Published On: Mon, Feb 7th, 2011

Somaliland Warns Puntland against Destabilizing Somaliland & Arming Violent Group

For quite some time now, little doubt remained that the violent armed group that so far murdered a number of Somaliland security officers purchased its weapons from Bosaso, Puntland´s commercial hub. But few knew that Puntland authority might be arming this Alshabab-affiliated rebel group, known as PSS (SSC/NSUM), and local clans to attack Somaliland security forces. But that perception has changed. Recently, Somaliland Foreign Minister sent a stern warning to Puntland for spurring violence in eastern Somaliland as well as undertaking clandestine operations to sabotage Somaliland´s tireless efforts to pacify the region and hold Al-Shabab at bay.

In his interview with the BBC on February 03, 2011, the Somaliland Foreign Minister, Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar stated, “Our government is fully aware of Puntland´s involvement in arming the local clans and the anti-peace elements.” “Puntland must abandon its efforts to destabilize eastern provinces of Somaliland. We know the anti-peace group that attempted to assassinate our security officers is armed by Puntland”, he added.

Similarly, Somaliland Information Minister, Ahmed Abdi Habsade echoed a similar sentiment. Mr. Habsade recently told Jamahuriye Newspaper, “Puntland is not in position to attack Somaliland but vows to arm local clans in eastern Somaliland to destabilize the country”.

The preceding statements from Somaliland officials could, in fact, damage Puntland´s image. On one hand, Puntland accentuates its genuine desire for peace, to combat against piracy, Al-Shabab, and human traffickers. And, on the other, it arms anti-peace elements against Somaliland. Worse yet, its bellicose attitude towards Somaliland and proactive confrontations towards the fragile Somali regime in Mogadishu are anything but peaceful. Surely, Puntland´s belligerent and inflammatory remarks could serve as an indicator that the authority is—undisputedly—the second obstacle to peace, after Al-Shabab.

Of course, it is an open secret that Puntland claims parts of Somaliland territory and that is where its hostility towards Somaliland stems from, but Puntland also remains at loggerheads with other Somali regions. For instance, there is a land dispute between Puntland and the Galmudug authority of central Somalia. Puntland also has land disputes with southern Somali factions because it claims Kismanyo city, located deep in southern Somalia. So does this mean Puntland will continue spurring mayhem in every corner of Somalia and eastern provinces of Somaliland? Well, unfortunately, that might be the case because Puntland remains stuck in a belligerent mode.

Doubtless, Puntland´s behavior is neither fathomed in Somaliland nor in Somalia. And rest assured, the U.S., U.N., and A.U. are scrutinizing the current governor of Puntland, a prickly, paranoid leader (with borderline schizophrenia, almost everybody is out to get him, including his own shadow), Abdirahman Mohamud Farole´s reckless behavior, which very much states: “If I don´t get my way, I will ruin everything else”, just like a bullyboy in a playground.

Even more childish, it was not that long ago when groweonline, a website owned and managed by none other than Mr. Farole´s son, Mohamed Farole, unleashed a barrage of nefarious verbal assaults against Somaliland because Puntland failed to persuade the world that its [Puntland's] “anti-pricy” force was not just a group of pirates undergoing rehab treatment, but a real army. For instance, groweonline wrote a number of vomit-worth articles that would force you to either quiver or cringe with indignation, entitled, “70 Somaliland soldiers fought alongside Al Shabaab in Galgala”, “Somaliland is becoming Africa’s ‘terrorism secret”, “Al Shabaab rebel Atom ‘hiding in Somaliland”, “Puntland is Deeply Concerned About Somaliland’s Growing Ties to Al Shabaab”, “Somaliland ‘loots’ air cargo after plane makes emergency landing”, and “Haatuf newspaper reports Somaliland link with Al Shabaab”, just to name few. Evidently, Puntland intended to inflict deep lacerations on Somaliland’s reputations. But not only Puntland failed but also made itself the laughingstock of the region, if any thing.

