna come of the meeting and leave alone even discussion of succeeding was never brought out.

    • Buuxiye says:

      Two states…

      Two Governments…

      Somaliland – Republic….. & …. Somalia-federation

      Somaliland is free from federalism period… Somalia-Italia-federation is welcome to keep federalism.

      • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

        Lol Buuxiye,

        Hold your horses sahiib. Tell me what is the difference between the deal the Somali govt signed with PUNTLAND & the one today.

        "Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon and Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole signed a 7 point agreement in Garowe, which will build trust, cooperation and development between the two sides.
        On Monday the two sides came to an agreement to build confidence and coordination; to improve security coordination; to improve finance and development between the two sides"

        Seriously, if Somalilanders think this is gonna get them closer to secession, I have bridges to sell plz contact me ASAP.

        • Buuxiye says:

          There are Historical facts that are undeniable regardless of how much time elapses:

          - 26-jun-1960
          - 1977 Hawd War
          - 1980ies Genocide attempt against Somaliland
          - 18-May-1991

          The next critical date will be the date of recognition of Somaliland-republic. We existed prior Somalia gaining independence and we continue to exists since the Union called Somali-republic failed.

          Faroole signed his own death warrant the date he agreed with Sharif pinklips to trust the Road-Map-Process masterminded by Mahiiga and suddenly Faroole is reduced to launching radio stations. Faroole is in no position to oppose Hassan Mahamoud's government without being labeled a spoiler and being denied travel and banking abroad. Now if you can compare Faroole continuing to assist the federal government that is sidelining him and his whole province to a matter of foreign relations between two neighborly states :) then keep singing that song.

          How many of the heavy armored trucks from Djibouti will be given to Faroole?

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            Buuxiye you are bright individual but you have closed your eyes & mind to the facts on this issue, you are totally being propel by emortion sahiib. I can 100% say that SL has not moved an inch closer to secession but has walked 7 steps backwards into federalism. Have you not ask yourselves where is Somali FM if this is 2 state affair or as your put it "2 neighboring countries" instead it was signed by Somali interior minister.

  5. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    Somaliland has officially joined the Federal Republic of Somalia Hassan Sheik Mahmoud your the best wallahi.

  6. Haji says:

    Bismilah. They say. Respond is better reaction this is politic markaad aad tiraahdaan anagu inaan gooni naloo aqoon sadaan rabnaa caalamkiina idinyiraahdaan. Waxaa wax idin kaladhaxeeyaan. Waa somalia ee anidku marka hore soo hishiiya. Somaliyana idintiraahdo midnimaanu rabnaa. Waxaa labada dhinacba iskugu imaanayaan meel dhexe. Markaa qodobada maanta laguheshiiyay waxaa liqikaraynin dadka
    Emotions ah. Markaa hadii sidakale loo dhigo. Maanta waa uguul ummada somaliyeed. Waase u guuldaro. Wadamadii dariska ah. Ee jeclaanlahaa. Inay umadaan. Kalayarjaraan. Wasalamu calaykum

  7. Buuxiye says:

    18-May-1991 cannot be reversed without the Overwhelming majority vote within Somaliland-republic.

    Hassan Mahamoud cannot in any form or shape negotiate with any militia group causing terror attacks in Somaliland-Republic.

    All development funds will be divided 50/50. Somalia-italia can sub divide it's 50% as it pleases.

    All Military intelligence and hardware will be distributed 50/50.

    Cooperation on piracy will mean joint attacks on Ely, Haafuun, Hobyo pirate bases.

    Cooperation on terror cells will mean joint operations on Galgala, Kaakhtufo, Shabab and Raas Kalaboohin.

    Both states will continue to govern their respective HALF of the former Somali-Republic and respect each other's territorial integrity meaning Hassan Mahamoud cannot support or encourage federal-states inside Somaliland-Republic territory.

    Now lets hope Somalia-Italia remains peaceful to reach the May London conference.

    • Sahra says:


      It's over simple…………………..

    • ALL-AYOUBI says:

      buuxiye bro you are too smart, tou know the name of the game.

    • Ismail Farah says:

      I do not think the people of Hafuun and Eyl will allow Hawiye and Isaaq militia men in their land. And besides look at the map this means you will have to cross hundreds of miles of Daroodland to reach those destination and before you even get there you will be attacked from all directions. But good luck any ways.

      • Buuxiye says:

        I have a dream for Bari, Nugal and Mudug.

        Governor of Mudug – Habar Gidir( It is their land before they were pushed south)

        Governor of Nugaal – Gabooye( Historically Nugaal was only settled by Gabooye until evicted)

        Governor of Bari – Akisho ( Since the land Originally belonged to Dombiro's Family the DIR).

        The whole concept of Daroodism is based on the simple foundation that Darood arrived on the land and was a migrant in a land dominated by Dir, Gabooye and Hawiye. Dir extended their hospitality permitted Darood to marry their daughter and allowed him to settle. Some 300 years later the offsprings from the guest have pushed the Hosts out of the land and claimed it as their land.

        I hope to one day see these people given back their lands from the invaders.

        • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

          Son Plz pack up your bags and return to basra Iraq the shiites are missing you mohaahaaaa

          • Buuxiye says:

            :) now that is funny for a come back

            You a mere Al-Muhamasheen(Akhdam) the only reason you ran to Africa was because your ancestor was a mosque shoe thief.

            Today you steal from the Globe following on your genetic predisposition to theft.

        • Ismail Farah says:

          Only in your dreams son, so keep on dreaming boy.

        • Guhad Yusuf says:

          Do you have any historical evidence to prove your claim isaaq boy?.

          By the way aren't your people of yahuud origin who came from the middle east?

          And you have the nerves to call us immigrants.

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            lmao this Isaaq kid is a lunatic wallahi he lost it with the seven- point scale heheh

        • Guhad Yusuf says:

          And I also have dream for Togdheer, Sanaag, and Waqooyi galbeed.

          Governor of Togdheer will be a Dhulbahante. They were the original people of Togdheer until they were pushed to Sool by isaaq thugs.

          Governor of all of Sanaag will be a Warsangeli they are the indigenous people of Sanaag until they were ethnically cleaned from the western half of Sanaag by isaaq tyrants.

          Governor of Waqooyi gelbeed will be a Gadabursi or an CIsse who owned all of Waqooyi gelbeed until the mass murderous rapist isaaqs arrived and displaced them from their ancestral homeland.

          Even to this day the isaaqs are continuing expansionism into other people's land, for example you'll see Haber jeclo moving into Sool forcefull and claim Dhulbahante lands.

          And you'll see Habar younis moving into eastern Sanaag and stealing Warsangeli land.

          I too hope to see the day these poor people are given their land back from the isaaq yahuuds.

          • BOQORKIINA wayn says:

            daroods are immigrants who escaped to somalia after their leader stole a pair of shoes from a mosque in Yemen. The true somalis have welcomed these thieves and few years later the thieves have stolen again but this time from the locals. Now the darood shoe thieves have stolen much of central Somalia . Places like jubbalalalalalnd which is a hawiye majority is now being stolen.

          • Ismail Farah says:

            Another idiotic isaaq fan boy who don't have any facts but just stories told by his grandparents.

