Published On: Sun, May 27th, 2012

Somaliland will Attend the upcoming Istanbul Summit

HARGEISA — Somaliland minister of information has for the first time revealed in a press release that members of his government will be attending the upcoming Istanbul conference in Turkey scheduled for this Thursday (31st May).

Hon Abdi Yusuf Ducale said the government will be attending the first phase of the Istanbul summit this after the government of turkey extend an invitation to the government of Somaliland.

The information minister said the government of Turkey has made clear to us that the government of Turkey will be deal separately with the government of Somaliland.

Abdi Yusuf stated that during the Istanbul II summit they will be holding discussions on issues pertaining on how to enhance development and economical aid in areas such as energy, water, logistics and security.

The Minster of information said the President of Somaliland has appointed four cabinet ministers in his government to represent Somaliland in the meeting. He said the president enlisted Mohamed Omar Abdillahi, minister of foreign Affairs, Sa’ad Ali Shire, minister of national planning, Ahmed Abdi Habsade, minister of housing and public works and Hussin Abdi Duale, minister of energy and water resources.

Lastly the Minister of information said Somaliland will not be attending the second phase of the summit which deals with issues pertaining the UN sponsored road map which Somaliland is not part of.

Goth Mohamed Goth


May 27, 2012

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  1. khaatumo citizen says:

    Somaliland is a joke didnt they reject this conference a month ago?..
    i guess they will be sitting same table with khaatumo state after all, see u adeer habsade, garaad jamac is waiting for u there

    • warfa says:

      Khaatumo citizen
      FYI, honorable Habsade was present upon the Restoration Eve of Somaliland sovereignty at Burao in 1991, and the late Garad Abdulgani (AHN) was one of the prominent signatories of that declaration. So, Garad Jama Garad Ali will be considered him as a traitor.

      • khaatumo citizen says:

        have some respect for traditional leaders aabe ma ahysatid miyaa especailly the most powerful traditional leader in Somalia… i hate to say this but if would've listened to his great great great grandfather u wouldnt be begging for recognition from the sourth today.. he siad we should wait and get to know each other before we throw away our hard wonfirst independence.. no body listened including his own clan unlike Garad jamac who has the support of his clan and all unionists
        besides there were no such a thing as declartion it was just peace talk show us aprove

        • cimraan says:

          AAH, Young xaartumo supporter with a little bit of Somaliland true history. But, he needs to learn some Somali traditions. This Garad you talking about didn’t learn respect from his respectable father. From the moment he replaced his dead father this part of Somaliland never knew the taste of peace.He hates everyone right and left. He is the reason behind the sool wars. He spends time and effort on that. I think of him as a war monger who can’t understand the importance of having peace with your neighbors. Probably this came as a result of years spent in Florida among the Spanish. Since you are from Sanag as you stated before you should think about how to get along with the people whom you live with.

          • khaatumo citizen says:

            yes am from sanag and u cant tell me how to live peace in my own region.. lets talk about burco boodhwayn

            besides sool is peaceful expect LA which is our internal affairs all sectionist need to stay out of it.. and u'll see all them pro-somali-diid in LA will join khaatumo one by one, just like they doing right now

  2. Gobaad says:

    Way to go, Somaliland. Ninkii hadlayaaba iska hadlo!

    Also posted by some other media outlet this news: "… Xukuumadda Somaliland ayaa shaacisay inay ka qeyb galayso shirka Turkigu u qabanayo Soomaalida bilowga bisha June ee fooda inagu soo haysa, ka dib markii la sheegay in Somaliland loogu qaabilayo maamuus la mid ah kii shirkii London ee 23-kii Bishii Feberwari ka dhacay magaaladda London ee dalka Ingiriiska. Dawladda Turkigu waxa kale oo ay martiqaadkeedan ku cadaysay in la Raaci doono hab maamuuska shirkii London ee qabsoomay 23-kii bishii February, "… Maadama uu madaxweyne ku xigeenka Somaliland socdaal ku tagayo dalka Djabouti, madaxweynaha Somaliland waxa uu u magacaabay shirkaasi in ay ka qayb galaan wasiirada ay ka midka yihiin:-
    wasiirka Arrimaha dibadda iyo iskaashiga caalamiga ah Maxamed Cabdilaahi Cumar, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Qorshaynta Sacad Cali Shire, Wasiirka Hawlaha Guud Axmed Cabdi Xaabsade, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Macdanta, Biyaha iyo Tamarta Xuseen Cabdi Ducaale …"

  3. Burcawii says:

    I give SL government a credit for holding their ground and sticking to their principal.

