Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2012

Somaliland to snub Turkey conference on Somalia

The self-declared state of Somaliland has ruled out attending a meeting in Turkey called to review progress over Somalia following the London conference in February.

The breakaway country’s foreign affairs minister Mohamed Abdullahi Omar said that the planned Istanbul conference in June did not concern it, despite Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo having attended the London meeting.

Dr Omar said that the main agenda in Turkey would concentrate on the Roadmap, a document crafted to guide Somalia from transitional status to full government by August.

“That Roadmap does not concern us,” said the minister Sunday in Hargeisa, some 1,500 kilometres northwest of Mogadishu.

He said that Somaliland had received an invitation from Istanbul over the weekend, but it was not happy with the vast majority of the agenda concentrating on Somalia’s stabilisation.

Somaliland unilaterally declared its independence on May 18 1991, following the collapse of Somalia’s central government in January that same year.

Since then, its promoters insist that the country was legitimately carved out of the colonial borders of the former British Somaliland Protectorate, which united with the Italy-colonised Somalia on July 1, 1960.

Nevertheless, Somaliland has not been recognised by any other country in the world despite intense lobbying.

In the final London communiqué, the meeting participants that included 44 representatives from countries and international organisations suggested dialogue between Somaliland and the TFG or its replacement to clarify their future relations.

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  1. Dhugtame says:

    I think the foreign ministry was sleeping on the wheel since the London conference. What was the foreign minister doing since the London conference? the man was supposed to take advantage of the great foreign accomplishments of the London conference, but he seems not have made a single diplomatic move since then. I do not know if he thought that his mission was over or may be he was busy covering his butt in the alleged corruption scandal or worst he was busy with personal gains of some sort. Whatever the reason might be the guy has failed badly in his duties.

    The minister of foreign affairs was supposed to be busier than ever after the London conference, he was supposed to be proactively touring the important and sympathetic countries to Somaliland, but not to become reactive after bad decisions are made by countries like Turkey, because of his negligence. He did not even made Somaliland's political position clear, when the Turkish ambassador visited Hargeisa. He must wake-up and try to salvage whatever is politically salvageable and try to convince the international to accept us for what we are and not to revert back to the isolation of Somaliland. Saying "NO" to international conferences is not acceptable. Diplomacy means convincing people not not shaking your head reactively.

    • Hagi says:

      He is sleeping alright and if he continues to sleep on the wheel like this Somaliland will crash. He was made aware of the upcoming conference long before and knew they would be invited. He should have been negotiating the terms long before. By saying he's now not going because he wont get his way – well thats weak diplomacy.
      As somalilanders we know Turkey is closely working with the TFG. Turkey is a powerful player which should not be underestimated. But really this guy's diplomacy skills kill me.
      My assessment is in this particular case because our position is already so weakened we should not attend. Especially since the talks between Somaliland and the TFG have not yet taken place.
      If however the minister continues to me incompetent then Somalilanders get ready for mor civil strive.

    • MsSomaliland says:

      Chances are he's been negotiating with the Turkish gov. & detailing the criteria under which Somaliland would be able to participate. Obviously the Turkish goverment was not able to meet our needs thus why we're not participating! We have to be accorded same as the London conference, we're not going to accept anything less!

      So what's fuss Dhugteme?…

      • Dhugtame says:

        There is no fuss, but we are living the reality of foreign policy disaster caused by one man. He should have made good moves before all these happened and convinced some real leaders to support our cause in the up coming conference,. That is all. If this does not set alarm then I do not know what will.

  2. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Here we go again dear Dhugtame, blame after blame and unethical behaviour towards our minister. Tell me friend are you the chief editor of one of those: Halbegnews &Qarannews? Don't you dare to label me clan phobia that most of us have nowadays. I am someone who don't believe what most of us encourage these days "tribalism". Only the enemy of our country benefit the un-substantiated citicisim that we alway label to this minister our elected government, while they are trying to do their best. We should support them and guide them if at all, there is shortfall of thier endeavor, but we must avoid labelling them and the foreign minister, as inefficient and someone who does not know his job.

    I am sorry if you think I wa waiting for you to come to the forum, to attack you, but I need you to please grow from this.

