Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2013

Somaliland:A Family Of Seven Ejected From Their Land

Somaliland Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullahi Ismael (Saylici)is been accused of forcefully evicting a less fortunate family of seven from their property which happens to be next to  a two story building under construction  owned by the VP.

The piece of land is located opposite the criminal investigation department headquarters  ,the family own the property were evicted from the land earlier yesterday by the Somaliland police in a bid to  expand the land owned by VP.

A lawyer speaking for the evicted family known as Mr. Mohamed Culimo  displayed land ownership documents as a prove that the ejected  family were the real owners of the land and the VP was using his powers to evict the poor family from their property.

 “As I speak the mother of this children and who also happens to be the bread winner is been detained on the orders of the VP for no reason whatsoever “, stated the family lawyer.

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  1. hamdi says:

    ownership property document are not well monitor are scattered everywhere in the local government properly lots of cases are binding and double entries due to miss management of local government . furthermore there not having proficiency skill workers and have own way to handle and control region without consideration and properly management over power the main government should made amendment of law and policies of land !!!!!!!!!

  2. abdi rahman says:

    what a Shame

  3. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    And what is the Government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud doing it about our people are being robbed from their properties at gunpoint by Ethiopian militia known as SNM.

    • Dhaliye says:

      Bugland Geezer,

      SNM is the force that defeated and destroyed Siad Barre regime, and one can stop them from taming and taking action against any somaliand hater. The mistak that SNM did was they forgave all Faqash sympathizers, like you. This would not happen again if fail to stop your cheap propaganda. And bear in that Marjeerteens will only confined to the their enclave – Boosaaso. No one of you will be something in Mogadisho, let alone Kismaayo and other places in the South.

      • nuux says:

        MJ are not interested moryaan city mogadisu,but kismaayo is their town get your fects right……………

        • Dhaliya says:

          Reality will come before you. The day is not far off when Daroods who attacked KIsmaayo and their Kenyan stooges will run away with a little loot. Today or tomorrow, Seare Leon troops will take over the city and everything will come to tis true original picture. There will no room for Harti in Kismaayo. Believe it or not, this is the reality. Hope that a dream that will never come true willl not enter into your mind.

  4. Ayanle says:

    Very Sad story but i guess the vice president
    is Zoomalian too uh ?

  5. Xaajo Dhanaan says:

    Kudos to SL media for highlighting such injustices. They're doing a great public service.

  6. Somaliland activist. says:

    These is another bold lie, against Somaliland by Somaliland enemies. There is no Iota of truth to this accusation.It's false.

  7. Omar says:

    Somalilandpress, it is better you get your facts right….I am absolutely certain that there is not truth to this story. The days of ministers or government officials giving orders for arrests are long over in Somaliland, and the police only carryout arrests when they have reason to believe the law has been broken. I believe the writer has axe to grind.

  8. tellmetruth says:

    At least he got caught and didn't get away scott free. now whats is left is to see if he is dealt with according to law or just left alone to his own devices and continue his crooked ways.

    Also I don't think a VP would do such a thing if there wasn't a culture of corruption within the SL pretend government. Just remember being in government is like being in a club, so if some of its top members are corrupt then is bound to effect all its members. people of SL you should be in control of your government not the other way around. Here's an example, remember the lady that was arrested on the order of a minster, instead of a politically free police investigation, the judicial system should always be free of the executive branch. Because if not corruption is guaranteed.

  9. Buuxiye says:

    We should be considerate to the poor even when they falsely occupy empty land. If they occupy government land then it is the government's responsiblity to ensure that the weak are treated with kindness and accommodated with alternative options.

    A Society is judged on how they treat their weakest and least able…

    Somaliland-Republic is Spacious enough to accommodate 60million people as such there is enough land for the mere 3.5million.

    • Dhaliye says:


      Do you agree what Hanad has said? If greed plays the role, where is grace? If viciouness forges all, where is faith?

      • Buuxiye says:

        Poor people have no one to defend them in Africa as a whole. We as Somalis must understand because many of us have experienced Refugee status across the globe.

        Hanad is entitled to his opinion and speaks for himself like we all do.

        Kindness is free and if those families were reasoned with they would have considered an alternative location that is more suited for their survival.

        I would not want to sleep next to a construction site nor would i keep my kids there, i guess there is more to the story then we are reading.

  10. NLander says:

    First of all lets make sure that this article is in fact true, since we know how the so called Somaliland media likes to smear peoples good name. Second, if this story is in fact true, then the government is responsible in making sure this family has a home equivalent and suitable to their needs.

  11. Irir Samaale says:

    Mind boggling how some of the usual commentators would of made a field out of this had this been Mogadishu truly astonishing the level of two facedness but then again a leopard never changes its spots.

  12. Hanad says:

    True or not ture, these kinds of activities happen in Somalila as whole in this take-all age. It it not only that the strong are only those who want to take everything and that others, especially the weak, play the marbles, The matter is that everyone one of us could hide the fact, could break the law, could distort the truth, but could not resist the lies and lustre. Everyone is fully alert or actively awake, spoiling his her whole being for wrong actions, without preconceived ideas as to how wrongdoing would affect them, but quite happy at it, exhilarated even, to do wrong, like the hero, for the call, who knows nothing of what dirt his master would tell him to dig out next. It is, to tell the truth, as everybody, from head to tail, is a child again, all have the baby's love of a lark, full of the fun of existence and fond of anything, exuberant, rather than exhausted, with insecurity of not having the faintest clue of what might come next.

    If greed plays the roll, where is grace?
    Guess who is right and who is wrong then.

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