Puntland’s assault, however, wasn’t just against Somaliland but also Somaliland people, especially the Isaaq clans. The Farole gang respected no bounds. Mohamed Farole´s website writes, “It is somewhat understandable that Somaliland’s Isaaq clan suffers inferiority complex in the face of a perpetual Hawiye-Darod struggle for dominance in Somalia…It is Garowe Online’s resolute position that the Somali National Army’s war and bombardment of Hargeisa and Burao [Somaliland cities, home to Isaaq clans] in 1988 was not “genocide” But in another article, Mohamed Farole´s website showcases its self-proclaimed professionalism, as the site writes, “…most Somali-owned websites found on the Internet advance the interests of a clan or a sub-clan, while we here at Garowe Online have consistently strived to advance the formation of a peaceful, democratic and united Federal Republic of Somalia.” Are the proofreaders of garoweonline dead? What a contradictory remarks from the Farole gangs! Paradoxically, Mohamed Farole, who has an innate talent for propaganda, is the top advisor of his father on “information”, or more precisely: disinformation.

Patently, the aforementioned provocative titles call for wars. Puntland falls short of declaring war against Somaliland. However, amazingly, Somaliland never runs out of patience. For the most part, Somaliland seems to be ignoring Puntland´s ramblings. For one thing, the current Somaliland President, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo refuses to lower his standards to Mr. Farole´s. For another, Mr. Silanyo has a bigger fish to fry: receiving high ranking International delegations flocking into Somaliland, aligning Somaliland with the West, and reaching out to the neighboring countries, such as Djibouti where he received the red carpet treatment, among other things, that keep him busy.

To sum up, evidently, Mr. Farole’s behavior, a blatant gangster-ism, remains the second obstacle to peace in Somalia and incites violence in Somaliland. If the U.S., U.N. and A.U. are serious about Somalia’s peace and containing Al-shabab, they should put a leash on Mr. Farole—first. Because he is clearly dancing to Al-Shabab’s tunes: wreck havoc in Somalia and Somaliland.

Puntland´s corroding public confidence as well as its growing piracy, insecurity, and human trafficking, among others, compels the authority to deflect attention and look for a scapegoat. The authority accuses Somaliland of backing terrorists, but one would feel more comfortable with Puntland´s veracity were it backed by an inarguable proof, instead of anecdotal evidences. Also, Puntland´s accusation won’t hold water for the same reasons that its past aggressive rhetoric failed. Logically speaking, Puntland’s reasoning is based on the premise that anyone who opposes its authority is a terrorist, and if Somaliland disagrees with Puntland´s incursions into Somaliland territory, then Somaliland harbors terrorists. But beneath the façade of hurling absurd accusations at Somaliland, Puntland´s verbal assaults remain an illogical strategy to win cheers at the U.S. and its allies, embroiled in the war on terror. But is it working?

Dalmar Kaahin

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  1. Gobaad says:

    Well said and well written, Mr. Dalmar. Somalilanders have always held themselves proud and dignified to lower themselves to the standard of Putland piracy gangs and the like. And if anybody suffers from "inferiority complex" it is the Putland piracy gangs who will never mount to Somaliland's ability, peace, stability,and reputation.

  2. Somaliland wadani says:

    When Somaliland recognized I don't know Where SSC terror militia going to hide.All I know Somaliland Is real Puntland fake copycats

    This harti coalition is just properganda marjiteen cowards using dhulbhante villagers to fight there territorial war for them.Wake up they using you puntland how many dhulbahante or issaq die; their hoping will finish each other off.Then marjiteen want take sool and sanaag for themselves.

    Don't be fooled and don't be ignorant.

  3. puntlandgeezer says:

    SSC & Puntland are both harti daroods, & we puntlanders will always support our harti darood bro/sis no matter wuz.. Lascanood is still under the control of Puntland and will remain for eve.

  4. Dadqalato says:

    The SSC are no more a militia than your own unrecognized one clan based country. I cannot wait until you are all cowering in your respective positions and the war is brought to your footsteps.

