Published On: Mon, Apr 22nd, 2013

Somaliland:President Silanyo Address at the Atlantic Council

By Goth Mohamed Goth

President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) and his foreign minister Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omer have today addressed the Atlantic Council on matters covering wide-ranging issues such as recognition security, commerce, development, the enhancement of democracy in the horn of Africa and ways to strengthened existing diplomatic ties with America.

President Silanyo was flanked by several ministers in his cabinet most notable:-

1.       Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omer ,Foreign Minister

2.       Dr. Saad Ali Shire ,National Planning Minister

3.       Eng.Osman Abdillahi Sahradid ,State Minister of Finance

4.       Hon Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan ,Presidency Minister


About the Atlantic Council

Since its founding in 1961-1962, the Council has been a preeminent, nonpartisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security. In its early years, distinguished American foreign policy leaders – Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, Christian Herter, Lucius Clay, and others – developed an ambitious agenda to engage Americans with their European partners on matters of global concern.

Now in its 50th year, the Atlantic Council is harnessing that history of transatlantic leadership and applying its founders’ vision to a broad spectrum of modern global challenges from violent extremism to financial instability and from NATO’s future to energy security. As we face an inflection point in history, the Atlantic Council provides an essential forum for navigating dramatic shifts in economic and political influence. The Council is home to ten programs and centers, broken down both functionally and regionally, which seamlessly work together to tackle today’s unique set of challenges.

Click the link below to view President Silanyo at the Atlantic Council,

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  1. Buuxiye says:

    There are turning points in the history of any given people. The Somali people as a whole have an opportunity to take advantage of the new paths open to them in order to better the over all situation of their respective population. It is a NEW dawn and with it comes moments of illumination that if harnessed can shed a bright rainbow of hope in the desolate semi desert of the horn of Africa.

    Only in peace can we rejoice together and plot a course away from the darkness of the last 22years.

    Promote peace promote progress…

  2. Awdal boy says:

    The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Today I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and my fellow country man are feeling the same regardless where they are around the globe. Our dream of joing the international community as shining and strog democracy and strog example of the horn or Africa as ever before is a few yards away, I mean our independence is smelling and this does not mean that we have to be complacent but be vigilant and more determined than ever before. – Long live Somaliland!.

    • Mr. Awdal says:

      no saxeeb you are a boy and i am the man, i am from Awdal and i speak for the people of Awdal…WE DO NOT WANT SOMALILAND… SOMALILAND DHOONI MAYNO.. saxeeb there is nothing in it for the people of Awdal nor the people of Khaatumo. somaliland is a one-clan enclave that will never be recognized saxeeb u can keep dreaming with the rest of them !! one more thing if you claim to be from Awdal name one thing the one-clan enclave has done for the region of Awdal to better develop it??

  3. ALL-AYOUBIE says:

    And I am feeling gooooooood.

  4. Ismael says:

    There is no video in the link does any one have the proper link of the recorded speech of the President?

  5. Tellmetruth says:

    It will be this moment in history when secessionist loo back and say, we thought we had it, what happened.

    • Buuxiye says:

      22 years more 200 years more…

      We will still be building an independent state from the chaos of Somalia-Italia. While You live in a colony of Amisom trusteeship.

  6. Mr. Awdal says:

    stop this lie these are all lies written up by the one-clan enclave. please buuxiye tell me one the the administration of the one-clan enclave has done for the people of Awdal or Khaatumo..saxeeb if you can successfully name one thing I will respect the one-clan enclave. at the same time you people on this post must not take my comment as disrespect because i am certainitly not out there to disrepect anyone..i just need facts

    • Buuxiye says:

      The problem is in your perspective.

      1. You wish to sell a 4sq Km government in Muuqdishu as a form of salvation when guarded by 20,000 Amisom.
      2. You wish to criticize Somaliland while it is light years ahead of Somalia-Italia.
      3. You wish to claim to be from a people who held position of president for half Somalilands 22years independence. If somaliland failed Awdal then Riyale Kahin was the President and should be asked that question.
      4. The people of buudole have been used as proxy agents to destabilise somaliland by non other then Somalia-Italia agents now if they want to be used for hate how can anyone build anything for them.

      Your perspective needs to change because the world is changing. Somaliland is moving forward and those who choose to be left behind will forever be at the margins of social progress. Instead of bullets preach books.

      There is your answer but i bet you have no appetite for reality?