  3. Dhugtame says:

    @ Omer

    You deserve no response from me. Even if I do respond it is going to be a waste of time, because you will not understand were I'm coming from. I am trying to salvage our country politically and you are trying to protect a guy who is not fulfilling his duties.

    My friend, no country was built without constructive criticism. I have the dignity of supporting my Government when it is right and criticizing it when it is wrong. Just give me a single tangible move that he has made since the London conference and I will rest my case.

  4. Dhugtame says:

    @ Omer,

    Instead of attacking me personally you could have proven me wrong and enumerated the achievements of the foreign minister, but unfortunately you have chosen the easy way of attacking me and changing the subject. the subject is the achievements of the foreign minister since the London conference and not about my growth.

  5. amal says:

    Take it easy people. We always have a good back up, if things are not going as planned we can always appoint Hargeisawi-In-London to be the new FM :) lol

  6. osman5 says:

    Congrats to Dr. Omar on this bold decision of opting out the meeting in Istanbul. If the objectives of the meeting will be about the details on the road map obviously Somaliland has nothing to do with it therefore it's a non-issue to talk about it.

    The primary reason I decided to post my comment here is to reiterate the IC is well aware of the fact Somaliland has the ability to govern itself. It's been doing it over 2 decade thus no further proof is required.

    My other observation would be if the IC is interested in utilizing Somaliland's secret recipe of creating harmony and co-existence among indigenous it must recognize Somaliand.
    so our government can officially collaborate with the rest of the world in search of a peace among Somalis.

    Yet, Somaliand has taken huge strides in terms of social development, good governance, economic progress, stability , health and education. It'll continue to do so even further applying accumulated experiences.

    Again, I don't believe there's a free lunch in today's world thus the super powers of the world need to recognize Somaliand should they sincerely desired of seeking a resolution for Somalia's internal conflicts. There's no way around it, period!…..the world has to stop treating the symptoms of Somalia's broken society instead it has to put an effort in finding the root cause of the culprits. .

    Osman Qaal

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Barwaaqo…this is purely about Somalia and has nothing to do with Somaliland Sovereignty Republic
      whose roadmap strategy is entirely a different political issue. Dr. Omar and his Govt fully understand
      the two roadmaps scenarios of Somaliland and Somalia and that's the reason why Somaliland has
      ruled out attending the ICS in Turkey May 31 to June 01 2012. While Somaliland Somalia talks could
      happen any where, It looks that there's nothing for Somaliland in the ICS turkish meeting which's
      confined to Somalia-Puntland roadmaps 1+2 conventional agreement treaties Signatories.
      I fully support that Somaliland Sovereignty Republic is boycotting the ICS meeting.

  7. mohamed cheers says:

    Folks, I am seeing some hot debates have taken place between certain high profile proactive
    Somalilanders. All granted, I honestly think that DR Omar since the latest LCS deliberations
    and 7 point communique, he and his Govt. have greatly improved to satisfy and pursue the wishes
    of the people of Somaliland. There should be no panic at this stage though.

  8. Xarago says:

    The reason why SL FM refused to participate Somalia conference in Turkey because they realize that they have not achieve what they was looking for in London conference they thought if they attend london they will get recognition but they didn't. International community told SL delegation you have to talk to South Somalia and come up plan to unify the country. So now they refusing Turkey conference because they know they will never get what they obsessed about since 1991 separation, walalayal stop day dreaming come to the table and look for the interest of the country and unity.

    • Gobaad says:

      Keep dreaming, it doesn't. But you are in for a great disapointment!

    • inayuusuf says:

      Ok, Xarago, for sake of argument we are obsessed with recognition since 1991 but don’t you agree that Somalia, and particularly your kin (butlaan) are in much more chronic obsession, which is dated back to 1960? Let us see whose obsession is outdated!
      Furthermore we, Somaliland republic, don’t have problem with your day dreaming but why should you bothered with ours? The self-confidence we enjoy and human dignity we possess is the answer.

