Published On: Thu, Aug 11th, 2011

Somaliland warns Puntland it will firmly retaliate to any further provocation

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HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)–Somaliland’s minister of Defence, Ahmad Haji Ali Adami, today released a statement saying that the Somaliland Armed Forces will not and cannot accept the encroachment of sovereignty and criminal behaviour of the Puntland backed militia that yesterday kidnapped and killed members of a Somaliland delegation headed by Salaban Yusuf Ali Koore parliament member, on route to the Somaliland province of Sool. He was quoted as saying, “We are waiting for the response from the administration of Puntland, based in Gerowe, on how they will respond to the killing and kidnapping of our government officials that were headed to their home villages of Taleeh on government work”.

The Minister also stated that recently the state administration of Puntland has either directly or indirectly been involved in the deterioration of relations with Somaliland. He also made reference to the recently released tanker carrying fuel to Somaliland that was hijacked by pirates and held for ransom in Puntland waters.
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During an exclusive phone interview with the Minister, SomalilandPress reporter asked certain questions pertaining to this new development with Puntland. The question put to the Minister was, “is the option of military action possible with regards to this violation of Somaliland sovereignty by a Puntland backed militia?” He then replied “The Armed Forces of Somaliland is here to protect the people of Somaliland anytime and anywhere they are in harm’s way, any threat to our people and country will not be tolerated” He also added “ Every Action has a reaction, and we are very displeased by the actions of Puntland government. We will let Puntland know about this displeasure. It is our obligation to protect our country and our people and therefore our military will not sit and watch idly…”


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  1. mohamoud says:

    We need to build asylum institutions for our leaders because of their lake of understanding their leadership responsibilities and also, their personal one too.

  2. Khalid says:

    I think the third party is needed to mediate between this two neighboring rival states, in the past Malez Zanawi was the man telling Somaliland and Puntland not to go to war or otherwise they would face the full force of the Ethiopian army and aid would be cut off to them if they failed to listen Zanawi. I am not making this up this is real remember how Faroole and Silaanyo both rushed to Addis Ababa in the past, now the question is who is the aggressor? If Puntland kidnapped this officials as Somaliland claims the apologize and release the prisoners just as yu released the kidnapped ship on the other hand if Somalialnd officials trespassed as Puntland officials claim it then Somaliland should apologize. The last thing we want is the two peaceful states to engage in a costly and unnecessary war.

  3. mohamoud says:

    Could we depend on the weird looking people's leadership. What color is his coat? you guys don't you have dressing code or culture?

  4. abdi says:

    Some times I wonder if these individuals are insane, delusional or are high on Jaad when they post these comments that even a monkey will be shy to utter. Ethiopia is in no position to dictate to Somaliland any thing. Ethiopia needs Somaliland as much as Somaliland needs Ethiopia. We are far more sophisticated than the cattle you guys are or have as leaders. May be you guys don't understand how world affairs concerning politics or any thing else for that matter is conducted, through the art of negotiation and diplomacy and not always settled with war…like you are always quick to choose. Some thing you probably haven't evolved to learn there in the South since you are still in war with each other over nothing.

    Somaliland has a bilateral relationship with Ethiopia including agreements to keep their extensive border safe and free, not to be used as launching pad for attacks. It also includes provisions not to aid or support each other's foes. It is not secret where puntland gets its arm supplies: from Ethiopia dummy. So when Puntland encroaches on Somaliland's territories or is involved in supplying arms to armed oppositions raised in Puntland, Somaliland has right to talk to Ethiopia and demand that it respects the signed agreements so as to not inadvertently contribute to regional instability. That is why when Ethiopia is pressured to respect those treaties it calls your Warlords to stop your provocative actions and you guys run over there and follow their orders as the cattle you are. Secondly, we always respect our neighbors and we don't claim territories because a distant member of our tribe resides there even if you don't have their support lol. And finally we by all means exhaust all peaceful means before we explore any unnecessary military action, a sign of great wisdom, some thing I doubt you guys can comprehend in Majeerteenia.