  5. Somalia Future says:

    Dhulbahaante, Warsangali & and a growing number of Samaroon doesn't want to be part of Somaliland, and will never except to be cut from the rest of Somalia. Thats a solid fact, they are as stubborn in their position as Isaaq clan members are stubborn about their secession agenda…So what is the solution, the SSC most likely will grow into organize and well supplied force soon or later so Isaaq clan members you are no different then any other Somali clan, except that you are all united for one cost, The independence of British Somaliland from Somalia, One clan THINK they have the right to break our nation into small enclave's that is very amusing. Sorry but you (Isaaq) are not the only inhabitants of former british Somaliland as you dearly like to call it and always like to remind us the British where here, Walahi its true there is a strong meaning behind it when the British called or referred Isaaq clan members…as THE FRIENDLY CLAN..well friendly clan we the Harti's always has been known to UNFRIENDLY CLAN who fights against invaders viciously, and now you are our invaders and we will crush you. TIME HAS COME TO PUT SL FORCES TO TEST…keep dreaming friendly clan. U should hear what the IC say's about your SL in UN hallways. You are Sad.

  6. Mahad says:

    FuBreaking News , Puntland Army inside Laascanood now , we removed Somaliland flag from buildings according to the news at 3 PM local time , all somaliland army in the town fled to Burco lol .

    we liberated all town , and we captured Kalshale lol , and we have 23 somalilanders army captured and we killed 65 so far , we will liberate Burco soon lol

    Bad day for Somaliland lol

  7. mohamed says:

    The Majeertenia District of Garowe Puntland of part of the Mudug province of Somalia
    is becoming increasingly problematic to the National peace and security of the peaceful
    State Republic of Somaliland. While the SL Armed Forces will be well prepared to deal with
    the problems of the pockets of the PSS(NSUM) pro alshabab insurgency aided by the unelected
    warlord thugs of the PL leadersip I think the Somalia TFG who should be responsible for all the bad
    things happening in parts of the Mudug Province under the charge of Somalia proper must
    show certain real concerns to address the rogue doings of the Mudug Province.

  8. k kokle says:

    kill all of them nowwwwwwwww . i hate somaliland army cuz they never kill anyone

  9. Warya says:

    @Mahad, Somalia Future

    I feel sorry for you! And may Allah(swt) guide the people of Puntland. The north has been at peace for the last 20 years, but you WESTERN RAISED KEYBOARD GANGSTERS don't understand the weight of what you are calling for and preaching. If Allah(swt) grants you all that you want, war, then the entire area will burn. Cousins will fight, innocents will suffer, starve, and you will continue drinking STARBUCKS and collecting WELFARE CHEQUES safely in the west.

    Puntland was only yesterday killing WARSENGALI in Galgala eventhough they were HARTI. They were also deporting homeless IDPs (hawiye) just to punish the TFG. These people had nothing to do with their political in-fighting with the TFG yet they went after them to make an example. I thought Puntland was a Federal state of SOMALIWEYNE?

    Thirdly, all of Somalia is currently suffering from a horrible drought. Fourthly, the Warsengali are anti-Puntland and want to establish MAAKHIR STATE.



  10. Faisal says:

    U got issues man……The Somali Republic is dead…gone…has being for 20 years now……and if U are that smart……U should know that……..

  11. Nas says:

    I really feel sorry for ALL U SOMALI people. Divided, weaken, facing starvation, drought, environmental disaster due to deforestation, war after war, piracy, looting/polluting of Somali sea and the list goes on and on.

    It is also still sad to see how after 20 years! we are still suffering from this same illness of clannism.

    Just look around us and see our neighboring states like Ethiopia, Kenya and even Djibouti develop at an unprecedented rate….I certainly know which nations to bet on as the future superpowers in Africa!!!

    Somalis will always be the laughing stock of Africa!!!

    • Somalia Future says:

      I DO HAVE ISSUES..MY ISSUES IS BREAKING UP….STAY SOMALI BROTHER U R NO BETTER THEN OTHER SOMALIS. If u let go qabil u will find ur self rich in many ways.

