Somaliland Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullahi Ismael (Saylici)is been accused of forcefully evicting a less fortunate family of seven from their property which happens to be next to  a two story building under construction  owned by the VP.

The piece of land is located opposite the criminal investigation department headquarters  ,the family own the property were evicted from the land earlier yesterday by the Somaliland police in a bid to  expand the land owned by VP.

A lawyer speaking for the evicted family known as Mr. Mohamed Culimo  displayed land ownership documents as a prove that the ejected  family were the real owners of the land and the VP was using his powers to evict the poor family from their property.

 “As I speak the mother of this children and who also happens to be the bread winner is been detained on the orders of the VP for no reason whatsoever “, stated the family lawyer.