By Goth Mohamed Goth

A court in Hargeisa has in a press release banned Hubaal Newspaper a popular Somali language daily as of today 11/6/2013.

The court order bans all printing agencies in the country from publishing, circulation and the distribution of the newspaper and anyone caught printing or distributing the newspaper will be arraigned in a court of law, the goes into effect as of today and shall stay in place until further directive is to be issued by the court.

The court order which was issued and signed by Mr. Feisal Abdillahi Ismael a magistrate assigned to Maroodi Jeeh Regional court ,the given reason for the banning of the newspaper was a request from the attorney general’s office.

Two months ago the owner of Hubaal newspaper escaped an attempted on his life when the newspapers headquarters was attacked by two assassins of one whom later turned to be  a  policeman.