  7. Wadani says:

    It wasn't a good idea for the warlord Siilaanyo to visit Washinghton, since things are not looking good in the USA, Obama has invited the Mooriyaan president and recognized the federal government, in return the newly recognized mogadishu government asked immunity for the former defense minister of Somalia wich faced harrasment for more than 19 years, this wan not a good news for Siilaanyo bc the new government asked immunity for a man who committed a war crimes in the eyes of Siilaanyo. I wonder why lose face and go to Washinghton, why did he boycott it just as he is blanning to boycott the London conferance. This man should make the ineveitable trip to Mogadishu and accept a governership post.

  8. MR Somaliland says:

    all your faqash with crocodile tears , Somaliland is the beacon of hope in the horn of africa so keep on crying for ever as you do now anyway

  9. Hersi says:

    Today is a glorious day for the people of Somaliland. Its leaders have shown the only superpower, why it is important to recognize Somaliland and why Somaliland will never going back to a failed union called Somali republic.
    President Silanyo and his foreign minister, has hit a home run in delivering Somaliland causes in front of captive USA people and the world community at large.
    May Allah, bless Somaliland and its people for ever. Let the enemies, within and without know, that Somaliland will never going to look backward but always forward.

  10. NLander says:

    Keep on hating! With every xasiid thought and action the world comes closer to us. Long live Somaliland

  11. Ahmed says:

    This is disgraceful, first the Turkish invited siilanyo so he can negotiate with current misguided regime Culsusow. than the British their masters tried to tell somaliland admin game is over, when this opportunity Raises siilanyo took few photo snap shots with UK PM Cameron to convince his diluted AUDIENCE our recognition is coming tomorow which it's not.

    Now siilanyo he is in North America, will he meet OBAMA or vice president or secretary of state of USA, i personally doubt that. he may meet few congress men that is all. this visit will not be another PHOTO SNAP SHOT.

  12. osman says:

    Somaliland is reaching the critical mass. Somalilanders you need to mobilize. We need to march every where. let us march every where. Nothing is cheap in the world. Today is the day. the world is ready to listen to us, but its us who will make the apple ripe. The revolutionary of all times Ernesto Chi Guevara once said, the apple can not ripe unless you make it ripe. Look our eternal enemies are crying profusely every where. The are jumping and down, but never mind let us put our shinning country, resilient, and courageous people one more push, one more boast, one more leap forward. Where ever, you are talk t you congress man or women, wherever you are educate anybody you see about our just cause. Lets make the able ripe. let us work hard and keep marching forward and no turning back. tell our enemies we mean no harm to anybody all we are doing is to safe guard the existence, independence, and sovereignty of our people. Viva Somaliland

  13. Sahra says:

    This is big fat warning to Mr culsoow And It's time and long over due that he puts his energy and valuable time behind his nation. And not get off track with this side-show. Because there's pressing needs that"s head of this freak show that's going on now. So little precious he has to start using wisely and genuinely meeting his people across the nation and finding out how's the best way to bridge the gap between him and his people and find solution that works for all of us. Therefore it's time to tell Turkey thanks for all of your help, but I don't have a time for this the period.

  14. Somaliyeeytooso says:


    I'm sorry to say, Culsoow or no Culsoow, we do not have the guts to say no to any foreigner, we have Ethiopians, Kenyans, Ugandans who occupy our, do whatever they want to girls and boys and we call them heroes and they get paid high salaries to humiliate us.

    Let us be truthful, the only dignified Somalis are the Northern secessionists, who stood up against USA military intervention in the 90s and just a week ago told Britain thanks but no thanks for the invitation to the London Conference.

    Do you the difference between us and the Northers? They have have guts, pride and confidence and we don't. We sell everything including our country and they don't. We will remain slaves as long as we value money more than our dignity. What dignity am I talking about? there is no dignity being from Somalia.

    We are given hundreds of millions by the IC, get thousands of soldiers overseas every few months and we can not defeat coup hundred terrorists, what does that mean to you? because we do not see the bigger picture and are divided into small tribes and subsubtribes. Look what the traitors in Jubaland are doing? they have sold the most productive part of our country to Kenya, they displaced, killed and raped the indigenous population of the region with people from the so-called Puntland region and Ethiopia. How do you expect us no to foreigners, when you praise these criminals day and night?

    • Galmudug says:

      I think your comment about Somalia is right, but please give full credit to where its due and do not call Somaliland a secessionists. How can they be secessionists since they were an independent country, when we were still an Italian colony. The first Somali flag was erected in Somaliland and we constantly terrorized them from day one of the union until today.

      We are the secessionists not them and we ought to look at ourselves on the mirror and should apologize to them and wish them a good luck instead of hating their successes.

      • Sahra says:

        You're from where haaaaaaaaaaaaa………………

        • DhulozforSomaliland says:

          Are you talking to me little girl? Well, I'm your graad, so show some respect, will you?