          • Ismail Farah says:

            You brainless isaaq baboon, the Jubbas are inhabited by Darood, D&M, Bantus, and the minority clans. Hawiye are mainly found in central Somalia and the the vast majority of Hawiye in Jubbas are only Hawiye by political association and not linage wise. Sheikhal is a good examples so go get your facts straight son.

    • mohamed says:

      I am interest the agreement between somali federal republic and autonomous s/land region, one of the agreement said, we should fight terrorism how about GODANE living in Hargeisa as freelance kkkk. i don't mind chasing him around dusty full of garbage streets in Hargeisa kkk.

      • Dhugtame says:


        I do not think these sons of single mothers high on garaab will comperhend the importance of their history in the Horn of Africa. Thus, there is no point arguing with them, because they get their history lessons from their mothers after they arrive from school and the mums are still suffering of Qat hangovers.

        • Buuxiye says:

          Inaga da islaamahooda.

          The Fact that the whole Puntland dream is reduced to part of Bari and part of Nugaal is sufficient embarrassment alongside the Brackish Water discovery. Now their future is decided by Hassan Mahamoud their SELECTED President lowering Faroole to the rank of Governor of Gerowe.

          Faroole who has extended his term in office without popular consent under the premise of organizing an ELECTION has not lifted a finger to progress that elusive ELECTION process. His term ended Jan2013 and it is now April2013 two whole months passed. There is no way they can complete an ELECTION process within a 10months period. Come Jan2014 he will either arrange a SELECTION process instead of an ELECTION or simply extend his term for another year.

          These people have their own issues yet they hide their sorrows and drawn themselves in reading the outcomes of real politics between TWO Sovereign Presidents. While denying that Hassan Mahamoud is head of their state of Somalia-Italia-federation.

          • Ahmed says:

            Hassan culusow his government was created in Garowe as you aware unless your having difficult understanding. Puntland is and will remain autonomous state also IC endorse, Hassan culusow NGO his leadership will effect Puntland leadership guaranteed 100%.

            No wonder ppl in this block call you "crazzy person", few month's your were predicting all out war will start in Puntland because of Faroole his extension. NOTHING happen since, this shows all your comment are baseless unfound theory. now the same your fiction theory (come jan 2014 Faroole will extend another years for the leadership) it's lies.

            If you think somaliland region is Sovereign country God help you, because your not in this planet.

            There's no such thing call anymore Somalia-Italia-federation, as you aware somalia will form autonomous states which means every state will have own local government any president the current or the future will have limited power. i hope this clears up your head.

          • Ahmed says:

            Correct—- will not effect…………..

          • Dhugtame says:


            You even love to take credit for the brightness of the sun, don't you?

            My advice to you is to learn from your history and not to repeat your mistakes more than four times. At first you tried to overthrow the Afweyne government all by yourselves, that failed. the second time you ran to Ethiopia tried to form an insurgency that also failed and you surrendered to Afweyne, who promised you Somaliland that too failed, when the SNM kicked your butts. Then finally came the war for Mogadishu, when the Hawiye put you across the borders in Kenya.

            Now you are in the verge of committing the worst mistake of all by claiming Kismayo, this will be the end of your overinflated egos and I promise you will be crushed like cockroaches under the boots of Hawiye, Dir and Digil iyo Midhifle.

          • Sahra says:


            kkkkkkkkkk Darling your problem is not with mj at all Bur your unattainable not well thought goal and you should more focus on the havoc and animosity you're creating among your neighbors and not concern with yourself Kismanyo. Which is neither your problem nor does it matter what you think. oh by the way all the vomiting you did on this comment show lot more the functioning inside of your mind and how deranged you're than anything else. So my Advice to you the less you concern with yourself with this kind of issue the better is for you………..

          • Sahra says:


          • Dhugtame says:


            Xaasha, don't expect me to call you names, inaabti.

          • Dhugtame says:


            Correct me if my facts are not straight and where did you think I made a mistake? I'm very open to corrections if any.

          • Sahra says:

            I apologize OK inaabti. But don't upset me.

          • Dhugtame says:


            Apology accepted, You know I won't, as much as I love teasing people out of their comfort zone, Inaabti. KKKKKKKKKK

          • Ahmed says:

            Dhugtame with many names.

            The coup 1978 was not all about Mj you retarded, these officer were mix. Mj created rebel movement SSDF but they were not stupid as SNM did not took the fight over their homes as SNM marqaanos done it, and guess what 40,000 dead because of that. it's all in your imagination who wants isaqland no one nothing is there accept crazzy confuse folks.

            Hawiye moryaan never came and stay deep south Jubbaland and Puntland, they tried 1991 but were kicked out the local people. today more than twenty thousand strong well arm are waiting, i can't not wait the show to start.

            Digil and Mirifle are not part of this project Hawiye moryaan,Dir midwife advocating. also Digil and Mirifle are fighting to regain own land back from the moryaan.

            Today new flag for Jubbaland is flying high in kismayo, new constitution, and within two month's a new president will be elect by more than 840 delegation from upper jubba, miidle Jubba , lower jubba. Hassan culusow NGO wrote a letter of complain to IC about Jubbaland issue, IC reply was let the people in this part of somalia decide own destiny if not than expect grave consequence.

        • Guhad Yusuf says:

          "Reduced to parts of Bari and Parts of Nugal" no son we will always rule every inch of our land from Bosaso to Galkacyo, and you need to realize that recognition will never come to you not in another 20 years or 50 years. I think i am going to write and compose a song call no recognition and distribute CDs to as many isaaq household as possible. And how can you boast about the Abgaal "president" who can't even afford to be guarded by his own kinship?. He needs foreign troops to protect him in a land that is over 80% composed of his Abgaal/Mudolood clan. Keep dreaming that's cool with me.

        • Guhad Yusuf says:


          Stop embarrassing your self, It is you Isaaqs who are people of single mothers why do you think your sub clans are called Haber this Haber that. Well its because you people are wacaalo you should go to maurice show for paternity test to find out who your daddy is hahahahaha…………………………..

  8. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    It's time to celebrate I am gone take me wife out for romantic dinner ooohhhhhh .

  9. Amirah Istal-Somali says:

    MashaAllah Abtiyaal Somalidiina dhinac ka raaaca say no to isolation :-) :-)

  10. Ilyas says:

    They put themselves in a big, deep whole in signing this memorandum.
    They have subsequently become part of somalia and now, the dominoes will fall.
    Watch, the fedral states in the north will rise now, as none "SOMALILANDERS" will not accept to be governed by a specific clan.
    This is just cool, let me get my popcorn

  11. Concern Somalilander says:

    Somalilandpress, what you write is farther from the truth. Where in these seven point agreement does it say, Somaliland is closer to federalism? Is this website for or against Somaliland nation?

    Please, answer yes or no, period!

    • Osman says:

      Hi Concerned

      Either you're blind or you seem to have a Dog like devotion to Siiiiilanyo not to see
      Check the Points
      1. All Future aid will come under Somalia
      2.Security ,the say goes to South
      3.7th point somalilanders aren't allowed to criticize the Somalia government
      4.Go to Hell u Silanyo Dog

      • Concern Somalilander says:

        You are simple minded idiot. I do not think you deserve even this short response.Hatred of current administration is all over your comment. You are sick minded stupid.

        • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

          @Cocern Somalilander

          you have been fugitive for the last 20 years the law has finally caught with you. turn yourself in maybe Somalia will be kind to you.

  12. Nanad doon says:

    I think Somaliland officials got a good deal, all future aid will be divided into two piece. I am sure Puntland will not be happy since they too are peaceful enclave with strong army. I don,t think they could get a better deal, it was either isolation and eventually war or accept the deal which was negiatiated by powerful Turkey. Now its time to forgive each other and move on as a united country. Somaliland knew that no country would ever recognize them so i dont know what other better deal they could get. The Hawiye president is very sypethetic with the sensetivity of the Isaaq community, they are some in somalia who say dont negiate.

    • BOQORKIINA wayn says:

      "they are some in somalia who say dont negiate."


      it is not the somalianders that need to negotiate, it is the starving citizens of the war torn hellhole you call somalia.

  13. Gaade says:

    Both Somalia and Somaliland have taken a step in the right direction. The most important article in the agreement (which this report hasn't mentioned ) is that the acceptance of the Somalia delegation that the negotiations will be between two equal governments/entities. This will be the primary reference point for all the negations.

    Somaliland has entered in a process to achieve its goal. It has gained significantly without losing any political/economic control over its territory. However, Somalia is better for this agreement too. Let's wait and see what further points that will be agreed in the next meeting.

  14. Gaade says:

    Correction: Reference point for all the negotiations

  15. abdidahir says:

    one tribe will never never be the right way to buld a nation or look to be seen has a country president HASSEN must be able to know that north of somalia is [wasangaly gulmahantey issak gadabursy isse] now somalia is talking to one tribe 4 is on the way somali people will always talk until somalia get a buyer

  16. baaruud says:

    Siilaanyo is a disaster for Somaliland. It is very obvious that he is gradually dragging Somaliland to be once again part of chaotic Somalia. This man is no doubt a traitor who is bent to dismantle and handover Somaliland to the failed state of Somalia under the pretext of Federalism. You don't need to be an expert in politics to conclude that this seven points agreement is in fact a capitulation of Somaliland. For the third time in a row he intentionally ignores even mentioning the right of the people of Somaliland to be free in the sovereign state of Somaliland. May Allah save our nation and our statehood from triators such as Siilaanyo and Cabdullahi Omar.

  17. hodan says:

    hello Faqashland
    don't forger the process was between two presidents of somali speaking states. any two states can have points to agree and not to agree. it is win situation for somaliland.

    • Sahra says:

      Faqashland Really?

      I was just informed that your permanently apart of the Faqashland.

      Ciao :)

      • Buuxiye says:

        I am sure you can find a way to twist even recognition into something positive for you :)

        I bet you will claim recognition means Somali-Republic is back yipieeeeeeee.

        Without Us there is no UNITY, end of story.

        • Sahra says:


          My friend who're habar awal sacad muuse reer ahmed do not share your enthusiasm. Is matter of fact they ready today and preparing Siilaanyo doesn't finish his term……………….

  18. Awdal boy says:

    I thought this website belongs by Somaliland – never thought that this is against Somaliland- I think it is the authors wish list but from my resources as I hail from Mogadishu highlights that these 7 points were aimed for the media but they one of the main discussions were Somaliland independence where Hassan's respond to this was that he would not mind this as long as Somaliland people are happy with this meaning a referendum should be made within a year. However, the main issues that were discussed by the two sides were the main security threat posing to the current Mogadishu govement by Raskambooni terrorists and what advice Somaliland could give the president on addressing this issue. _As a student of International relations, you cannot reach your goals at the first meeting with your components given the circumstances. This is the first meeting of its kind between President Hassan and President Silaanyo and in my opinion

  19. Abdirizaaq says:

    Sorry my name is Abdirizaaq

  20. Abdirizaaq says:

    Sorry my name is Abdirizaaq not Awdal boy as my friiend Awdal boy who sits next to me was sharing the computer with me.

  21. tellmetruth says:

    This agreement is interesting but i can't wait to see the details. Yes Somaliland won half the aid, but this is a small price to pay for UNITY and Territorial Integrity. Plus I think what people fail to see is that they will be sharing this aid with Khatuumo and Awdal. While the other side has to share with Puntland and all other future federal states. Plus i don't think the Federal government would give up half its aid with out nothing in return.

    As for the that clause that caught every ones eye, I think this means Khatuumo, Awdal will get Federal recognition if Somaliland stays, which means Somaliland will have to sit with mention states.

    While Somaliland has to stop secessionist talk. Key word being inferior "(Both sides to refrain from activities which are deemed inferior to one another and those which likely to detract the ongoing talks.)"

    Now only if Somaliland, Awdal State and Khaatumo State sat down and came peaceful conclusion. That would be the icing on the cake and Jubbaland issue would be the cherry.

    Now I know the language in the article doesn't say that Somaliland rejoined Somalia. But by reading between the lines you can see what is coming next. Somaliland is close to being a federal State.

    Out curiosity what happened to Warabe character, i guess he wasn't needed after all, lol.

    Inshallah in the end Everyone will be happy. I can't wait to see the Flags of Somalia and SomaliLand flying beside each other as One.

    • osman Qaal says:

      It seems you've read the content of the article fully not only the heading unlike other trolls on this forum.
      Here's my question to you as follows:
      Why is equal footing and due diligence from both sides being emphasized if Somaliland is considering to federalism? Looking forward from hearing your honest version to the question..good luck.

    • Buuxiye says:

      :) Say insha'allah khair.

      When Somaliland is recognized you can continue to dream Siyad Barre will be reincarnated to give you another Kacaan.

      • hadhka says:

        @Buuxiye regardless of everything faqash people have nothing and their people are still filling refugee camps in ethiopia Kenya and yeman. Their gov has no power to even control moqdisho so I don't know why they think they are now the rulers of hargaysai

    • jama says:

      Puntland not interested shaking somaliland addmin if they want that they can do.

      kkkkkk, the rest is your wish mate kkkkkkkkk.

  22. osman Qaal says:

    Somaliland and Somalia have no other choice but have to work together, henceforth, all aid and development programs will be divided 50/50 down to the penny.

    It's clear, that the Turkish government understood Somaliland's concerns about Somalia as the weak government of Somalia constantly intrudes in Somaliland's internal affairs by

    A) Arming militia groups in the Easterns regions of Somaliland
    B) Extending the piracy activities over to Somaliland waters, and
    C) Implying Somaliland should be tanked and rejoin the failed state

    Those 3 main concerns were the primary objectives of the discussion today. If Somalia doesn't fulfill its obligations fully, there will be no further discussion between the 2 sides.

  23. Lixle says:

    Somalilandpress, very cheap as always, Even your heading does not match your story. Get some education Faqashpress!

