Somaliland and Somalia 10 man technical committee have tonight signed a 7 point memorandum of understanding at the presidential palace in Ankara this after preparatory talks which took place last Thursday between the two sides in Istanbul.

The Agreement came about when the two sides met at the headquarters of Turkish foreign affairs and international relations building in Ankara, Turkey.

The agreement which was signed on behalf of Somaliland by foreign minister Dr. Abdillahi Omer and the Somali Interior minister Mr. Abdikarim Guleed both as heads of the two technical teams representing the two sides.

The signing of the new agreement took place in the presence of Both President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo), Somalia President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud and President Abdilahi Gul ,today’s meeting was held under the auspices of the Turkish Foreign minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu

The Seven points are as follows:-

1.       Both sides will engage in future talks.

2.       Those future engagements will be based on those of London and Dubai meetings.

3.        The international community will technical assist in future talks

4.       Both Sides will cooperate on issues pertain security.

5.       Future International Aid to Somalia will be distributed equal among the two sides.

6.       Future talks between the two sides will be held within 90 days in Istanbul to resolve outstanding issues.

7.       Both sides to refrain from activities which are deemed inferior to one another and those which likely to detract the ongoing talks.


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