          • Sahra says:

            I don't talk to fake dhuloz……………………..

          • DhulozforSomaliland says:

            you're free to find someone that fits your real perception of Dhuloz, but I'm the real one and I'm not someone who thrives on hating his own self and ppl. Somaliland is my country and I'm defending it with my soul and blood. If you do not like that then its your problem, but let me assure you, hate will do nothing for you and will not take you anywhere, it will only consume you and your time too.

          • Sahra says:

            Youre people don't have a single dhuloz sitting the table representing your view in the world stage, need I say more!!!

          • DhulozforSomaliland says:

            I thought you said you do not talk to Dhuloz so please do not talk to me.

          • DhulozforSomaliland says:

            I'm from Somaliland and my government headed by H.E. President Ahmed Silanyo represents my view and the views of all Somalilanders no matter which region they are.

          • Sahra says:

            You insisted engaging with me. Second Siilaanyo is the only person sitting on behalf of you on the table. Are you trying to convince that yourself or me? So It's apparent the only fake dhuloz that could come up with moronic answer like that………..

          • Hassan wasaaye says:


            Any luck with friends lately? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

          • Sahra says:

            What a desperate name, And you asking me if I had any luck of finding friends. LOl……

          • Hassan Wasaaye says:

            As indicted by my name, that is exactly what I do all the time. How about you?

          • Sahra says:

            It's time to stop sodomizing yourself, before it's too late for you.Because the first indication of a man who's having a difficulties finding any kind of social interaction with a a one that's talking about how many partners or time he's having a sex.

          • Hassan Wasaaye says:


            Don't you blame me, I live in Alaska and I'm loaded.

          • dhuxul fiidow says:

            Hassan wasaaye,

            Saxiibow yanan adiga lagu wasin, al-ximaar.

          • Hassana Wasaaye says:

            Saaxiib Dhuxulow xagga ragga igga dhaaf, gabdhaan u jeedaaye. Adigu cid kalle raadso KKKKKKKKK

          • dhuxulow fiidow says:

            War afkaaga ha'gaagso DUMARKA ha'caayin inangumeed baa tahaye.

  15. Ali says:

    this man, Mr. Pham, used to be dictatorial lobbyist in all over Africa and last time i remember was about Ethiopian regime.he has nothing to with the Atlantic Council.

  16. Ali says:

    Somaliland or northern region is part and parcel of Somalia and will never be a separate county. keep up dreaming guys and continue your gaaljacaylka and think Habartii Meel ka Qusoshaba inay Aqoonsi bixiso.

  17. NLander says:

    Man it must hurt seeing the people you tried to kill off not only thriving but actually being the only Somalis worth their salt. It must hurt soooo bad that you all spend countless hours thinking of clever things to type, long winded paragraphs, usually round of cussing…..Man that s h yt must burn like kryptonite!

  18. Boqoljireh says:

    There are those in every anti-Somaliland website, who call themselves Awdalites to create friction between the people of Somaliland, and they are not from Awdal. They want some of us to insult our problems and the only real patriots of this country. My fellow citizen wherever you are, do not comment what those impersonators say at any cost. Avoid even reading when you see someone called himself Awdal. 99.9 of the people of Awdal are real Somalilanders and enjoy the peace that we cherish.

    The current President is sure and promised to himself that he will take this country to the shores of East River in New York and give a similar speech there. That is not far you Somaliland haters, and then to hell with you.

  19. Boqoljireh says:

    Brothers, instead of problems – Sorry

  20. hamsa says:

    Good job to our President and his team, listed to his address, question and answers and session and did us proud. Well Done and keep the hard work.

    Proud Somalilander !

  21. Concerned Somali says:

    Is this all your tribal leader can master only to meet with members of Atlantic Council? Tell me how this non sense speech delivered by your tribal leader to handful of people of Atlantic Council , would advance separatist ill-advised goal of getting recognition for its tribal and dusty cities of Hargeisa, Barbara, and Burca. Is this what he traveled for over 5,000 Miles, just to appear before this council? The travel expenses of this nonsense trip should have better be used on the more pressing issues your tribal enclave facing.

  22. RealSomaliwomen says:

    A big thank you to both of you, Galmudug and Somalihanoolato, I always knew that there are some realistic and honorable people in Somalia unlike these Somaliland haters we see on daily bases on the media. I am proud of Somaliland, I am proud of Somalia and I am proud of being a Somali unlike those who sold their territories to Ethiopia, Kenya and are trying to sell the Jubas to the Kenyans, these are the people who must be condemned not Somaliland which built its country from the ashes of Siad Barre's war.