  9. Allemagan says:

    Contrary to the claims of some people, the breakaway region of north-western Somalia does not control all the regions that were part of the colonial borders of the former British Somaliland Protectorate. If the separatists (you call them promoters) are claiming that everyone in that region wants to separate from Somalia proper, they are misleading everyone. People of Sool (middle region), Sanag (north eastern) and Audal (north west) want to stay within the fold of Somali Republic. Delegates from these regions will inevitably participate in the Istanbul meeting whether the separatists like it or not.

    In the interview he gave to the BBC, Mr. Omer was threatening any tribal chiefs or Sultans who may attend this meeting and said his administration would consider such action tantamount to treason. Therefore, we are already witnessing the panic of Hargeisa administration as the clock ticks for this important meeting. Although Mr. Omer did not mince words to detail why his administration would not participate in the Istanbul meeting, he was quick enough to say that Somaliland is very interested to receive its share of any economic or development programs that Somalia may receive from this gathering. Now, why if Somaliland is not part of the problem of Somalia, it wants to be part of its solution?

    Also, they say you must ask the right questions to get the right answers. Before the TFG or its replacement opens any dialogue with Mr. Omer's administration, it must clarify one issue and ask the right question; The London Somali Conference recommended that the TFG or its replacement should have a dialogue with Somaliland to clarify their future relationship. The question that has to be answered is which part of Somaliland does Mr. Omer's administration represent and what about the regions that want to be part of Somalia?

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Don't just wail as usual prove your might if what you always wail about is true.
      Otherwise get the hell out of this domain.

    • Gobaad says:

      Are telling us a handful remnants of the ditctator's regime turned terrorists will go and repesent the majority of the people in the region? That is laughable. Please spare me the rhetoric!

    • inayuusuf says:

      Allemagan: Firstly, the so-called Somali Republic is inexistent. It’s your uncle who unilaterally coined Somalia and now things got further sophistication. Formerly TNG, currently TFG, and FGS effective the August to come.
      Secondly, there is no Awadal state and Kastumo is doomed. Instead of daydreaming, U would better advise your kin not to put themselves behind the rest of SL citizens. I’m talking about Buhodhle gang who’re still in the mood of Afweyne days. Don’t’ you remember that the current TFG couldn’t even dare to say Kastumo is part of it? what a shame! In case you’re in a cave, Dr. Omer represents the Republic of SL whose democratically elected president is Mr. Ahmed Silanyo. Somaliland is confident, not bothered by anything and not panicking at all. If so, we’d readily attend the conference w/o conditions at least to sooth the worries you’re alluding to.
      Lastly, it’s U r who’s really panicking becoz you’re denied the long-sought fake recognition from Sharif. Your hero (Glaydh) has lost his hope to be the future PM. Your community’s dysfunction is widening day after day. Your close kin (butlaan) is fiercely fighting you and determined to make your region as buffer zone.

    • mohamed burco says:

      you know excatly what your talking about.
      The world it’s getting real full picture in This part of somalia north,realizing majority are not represented & want’s to remain in somalia,as one diplomate reported intereted to see changing events taking place in This area,nor AU or UN have any geopolitics dividing somalia,every state will have representative in istanbul accept The promoters,The strange Thing is This sort of blind policy or makeshift policy,i want Aid for my small enclave not even whole of north put The sometime i don’t want part somali society.

      • Gobaad says:

        mohamed burco, haddaad Sool rarikaysaan la guura, but Sanaag and Cayn is out of your reach. Your claim over these region is bogus and unattainable. Don't waste your time over them, you know and we know who are the majority inhabitance of these two region.

  10. osman5 says:

    The world knows who should be representing for Somaliland if there's such meeting in Turkey. The president of Somaliland Mr. sillanyo or/and MFA Dr. Omer can speak on behalf of Somalilanders any thing else will be null and void.
    Just in case the Somalis haven't clued in yet the main purpose that Sillanyo had attended the conference in London on Somalia was to set the record straight as to who can be acted as the representative of Somaliland in the world stage, president Sllanyo eloquently made it clear in his speech in the front of over 50 internationals delegates..end the of the story.

    Osman Qaal

  11. Gobaad says:

    We are behind you 100%. Good job, Mr. Omar and keep up the good work! Disregard wailers and keep sailing.

