Published On: Fri, Dec 6th, 2013

Somaliland:Human Rights Center strongly condemns the detaining, beating and harassment of the journalists

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5th December 2013                                                                                                               16/2013

Press release

Human Rights Center strongly condemns the arrest of four journalists detained on 3rd December in Hargeisa. The journalists were arrested while they were participating in peaceful protest organized by journalists to express their outrage on the release of man alleged to have attacked Hubaal newspaper headquarters in 24th April 2013.

On 5th December, Hargeisa Regional Court remanded the four journalists, Hassan Maal Dhidar, Saed Khadar, Abdisalaan Abdirashid and Abdiasis Bashir. 

 The Police also beaten at the Court Abdirashid Sh. Abdiwahaab Sh. Ibraahim, the head of Foore newspaper, and his camera was confiscated. These acts violated his fundamental freedoms and rights.

 Freedom of public demonstration, expression of opinion, press and other media are guaranteed by the constitution of Somaliland. Article 32 of the constitution grants every citizen to have the freedom to organize or participate in any peaceful assembly or demonstration.

 Article 25 of the constitution prohibits arresting, searching, or detaining person except when caught in the act of committing the crime or on the issue of a reasoned arrest warrant by a competent judge.  


As stated in article 26 of the constitution an accused person is innocent until proven guilty in a court. Therefore, the dignity of the arrested journalists shall be protected and the Police shall treat them well.   

Any person who is deprived of his liberty has a right to meet as soon as possible his legal representative, relatives or any other persons he asks for as obliged by article 27 of the constitution. Therefore, the detained journalists have a right to meet lawyers, human rights organizations, relative and any other person they request.

 Human Rights Center is concerned the improper manner in which the authorities treat the journalists. The authorities shall know that freedom of the press is a constitutional right which shall be protected as such.



Human Rights Center recommends Somaliland authorities: 

1.       To immediately release the four journalists; 

2.      To protect and safeguard the freedom of press and demonstrations;

3.      To prosecute before civilian court those accused of committing the attack of Hubaal newspaper.


Ms. Mulaho Mohamed Ali

Spokesperson, Human Rights Center

Hargeysa Somaliland

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  1. mohamed cheers says:

    Too many media report confusions that perverts the good human mind. Becomes to no
    longer believe what certain primitive Media allegations feed the Public eyes.

  2. Awdally boy says:

    No consistent with wanna be journalists, there we go again, we have another centre which is defending thugs who dressed up as journalists. Yes, do not get me wrong thugs must also have a freedom of speech particulary when in behind bars – hope police are not beating them up while in custody.

  3. kabocalaf says:

    It is wrong for the State to harass the media but to call these characters 'Journalists' is to insult the trade of journalism. Untrained and ill-informed, these hapless wannabe hacks do not follow the basic alphabet of journalism. They report rumour as fact. The fundamental journalistic rules of where/what/when/how/who are not part of their lexicon. None of them have heard of corroboration, right to reply, fact-checking or fairness.

    Drunk with clannism and clan hatred and armed with nothing more weighty than rumour, lies and conjecture, they publish everything and anything that comes to their ill-educated, qat-poisoned little brains.

    Still the government should grow the thick skin needed to put up with the rantings of these ill-informed hacks. It should also make basic journalistic training compulsory before licensing these rags. parliament should introduce strong and enforcable libel laws. these are the correct of dealing with them not giving a platoform they do not deserve by arresting them and beating them.

  4. garyaqaan2007 says:

    When the protesters approached the presidential palace, police arrested Ibrahin Khadar Said of Hadhwanaag and Jamhuuriya news, Hasan Maal Dhidar of Universal TV, and Said Khadar and Abdisalaan Abdirashid of Bulsho TV, and confiscated their cameras and mobile phones.

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