  24. Awdal boy says:

    These hate mongers could not swallow theses 7 points which were the main outcomes of the two state meeting held in Ankara today.
    There have been so many points that had not been shared with the media such as:
    1)Somalia and Somaliland should work as a two state solution
    2)Majeertenia in Puntland cannot claim for state of Somalia as they only represent for Majeerteen
    3) Rasskambooni terrorists should be tackled together where Somali
    4)Intelligence sharing between the two parts as the currant foreign minister of Somalia is assisting Khaatumo terrorism movements
    5)Saacid should stop assist Kaatumo with weapons
    6)Saacid should be reframed from using inflammatory words and that all criminals should be charged with genocide against Somaliland population
    7)The Somaliland independence will be fully explored at the next meeting

    • abdidahir says:

      you are out of control awdal boy think about your owne problem where awdal stand first ?

    • Ibrahim says:

      kkkkkkkkkkkk, Awdal boy, i am sure your not awdal person if you do get some help. first think about your own ppl.

      - Puntland is already 15 years old autonomous state, and have full respect from international community the way they handle somali situation. also responsible creating current government in somalia full credit to them.
      -Rakanboni arm forces are part of JAF ( Jubbaland arm forces), they are defending own land.
      -Saacid is not given any weapon to Khaatumo, your head should checked. Ethiopia is giving Khaatumo arm forces weapon so they can defend their property from Hargeisa millitia.
      - There is nothing left to be explore somaliland recognition , That case is close for GOOD.

  25. awdal boy says:

    4)Intelligence sharing between the two parts as the current Prime Minister of Somalia is assisting Khaatumo terrorism movements

  26. this is a good move towards recognising Somaliland's long struggle for gaining the attention of the international community based on the will of the people of the republic of somaliland.

  27. Allemagan says:

    Good news. Anything that brings our people back together benefits every Somali. We should be all elated that the past dark history of Somalia is soon to fade away. Let's unite our people and rebuild our country with worn out tools.

    For those who are discussing who gets what foreign aid, let us all remember that no country was ever built on foreign handouts but by the hard work and sweat of its people. Let us all go back to work.

    • Lixle says:

      Give that to your Waloweyns who survive on foreign aid and know nothing else. By the way are Boon Mareexaan or Jidhiidh?

      • Allemagan says:


        Unfortunately, we all survive on foreign aid. I hope that you don't think the NGOs crowding the dust streets of Hargeisa and Almansoor Hotel are there to conduct private business affairs.

  28. Guhad Yusuf says:

    Shouldn't SL foreign min counterpart be signing the documents instead of the interior min?.

  29. mohamed cheers says:

    Folks..stop panicking….the big defining talks between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio Govts
    have yet to come…the 7 point gogol xaadh guidelines are just nothing that big yet.
    Hold your horses for more to come by in the serious negotiations where the flamboyant outspoken
    Waraabe charisma would be needed to shake the negiotations.

  30. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    This is so hilarious of all the seven- point scale is the same seven- point Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon and Puntland President Farole signed in Garowe on 11 March 13. The seven -point were

    *Improve finance, security and development
    *Enable federalism
    *The returning of lost property,
    *Establishing the upper house of parliament.
    *Share intelligence and to work together to fight terrorism and piracy.
    *Build the Somali National Army consisting of recruits from every region and district in Somalia
    *Puntland receive its share in development and humanitarian aid given to Somalia.

    Seriously if you needed humanitarian aid why go all the way to Turkey? You could have gone to Mogadishu or should have at least asked Hassan Sheik Mahmoud to come over to Hargeysa for a chit chat over a chinese meal I'm sure Hassan Sheik Mahmoud wouldn't hesitate he would gladly have given half of your share with big smile on his face.

    The Garowe Road map 1 and 2 has finally come in handy for Somaliland.

    Here's the link to PM Shirdon and President Farole Signing the agreement

    To Somalilanders
    20 years of isolation for what? humanitarian aid? mohamoahah

  31. Ali1 says:

    What about the topic of direct bilateral funding? As Somalia is now being recognized by the World Bank, African Development Bank and other multilateral development bank. Somaliland should also request equal direct funding for key infrastructure such as modernizing Berbera port, road networks, power plants etc .

    This would help diversify our economy and making it less dependent on humanitarian aid which is currently the biggest barrier to growth and job creation in Somaliland.

  32. Heyey18 says:

    Somaliland a Step Away from Accepting Federalism, where you get this idea dummy, your little brain needs to re-adjusted for real. is very stupid website, let close it down people.
    May be you are looking forward Somaliwayn, like some of the Zoo-malia. But people of Somaliland do not want that, and the meeting did not address that DUMMY. WE SHOULD CALL DUMMYPRESS, NOT SOMALILANDPRESS.

  33. Allemagan says:

    osman qaal,

    Read whatever you may fancy in the meaning of agreement concluded between Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud and Ahmed Siilaanyo in Ankara today. The truth of the matter is that this agreement is not that much different from the one recently signed with Puntland read here

    Only hopeless dreamers and someone with very vivid imagination will misconstrue that Somaliland has achieved anything special or tangible in the meeting in Turkey; the two gentlemen could as well have signed the same agreement by meeting either in Hargeisa or Mogadishu. The trip all the way to Ankara and the transportation expenses were indeed unnecessary.

    • Buuxiye says:

      T.W.O S.T.A.T.E.S :)

      Unity requires LOVE and that love is gone…

    • osman Qaal says:

      Your source of information is good enough for me to arrive at a conclusion that you're still living in the dark.
      Your false dream of Pan-Somalia is over, Pal! The presidents agreed that 2 states are better off going their separate ways.

  34. kfc says:

    The ironic thing is that instead of meeting the FM of Somalia they met the internal minister which means they are an internal issue sort of like the taliban in Afghanistan.

  35. Tha Timer says:

    viva Somaliland we getting our recognition sooner than I thought

    • ABYAN says:

      sorry somaliland need no recognition .somaliland is swisserland of africa ,in that respect no need 4 recognition so u human being think twice and understand africa needs a free financial hub of africa.
      god bless somaliland and somalia .the genration of unity is not applicable in the civilized countries.

  36. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    North Somalia is officially part of Federal Somali Republic. It just signed the same very 7 points Puntland has signed with Mogadishu just few months ago. President Hassan played well by giving them little taste of the Somali cake and now showing the world that the runaway grieving widow is under control. They have been giving and will be allowed to have some assistance from the Somali Federal government including foreign aid because thats what Federal governments do.

    • Buuxiye says:

      Did you read the 7-Bullets of the 2-state dialogue process?

      The Road-Map government has basically acknowledged that the Two-state dialogue process is between TWO separate states. Hassan Mahamoud nor his country nor any member of his country will be permitted to actively support any terror groups in Somaliland-Republic.

      The TWO-State dialogue process will continue on a path to a 2-state solution and this is the desire of the majority in Somaliland-Republic.

      If you have a business idea you are welcome to join the many taxi companies in hargeysa.


  37. ABYAN says:

    u somalis poor thinking ,u have to understand somaliland not intersted any recongintion from world community we already secured to be the swisserland of africa.while europe have swisserland than africa swwisserland will be somaliland mind ur self and u have to understand that somalialnd will be the financial hub of africa,god bless somaliland and somalia 4 the cooperation and understanding they agreed on.

