Published On: Wed, Mar 7th, 2012

Somaliland’s Foreign Policy: Pioneering, Promising and Progressive

In this ever-changing and unpredictable geo-political issues as well as global economic, security and diplomatic challenges, a solid and well thought foreign policy is vital for a young and yet unrecognised country, like Somaliland Republic. In a very short time, the current Somaliland Foreign Policy has transformed our country from a completely introverted and isolated country into an internationally respected partner for peace, stability and democracy. The current Somaliland Foreign Policy is absolutely geared up to the changes, needs, obstacles & geo-political challenges facing Somaliland’s people today in the Horn of African Region and beyond.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland Republic has beyond every doubt demonstrated throughout his diplomatic vision and skills and sustained achievements a belief in a constructive policy of engagement in international issues for peace, democracy and security relevant developments. Through his exemplary actions and profound diplomatic vision, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has silenced all the pessimistic voices and misconceptions propagated by Somaliland’s critics.

Somaliland’s foreign policy emphasises the importance and the added-value of Somaliland Republic for the international community and especially for the neighbouring countries in the region regarding safety and security relevant issues in one hand. On the other hand, this policy highlights Somaliland’s democratic achievements and experiences that will serve as an example and provide useful lessons for all other African countries to learn and would certainly serve as a model in enhancing stability, democracy and development in the Horn of Africa.

Somaliland’s transnational foreign policy is based upon self-confidence, the trust in their own abilities and skills. This policy is guided by a new modern and profound knowledge on international diplomatic affairs. Unlike its predecessor, this policy remains involved to all major diplomatic fronts without any compromise upon the sovereignty and integrity of Somaliland Republic. Constructive approaches, broad public consultation, breaking through the diplomatic barriers, reshaping the aloof and cautious policy and what formerly was regarded as a diplomatic taboo are the hallmarks that make the Somaliland’s foreign policy so unique and special.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland Republic is an unparalleled top diplomat with extensive understanding of global policy. He is a man of vision, a man of purpose who is determined to follow his will-power and belief. He is a man with strong convictions whose mindset tends not to change despite the challenges and obstacles he might encounter.

Thanks to his leading and forward thinking Foreign Policy, the Minister has almost certainly put our country on the map. Our country is today certainly more valued and respected as a Regional and Global Partner for peace, stability, development and democracy.

It was noteworthy and so fascinating to see the brilliant and the most convenient way in which the Somaliland Foreign Affairs Minister has prepared, networked, presented and put forward the Somaliland’s case during the London Conference. In fact, the Somaliland’s delegation hijacked all the attention and the essence of the London Conference. The London Conference was the ultimate test of the diplomatic skills, ability and credibility of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Somaliland in which he unquestionably has succeeded with the highest rating.
May ALLAH (SXWT) protect the true and genuine patriot!

By |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|

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  1. GADHLEH says:

    Whooh! That sounded you fell in love with the man, get a room. The foreign minister is both inexperienced and immature when it comes to Somalilands foreign policy objective. He fails to understand that the intenational community must have their own national interests in Somaliland, and then it is the minister who must exploit those interests. He has implemented a policy of appeasement with the arab nations on the basis of being muslim but yet forgets it was those same muslims who tried to destroy Somaliland for over 20 years. He has not approached Israel, even as a measure to threaten the arabs to get off our backs and not have exploited the muslim worlds interest in thise part of the by not approaching and having dialogue with the supposed muslim worlds enemy to ensure our success as a republic.

    • mohamed cheers says:


      the way your comment goes, it would seemingly sound that you are not a genuine Somalilander!
      Yes, the foreign minister is subject to critics but not the way you dictate things is either helpful.
      I think HMObsiye comment is more fitting to call a spade to shop around. At any given reason, DR Omar
      is faced with a difficult diplomatic quest and he's on the scale to prove himself as the right
      diplomat or otherwise. It's just a matter of time.

  2. HMObsiye says:

    It is too early to give any credit to Somaliland foreign minister. If Allah willing, on his watch any country declares recognition of Somaliland, then he deserve big time praise and he will be remembered in the history of Somaliland forever.

    Otherwise, it's premature to hip praise him.

  3. Gobaad says:

    I couldn't agree more. Mr. Hussein. But there will always be others who may criticize his work and policy. Although, criticism of the government offficials come with the territory, the Foreign Minister needs to develop a thick skin and ignore the noises of the empty vehicles and to keep up the good work he is doing for our country.

