GABILEY(Somalilandpress)–Gabiley city council members today sacked the country’s first female mayor after unanimously passed resolution of no confidence vote against incumbent mayor Khadra Haji Geyd. In a meeting chaired by incumbent mayor Khadra Haji earlier today saw election of Engineer Ahmed Muhumed Qalib as the new mayor of Gabiley town unseating embattled mayor Khadra Haji Geyd.

Council members consisting of 17 out of 24 members convened an emergency meeting after they became dissatisfied with mayor Khadra Haji and voted to have her removed from office after a majority vote. Unlike her predecessor who was removed from office due to corruption charges Mr. Khadra Haji Geyd is removed from office after completing several major projects in the city of Gabiley where she is loved by the residents. Ms. Khadra became the first female mayor in the country after corruption charges brought a no-confidence vote against her predecessor Mr. Aden Muhumed and the district committee chose Khadra Haji to replace him.

The ensuing vote resulted to 16 councilors voting in favor to elect a new mayor while the chairwoman Khadra Haji Geyd didn’t vote. Mr Muhmed Qalib emerged as the victor becoming the new mayor of Gabiley while Khadra Haji Geyd is demoted to deputy Mayor. After the vote Khadra Haji Geyd congratulate the new mayor on his victory, when asked if the voting was fair she had this to say, the councilor made its voice heard. After electing the new mayor councilors members vote to cleared the name of the former mayor of Gabiley Mr. Adan Muhumed Bedde of any wrong doing on his corruption case at which he was accused of misappropriating more than 250 million Somaliland Shillings in government funds.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012