    • Somalia Future says:

      I know we are the laughing stock of Africa!!! I deal with laughing everyday in my profession .tell that to this crazy blinded people. SOMALILAND AND PUNTLAND & THE TAXI DRIVERS AND COOKS OF TFG that is not figure of speech its literally taxi drivers and cooks are now ministers and parliament member WHO DECIDS FOR THE FUTURE OF SOMALIA AND SIT WITH WORLD LEADERS…MY GOD if u only see what I see day to day..sadly to say you would have joined Alshabab happily and voluntarily at least they're using faith to push for their non SOMALI agenda and much more easily readable.
      If they give me guarantee not to kill me which they won't, I'm willing to go to hargeisa to explain to them the type of future they are fighting for…but like one official said they listen to bankrupt England. who is going to be more bankrupt…they will be forced to take 10% of their resource…people of hargeisa needs to know a lot and lot of hidden reality. oh yeah and Ethiopia will be the driving engine that controls their economy and they won't have much of choices…Puntland will have more better chances and I'm not really crazy about puntland really but thats true from economic stand however Puntland have some seriously in upper scale level professional thieves, PUNTLAND people u need to clean Garowe soon other wise, Hosni Mubarak and his rigime will be ANGELS if u going to compare.

  12. Awdalboy says:

    The different between Somalia and its surrounding countries are simple. Our neighbors countries faced many problems of their own. Kenya had big problems during the election and people had being killed and African Countries rescued Kenya. Ethiopia had its own problem in the 1990s when different groups fought for power.
    TPLF Tigre People libration Front of Ethiopia successfully brought peace and Addis never descended into chaos.

    The reason is every Somali gunmen and every Somali idea is based on my clan's interest must be secure before anything else. Djibouti is some how very close to Somalis but its the Afar people who saved it when their gunmen secure power sharing with Issa Somali clan in Djibouti. What destroyed Somalis is nothing more than my clan first don't care about others. Now it looks there is a clan movements every single town in Somalis area. I'm not sure where Somalis are heading but I'm sure this idea of my clan first will destroyed all Somalis. This is a deadend for all of us regardless of our claims.

  13. Warya says:

    @ Somali Future

    Your arguments are erroneous, based on emotions and dishonest. I will not list to you the many flaws with your blog, but only comment on one. You have quoted a verse from the Quran in which Allah(swt) commands Muslims to remain united and or aspire to unify in we happen not to be. This verse also states that we should unite under the banner of Islamic brotherhood "rope of Allah or Islam".

    So how does this apply to this conflict:

    1. All groups or tribes should adhere to this principle. How?
    – SL should give up secession – UNDERSTAND I AGREE
    2. All groups should adhere to Islamic rules of conduct and laws at all times especially during conflicts (unity based on adherence to Islam)
    – If 2 groups fight, a third party should be called upon to mediate immediately. In the somali context, the elders have traditionally played the role of conflict resolution with young irrational youth being silenced.

    So what has happened?

    A temporary peace was reached despite there being unhappy groups. Nontheless, there was a temporary halt to the the conflict revolving around land rights. So who attacked who? Who broke the peace? And why didn't these individuals call on a third party of their choosing instead of breaking the most sacred Islamic law – The unlawfullness of spilling blood senselessly especially amongst Muslims.

    Also, the key question you should ask yourself dear brother is : why have the Dhulbhante elders decided to group this issue with SL's desire to secede? The issues aren't related. The Dhulbhante are angry with their cousins, Habr Jeclo, for intruding on what they believe to be their traditional land. OKAY I RESPECT THAT! Also, somalis have always fought over petty issues even under SOMLIWEYNE so what makes this situation any different? If somaliland wants to separate it will need more than a few watering holes..right? It will need to declare a regional referedum like Sudan.

    The honest answer here is – The some of the Bhuhoodle elders tried to hijack this issue as a rallying cry for their OTHER well-known mission; which is to voice their disapproval of SL plans. So, is their anger justified YES! Is this issue related to SL secession? NO Should tribe elders be play such political games? NO

    Should the SSC be using guns to make themselves heard? MY opinion, NO! Playing the political game is more constructive and conducive to unity; which is the ultimate ISLAMIC GOAL?

    Do you agree?

    • Somalia Future says:

      1. All groups or tribes should adhere to this principle. How?
      - SL should give up secession – UNDERSTAND I AGREE
      2. All groups should adhere to Islamic rules of conduct and laws at all times especially during conflicts (unity based on adherence to Islam)
      - If 2 groups fight, a third party should be called upon to mediate immediately. In the somali context, the elders have traditionally played the role of conflict resolution with young irrational youth being silenced.