    One thing I would tell the Minister though, is that with his good looks he has to add a little of charisma: to relax, and to smile in order to make him capable of influencing or inspiring large numbers of people because he looks so rigid and uptight.

  4. Farhaan Faarah says:

    What a big fat lie and nepotism, the guy is a loser and the foreign policy of Somaliland achieved big zeros in the eyes of international community and also, London Conference.

    • Gobaad says:

      Farhaan Faarah, putting aside the ill-will you feel against the ruling party, you can't deny the chievements of Somaliland on the world stage in that particular conference. Once again, all I have to you is "sour grapes" as the saying goes. Ka naxow nafta waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  5. M H Dirie says:

    I have heard from sources in Hergeisa that he hails from the same village as Meles Zenawi. An Ethiopian in disguise who happens to speak Somali.

  6. Somalilander says:

    Mr. Dirie, what is wrong if he hails from Ethiopia? We have people from Somaliland origin in Ethiopia and the surrounding countries. You are not a Somaliland to begin with, and you always come along in this website and spit your venom, but you should know that we know you.

  7. madar says:

    People need to stop hating on this man. He is exactly what somaliland need right now and he is doing well what is a very difficult job. The people of somaliland need to get behind there leaders and not oppose or criticise for the sake of criticism without offering alternative views. We really need to get away from this ugly part of our culture.

  8. Cawil Sugule says:

    What a deceptive and misleading article!!!!! Again this is where we fail as Somalilanders we never call a spade a spade. We always tend to pour loads/tons of praises to someone who does not deserve at all. Failed individuals or non-performers are held high by their cronies in the name of protecting their clansmen. Come on guys let track record speak for itself !!!! We need to grow up and disown uncivilized antics. What a shameful article, what a pity!!!!

  9. Abdi1234 says:

    I think Mr. Omer is doing disservice to Somaliland and must resign in this minute. The guy wasted 11/2 precious years of our foreign policy, he is repetitive in his speech and has no diplomatic talent what so ever, he as no command of the Arabic language, which is very important to us and his command in English language is below the communicability and comprehensibility that is expected from the head of the Somaliland diplomatic front at this time of our history, when we need to spread and explain our legitimate goals and Mr. Omer is not capable to do so.

    The guys is the weakest link together with Hersi in the Silaanyo administration. He is too often associated with corruption and falsification of his academic qualifications. The guy needs to go now.

  10. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    All those who comment negatively against our foreign minister are Wanlaweyns, and that is for sure to disorient our people. Hence, we should be very careful of the venom of those hate mongers. Dr.Mohamed Abdillahi is selected by his President and he has a confidence on him, hence, we should not worry much of how he does his job, which I personally believe he is doing good. No one knew Somaliland before this government that is reality, therefore the crescent will appear before those who see otherwise.
    Save your criticism, because no one will heed, an caravan will reach its destination soon.

  11. Cawil Sugule says:

    @Abdi i absolutely concur with you, well put. The guy is a nuisance and a disgrace and as you said he does not have good command of either English or Arabic. Foreign docket should be given to someone who is smart enough, articulate,good orator, good communicator, someone who can argue and hammer out points in any given platform. There are highlyly educated Somalilanders who can handle the foreign portfolio perfectly well without hiccups and in that respect Silanyo must replace this non-performer. In Somaliland context "Replacement" means substituting this fellow with someone competent hailing from the same clan. Being a Somalilander and moreso as an HY I have no problem with that, redeeming rewards from same subclan because that is how SL institution works(no sabotage otherwise fragile peace will be at stake).

  12. Dhugtame says:

    We do not want someone who is learning on the job. We can not afford to do this in this time, it is just too risky. We need the best of us to take this position, otherwise, we are gambling with the future of our country. Can we allow this to happen on our watch? if the answer is yes, I will respect the verdict of the president and the majority of Somaliland citizens, but at least I have stated my position and I will have no guilty feeling if things go south. I conclude by saying that time is the essence.

  13. Gobaad says:

    Dhutume, if you think you do can do better job, why don't apply for the job? With your negative comments on our officials you are only validing Somaliland haters jealousy and venom against Somalilanders and its goverment officials. Shame on you, guys to turn against your own!