    Good news.

  4. Gobaad says:

    mr taleexi, ha sheegin! Waad u jeedaa siday wax u socdaane.

    • mr taleexi says:

      Gobad dee waad is dhiibteen sidee kali bay wax u socdaan.. but who will represent north somalia traditional leaders in xamar, kuwa TFG kujira, khaatumo state, or xaabsade… i am all confused…

      • mohamed cheers says:

        You were always confused don't be cuz that's real politics at work..Smell it and submit otherwise
        it and get a high jump into the oblivion gallery khaatumo seeg d@onkey danmeer demeedeed kkkkk

      • Gobaad says:

        mr. taleexi, traditional leaders in xamar waxba ka socon waaye. Waatii albaabada laga xidhay. Waad ku fashilanteen!

  5. Kayse says:

    Gobaad is obsessed with a fictional country called "Somaliland" which only exists in the minds of few members of two subclans. I wonder if they will ever nominate her for a fictional post like the Ambassador to Disneyland.

    This conference will be attended by all Somali groups including Pirate representatives, horseland aka khatufmoo, awdal dreamers, pirateland, gaalland, Sharif bishin gudud gang (TFG), Suufiyal washaay (Ahlu Sigaar wal Jimicsi), etc.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Kayse I hate you but then respect you pitifully cuz you come and stand for all those mad caps battle
      ground and match their ways. Somaliland is trekking on the side ways and cares a damn about their
      roadmap conferences but is cautiously minding own business and cautiously williing to help you all
      out of the bad crisis you brought onto your selves.

    • Gobaad says:

      Kayse-Dora, Disneyland is for lunatics like yourself, not for me!

    • inayuusuf says:

      Kayse. I have been out for some time and I was surprised how backwardly you have transformed. What happened to you pal? Kolkii horeba hadlakaagu muu kontrollayne, miyaad ku dhufatay?

      • Gobaad says:

        inayuusuf, that is exactly how it seems. Somaliland haters ayaa intay ku soo qamaameen webkan, also copy-cating his outlandish and venomous remarks that he unleashing against our country and President. He not doubt enjoying it and calls them his fans.

  6. mohamed cheers says:

    Typo: otherwise take a high jump into…

  7. Freedom says:

    Kayse, your hate for Somaliland is funny. Get help.

  8. mohamed cheers says:

    Sounds well and good. This time Somaliland delegation team should thunderball their case close to

  9. mahad yare says:

    oh my god when are they ( sillaanyo council) tell their poor people the truth?

  10. Kayse says:


    Walaal how can I hate something that doesn't exist? Just because it exists in your mind, doesn't mean it does in my world.

    Its like saying I hate Egal shidad…did he even used to exist?

    • khaatumo citizen says:

      lool i believe Egal shidal stories

    • Darth Sadeious says:

      hahha good one ugaas

    • inayuusuf says:

      Kayse, I don’t know what happened to you to entice you to side kastuumo gangs and pirates. I believe you are discredit yourself only. below are some comments you have made in this forum earlier. Read on:

      On “President Appoints Five Member Team To Represent Somaliland In talks With Somalia” you said:
      “Somaliland does not need the failed Somalia. Somalia needs Somaliland and thats why they are begging for us to start talking to them but in all honesty there is nothing to talk about”

      On “The first batch of prisoners from Seychelles are due to arrive in Somaliland” dated Mar 24, 2012, you said:
      “Berbera is situated in a country where democracy flourishes and it's citizens apply a rule of law as a norm .On the other hand, however, Bosaso to my knowledge is located a land where a piracy and tribalism vested in a huge scale. So, please start your dialogue by trying in comparing apples with apples, instead of comparing apples with an fruit that's not known to man yet..”

      • mr taleexi says:

        inayuusuf it seems to me, in kastuumo la'aan in ay kuhaysato what happened to the ''who died'' they got those clothes everywhere in burco

  11. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    my fellow southerns @Gobaad iz going through a bad deep emotional problems, we need cool it down, we shouldnt rub on her face, obviously we know somaliland wont be recognized even if hell breaks loose.