      You think I didn't consider being under SOMALILAND INDEPENDENT STATE I go there every other year, I have lay it out in every possible way, I even brought other people who are more specialize in Gov't and politics and future probabilities based on the current situation and the available resource even at some point fooled myself and I still hit a dead wall ..its simply not going to work as separate state .
      Somaliland is qabil based state bro..and I know qabil state will not survive..for 20yrs they failed to address a unified nationalist identity for the people of the region.
      In tribal society you can't have one tribe dominant in every aspect of the establishment…all of the Gov't members, the army belongs to one tribe.
      AND IF U EXPRESSED UR OPPOSING TO SECESSION THEY CALL U XAASID DAROOD!! & KHAYIN GUDUBERSI ??? AND ALLAH IS MY WITNESS and they totally forgets that in blink of eye that we are related…all of sudden I'm darood xasid subxanaAllah.

      NO SECESSIONS NO SOMALILAND NO PUNTLAND NONE OTHERS. we agree on that then Isaaq my other half, hawiye , dir or whatever can all come and take my land my waterholes, I could care less as long as they are SOMALIS…the country is big enough to all of us and it can gives all.

      I get tried of my abtiyal stubbornness for no good reason, Siyaad barre killed my 2 of DAROOD uncles, jailed my father for standing up against him but his dead and being dead for 20 yrs…..Somalia is not the same 20yrs ago, we get serious problems and all kind of enemies who don't give a damn about our tribal issues, in their eyes we must all suffer severely.

  14. ALI says:




  15. rashid says:

    adhulbahante haddi uu Somaliland diidanyahay wexeey eheed malintii 1991 burco la isugu yimid inuu dhaho anigo Somalia aan ka mid ahay. Malintaa wuu baqay ileen waa la tiri lahaa, Siyad dabadhilifkisa ey ahayeen, Issaq kama argosanin mana gumadin, aan wada nolano uu dhahay.Dhulbahante qabil uu ka hadlayaa anaguna waddan aan ka hadlenaa. Dhulbahante badankisa Somaliland uu mustaqbal la leyahay oo ey isla deggenayeen kumannan sano hadda waxaa soo baxay Dhulbahante dhahaya raxaween iro jareer aan ku waddan nahay, waa kuwo dhaqale kaga urursanaya dadka dibadaha joga. Waddankaaan waa loo soo dhintay waxaa la dhahaa SOMALILAND ee u gura bay iyo bakol ama la nolada lana dhista waddan walaalihiin ISSA, ISSA, GABOYE iyo wixii weligiin isla noleeden.

  16. ali says:

    Somaliland must realize that they can not force the people of SSC to join its so called seperation from somalia. long live SSC fight for whats your's

  17. HMObsiye says:

    Keep on day dreaming until your days to go to hell will be upon you!

  18. HMObsiye says:

    These people who hide themselves under the cover of Somaliweyn, are nothing but those who carries clan animosity towards Somaliland and it's people. We do know that this is for sure true for those who call themselves Puntlanders. We know they are very jealous of Somaliland and it's success, if they could they will destroy and kill any somalilanders just the way their beloved Uncle AFWAYNE did before. This Is one of the reasons why Somaliland and it's people never again be part of people like this. I am surprised this thugs who calls themselves leaders of Puntland, are even invited to any peace conferences. The World communities should out right tell puntland authorities, they are part and partials of Pirates, Human trafficing and many other illegal activities and unless they stop these activities the world communities shouldn't deal with them. Every Somali I met whether from South Somalia , Kenya, Ethiopia ,Djibouti and Somaliland do agree that all Illegal activities that happens in that part of the world happens In puntland. And of course, the all world knows these. I will call on Somaliland authorities to not let their guards down on Puntland and the terror organization the Alshabab affiliate SSC.