  14. Dhugtame says:

    @ Gobaad

    For the first time you sound Guulwade-like, please do not try to be more catholic than the pope. FYI I'm not for the job, because unlike your boss I admit that I do not possess the diplomatic skills that is required of a Somaliland Minister for foreign affairs and international corporation. We are in a very difficult phase in our history and this phase requires that we put our best foot forward. A small misstep will put us in a trouble zone.

    Finally, the difference between you and me is you are protecting a person and I am trying to protect the whole country. Please do not try McCarthyism on me. There are thousands of patriotic Somalilanders out there who have better skills than Mr. Omer and are not accused of either corruption or falsification of their academic credentials and these are the kind of people we need to replace Mr. Omer now.

    Mr. Omer can be moved to another ministry that is less sensitive than his current job, I have no personal animosity against him, but I simply think he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also believe he is aware of this and that is the reason this article was written in a timely fashion by someone closely associated with him. Look at this no single credit was given to the president in this article, The president was the architect of the Somaliland participation in the London conference.

    • Gobaad says:

      Dhugtame, First of all, he is not my boss and I am not anywhere near him nor am I related to him or tribally /politically affiliated to him. I just know that if he is that much incompetent, the president would have gotten rid of him long time age. He must be doing his job well.

      How do you that his credentials are falsified? That is a very serious allegation, a defamation, and character assassination and you could be sued for that. Secondly, by tearing him to pieces in the media you are only feeding and validing Somaliland's enemies. At least, you have to respect the position he is holding because he is working for our president and any attacks on him are attacks on our president.

      Isku xishooda oo ka yareeya. Let him do his work.

      • Dhugtame says:

        @ Gobaad,

        I'm not inventing the falsification of academic credentials or the corruption allegations, but these concerns were raised in Somalilandpress and in the Somaliland media. I hope Mr. Omer will be able to tell us which universities he went to and that will put the matter to rest.

        I have attacked President Riyaale, when he was in power not because I was against his clan, but I wanted Somaliland to be the best it could be. At this time I will not just be quite , when Kulmiye, the party that I supported is in power. I do not care about personalities, all I care about is my country and people.

        The audit was investigating the the corruption allegation, tell me where is the auditor's verdict?

        Adigu isku xishood oo iska daa guulwadaynta! waxa wax lagu hagaajiyaa oo dal hore ugu maraa marka wixii shaki gala la cadeeyo ee waxba ku ma hagaagaan hadii sacab kuun la garaaco oo aan waxba laysu sheegin.

        • Dhugtame says:

          Quiet not quite.

        • Gobaad says:

          Dhugtame, " …The audit was investigating the the corruption allegation, tell me where is the auditor's verdict?…" Are you asking me this question? You must be kidding me! Do you still think that I work for him? No, I don't. And I am thousands of miles away from.

          No I am not guulwade, I know that criticism is part of the territory if you are a government official, but there is always where we can draw the line and there is a difference between construction criticism and vicious person attach intended to damage a public figure's reputation. I consider this a sinister campaign against the Foreign Minister.

          Well, if you are one of those who believes everything they read in the media, tthen hat says a lot about your judgement.

          • Ali Omer Dhugtame says:

            @ Gobaad,

            I apologize to all if I was making this forum boring and monotonous. But we must all bear in mind that criticism comes with the office-package. No one has the right to defend a government official on the basis of tribal affiliations like Mr. Omer Dualeh did or write a lengthy exaggerations like this piece and people should expect to get both positive or negative responses back.

            If someone showers an undue praises on someone they must not expect a standing ovations from all and they must also be prepared for equally harsh comments too. All in all, the difference between Somalilanders and the people of Somalia is this: they applaud and beat the drums before their leaders even say a word, in Somaliland we scrutinize and examine every word and then give credit where it is due. We do not like those who belittle us and insult our intelligence like the author of this piece. I want everyone to know from now on that we will not tolerate exaggerated and invented triumphs for our government officials.

            Coming back to Mr. Omer, I think he should come out of the shell and answer these allegations that are repeatedly coming up on the front pages of the Somaliland media and I promise once that is out of the way I will apologize to him publicly and become one of his front-line supporters.

            I'm only a humble human being and time will proof me either wrong or right and I seek refuge in Allah's forgiveness if I have wrongfully been unfair to Mr. Omer or anybody else.

          • Gobaad says:

            Corrections: … vicious person attack, … then that says a lot, that is.