  12. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    You wholeheartedly praise Mr. Geele, and deny what he [our Foreign Minister] deserves and ignoring that he is the who made possible of this encounter [recent picture of our FM meeting the President]. If you look the picture in depth and you have a clue of politics, and our man has made the dwarf plash, the you will give the credit out Dr.Omer [that is if you are sound].

    What you normally do when you see Dr .Omer shows me that you would like or rather prefer him to disappear in the thin air. Please talk to your right ear and tell exactly why you don’t like the man! What is more disastrous and despicable, is that you praised the man who left stone unturned to harm Somaliland anyway he can. That is too bad.

    Speaking of what Dr. Omer did during his tenure, I shall not tell you, because if you a normal person, you would have known.

  13. H.M.Obsiye says:

    I am totally surprise, after 21 years of its self determination, the world communities the like of Turkey, still day-dream that Somaliland is part of greater Somalia.

    Never again, will Somaliland be part of Somalia. Any individual can move to Somalia if they choose to do so, but to drug the people of Somaliland into a union that have failed so miserably is to deny their humanity and for that they rather die before voluntary rejoining Somalia again. No individual Somalilander even those elected to upper chamber has right to undo what the majority of Somalilanders as already decided through referendum, in which 97% of them voted to withdraw from the failed union.

  14. inayuusuf says:

    Dhugtame! So xun baad ugu shidaysaa dictoorka ee ka dhin.
    What I know is the F. Ministry’s dealings are always ultra secretive. The outcomes of such secretive dealings take time too. Of course, you have the right to criticize but your criticism seems, at least to me, unwarranted. Do you want him to CC you on all his correspondences to sooth your criticism?
    One of his achievements, since the LCS, is the observer-membership at IGAD summit being given to Somaliland.

  15. m.ali says:

    @ Allamgan,
    You are day dreaming. When you talk of awadal state is all inhabited by different clans, same in sool and sanaag. Whether Gadarbuusi or dulbahante their next immediate neighbours are Isaaq. So how could they claim to join Mogadishu which is 1200 KMS from their area.n It is only few elements together with puntland leaders and somali politicians who wants to destabilise Somaliland. They will never succeed. And the border of somaliland will never change. Every country if Africa has the same historical problems. Like in Ethipia The gadarbuusi clan why they are not saying they wish to join somalia. Because Ethipoians will not tolerate break of their country, so will be Somaliland it will never broken into tribal enclaves. Most of the comments is all hatred about Somaliland. If people there have decided to move with their lives, why others not be busy and try to bring peace in the south. Somaliland for many years was like a truck pulling a trailer. Somaliland is the head. The moment it stopped pulling the trailer and disconnect it and move away, the trailer who is the Somalis in South are stagnant. They can not move even agree on petty issues to build a government.

  16. Dhugtame says:

    Guys, Guys! I seem to be the one odd out here and you all seem to dance at @ Omer's tune, whom I think is the brother-in-law of Mohamed Abdillahi. Let us not mix family affairs with national politics, shell we Omer?

    I have made my point and I have no personal interest in elongating this debate more than necessary. But still criticizing someone you care about is the right thing to do, criticism keeps you on your toes and it is the mirror that reflects back to you where you went wrong. The wisest man will get lost if everybody sings Cumpia for him and pretends that everything is alright, when it is really not.

    Finally, I honestly want Mr. Mohamed Abdillahi to succeed, because his success is Somaliland's triumph and that is the only reason I think I objectively criticize him. Moreover, unlike the son-in-law of Mohamed Abdillahi my allegiance is not to a one man , but it is to Somaliland. Who knows, I could be wrong. I will heed to the majority and rest my case.

    • MsSomaliland says:

      Dhugtame, I've lost you about son-& brother-in-law, what's that all about? In anyways t I think in general you've made some relevant points, constructive & healthy critisim is good if only to keep our leaders on their toes so they don't get lost!..

  17. ali says:

    you will all see that this greedy man. who has no respect for the sucrifices of Somalilanders in the past in their bitter struggle for for freedom and independence, will be the first to attend such conference. which will only harm the cause of Somaliland's people for rer-recognition.