    • Somalia Future says:

      See!… that what I was talking about in my earlier comments there goes again the jealous thing, do u hear only the voices in your head or what?, NOBODY is jealous nobody, khayr baanu eedi regaainina, good luck but stay away from those who don't want to be part of your SL its as simple as that, maa dhagaax eyo iskudul baa. is that hard? and prophet Mohamed SAW said if u don't have any good thing to say about your dead muslims then don't say it…..Mohamed Siyaad Barre is dead long dead.SL, PL, xaarland is all messed up. I know its hard for u to see that because u feel insecure and defensive of your SL obsession but there is really a lot of people who sincerely believe in Somaliweyn and nothing is wrong with that we are all entitled to express our opinion. I left Somalia when I was 10 yrs me that is ancient history, and I've been educated and thought that the bigger the land u have the richer and stronger u r. if we continued this way we will all be under THE FEDERATION OF ETHIOPIA. U LIKE THAT? maybe then we'll come over our tribal disease.

      • HMObsiye says:

        Sir ,

        First of all do not hide under the cover of Somaliweyn or for that matter under Islam, If you call Afweyne, a moslem, you are outright wrong, even the guy never believed in Islam. If you believe the Idea of Somaliweyn could have an Ideal, Somaliland people thought so once, guess what their reward was destruction of every cities in Somaliland and murdering over 60 thousand innocent civilians, by non other than your Uncle AFWEYNE. So if you are 10 years old when your Uncle destroyed the believe of greater Somali, then you show to the rest of Somalis that what he did against Somaliland people was wrong by not defending him like you are doing now but stand for the true and write something injustice he and is clan did to Somaliland masses then we will seriousily discuss the future our people. Until then , please shut up!

      • Ali Dheere says:

        You have defended the tyrant Barre many times, just because he is from your tribe. The atrocities and massacre he did to my people doesn't matter to you. So preach what you want brother, but don't tell me to like him or his henchmen (tribe if you may).

        Isaaq people, whom you so much hate, has always been in the frontline for Soomaliweyn. But they have been betrayed. Genocide and atrocities has been commited against them. Now they have emancipate themselves and are living in peace with their compatriots in Somaliland.

        The Somaliland citizen of Sool Sanaag, Cayn and Awdal live in peace and prosperity within Somaliland. They don't want to go back to the union with Somalia. Of course in every society there are few sickminded people who are full of hate. They will do whatever they can to spoil for the others. But, by the grace of Allah, they always don't succeed.

        BTW you said that every year you go to Somaliland to visit your relatives. Next time you go there, pause and think, " Why is it so peaceful? Who made this possible?"


  19. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    Somaliland can take care of itself.

  20. MAHMUD ALI says:

    my reeply to somalia future. First the writer is ignorant of the facts and history. It was Somaliland the forst country to rescind the pact with the British as a protected country rather than a colony. Somaliland at that time had access to all british education in Britain free. The Somalilanders they are the ones who had the blue flag, and they decided to leave it to you the the southerners. It was the Somalilanders who were the first Somalis to travel out their country to many places in the world before the Southerners. When the Somalilanders brought their country to join with the south, it was a union of two country without any conditions. After thye mistreatment they had and also the opression by the previous government, they decided to withdrew from the union, there is no such that for us to be a free country we do not need to ask the other somalis. The other tribes, like gaadhabuursi, Isse and Dulbahante majority are with thew government of Somaliland. It is very unfortunate people like you who distort the history and the facts of Somaliland. I make it clearly to you that a country does not move it borders but people can move, if people who believes they are die hard darod, please you are welcome to move to join your clan.

    • Somalia future says:

      Borders don't move but people can..isn't that the Israel policy toward Palestine's. Walahi you've lost ur mind people like U and the rubbish that comes out of their mouth is what makes war continued….We are the Darwiish you fool, British made treaty with our sultan who ruled the land you fool, like jewish go make up a history for u r self..Friendly Clan of British…SHAME on U! kuu yaa move out lol! we are the Darwiish…you move out to England to clean their toilets im sure u'll do it proudly.

  21. Faisal says:

    Showbe, somaliLoser and Somalia Future

    Somaliland is gone, get over it man…..U all now that somaliland is the most prosperous and peacefull place in the somali peninsula……..and the wole world know that

    ….Puntland is for pirates and south somalia is for Alshabab….U guys lost…Ur own houses are burning and still U talk about Somaliland….Losers

  22. Mohamed says:

    If SL is not prepared to plan attacks on Garowe, then there is no point dwelling upon these high ranking losers working for SL.