          • Gobaad says:

            Corrections: Sorry folks. I meant vicious personal attack, ,,, then that says a lot.

  15. Dhugtame says:

    I think Somalilandpress should categorize this article as an advertisement and not as an opinion article!

  16. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    This is to Mr. Dhugtame. If you do not have animosity with our foreign minister, why is that you always talk bad about him. I believe you are one of those who run the worst website we Somalilanders have ever brought to this world – QARANNEWS. unveil your mask and come to discuss with decency, whatever your name is. A true Somalilander who do not believe tribal affiliation and the sickness that many of us believe in it, will not spit hate the way you do. Put your name here and challenge me if you are a true person who protects his country. Dig it?

  17. Dhugtame says:

    @ Omer Dualeh

    I see you are playing the tribe card, but this will not stop Somalilanders to constructively criticize their government. Poor guy, you only see things on clannish prism. Remember, what brought down dictators like Siad Barre, Gaddafi, Mubarik and others is people like you who protected them from constructive criticism. I will not allow Somaliland to be taken over by clannish Guulwade like you and others, not in my watch! Don't I have the right to call a spade a spade? You do not even know me, but still you are trying to link me to a certain clan. I assure you that Qarannews is much below my pay grade and I'm a Somalilander not a clannish person like you.

    I have the right to criticize my government and I do not need your permission to do that. I repeat Mr. Omer is not up to the job and he must be replaced.

  18. inayuusuf says:

    @ Dhugtame,
    I personally believe that the FM is doing good job and all those slamming him at the media are merely driven by anterior motives. Simply put, If he ever has got a shortcoming, Mr. president is watchful and is responsible, at the first place, for shoving him aside.
    At the same time, we should always stop short of praising our officials lest to slip into dictatorship.
    But your criticism is neither constructive (as you claim) nor fair.

  19. Sulaiman says:


    I think you are the unfair party here. Duktame put it right, the FM must tell us which universities he graduated from, is that too much to ask for? I don't think so.

  20. Dhugtame says:

    I have pointed my finger at the trio including Xamarji long time ago and look what happened today. The guy is arrested with other two high ranking officials. This shows that government officials are not angels and we must keep a watchful eye on them. I salute the President and the vice President for a job well done.

    I hope all the other corrupt officials will meet the same faith. Be ware thieves and imposters, no matter how high your position in government is, President Silaanyo and Vice President Zailie are watching. I hope more heads will roll and I advise all the rogue and corrupt officials to resign, the sooner the better.

    Mr. Xamarji and his group were the first to appear in front of TV cameras, when it came to the distribution of humanitarian aid and I'm told all his associates are under investigation, this includes a couple of rogue government ministers.

  21. Gobaad says:

    I think that the Foreign Minister has to defend himself and address these allegations leveled at him and his credentials to silence his critics once and for all because they are feeding the media, Somaliland enemies and it reflects bad on his reputation and will also hurts Somaliland foreign policy.

  22. Cadaani says:

    I agree with Gobaad the foreign minister has to tell Somalilanders where he got his PHD. Isn't that easy for him.

    • Gobaad says:

      Dhugtame and Cadaani, I didn't say tell us you got your PhD and that is not our business. He must have given his employer whatever qualifications he had and that is why he was hired for the job, in first place. What I meant was to defend himself and silence these malicious allegations leveled at him by addressing the issue because people like Dhugtame is validing and feeding Somaliland haters with his negativity and smearing campaign against our Foreign Minister. Besides, you can't maliciously attack someone's reputation like that unless you have evidence to back it up. Otherwise, it has a name which is a "character assassination" and people could get sued for tearing up somebody reputationt like that.

      Constructive criticism is being fair, ethical, and in a professional manner and not an act of deliberately attempting to destory a person's reputation by going after an individual and spreading defamatory remarks like we are witnessing here.

      • Dhugtame says:

        @ Gobaad

        I'm asking simple questions here nothing more or nothing less. I didn't know that in democracy one is not allowed to ask questions, but if we all agree on this then I will stop asking questions and just obey orders.

  23. Dhugtame says:

    @ Gobaad

    Thanks for coming around. The trust of Somalilanders should not be taken for granted. We have lost too many lives to become what we inspire to be. Therefore, we should always be suspicious of government officials, who act weird. the foreign minister will have all my support, when this issue and the corruption allegation issue are put to rest.