  18. Abraham says:

    Somaliland has no stake in this conference, and the Turkish government should be convinced about it. If the Turks can not respect our sovereignty then we should not deal with them at all. Turkey should understand that they can not influence us if they do not respect our wishes. Turkey may be a rising power in the global stage with vested interest in African affairs, but their influence over us is non existent as for us the most important partners remain those in the Western world especially the US, UK, and the Scandinavians, and our trading partners in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Gulf region. Its right the Turks are told that if they can not meet our needs we are not coming.

    • Abraham says:

      I forgot to mention that actually even Malayia, India, and Pakistan are currently more important to us than Turkey as a lot of our citizens go to these countires for trade, education, and medical treatment. Honestly, I would be seriously concerned if Malaysia was pissed off with us.

      • warsame says:

        Whether is turkey or fiji it does not matter, world have one policy in somalia no recognition any state within state applied recognition but get big rejection with a red card.

  19. Puntland Warrior says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL iidooooors are unpredictable much like one would keep a dog on a leash heheh.

  20. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    My friend, a phone call (or visit) to a fairly decent university library is all it takes to get hold of one of the references I provided. Anyways, S. Touval writes in his book (Somali Nationalism: {it International Politics and the Drive for Unity in the Horn of Africa}; Harvard University Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1963,page 121.):

    {it ` In the Southern Regions the "no" vote was reported as 128,627, and the "yes" vote reported
    to be a resounding 1,711,013, considerably higher than the estimated total population of
    the Region.

    In the Northern Region, participation in the referendum was relatively small. But, of those
    who participated, a majority voted against the constitution. The vote was reported as
    54,284 against, and 49,527 for.'}

    [Hargeisawi] I don't care whether or not the ballot boxes were stuffed in Somalia. The point here is that the people of Somaliland opposed the constitution. Self-evidently, in Somaliland, of the total number of votes cast, over 52% voted against the constitution. ( I will comment on the reasons why the voter turnout was so low in Somaliland sometime soon.)

    In sum, matey, put up or shut up — proves wrong or please, spare us your nonsense trying to defend your b*sh* Somalia stuff.

  21. osman5 says:

    I'm having some difficulties following your comments. Our FA Dr Omer made it made clear that Somaliland will not participate in the upcoming meeting in Turkey. He vividly said the meeting is geared to elaborate on the details of Somalia's roadmap which merely doesn't pertain to Somaliland. .
    So could you please enlighten me should I missed out a memo?

    Osman Qaal

    • Dhugtame says:

      @ Osman5,

      I'm not going to comment any further on this subject, because I have no time to urgue with people that can not differentiate right from wrong like Omer Dualeh and other Mohamed Abdillahi cheer leaders. I prefer to keep my lips closed thightly for the time being.

  22. mohamed cheers says:

    beyond reasonable doubt your contributions are always helpful as true Somalilander.
    However, at the slightest chances of reshaped comment(s) by bloggers of your nature
    will face the toughest opposition challenges by certain redneck wolves of the W/Galbeed
    and other odd snoopers!. Just relax and let die-hards ring their bells. I know your intentions
    are all clean and free from dirt. Your outstanding contributions to the Somaliland political
    issues are true testmonial manifestations which stands tall on the records.

  23. Dhugtame says:

    @ Hargeisawi-in-London

    Thank you for the enlightment. Mr. John Drysdale (Haji Daud of Somaliland), who was an advisor to all the Somali Republic prime ministers has vastly written about the Somaliland-Somalia union and that manscript deserves to be publish in a book form. Can any one in Hargeisa get hold of Haji Daud and ask him for a copy and then publish it in Somalilandpress?

    I hope this will be the remedy to all those ignorant anti-Somaliland brick-heads.

  24. Dhugtame says:

    @ Mohamed cheers,

    Thank you for your precious advice!

  25. cimraan says:

    bro, You had the opportunity one time . Never again bro. So chill. Somaliland and only SOMALILANDERS WILL DECEID WHICH WAY TO GO. You main while stay with your Piracy woryior.