  23. Ayanle says:


  24. Ayanle says:


  25. rashid says:

    you are to small and ignorant to really give u a replay. Harti are in Hargeysa u are talking about Qabil.
    U said u have a master degree from a school thats weird, i knew masters were given only by universities, then again i am writing to an ignorant .

  26. Ali Dheere says:

    To: "Somali Future" your anger is exposing you man. Now we know that you became a refugee when you were 10 years old, you have a (top) master degree, you speak in 4 langugages and you are a Harti. Good for you. The only thing which you didn't yet tell us is that you hate anything Isaaq by default.

    The regions of SOOL, SANAAG, CAYN and AWDAL is part of Somaliland. It has always been, it will always be.

    Stop being a hypocrite and a secessionist by quoting the wholly Quraan for unity while at the same breath you are claiming to be a Harti from SSC. Come home to Somaliland man. Bring your education and experience in a nation building whereby all Warya Somalis inside Somaliland live in peace side by side.

  27. Ali Dheere says:

    To: "Somali Future" your anger is exposing you man. Now we know that you became a refugee when you were 10 years old, you have a (top) master degree, you speak in 4 langugages and you are a Harti. Good for you. The only thing which you didn't yet tell us is that you hate anything Isaaq by default.

    The regions of SOOL, SANAAG, CAYN and AWDAL is part of Somaliland. It has always been, it will always be.

    Stop being a hypocrite and a secessionist by quoting the wholly Quraan for unity while at the same breath you are claiming to be a Harti from SSC. Come home to Somaliland man. Bring your education and experience in a nation building whereby all Warya Somalis inside Somaliland live side by side in peace.

  28. slander queen says:

    one love to somaliland

  29. Gobaad says:

    Somaliland has to stop appeasing people who don't want peace and stability. Stop play good and take the glove off. Give them what they deserve. The only language they understand is violence, death and destruction. Go after them in their hiddings and flash them out once and for all. Go after them door to door, house to house and right into hide holes. They are cowards hidding behind women and children. Go after their source of funding and squeeze the life out of them. Take the war to where they are and teach them a lesson they will never forget. Ninkii soo joog laga waayo, soo jiif baa laga helaa'e.

  30. somaliland wadani says:

    ur funny lol but its somaliland for4eva srry

  31. hinda says:

    To all of you who are insighting violence and hatered against fellow muslims and Somalia brothers and sisters shame on you. Do you really want to send back somalia as a whole 20 yrs to when women and children were murdered. there is no one man who can say they have not lost a loved one in the war. Lets all build our country and make a place we can be proud of and a futur for our people. Why not use your degrees to make your region better if you can't bare to invest in another region, why not compete in making individual regions prosperos than others instead of competing as the one who is the most heartiers.Shame on you why not work side my side in peace since we can't work together. Why not let those who are improving their people , land and lifes do what they need to do.

  32. Hinda says:

    Shame on you Somali men, for destroying your country and still continuing to do so.
    ……. for killing your mothers .,fathers , aunties, and uncles.
    Shame on you Somali men for competing in strength rather than intelligence.
    ……….for using your so called degrees to insight hatred and violence.
    Shame on you Somali men for burning your cities and vandalising your homes.
    Shame on you Somali men for conspiring behind each others backs while men of the world work together.
    ……….. for your jealousy, resentment and envy of each others achievements.
    ………… for forcing your wives and children to seek refuge in foreign countries from your torment
    Shame on you Somali men for still fighting over the deserts of Somalia, the war torn cities you have left behind, with no value other than its our motherland, shame on you.

  33. Wadani says:

    First of all Sool, Sanaag and Cayn belongs to Hart clan that is very clear,majority Dhulbahante and Warsangali they don't want to be part of Somaliland because they see as Isaaq government. If Somaliland want fight land that don't belong to isaaq clan then welcome don't regret. Every people have right to resist when they been treating SSC they doing the same thing. SCC they did not attack Isaaq land, but Isaaq attacked Dhulbahante and Warsangali land, if you want destroy the little peace you have then welcome. SCC is determine more then ever to defend their land braves wins always.

  34. SLand says:


  35. SomaliHero says:

    We are SHAKING in our boots.

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