  24. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Dhugtame, I have better job to play than tribal card my fellow Somalilander, and I am here to defend Mr. Omar, who is our foreign minister and good one, but I would like you to get out of the tail of this noble person who is doing his job. If he has or has not a genuine qualification, it is not your business. It looks you are one of those FADHI KU DIRIR, who don't make any difference. Somaliland is here to stay, and those like you who are painting our country and its guest to statehood, with blank will not succeed. The people of Somaliland are my tribe, if you believe it or not, and if you wish to know more about me and where I stand you better ask for. I always play the card of my people closeness and fight everything that hambers my country and nothing else. If you wish to know where I stand about tribalism, please google the article entiteled MAXAA INNOO DIIDAY IN CAQLIGU SHAQEEYO.

  25. Axmed Dhaqane says:

    We all know that Mr. Omar is doing his job, but what is wrong if somalilanders want to know that there leaders have the qualifications they say they have?

  26. Qaali says:

    Maxaa loo daba socdaa wasiirkeena arimaha dibeda wuxuu inoo sheegay inuu porofosoor ka ahaa jaamicada ingiriirka. wasiirada kalaba lama daba socdee isaga maxaa tiisa loo aamini waayay. Waa halyay daacad ah oo Somaliland kor u qaaday sharafteedii.

  27. Dhugtame says:

    @ Omer Dualeh

    You have stated your position loud and clear and you need not go back on that. Read your previous postings. i am not interested in your job and diverting the subject will not change my course. Call me whatever you want I'm who I am and I'm not in competition with you. You can continue talking women-like, but I'm not going your way. Who are you to defend and shield this guy and in what capacity? This makes things even more suspicious.

    I want everybody to know that it is my business and the business of every patriotic Somalilander to know the backgrounds of our officials. Instead of being clannish and ostentatious why don't you tell us what universities your friend went to? I'm being kind here to Mr. Omer and I do not want to dig the mud he is standing on. But if you guys continue in this course I promise I will put all my cards in front of all Somalilanders to see and by then you will regret to have been associated with him.

  28. Aqil says:

    I have heard that Dr Omar achieved his PhD in political science but even if lied about his qualifications, he is doing a good job.

  29. Somalilander says:

    Dhugtame. The only thing I can say to you is that you need to go to Hospital.

  30. Gobaad says:

    Dhugtame, in my opinion, you have a deep-seated animosity against the Foreign Minister. Give it a rest and leave the man do his work. He works the President and not for you.

  31. Dhugtame says:

    @ Gobaad,

    If I may correct you, the President himself works for us, we the people of Somaliland are the masters of our government and not the other way round. Animosity, no not at all.

    Tell me what other names do you use in this forum besides Gobaad, Somalilander and Omer Hussein Dualeh?

  32. Gobaad says:

    Dhugtame, are you sure you are okay because you to be way over your head and a j"ack of all trades". We are not the masters of our government and have nothing to do with the day-to-day function of the government. We elected and entrusted our fellow gvernment officials with the power to manage Somaliland's affaires internally and externally. And they are doing a superb job. So, stop your relentless daily barage of negative criticism against government officials and give it a rest and get off the Minister's back and let him do his work.

    About what other name do you use … that is a load of crab. I never use a name other than my name and never pretended to be somebody else. That is not my style. People impersonate me and not the other way around. Perhaps, you are the menacing culprit who impersonates other people in this forum.

  33. Chirwa says:


    A note to those who seem to defend the Minister, I have to tell you that I know Mohamed for a long time, and I can assure you he will past this hurdle effortlessly, I urge you not silence others if they have a concern since this will only create more suspicion and more speculation, in case you opt to defend, it would be beneficial to the official you are defending if you do it in a diplomatic way and not the jump the gun and shoot the critic, becouse that will only call for more critics for that particular official.

  34. Chirwa says:


    This thread reminds me a news article from News night, in which a News Night Journalist was trying to find out the degree classifications of the Miliband Brothers, it was suggested that the younger Milliband performed not as good as his older Brother, yet he beat him the leadership election of the Labour party, Many months after this election as the leader of the opposition, public scrunity got underway and one of those who doubted his leadership skills, wanted to see his academic credintials,,,,hence their search for his degree classifications.

    If your quest is finding out the academic credintials of the officials (ministers), then be fair, and lets just put it this way, require the government to vet all appointed officials background, and publish their education background. Transparency yet fairness to all.

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