  38. Mohamed says:

    What I can not understand is that the article is written in plain English the seven points are not the same as some claim to be like the Piratland one. Where does it say Dubai or London in the Piratland one? Why the president of Somalia did not sign with the head of the Piratland but the his boss the Primeminster signed.

    Please do not overexcit yourself with dreams. The title is catching but wrong.

    People of somaliland will get what they want, and what many do not understand the last visit to UAE was one where the UAE r I visiting in Somaliland and as far as I know there r people being sent to look closely at investment write know.

    • Sahra says:

      Do you not see the person signing from Somalia side. Where did you Ever saw two Equal country Signing Agreement Their internal affairs minister is the one doing but not external .If Dubai and London is all you holding your head up so Siilaanyo can collected more money in his pocket and the result will be the same than Mohamed be my guess.

  39. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    Raise your orange juice glass high people l like to propose a toast these so called deluded and crazy people from the three small villages of Hargeisa, Burco and Berbra have given us none other than severe instability anarchy, famine, godane and he's al shabaab thugs etc.

    For twenty years they have permanently withdrawn from other Somalis and lived as isolation, outcasts and inhumane conditions for what damn it? when they declared a colonial white trash village back in 1991I wasn't even born yet.

    Today is a remembrance day it will surely go down in Somalia history the day Somaliland was wipe off from Somalia Please raise your orange juices lets all drink to the death of a Somaliland.

    cheers mohahamahaaaa

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      I need ISAAQ wfy may be PIS you see what you can do for me inaader you are expert on the !!dor women lol

      • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

        Isaaq woman resemble like those from the villagers of indians so innocent and powerless you can literally walk over them and they're so naive.

        I know this beautiful young girl around 16 she is a friend of my wife I tried to hook that Hawiya crazy kid Irir Samaale but he pissed me off innit so I took me offer back.

        Look all you need is a one thousand grand to come to Hargeisa and get yourself one fresh looking 15 year old chick and the return is incredible

        * You control how your wife's dress (my wife can wear whatever she likes but not the tent (jilbab)

        * what kinds of food she should cook (my wife knows what can of food I like)

        * If your wife puts weight (I told my wife from start If I see her gaining wealth I would literally drag her to the Gym.

        Don't delay Hargeisa is waiting for you mate.

        • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

          Am coming this summer Inshallah before the foreign Aid money creates high inflation lol. I hope they don't suspect my uncle is AUN General President GGEC H.E Siyad Bare.

          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            LOOL PuntlandGeezer 15 years old is a kid, are you encouraging pedophilia? ceeb

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            @Amirah Istal-Somali

            True that but if your in mid-twenties you can marry a 15 year old. I married my wife when I was 17 and she was 14.

          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            PuntlandGezeer you're one crazy dude wallahi but romantic sometimes. if my dad talked about my mom like that we would have murdered him. be aware of your kids coz they'll always be on their moms side.

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            You got it all wrong I am not farah I am laid back type of guy. You see I consider myself to be healthy and fit I go to the gym 5 days a week. In the summer while in England I would literally take off my shirt and everyone can clearly see me abdominal core muscles a six pack love. I will never settle down with an overweight wearing tent (jilbab) xalima.

            I deserve someone like Jessica Marie Alba lol.

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            My father-in-law is a famous and well-known clan elder in Hargeisa he's like an Icon for the separatists probably by far the biggest support of Somaliland but still I got hitched to his daughter, he could have easily married her off to locals Isaaq guys in Hargeisa but he didn't maybe he thought that I would whisk her away to London after I marry her so she can get her own flat, claim benefits and housing allowance and after two and half years when she settled down she can lock the door on me face lol.

            That people of Hargeisa are still grieving you can't reveal your clan identity especially If you belong to ogaadeen, mareexaan or majeerteen etc.

            Just say your gadaabuursi from Awbarre village thats what I said lol.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            LMAO Ok sahiib

    • BOQORKIINA wayn says:


      can you tell us how many darood women are selling their booty in burco alone

  40. yusuf says:

    somalilandpress is a trash website .
    i always believed this ennemy webdite using somaliland name.

    where is farole in the meeting ?
    where is the foreign minister of somalia?

    the world see the different states

  41. osman Qaal says:

    Why isn't Somali FM (Fouzia) part taking in the talks between the countries?
    Oh! let me guess, she is a Somalilander origin therefore she can't be trusted on Somalia's critical issues..When push comes to shove she might leak out classified info to Somaliland.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      NOPE, cuz she is FOREIGN MINISTER & somaliland is part of Somalia hence it falls under the internal minister's docket so he was there to sign it. I feel bad for you guys you gonna realize it when you are being slaughtered that you were played.

      • Omer says:

        Then how come two Presidents where in the signing ceremony and why the Turkish government read the following statement before the signing started " The two countries will now sign the agreement….."?

  42. hamdi says:

    step move forward MASHALLAH may ALLAH accept our cries of having our own state as somalilanders !!!!!!“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

  43. Gee says:

    Just to add Turkey proves its commitment to support the Somali People to narrow their gaps and build their nations.

  44. Gee says:

    May Allah bless Turkey, its people and leadership!!

  45. Gee says:

    Federal Republic of Somali = Somalia + Somaliland !!! No more entities!

  46. Runsheeg says:

    Final nail to the coffin of Daarodism. We are Somalilanders will help our brothers at the other side to keep these people checked. No Daarood triangle is allowed. Period.

    • Sahra says:


    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      S T U P I D

    • ilyaas says:


      Darood have own territories Puntland, Jubbaland in somalia. NFD kenya, 70% killil5 Ethiopia. by nature Darood have own Government that is why they are so confident.

  47. Runsheeg says:

    The days for this Website is limited. You will see them out of the equation very soon.

  48. Ahmed Nur says:

    The main question is why the rush? Why should Somalilnd share intelligence with the likes of Mogadisho who have no intelligence whatsoever when it comes to seucrity. Somaliland is no match for Mogadisho. The point of security should not have been included. There is no mention of Somalland's independent statehood on the discussion whether anyone refuses is not the point. Equally Somaliland should not cooperate economically with Mogadisho but seek their own separate economical empowerment.

    This is another Nairobi conference brought to Turkey to stall Somaliland from any future progress. Somalaliland's Gov for the first time have made a decision where they refused to meet in London and are trying to find support from Turkey, how strange. This is almost like giving the green light for Turkey to join messing a fragile state that has already been damaged beyond repair. Turkey will now try to muscle in their economy empowerment to take over Somaliland and Somalia. Soon seeking oil from this region will create further instability and Somaliland will not recover from it for a long time.

    Somaliland should have some common sense and come back to working with Britain and leave others who don't have Somallland's interest in their affairs. The speed of this declaration speaks volumes. Business deals will now be signed behind closed doors and Somaliland will pay for it at the end.

    Somaliland's Government has moved away from democracy, transparency, accountability and has chosen business deals over Somaliland's stability and independence.

  49. Ali1 says:

    What about the topic of direct bilateral funding? As Somalia is now being recognized by the World Bank, African Development Bank and other multilateral development bank. Somaliland should also request equal direct funding for key infrastructure such as modernizing Berbera port, road networks, power plants etc .