  26. xamar jadiid says:

    oops i thought they said turkey meeting will give recognition in envelop?
    is the envelop empty? pray pray pray it takes time to defeat alshaytaan cos next mission is on the table for real somalis

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Turkey ICS meeting like LCS meeting is a follow up and same World key Govts would attend.
      Somaliland Republic already embraces de jure 1960, Sovereignty State, fully recognized by
      all UN world body of 35 countries, where Independence Colonial International demarcation borders
      significantly exist. Re-recognition issues shouldn't be a big problem.

  27. Allemagan says:


    I do not understand the relevance of your above posting to the current debate. I also, don't know whose words (your's or the author's) are the tall claims that you reproduced here since you did not use your quotations properly.
    You could not produce any Somali document that shows any evidence that our people in the former British Somaliland Protectorate voted against Somali constitution. Quoting a book written by a foreigner that is reprinted in 1994 for a Somali issue that supposedly took place in 1960 does not have much credence with me. May be that would have a certain meaning for someone who places his or her identity by the names given ( British Somaliland) or information by foreigners. Anyone can try to rewrite history.

    The fact of the matter is that Somaliland is now much different than the way the British left it in 1960. Many people in the regions that are listed in my previous comment do not want to be part of your separation. That is why currently there is a war raging in Boohodle and Las Anod. Now what? Are you going to force everyone who does not want to be part of your crazy scheme by brute force?

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Boohodle and Las Anod are both small shanty townships and are well looked after by the
      Somaliland Govt. Am obliged that you are sobering to confine your arguments to the already
      failed Khaatumo meetings which was sabotaged by the militia diaspora gangsters spearheaded
      by fugitive warlord criminal Ali Khalif Galayr..a US citizen who's believed to be in Nairobi Kenya now
      and who should be arraigned and held responsible for his crimes. Just can't understand why Kenya
      is hosting him and his gang, if true they are in Kenya? FYI, contrary to the lies you always propagate
      Somaliland Govt is in good control of the National Security affairs of the Country.That remains the

    • Hargeisawi-In-London says:


      "I also, don't know whose words (your's or the author's) are the tall claims that you reproduced here since you did not use your quotations properly. ……. The fact of the matter is that Somaliland is now much different than the way the British left it in 1960."

      Sorry, but the word "pathetic" comes to mind! I am afraid, this kind of gibberish is not going to win you friends here. self-evidently you could not mount a credible counter-argument; actually I'm surprised that you're so quickly throwing in the towel.

  28. falaah says:

    lat us not hurry.

  29. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    "I also, don't know whose words (your's or the author's) are the tall claims that you reproduced here since you did not use your quotations properly. ……. The fact of the matter is that Somaliland is now much different than the way the British left it in 1960."

    Sorry, but the word "pathetic" comes to mind! I am afraid, this kind of gibberish is not going to win you friends here. self-evidently you could not mount a credible counter-argument; actually I'm surprised that you're so quickly throwing in the towel.

  30. Abdi12345 says:

    @ Allemegan

    Here is two-word response " keep dreaming"

  31. Nasir says:

    Allemagen,_Since anyone can rewritw the history. Am I wrong to assume that Afweyne rewrote the Darwish history?

  32. Nasir says:


    Since anyone can rewrite the history. Am I wrong to assume that Afweyne rewrote the Darwish history?

  33. Allemagan says:


    Yes Nasir, that is very possible. Traditionally, we were and still are oral society and anyone with an agenda can create a complete set of facts about fictitious history and events.

  34. Marian says:

    Snubbing the talks will only seek to alienate us further. We need to go there and tell the world why we want out of the botched union. Diplomatically speaking, Somalia can learn a lot from our S/land conflict resolution mechanisms. In short we need to be a concerned neighbor because the further Somalia becomes unruly, as they has demonstrated in the last 21 years, the more their bloody conflict will continue to spill over to S/land and other countries.

    The FM should play smart diplomatic maneuvers and not be seen as a violating party to the internationally led talks to help resolve the chaos in Somalia.

    We will not loose anything by attending irrespective of who represents Somalia. In fact our people who have been chosen by Somalia should be viewed as an added advantage to our cause!

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