  5. Abdi- says:

    We are people of peace and our Darawish military forces would rather not to fight, but know that our Military will not hesitate to protect our territories. Stay in your 3 cities and do not trespass into Puntland..We will not apologize and we have every right to arrest all trespassers.

  6. warya says:


    1. Abdullahi Yusuf tried to exterminate the Hawiya in the south by calling in the Ethiopian Army.
    2. There is constant killing between the Warsengali and Majeertan in Bosasso and other parts
    3. There is constant killing between the Omar Mahmound (MJs) and Habar Gedir (Hawiya) in Galckayo.
    4. For the past 3 years or so, the Puntland government has been promoting inter-Dhulbhante war by calling the pro-somaliland Dhulbhante Traitors (basically making their killing halal)
    5. The MJs have also called on all Darood tribes to declare war on Isaaq with the idea of making all the other tribes do all the dirty work.
    6. And let us not forget the numerous wars Puntland has declared upon Somaliland and LOST

    Majeertan are power hungry and believe that they have a God given right to rule Somalia- North and South. Why else would they be so obsessed with undermining the TFG and constantly stirring the pot in the north.

    "We are people of peace" What nonsense!

    • abdi says:

      copy cat, looks like you can come up with your own name, so you had to steal mine…faqash foqol faqash. Warya had set you straight and given you well articulated answer, so I am not gonna bother to reply to such rubish,but next time come in at different time and come up with your own name brainless.

  7. saddam says:

    military action is not an option especially durin
    g this holy month of ramadan

  8. Qoodal says:

    We cannot act like sheep in a world dominated by wolf, let's teach a lesson once and for all to these outlaws who wants to bring us in their quagmire of war and famine. We are sending help to the innocent victims of Somalia and they are rewarding us with kidnaping and militia tactics to destabilize our country wich we have worked so hard to have the peace and prosperity all Somalilanders enjoy today. These are nothing than fly's who are more of an inconvenience I say is about time to control the pest.

    • abdi says:

      Qoodal, I totally agree, but I think you will feel sad when you read what the Darvish wrote below. These are hopeless people, we thought we were dealing with normal human being, but when you read the rubbish spewing out these people's mouth, young and old…you will be convinced as I am, that it is time to civilize these donkeys and invite them to our schools (to teach Islam, the somali culture- they have abundand because of the Italian colonization, and other sciences so as to condition their tiny little brains.

  9. Darod Darwish says:

    It was Abdirizak Haji Hussein who stoped and prosecuted when the so-called Somaliland fugitives tried to break away from the new Somali Republic in 1961 when the famous Hawie (Aden Abdulle Osman) was the president of Somalia, killing the dream of Somaliland, It was AbdullahiYusuf who ordered all Darod's to block every single effort of Somaliland of ever becoming a recognized African nation by telling the people of North Western Somalia (at the end of the day that is who they are) of Daros decent to join the newly formed Puntland, which was a dream he succeeded, I can go on and on but the truth of the matter is Majeerteen was ment to lead and there is no one who can stop it. If Somaliland wants to be free from Majeerteen led Somalia, they need to get that permission from us because at the end of the day Majeerteen leads the largest force ever deviced " The Darod Darwishes" who not only leads Somalia but the entire Horn of Africa including Ethiopia and Kenya. we are proud to be Majeerteens as the Somali saying goes "Intii madax madow iyo Majeerteen baa is le'eg"

    • Faisal says:


      Just wait and see how we destroy pirateland…..!!

    • Qoodal says:

      This is not the 1900 brother wake up and smell the coffe we are way ahead to be bother with your backward thinking if Putland is all you said it is why the are hiding behind a group of outlaws who are nothing but mosquitos why not get some real balls and state your thru intentions because we had enough of this mosquitos and is about time for mosquitoes control we are tired of this nuissance. Do not wake the sleeping lion, and your history lessond is full of holes like a swiss cheese educate your self and read some real history book you still relaying on siad Barre material full of propanganda, talk to us after you finish cleaning your backyard.