  23. Irir Smaale says:

    Full video here 26:26 for the questions.

    • DhulozforSomaliland says:

      The President has shown great statesmanship and we are proud of Somalilands young energetic ministers. Only Deputy Minister Sahardiid went a little overboard with his teashop sort of speech. The Minister of foreign affairs and International cooperation, the Minister of Mineral resources and the Minister of planning were all great and have all conveyed the Somaliland message loud and clear. WELL DONE !

    • Irir Smaale says:

      This video showed us what we all knew and that's that Silanyo is not in charge of Hargeisa but his entourage is.

      After reading from his ghost written piece of paper he made his entourage answer almost all the question except when asked directly telling a lady to stay quit + denying whats going on in SSC and talking few sec about Shabaab.

      Now you might say the woman deserved it but a man in a high position as him should not act like that period.

      • Irir Samaale says:

        correction its Irir Samaale

        • DhulozforSomaliland says:


          I do not blame you because you and that lady share the same culture and values, you are two party-crushers and are all always in place where you are not desired to be, shamefully throwing insults and spiting cobra-venom at Somaliland and Somalilanders. You guys envey the Somaliland successes and have nothing better to do than bring shame to yourselves and to your families (if you have any). You can hide behind the computer from us, but you you will not be able to hide from Allah, the all seeing and the all know.

          Please take you disgusting and hateful attitude to somewhere else and leave Somaliland alone. Somalilanders are united and Insh Allahu we will succeed.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            Listen first of all i suspect you're not dhulbahante it's like an Isaaq for Barre second Silanyo didn't write that speech but then hardly any president do.

            Third he should of answered all the question for goodness sake he was talking about how woman were well represented in Somaliland but then had to ask his foreign minister how many were in his cabinet ?

            All in all this showed how Silanyo is so out of depth with his job the guy when his entourage were answering his questions for him his facial expression looked like he should of been part of the audience.

        • Somali says:

          go iri find yourself a real job.

  24. M.H.Buraleh says:

    I bet Siilaanyo and accomplice will love to hide it,but here it is,watch it.

  25. DhulozforSomaliland says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Somaliland Signed a new Oil contract with Norwegian Company in Washington D.C. just yesterday afternoon. How about that?

  26. Boqoljireh says:

    Mr.Buraaleh, do you believe you have brought something special here. Only those who compute illiterate could not get to watch the video, but we all knew this last night and watch live. The two lost Somalilanders speech there has not change anything on the ground, because the majority of Dhulbahante are Somalilanders. We managed to listen and talk to them softly, but they were shown this to Mr.Galaydh who call them and asked them to go there say what they said. Anyhow they are our brothers and sister. Mr.Galaydh was signatory to our reclamation, but when he lost the post of Vice President to TOLWAA he decided to get a position in Somalia and he failed that too. he is killing his people for personal interest and that is pity.

  27. DhulozforSomaliland says:

    For those Somaliland haters the founder of SSC, Dr. Xaglatoosh has just arrived from Finland where he met the Finish Foreign, immigration and interior ministers. He was warmly welcomed at Berbera airport by government ministers and the governor of Sahil, the mayor of Berbera and many other Somaliland officers.

    Mr. Haglatooje's visit was successful.

  28. hersi says:

    building nation is not an NGO, to make assesment an go to the invester. building nation is not a tribe that had swallen under the British colonization and haunting it now. building nation is not 5% percent population of unified country that are struggling to get 50% of benefits or going out. buliding nation is not a tribe giving new name to his sub-clans as a political parts and deceiving the world samatrarians as they are oppressed people. Can the fabricated Drama from the north western region of somalia get ears from the American foriegn polciy designer through Atlantic Council. I think America today is not Britain of 1884.

  29. Allemagan says:

    A uublishing house = A puublishing house

  30. Wadani says:

    Publishing house, get your house straight before yu pick on someone else. yu feel me bro, english aint our mother tongue

  31. Allemagan says:

    You are right Wadani. That is typing error and I guess I have to be careful as I write my comments in a hurry sometimes. I will try to put my house in order next time. Thanks for the correction and the feedback.

  32. kfc says:

    *Do you feel me brother
    *English isnt our mother tongue.

  33. Allemagan says:


    What are you trying to say here?? Can't you write something useful instead of copying and pasting someone else's comment and leaving it at that? At least let us add some salt and spice to the dead bird. This is all a fried chicken to me!

  34. kfc says:

    Hahaha war ninyahow ha na cebeen.Reer khaatumo support the blue flag and we are not willing to do anything to destroy sacred somalia borders.

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