    This would help diversify our economy and making it less dependent on humanitarian aid which is currently the biggest barrier to growth and job creation in Somaliland.

  50. Naasir ali says:

    ANKARA- Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and President of the autonomous region of Somaliland Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo hold the second round of talks, brokered by Turkey, in Ankara on Saturday.

    Turkish diplomatic sources said the talks were aimed at devising dialogue channels and keeping them open to work out problems between Somalia and the autonomous region of Somaliland.

    No statement was released after the closed-door meeting. The two presidents were also scheduled to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish President Abdullah Gul after the meeting.

    Somaliland declared independence in 1991 from the Federal Republic of Somalia. Since then, the autonomous region seeks recognition as a separate country, which was rejected by Somalia.

    Under the mediation of Turkey, earlier this year, the two sides agreed to meet in Turkey to seek dialogue to improve relations.

    Ankara Communiqué
    13 April 2013

    Following the meeting at Chevening House (UK) of June 20-21, 2012 and the Dubai (UAE) of June 28, 2012, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of the Somali Federal Republic and President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo of Somaliland Government met on 13 April 2013 in Ankara.
    The meeting is hosted by the Government of Turkey at the request of the two parties.
    The purpose of this meeting is to reopen the dialogue after the change in the leadership of the Somali Federal Republic, and to establish a way forward for the dialogue.

    The two parties:
    1. Expressed their commitment to the continuation of the Dialogue.
    2. Endorsed the content of the Chevening house Declaration agreed on 21 June 2012, and the Dubai Statement signed on 28 June 2012.
    3. Stated that the Dialogue is between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland. The international community that is supporting this process will only provide facilitation when is needed.
    4. Agreed to encourage and facilitate International aid and development provided to Somaliland.
    5. Agreed the need to consolidate a cooperation on security sector through sharing intelligence, training as well as sharing scholarships for security sector professionals in order to become more effective in the fight against terrorism, extremism, piracy, illegal fishing toxic dumping, maritime crime and serious crime.

    6. Proposed to meet within 90 days in Istanbul at a date later to be agreed by the parties.

    7. Agreed to refrain from using any inflammatory language and any other act which may put the continuation of the Dialogue at risk.


    Top topic it says all ( somaliland is step closer accepting Federalism)


  51. Dhugtame says:

    This should end forever the ignorance of the Somaliland haters:

    • Moahmed abdi says:

      Somaliland region will always be AUTONOMOUS state within FEDERAL REBUPLIC OF SOMALIA same goes to Puntland, Jubbaland, and who ever wants to form two or more regions autonomous state within somalia.

      So, all these nonsense going back and fourth instead of doing better constructive things, because let's face it somalia will have five to six AUTONOMOUS states. i been saying this the last five years and my prediction is coming reality.

      • Xalane says:

        You are stupid, because you do not admit the sky is blue. Just read the Turkish statement. Even President Hassan has now realized that a two state solution is the only way to go.

        What will you do when Somaliland is recognized as a Sovereign state, jump to the Indian ocean and commit suicide?

        • Mohamed abdi says:

          No will i don't have to jump Indian ocean because i know it's not gone happen. the Turkish statement does not say somaliland is Sovereign country. to give you little example because your head not functioning well, if somaliland is independent country what is the point all these meeting? have a good coffee and think about.

          • James says:

            Read this agai and if you do not know what it means then help you god and R.I.P. :

            "This meeting between Presidents Gül, Mohamud and Silanyo is regarded as the first step toward the resolution of the existing problems between the two African countries by means of dialogue and good will."

            If you guys do not recognize Somaliland it does not mean the rest of the world are stupid as you are.

          • Mohamed abdi says:

            It's not nice to change your name to JAMES use your somali name. secondly, as we remember Hargeisa admin tried knock every door on the planet seeking recognition but failed badly.

            In your word < if somalia in general do not recognize Hargeisa admin than the world will", you must be out of your mind because the IC told Hargiesa council we can not recognize and we are not interest to see somalia became five different countries. this matter is between somalis and AU.

  52. tellmetruth says:

    MOGADISHU, Somalia Apr 14 2013 (Garowe Online) – After a Turkish brokered meeting between President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, the heads agreed to “continuation of dialogue”, according the Ankara communiqué, Garowe Online reports.

    Somali Federal Government (SFG) President Hassan and the breakaway region of Somaliland’s President Silanyo met in Ankara on Saturday. In the Ankara communiqué the two officials agreed to continue the dialogue and cooperate on the security sector.

    According to a SFG source, one of the key points in the agreement was to “encourage and facilitate international aid and development provided to Somaliland.”

    According to the source, the main reason for the meeting which was brokered by Turkey after the Somaliland government requested it, was to establish grounds for Turkish oil exploration in the contested regions of Somaliland.

    Genel – a Turkish oil exploration and production company – has stake in five blocks in the contested regions of northern Somalia. The company shares stock with Australian Oil Company Jacka Resources and Petrosoma.

    Some of the regions in which the oil exploration companies have bought stake in have been contested by Puntland and Somaliland and the local militia. Many residents of the regions have been very outspoken of the presence of the Somaliland military in the regions.

    In January, the Somaliland government exchanged in clashes with local militia in Hudun, a town still not under the authority of the Somaliland government resulting in many Somaliland troops injured in the gunfight.

    After much rumors that the Somaliland government would accept joining Somalia, President Silanyo stated after the meeting in Ankara that his government would not waver on their stance.

    “The international community will understand the position of our [Somaliland] independence and we will not rethink,” said President Silanyo after asked the importance of the meeting.

    The two heads agreed to meet within 90 days to further discussions.

    • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

      WOW what strong words from dhulbahante elders I think the war is imminent in Northern Somalia.

      • Xaji Xasan says:

        Waar Heedhe Dulbahante horta maa run lay su sheeg, waar afartani reer baadiyaha ah iyo Karaash oo aanu caynaba dugsiga ku wadajirney oo edadiis oo u qabay Dhulcun soo korisey meel ina geynmayanee aan dadkeena dhinac ka raacno. Wale ma jirto caalmka meel Somaliland iyo reer Isaaq ineega rooni.

        Waar heedhe kuwaan qaylinya meyaydaan dhogortoodda iyo hugoodda eegin. Bal waxaad u fiirisaan kuwa Las Canood iyo Somaliland jooga caafimaad ay haystaan, waxbarasho ayay haystaan. Inan Dhulbahante ah ayaa caasimadda Hargeysa ka ah Badhasaab. Waar meeshan labadda tuulo ee Shaxdda iyo Taleex waxba tarimayaan iyo reer baadiyaha joogaaye, lacagtiin habraha UK iyo markan joogga oo tidu ugu horayso ka dhameeye ee inaga dhaaf riwaayadda.

        Ninka taleex ka han jabaya ayaa hadalkiisa dheg u dhigahaya ilayn dawlado ayaa wada hadlaye? bal idinku ka jawaaba.