      • Ali says:

        What a load of Cr–b, Darwiish, no wonder you guys can't get along or leave poor Hawiye alone to live in peace, b'cause this is the PS you believe. You know how many times I've heard this rubbish where you gather during day and night (coffee shops), jobless and frustrated in Toronto, London or Menisota and I thought that was a joke or something, b'cause not even a donkey will think that. You know, you just proved Warya right brainless.

        It just occured to me, may be us in Somalilander are going at it in the wrong way, I think it is time we open some special schools to bring those brainless Darvishes up to date and perhaps teach one or two things how the world operates, keep your house in order or stop creating mischief and live in peace with other people.

    • Duale says:

      If you are really so keen about the past Somali political history. Read the Book about M. I. Igal (Ale ha u naxariistee) and how he dismantled the Majeerteen power in the south of Somalia to useless fragments. One has escaped to the USA, Abdillahi Yousufka you mentioned was cowered foot soldier who escaped to Ethiopia. When you could not take Igalis destructive sword, you end up killing you president. This is what you have been telling the Hawiye. We did not buy in 60-ties and we will not buy it in 2010. Do you need more history lessons? READ THE BOOK.

  10. amal says:

    Majerteen way masayreen that's why they act the way they act lol

  11. Boqoljireh says:

    The might and gallantry of our forces will be felt soon. We shall attack them in three fronts while starting in Garowe first, Bosaso 2nd and cut them off in Qardo. This is how we shall deal with them, if they did not release all those kidnapped with 48 hours. They are week, but due to their stupidity, they will not come to their sense. That is for sure and they will regret.

  12. Jama says:

    Somaliland government should take quickest action to bring justice those who committed this crimes ,Puntland state has supported these militia who were kill and kidnipped Somaliland authority and members of parlliament on the Sool area also Puntland pirates kidnipped Somaliland oil tanker last month and they hold there more than 2 weeks Puntland state proves that they have no respect any peace on the region I would like to say Puntland state authority should release Somaliland Autiroty with out any condition as soon as possible.

  13. Mahamed says:

    Without Majeerteen Somalia would be in peace bloody pirates.

  14. warya says:

    @ Mahamed

    The Majeertan are Somali and Muslim like the rest us. The problem we have is a difference of opinion on how Somalia should be governed. Putting Somaliland's secession aside, every region should be governed by their own local populations; which is commonsense. So in Somaliland, either the Dhulbhante, Gadabursi, Warsengali or Isaaq can potentially lead. In the south it should be either the Marehan or Hawiya at the head. In Puntland it should be one of the 3 Mohamoud sub-tribes as is the norm.

    So what is the problem?

    Firslty, our Majeertan, Somali brothers, want to separate and rule the SSC despite the fact no MJs live there. They are also consistently dividing the people of the SSC along tribal lines for their own political gains while at the same time calling for Somali national unity. Secondly, they believe they should have a say as to how the south is run to put it gently.

    So that's our disagreement no more no less. There no need to fight, insult, or generalize against any tribe, since we are all brothers and Muslim. So take it easy. The Majeertan are Muslim, Somali and a part of Somalia. And Allah(swt) is the best of judges between us.

  15. Ramadan Kariim says:

    i can't believe you lot are still talkinf about trible. Why can't you just grow up and realise that you are all brothers and sisters in Islam?
    People are moving forward and you guys are moving backwards. I know my comment wouldn't do any difference but this is the least i could do to help you.

  16. Ethioboy says:

    I miss the day when all people of East Africa live in peace! I long for the day all countries of East Africa trust each other, support each other and work together for the well-being of the people. I am fade up with war and hate!

    I guess it is the responsibility of these and the future generation of the horn!

  17. abdifarah says:


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