Published On: Sun, Apr 14th, 2013

Somaliland:Councilor Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aidiid (SOLTELCO) Becomes the New Mayor of Hargeisa

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Councilor Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aidiid (SOLTELCO) is the new mayor of Hargeisa after he was elected to the seat by 23 councilors with one absence during a vote held today to elect a new mayor of Hargeisa.

The Interior minister Hon Mohamed Nur Arrale (Dur) during the ceremony said, much is expected from the incoming mayor and his team by the people of Hargeisa and his ministry are ready to work hand in hand with the newly elected Mayor and his team.

“I am ready for the hard work ahead of me and i know it is not an easy task which lies ahead of us, but me and my team shall introduce massive changes to the crumbling infrastructure of our urban centre and I urge the good people of Hargeisa to work with us because with their cooperation, I believe we can achieve much”, Said the new mayor Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aidiid.

The seat became vacant on April 7 of after the former mayor Hargeisa late Eng. Yusuf Warsame Said passed away while undergoing medical treatment in an Abu Dhabi Hospital where he was admitted shortly after being elected to the office late last year.

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  1. Daljir says:

    Congratulations Abdirahman M. Aideed may Allah make it easy for you to do your job properly.

  2. Concern Somalilander says:

    I will also add, congratulation! For your colleagues the council, giving you vote of confidence and recognizing you as someone who can lead them.

    As a new Mayor, you are now the image of the City, and I hope you come up with a plan that make this City beautiful and attract people from all over the World.

  3. Hodan says:

    Congratulations Abdirahman May Allah guide you in your new task. You seem young, energetic and ready to deliver. As the mayor you are responsible for promoting city beautification, arts, cultural affairs, parks and recreation activities. . Please ensure the city is kept clean and orderly, with opportunities for citizens to experience a good quality of life and enjoy good health. Best of luck my brother

  4. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Congratulations Mr. Aideed. You have filled the post that my dear friend Yussuf Warsame Saeed vacated and it's how the human transition goes. I am one of the citizen of Hargeisa and wish you every luck you can get out of this world. You are a young man whom we feel that you have a time to achieve what you believe you can do for our city Hargeisa. Try Abdirahman to straighten the wrong pass, and avoid to differentiate the people of Hargeisa, because if you do that, you will not succeed. Let your immediate relatives and those far get their right and full. I have known our late Yussuf since late 1960s, and he was an honest and friendly person who deserved to get the chance to change Hargeisa, but there is a proverb that says "Man proposes and God, the almighty dispossess". We thought we got the man who can do something for Hargeisa, but the Almighty changed that in few months time.

    I wish you a good luck.

  5. Madar says:

    Belated alf mabrouk to the new mayor of Hargeisa Mr Cabdiraxmaan Maxmoud Caydiid (Soltelco), here wishing you all the best in your new job, we are sure you will meet the expectations of many of us insha allah.

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