  53. tellmetruth says:

    The winds of unity are blowing in the Northern Somali territories. Since the fall of the Siad Barre’s regime, there have been two fighting ideologies in the territory that was known as British Somaliland. The first ideology was the belief in one unified Somali Republic, led by Northern Unionists. The second ideology was the belief in dividing the Somali Republic on early European imperial boundaries, led by the SNM, also known as the Secessionist. The Secessionist strong holds are Hargeisa, Berbera, and Burco, what can be called the SNM triangle. The western and eastern regions, of what was known as British Somaliland, have decided to join the Somali Republic in the forms of two federal states: The Awdal State and the Khaatumo State.

    These new federal states, within the Somali Republic, are following international law and policy towards the Somali territories which explicitly dictates that the Somali nation is one and that it must be federated. With the emergence of the Awdal State and the Khaatumo State the idea of two Somali nation-states, the idea of secessionism, is dead. Like Communism, the idea of Somaliland is dead.

    Today the SNM military apparatus has decided to send hundreds of troops to the western and eastern regions to conduct armed suppression on the innocent Somali populace. There are currently 400 troops on the outskirts of Borama to violently suppress the emergence of the Awdal State.

    There are currently many hundreds troops on the outskirts of Hudun and SSC regions to violently suppress the emergence of the Khaatumo State. Currently, the Somaliland Army (the SNM Army) is committing crimes against humanity against the innocent Somali populace in Buhodle. The only crimes these people are committing are to be Unionist.

    The Awdal State and the Khaatumo State have declared their territories to be unionist territories, within the Somali Republic. Therefore, the international community must recognize the breach of sovereignty the Somaliland Army is committing against the sovereign territory of the Somali Republic.

    Sovereignty is the main pillar of international law, and de jure sovereignty of the Awdal State and the Khaatumo State are solely with the Somali Republic, and not the illegal secessionist entity known as Somaliland. Like Hungary and Czechoslovakia during the Soviet era, the Somaliland Army is seeking to suppress the will of the people, but like Communism, the idea of Somaliland is dead.

    With the emergence of the Awdal State and the Khaatumo State, the winds of unity are blowing in the Northern Somali territories.

    The idea of a federalized central government for the Somali Republic is the widely accepted logical option. The Awdal State, Galmudug State, Khaatumo State, Puntland State, and an executive federal state of Benadir (Mogadishu), will be the foundation for the new Somali Republic.

    Finally, if one has observed the secessionist’s justifications for curving up northern Somalia from its mother country, one can easily realize how every thing was always hinged on emotions rather than sound basis. “Somaliland” has never been a legal and independent entity that was separate from the rest of Somalia. The Dhulbahante and Warsengali in the east and Gadaboursi and Issa in the west have never wanted to be part of a state that is not part of Somalia. And that is why the United Somali Party (USP) was jointly formed by Dhulbahante, Warsangeli and Gadaboursi in early 1960 to counter the Somali National League (SNL) in case the latter opted for outright independence, a frightening prospect for unionist at that particular time.

    by HON.Aman H. D. Obsiye,

    • Dhugtame says:

      Timacade also talks of your injustices to Somaliland, but you intentionally pick and choose. You love to be Somali at your convenience now, but you were a tribesman when Siad Barre was committing genocide against the Somaliland people and that was not your business, because you were properly enjoying the looted goods from Somaliland. Now go to hell and do not lecture me about Somalism-crap that was raped and killed by none but your likes, opportunists who thrived on the blood and the wealth of my people.

      • Allemagan says:

        Dhugtame, You make assumptions and allegations against me on the basis of which tribe of the squabbling nomads you may think I belong to since you don't know me personally. I don't think that you can discuss any issue of significance without looking it through the prism of tribalism. My original comment was about how tribalism destroyed our society and how it is blinded by unnecessary hate. You prove my point by attacking me in person instead of addressing the issue raised. I rest my case.

        Dhugtame, enjoy your camel songs and useless stories about which desert well belongs to your clan or you may think I am from; I am certain that you are not going farther with that kind of thinking and frame of reference.

        • Dhugtame says:

          I can very easily uncover a wolf in a sheep skin, you walk like wolf and sound like wolf, so you are wolf. Why do I say that? I say that because those are now breathing, drinking and eating Somali unity are the ones who profited from Somalia's oppression on Somaliland and you are rightfully one of them. You do not write like sincere person, who believe in Somali unity but as self righteous Somaliland-hating sick person. I have not even see you wrote about the Somaliland genocide. If you are a Somali nationalist or even a human how come you shy away from calling a spade a spade?

          No Mr. Allemegan you are no Somali nationalist and not even a sincere human being. Good luck with your mission!

          • Dhugtame says:

            I'm proud to be called a camel-boy, at least I say how I see things and I'm not a hypocrite plantation-boy. People who work in plantations are well known for their hypocrisy, because farms wouldn't move if conflict arises. However, a Camel-boy will shot straight between the eyes and move with his camels to somewhere else, no need to act hypocritically.

          • Sahra says:


            The man is isaaq habar yonis so mohamed siyad bare can not be his uncle. now you can take it from there.

          • Allemagn says:


            I do not the see the liability that you relate to living in a farm. May be it is because I do not want to live my life anticipating a conflict that may or may not arise in any given moment. And may be also because I am smart enough not own camels that can be raided by war-like savages in the plains of the Horn of Africa. Talk about a real liability!

            Dhugtame, why can't we all live in peace? Why does one have to move camp in a hurry? I don't think that you live life at its fullest when you are always prepared for a conflict to break out that may force you to flee your habit very suddenly. Besides, as Rodney King said "Can we all get along?"

          • Allemagn says:

            your habitat .. that

          • osman Qaal says:

            To Dhugtame, I guess you also grew up on a farm and can easily smell a BS from a distance..
            To Allemagan, Nothing is wrong if one listens to camel songs the meat is edible too unlike Kangaroo meat.. I have tried both their are like a day and night..

          • Allemagn says:


            You must be enjoying to take a swipe at me whenever you can, osman. By the way, did you ever try Karibo steaks?

          • osman Qaal says:

            That's not quite right, I don't enjoy taking a nip at you as I see you being at the fault. It just bothers me as I think of it how your brain is wired. At times you remind me the village idiot,,,Kayse. You're are always beat up a dead horse.

            No, not really, I did try caribou steaks though,. They're delicious with little or no fat on them with a bit of wild taste to them. You should get out of the Toronto's polluted environment once and see if you could survive in the Northern wilderness for at least a week. There's a whole different world altogether. Anyway, what is Karibo..assuming a mutant animal from Chernobyl that you saw at the Toronto Zoo.

          • Allemagan says:

            LOL. That is only my bad spelling!

          • osman Qaal says:

            Oh! well, ..I'm a bad speller too as I don't have the patience to double check what I write. Caribou steaks are as good as the soul foods without the grease, takes it from me. I have to admit, I always get kick out of your tongue-in-cheek comments though.
            it's all hard feelings..

          • Sahra says:

            LOL, that's too close to comfort!!!!!

          • osman Qaal says:

            What is up in Toronto? is it still gets crazy hazy of the summer days which makes hard to breathe?….you and Allemagan need some fresh air in the Muskoka cottage country. It isn't that far away from where you are, only a 2-hr drive to the north of Toronto..

