By Goth Mohamed Goth

President H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud ( Silanyo) today d at the Presidential Palace received Islamic Development Bank delegation who is currently visiting the country.

The Islamic Development Bank delegation has been in the past four days visiting the various projects they support which are connected with land improvement and public health services in the country.

President Silanyo during the meeting said, “On behalf of the people of Somaliland I extended my gratitude to the Islamic development bank for the continued support in funding much needed development projects in the country. The Islamic Development Bank is currently funding ongoing rehabilitation projects in the Hargeisa Group Hospital, and also Hargeisa and Gabiley orphanages.

Presidential spokesman Ahmed Saleban Dhuxul said that the President Silanyo and the delegation agreed to enhance future cooperation between Somaliland and the Islamic development bank.

In line with its continued support to the people of Somaliland, the Islamic Development Bank is currently continuing follow-up of its various projects in the country worth around US$ 450,000. They mainly comprise supplying orphanages, hospitals and schools in Hargeisa, and other parts of the country with medicine, medical equipment, and other much needed items. It is also following up on the progress of the delivery of supplies and equipment to women empowerment centers in different Somaliland cities.

President Silanyo was during the meeting flanked by Vice President Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael (Saylici), Minister Foreign Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis and Finance Minister Hon Abdi Aziz Muhammad Samaale to name a few.