Published On: Thu, Apr 19th, 2012

Somaliland: Vice President Opens A New Kidney Unit Wing At Hargeisa Hospital

HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)The Vice President of Somaliland Hon Abdirahman Abdillah Ismail (saylic)has cut the ribbon to a new wing at Hargeisa hospital to house a state of art kidney unit. The VP speaking during the opening of the new wing that will house the Kidney Dialysis unit, said the Dialysis machine will act as an important substitutive therapy for patients with Kidney disease who used to Shuttling between different hospitals in various cities, the frail kidney patients have now got a hope to cling on.

VP said from now on kidney patients will receive their treatment locally unlike before when they used to travel to neighboring countries for treatment. The minister of health Dr Hussein Muhammed Mohamed revealed the hospital will provide the dialysis service free and that the unit, he added” hemo dialysis is still a complicated and inconvenient therapy
that requires a coordinated effort from our whole health care team.

Dr Hussein most importantly, the treatment costs are also reduced for the patients, we also have 25 Doctors who5are capable operating the equipment and we have organized them to facilitate treatment for those persons who are unable to pay the high fees that are associated with the treatment.

The minister of health said currently there are at least more than 20 foreign doctors mainly from Finland, Russia, India and other countries providing their free healthcare in various hospitals in the country. The spoke person of emirates doctors who donated the machines said, we are providing equipment and training, and our highly trained team is
committed to transferring the requisite knowledge needed for the administering of quality treatment.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Reported by Goth Mohamed, Somalilandpress, Hargeisa

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  1. Adam says:

    Mashallah! Good to see progress

  2. Abraham says:

    This unit was very much needed.

  3. ayanle says:

    Very very good wallahi very good.

  4. Abdo says:

    That’s progress, God Bless Somaliland

  5. Ahmed says:

    The New Kidney Unit Wing At Hargeisa Hospital Is Measurable Progress..remember, it is not only an equipment, but rather a whole unit. competant profesionals that wil educate and treat the puplic for free is a component of the unit.

    However, Dr Moskowitz appears to be after our hard earned dollars. my reaction is to express our strong wish to have public health service by the people for the people

  6. Abdi Hashi says:

    Addressing the health needs of our citizens is one of the rights and necessities our government needs to provide. This is an accomplishment toward that goal. The Minister of Health has to set standards that is grounded in best practices to be implemented by the practicing professionals. The safety and well being of our citizens should be important and paramount.

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