  12. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    i rem the first tym i spotted my wife in central Hargeisa but the hardcore separatists call it freedom square wer they created some kind of fighter jet memorial. the first few words i said was 'abyoo quruxleey' & she said waryaha reer xamar ba tay? & from there we just hit it off from der.

    my wife used to be separatists, i mean the only people she knew or made contact with were completely separatists racist & qablist, her father was even more surprised wen i knocked on his door asking for his daughtesr hand, he was lyk you could have gone to Mogadishu or Bari & married one of your clans then i go 'i kno no qabil boundaries, i didnt choose your daughter for her clan but for her dhaqaan, deen & most importantly being a somali' tears were flowing from his eyes & he said 'may Allah give you long life.

    • cimraan says:

      YOU HAVE A VIVID IMAGINATION.You’re soo pathetic and have no shame or Somali manners. When you lost the debate you went right were cowards and looser go. Insulting women. Brother, if god blessed you with a great woman from the north then be grateful. I won’t stoop to your level and insult the beautiful and smart ladies from the south. I think Somali women from both sides have shown unparalleled tensity and courage in the past 25 years. They deserve the utmost respect.

    • inayuusuf says:

      The fact that your pirate land is based on clan says all. Most strangely you don’t hide it. Ma adigaa kii cid ku sheegi lahaa qabiil?
      This fiction wife eed nah or wadona ma waxaad u malayn inay offensive tahay? For us It’s much normal to marry from Daar00ds than you have in your skewed mind. We are all Somalis but different in politics.

  13. A Abdi says:

    Somaliland has always existed and still exists. People like kayse are bitter and paranoid. They live in the world of hate. As a Somalilander I belive Somaliland needs to exert more authority over Somalia thus its participation is good in the Turkish meeting as well as London to show its achivements and its authority in vast regions of so called Somalia. Keyse don't hate congratulate. loool

  14. A Abdi says:

    @Kayse you're failure is our gain… ha ha ha. Shame you can't cngratulate..

  15. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    The Kid Carlito:
    Somaliland has people like you who defend it, and Insha Allaah, we will reach our goal very soon. Thanks for everything you said above. The wallers will not do anything to Somaliland, let them wallow in the mud they are in.

    I sincerely praise young man/lady whichever you are.

  16. Darth Sadeious says:

    Finally the secessionist two-clan traitors have realized that they just lying to themselves, nobody is gonna beg you to come back to the Istanbul conference. What a disgrace trying to hide behind non existing economical projects, I bet they trying to secure some funds to remodel the illegally occupied house of GEN. Morgan lol

    • Gobaad says:

      Darth Sadeious, do not just copy-cat Kayse, stupid! "…house of GEN. Morgan …" Morgan house my Nacaal!Come up with something intelligent of your own. Otherwise, iska aamus waxba kuma hadlaysid.

  17. cimraan says:

    Ku xumay criticizing wouldn’t work to stop Somaliland. It only works at the QAT and tea getherings.

  18. sauron says:

    good that somali land is putting differences aside and helping the greater good, turkey is helping somalis to not dissappear.

  19. inayuusuf says:

    Kudos to you “The kid Carlito”. You have said all… and all is fact. But rest assured those Somalians commenting here are wailers who afford nothing but to wail at the achievement-oriented people (i.e. Somalilanders). The IC explicitly acknowledged the vast difference between the two Somalis. Moreover, Somalia is nothing and can achieve nothing without us. Hence is this bitter tears. Period.
    Budlaan is an state managed by pirates and after the current campaign by international community to curb the piracy business plus Mahigas tactics to foil their planned dominance in Somalia, it’s doomed to fail. Wait for days and they will kneel to our feet begging for acceptance. That is to append their poor state to Somaliland and guess… who need a bunch of pirates.
    Reer buuhoodlaa kuu soo hadhay. They are, and I’m sorry to say this because they are somalialnders, obsessed with hate and clan rivalry that they unable to see the sun. Leave them as they are until they come out of their coma.

  20. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    @The kid Carlito

    yea ur rite I should have NEVER done that but it wasn't mean bad or anything i just wanted to point certain things lyk there is much bigger things then qabil for example LOVE.

  21. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    cuz I love teasing YOU & most importantly you a funny name too. hehe

  22. Mohamd says:

    Turkish gov. promised Silanyo ppl "Qado Sharaf and Casho Sharaf". That is the only thing they care about :)

    SL needs lawyers to drill into these foreigners that we deserve to be treated better as equals and not just being happy with second rate treatment. But SL reps. need to respect themselves first, and I don't see that.

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