          • Sahra says:

            It's still Toronto up and down but better than it used to be but thanks Osman Qaal. If Allemagan up to so am I.

          • osman Qaal says:

            I think you're right I heard the crime rate has been in decline since that crazy
            R. Ford has been at the helm…. Again, I also heard that he had created different other issues such as a division among the city counselors..

          • Sahra says:

            The crime rate you're right Mr ford is a headache and anyone who has the misfortune to work with him.

          • Dhugtame says:


            Do I gather that you work in Metro Toronto Mayor's office? I haven't been to Ontario since premier David Peterson was beaten by Bob Ray in premiership election.

          • osman Qaal says:

            Bob Rae is still kicking around in our politics. What a joke!..

          • Sahra says:

            Osman Qaal

            Dhugtame told me he was in Burco And the job his has demand him to travel Hargeysa Ceergaabo Laascaanood and he never left that area. Now he's talking about how long he has been away from Ontario. You go figure.

          • Allemagan says:


            I am for it too; I will be delighted to have the acquaintance of a lovely lady like you and meet with you for a simple get together or for a short run to cottage country. Going for something as simple as Starbuck coffee in any GTA neighbourhood will also do for me.

            A lot of thanks for Mr. qaal for his wonderful suggestion. I guess this is his own way of giving me some redress for taking a swipe at me earlier. I will certainly love if he could come along and we could all see each other in person but it seems he's in far away caribou country and will not make it.

          • osman Qaal says:

            Of course, I'm up for it too in joining you with a cup of gourmet java at the Starbucks too. GTA wouldn't be my first choice due to the air quality and the traffic conjunction on its main streets but if there is no other options available, so what the heck I can hang out with you in downtown Toronto for a moment to chat…
            I'm sure it all going to be fun as long as you are Maple leaves fans…
            I have to warn you though, I enjoy making fun of the leaves fans, especially, when I remind them that how come your hockey players play golf during the NHL playoff season, year after year, it never fails….

          • Sahra says:


            That was hell of a come back.I got to give it to you…

          • Allemagan says:

            Thank you Sahra.

          • Dhugtame says:

            Osman Qaal,

            I didn't get it, was that meant to be a sarcastic joke?

            No not at all, I did not grow up in a farm, but unlike others my sense organs are connected to my brain.

          • osman Qaal says:

            Naturally! It’s a joke…I just like taking jabs at allemagan when he's in the wrong…
            It’s a good thing to have a sense of humor once in a while..

          • Dhugtame says:


            Its true that I was in Canada long time ago, when Bob Rae was the premier of Ontario. I went back to Somaliland for a visit and I felt in love with the place and did not look back.

            I travel frequently in all regions of Somaliland and specially the Eastern regions. I enjoy the Somaliland sunny days , when its freezing in Canada. Now we are enjoying the raining season and you can not imagine how beautiful it is in Somaliland. I won't exchange a latte for a nice cup of tea with goat milk.

            By the way, I would love to see you here in Burao if you decide to visit Somaliland for a change.

          • Dhugtame says:

            Thanks Osman for the correct address. (Rae not Ray) eh!

          • Dhugtame says:


          • osman Qaal says:

            I'm planning on visiting Somaliland in the summer of 2014. I'll drop you a line when I get there so we can have a chat over a tea with goat milk.
            For the time being, I'll try to convince Sahra to come with me somewhere the grass is greener before she gets snatched off to Somaliland..

          • Dhugtame says:


            Great ! use your influences to bring Sahra and Allemegan to join you. Be careful and be nice to Sahra, because I see a better future for both of us in beautiful Somaliland.

  54. Dhugtame says:


    Of course, we can get all along and that can be achieved by allowing each of us to live his/her live the way he/she finds fit. The majority of Somalilanders have chosen to live separate, but in close contact with all Somalis and as pure and simple as that.

    Striping ones right of choice is the worst thing you can do to a human being. Allah the almighty told his prophet (SACWS) to let those who want to go astray have their wish. Now who do you think you are to force me to submit to your desires against my will?

    I love the way you turn and twist to escape a straight forward question. For instance, you did not answer my long standing question "What is Somaliland going to benefit from a reunion with Somalia?" You will not be able to convince or any other Somalilander to come into an agreement with you unless you play it sincere and answer that simple and straight forward question. I know you had plenty of time to think for answer, Can you try it ?

    I will not allow my children and grandchildren to go in the same path that was paved for me by my father, that path led me to hell and back.

    Allemegan, you are a natural born salesman, but a good salesmanship will not work with someone who understands your used car salesmanship tricks from beginning to the end.

    Finally, I wasn't personally attacking you, but I only saw your ideas as deja vu and out dated.

    • Allemagan says:


      I saw you one time become very emotional in this forum where you were discussing your loss in the civil war. I am very sorry for your loss Dhugtame. I can understand that you will see the issues being discussed somewhat different from say some of us who were not affected by loss of close relatives. Mind though, many Somalis were affected by the unspeakable atrocities committed by Mohamed Siyad Barre' government and his military junta in different degrees. You are not alone.

      I want to assure you that my comments are not intended to belittle anyone's pain and loss. My comments are only for the sole purpose of trying to make sense of the mayhem that has befallen our people that does not seem to be concluding any time soon. How do we end the destruction of our people and our country? Nothing less and nothing more.

      • Dhugtame says:


        I'm not here to beg for your sympathy, but to debate issues with you. I have repeatedly asked you to answer my question and here is my question : What is Somaliland going to benefit from a union with Somalia? I think its not shameful to say I don't know, but what is shameful is to go in circles and pretend to know what is good for others.

  55. mohamed cheers says:

    You are sort of a redneck wolf on your own with your kangaroos thinking mentality… FYI these 7 point guidelines are preliminary preemptive introductory guidelines to smoothen the big coming talks where
    the flamboyant outspoken Waraabe charisma would be needed. The big things are yet to happen in the comming talks. However, these 7 points are just preliminary cementing the roadmap for greater future talks between the two equal counterparts on all political issues between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio
    Govts with no other Somali fiefdoms allowed to give either side unnecessary militia conflicts of any terrorists related etc Any further talks would be limited to govt to govt related between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio only and the IC actors would technical assist the two sides based on impartiality.
    Isn't that good enough arrangements so far off the ground building trust and good confidence
    for the two 2 state solution building processes.

  56. Kamadege says:

    Regardless of your comparisons and likes, haven't you understood the core of Art.3 of Ankara Communiqué which clearly states that the Dialogue is between two governments? Better you reread it once more what it states.
    "The Dialogue is between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland. The international community that is supporting this process will only provide facilitation when is needed. "

  57. Naasir says:

    In my opinion the difference between these two agreement is, ONE is mediate foreign people and OTHER one no one mediate straight talk. almost similar agreement.

    The reality is the agreement does not include somaliland should be recognize.

  58. Dhugtame says:


    If I ask you: What is your name? or where is Washington D.C? I know you will say that I was not the original person that first asked this question, therefore, you will not have the obligation to answer it.

    Anyways, I will take your answer as you do not have rational answer to my question and are going in circles, because you are too afraid to say "I can't find an answer to your question".

    I have decided not to waste my precious time on you. Peace and love!

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